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  1. Facharbeit Failed

    Thanks again, lot of useful suggestions. I believe she was the only one failed this time. Supposedly her work was marked by two teachers. Today she got in touch with the person responsible for student - workers and submitted her facharbeit, we'll see what the feedback is going to be. However, this entire ordeal is emotional & mental drain. the worst thing is that the passing criteria is not clear and lot of things depends on teacher judgment / mood. School is in position to do whatever they want, not sure if anyone would call them out and risk a backfire.  I'm almost coming to conclusion that having a private school enrolling students whose schooling cost is being paid by senate is like having money printing license. If I'd be financially supporting number of persons finishing the school I'd be really keen to know if fails are justified, especially if I'd have government power. I mean being ask "are you sure you want to repeat the semester?" being one step away from done is absurd. Instead of being a real educator and helping students learn from their mistakes and enjoying watching them grow intellectually it's just adding insult to injury.  I need a break from this subject, thanks all for participation and special thanks to some of you for understanding and useful tips & comments        
  2. Facharbeit Failed

    Thanks Maxie, that's exactly it!
  3. Facharbeit Failed

    Private one, does it mean that you can challenge marking only with public school ? I guess it's not allowed to post the name of the school.  
  4. Facharbeit Failed

    Thanks, who knows how all this is beneficial for all of us, time will tell, there must be a silver lining in all of this :-)  
  5. Facharbeit Failed

        The idea was (till today) to suck it up and repeat the semester, however in the light of strange school response we're looking for different school. I'm sure that she can get the letter of recommendation without the problem. Thanks again for being supportive.
  6. Facharbeit Failed

      Thanks, yes we have that link, these are the requirements for writing facharbeit  she was workign against. Correction, following is the one she was given:
  7. Facharbeit Failed

    Forgot to mention that entire staff at her work was shocked as well, her boss super pissed, read the facharbeit and is clueless why she was failed.  
  8. Facharbeit Failed

      Thanks for the understanding; she is a fighter, she will recover (my earnest prayer) but it is a blow a big one.  Unfortunately I'm not speaking German hence feel quite perplexed as such to be able to pull proper ropes.  I doubt she is open for the move out of Berlin, entire social circle is here, so we'll see, maybe there is a school out there that is interested in helping people obtaining necessary credentials to be part of the 'work force' 
  9. Facharbeit Failed

    How's that relevant to the subject? Are you saying that people who doesn't finish school til 24 should give up schooling entirely ??
  10. Facharbeit Failed

    What are you suggesting is to throw away 3 years of work / school without the fight and change the direction ?    Last year x number of students went through the same experience, you don't give up when going get tough.
  11. Facharbeit Failed

    Supposedly this school is quite chaotic, like all the teachers are very busy and empathy fatigued, so nobody to counsel with ... She was given a false sense of security by her mentor's comments like 'I don't worry about you', ' I know you'll do a good job' etc Hence the shock! In her words "From 100 to 0", Funny how life can turn 180 in just one moment (letter).   But to keep things in perspective, this is still first world problem...    
  12. Facharbeit Failed

        Sozialpädagogik Newest update, today she had originally scheduled meeting for registering for the next semester and to her surprise she has to write a request and is uncertain that her request is going to be approved.  The person receiving her request reacted "Are you really sure you want to repeat the semester?" ???!!! Like what's the alternative, just give up on last semester ? There is something really rotten in that school. I was subject again to my daughter meltdown and I'm now really frustrated. I'd appreciate list of school that offers ausbuildung for Sozialpädagogik (working as a kindergarten teacher) that might be alternative school to register with.  
  13. Facharbeit Failed

    Hi everybody, Here is an update: 1. She didn't ask for recording, in previous informal conversation with the mentor she was hinted that recording and/or bringing someone along would not be acceptable. 2. Basically she was told that the work was very theoretical with not enough connection with practical aspects 3. Actually she was given some feedback in written form   Regards to point 2, mentor denied the fact that she didn't warn her about mentioned deficiency, so it was my daughter word against mentor word ...   Anyway, it is what it is, rightfully or not she has been failed and we're considering switching the school   
  14. Facharbeit Failed

    First, thanks all for participation Second, I don't speak German (yet) and vaguely understand what's going on. My daughter is signed up with ausbuidung, supposedly senate is paying for her education, 2 days school, 3 days work. As regards to insinuation that the work was copied, here is the excerpt from 'mentor' response indicates following: nach Durchsicht und Prüfung Ihrer Facharbeit müssen wir Ihnen leider mitteilen, dass Sie die Prüfung nicht bestanden haben. Die formalen, inhaltlichen und methodischen Anforderungen, die für die Erstellung einer Facharbeit erforderlich sind, konnten nicht nachgewiesen werden. I'd expect in case of plagiarism, there would be reference to it. I know for a fact that she was working very  hard last three months on her thesis.  However, the update on situation. She was talking to her mentor and supposedly will see her tomorrow (with some other teacher as well). Also, she was told that the written review of her work can be given to her only on the premise but not to take it home ?! She is already getting mentally and emotionally drained/defeated, and see no point in fighting the system, she will try to friendly discuss with them if there is any chance of here repeating only Facharbeit instead of entire semester. Thanks again for all the suggestions. 
  15. Facharbeit Failed

    Thanks Leon,  I can not judge the quality of her work, I did share her work with some friends, friends of friends (some from the same field) and they all surprised. However this school is a mess, just recently they asked her for her grades from last semester  ...  Thanks again