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  1. Dealing with dampness in a cellar

    I have a Kellerabteil (cellar area) where like everyone else I dump the rubbish that I don't have the heart to throw away. I had a rucksack down there and it's now covered in mould, possibly because it was lying on the floor. I put a thermometer down there to measure the temperature and relative humidity, and found that the Relative Humidity ranges between 68 and 74%, compared to around 58% in my living room. The temperature is around 18.5°C.   What is the practical outcome of this high humidity? Is it a bad idea to store bags, blankets and the like down there? I notice that my neighbours do store bags and whatnot down there. What are your experiences with damp cellars?
  2. Where to buy foreign beers in Munich

      Haus der 111 Biere (update: closed in 2006) iswas indeed an extremely scary place. Like most people, I've only been there once.  It is a great shame that the only pub in Munich that has an interesting selection of beer is otherwise so uninviting. Even the Irish pubs, which are not tied to a particular brewery, all serve the same (bog-)standard beers, although the Twisted Bavarian did have some washed-up bottles of Sierra Nevada for a while.   With regards to shops, about the only place that stocks any foreign beer at all is Hertie, although their always-limited selection has progressively dwindled even further and I'm not sure there's very much left of interest at all. A few pseudo-foreign lagers brewed in Hamburg are still on sale, but the British and Belgian ales are almost all gone, and there were never any American brews there apart from A-B stuff. Pomeroy & Winterbottom stock (at least used to) the excellent Old Peculier, and they can order you a case (12 bottles I believe) of many British ales, but no mixed cases. Nothing from Belguim though, presumably.   Other than that, you would have to order from an online company (hence my question above), and pay the high international delivery charges. Or go visit the places yourself! British beer in particular tastes soooo much better from the barrel.   Related topic: Specialist beer shops for non-German beers - Where to buy British, US, and other foreign beer