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  1. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

      Fucking typical   You better not be typing that with your nose, you positive fucker, you. Hope you are going good bro   And sorry for not being in touch lately
  2. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    If you get to read this one day, John...  (pun intended). Just know that I got to hear about your predicament through the wonders of a caring international community. You know that you and I have sporadic, yet meaningful, conversations when we can and when we have time. You are a Gentleman and a Scholar. If I could do more for you at the moment, I would. I am talking to everyone that I can right now. I am at the arse end of the world and not of much use.   But I would, legitimately, move heaven and earth for you, bruv Your nature, conversations and patience with me has been an inspiration. You are the kind of person I keep reminding myself of, that I would like to be when I grow up <3 Even though I should be all grown-up by now. Hell, I had to come back on here   I hope all of this is just a minor problem that will be sorted soon. And that I can see you again. You would be pleased. I have a couple of rescue cats that are absolute little arseholes. One of them is very much like Hemingway. But they balance my world (In-between all the sordid, adult, shit that I do for a living these days)   I hope this all works out as best as possible for you, my friend. You taught me a lot about life without even trying.