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  1. Thanks Jeba for the idea. Will look into that, not sure the dorms would allow three people in a room and if it’s the best fit for a kid undergoing chemo, but definitely something to consider. Thanks :)
  2. Hello,   the Ukrainian family (mother, daughter 20y, and son 10y) staying in our guest room need new accommodation from mid August, as my family is coming. The son has advanced cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy in Schwabing Hospital.    Their budget is ~1080€ Cold rent for a flat around 70-75m2 (I know I know, but that is what JobCenter stipulates). Even a temporary rental / Zwischenmiete would be ok.   Alternatively if someone has a guest room they could use that would be great too.    I know it’s a long shot, but am trying all channels.   Best, Sophie