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  1. Hi, I had the notary meeting to close down a mini GmbH (UG) that I formed in January 2020.   The Sperrjahr ended on 27.01.2021.   I sent my accountant all invoices up to 27.01.2021.  I contacted the accountant repeatedly to get them to prepare the Liquidationsschlussbilanz and close down my company.     Now it appears I may have to pay for more annual financial statements.   The accountant claims that they sent an e-mail asking for invoices beyond 27.01.2021.   I don't think this e-mail was ever sent because I can't find it, and the accountant hasn't forwarded it to me.    Also, my company stopped operating in January 2020, so any additional invoices are just publications in BundesAnzeiger, accounting fees, and bank fees.   From my point of view, the accounting firm should be held fully responsible for any additional accounting fees I end up with.   What are my legal options?   Are there any regulatory agencies I can contact to complain about this?   I was also told that I could sell the company.   Is it possible to get the accountant to just buy the company so that all accounting and regulatory filings are their responsibility going forward?