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  1. It beggars belief that the leader of a nation with a track record like the US, can publicly say that if Russian tanks cross into Ukraine,  he promises there will be no  Nordstream 2... and people on here will not even consider that maybe,  just maybe the US were heavily involved in its destruction. The nation that lied about weapons of mass destruction,  the only nation to ever have used a nuclear weapon to destroy civilians.  They'd never blow up a pipeline.  Would they ?


  2. 10 hours ago, tor said:

    I'll just post this here :


    New corona rules: FFP2 mask (not surgical) in long distance trains, surgical in local bus and train, no mask in a plane.

    The train conductor doesn't need an FFP2 mask. They can use surgical.  So given the conductor is on the train the most amount of time I wonder why a surgical is ok for them but not us, and if you travel over a border I'm presuming you can then remove the mask altogether. 

    The mask rules don't make sense. 


  3. 4 minutes ago, spleen69 said:


    They are the US, UK, German & IE versions of RT, ie state sponsored media.
    Do you honestly believe that one side only broadcasts propaganda and the other side only broadcasts "the truth"?

    Come on man, stop being so naive.

    Well said.  Can't believe that people watch their state sponsored media and believe Russia = bad , the west= all good. 

    Nothing is black and white. 


  4. 1 hour ago, pappnase said:


    No I mean he wrote a rap song I liked.  The point about rap is the "words".

    Obviously Stevie Wonder wrote a banging tune and some good words for passtime paradise, but the lyrics and the rap parts of Gangster Paradise meant something. It is quite possible for something to be derived from something else (like Gangsta Paradise clearly is) and still be good (Which again).

    I agree.  I posted that because I only found out about the Stevie Wonder song last year.  I'm always amazed at the amount of songs which I think are completely original but they're not.  I actually preferred the LV version of gangsters paradise which is sung all the way through. 


  5. 22 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    Oh lordy. Please stay in your lane in the 3G thread.


    CNN said that Russia owns the pipelines. They also said that the residual gas in the lines should run out by about Sunday. The leak is putting a helluva lot of methane into the air.


    One reporter just pressed the Danish foreign minister over reports that Russian navy ships were seen in the area the day before and the day of. He wouldn't give her a straight answer. Avoided the question twice.


    Waiting for Putin (and some people here) to say it was a false flag operation.





    CNN seriously ?? So you're one of the handful of viewers they still have ?


    Joe Biden basically told everyone what he was going to do and he's done it. A Polish defence minister even congratulated the US for doing it.  


  6. 2 hours ago, yesterday said:

    don't think we will know it


    Looks like it was done by submarine, so it has to be done by a developed country


    People are pointing the finger at Russia, but I cannot think of  a good reason for them to do it, unless its just frustration



    I think many suspect who did it.  Look which Western leader said that he would stop it if Russia crossed over the border into Ukraine. 






  7. 2 hours ago, bramble said:

    I had my 5th jab this morning, but I had to confirm in writing on the form "at my own risk" as 5th jabs are reserved for over 80year olds. I'm 75. 

    5 jabs ??? Ask yourself this.  Have you ever in 75 years needed 5 jabs of a vaccine for anything else in such a short space of time ? Knowing that you'll still get it and transmit it and can still end up in hospital like many of the other vaxxed people ? This is not a vaccine.  They're making it up as they go along. 


  8. 6 hours ago, keith2011 said:


    Correct me if I am wrong but  medical masks are still used  in hospitals for non covid procedures, operations for example, I can't believe the surgeons would wear them if the were not effective, 

    you're right. Surgeons wear them.  But look up why they wear them.  It's not to protect themselves and others from airborne respiratory infections. 


  9. 2 hours ago, keith2011 said:


    Oh really you mean I can be infected with covid or even the black death and have absolutely no symptoms? Come on if you ain't ill you ain't ill end of story!:P

    Are you denying the  asymptomatic covid nonsense then ?


    I actually deny that too so at least we can agree on something. 


  10. 2 hours ago, keith2011 said:


    So are you now, not only saying that masks are not  effective you are also denying there was a covid pandemic?

    If I were to say that it might be understandable given that I was and still am covid free but you and Mr.Bear have said you caught it, albeit the mild version, were the testing kits rigged?:o Has the conspiracy become even bigger?:lol:

    4 x vaccinated, still negative and no side effects.:)

    Oh please :wacko: I'm not denying there was a pandemic. Cloth masks and medical masks are absolutely not effective.  Some of the boxes even tell you that in the small print. FFP2 might be effective if properly fitted but given the majority don't have them properly fitted... who knows. 


    And how do you know you've been Covid free ? Are you testing yourself every day to find out if you're fit and healthy ? Many times there are no symptoms apparently.  That's what makes it terrifying.  One minute you feel fine,  then you catch covid and you still feel fine,  then it goes away and you still feel fine.  It's the most terrifying virus ever.  😳 




  11. According to senile old Joe,  the pandemic is over.  And yet he still uses emergency use authorization for medicines to fight the pandemic, when there's no emergency.  Doesn't make sense.  But then again... it never did. 


  12. 11 hours ago, BethAnnBitt said:

    I feel it's my duty to participate in keeping them as safe as possible.  It's a minor inconvenience.

    You don't need to keep them safe. The government has already done that.  They'll have had a 95% safe and effective vaccine plus multiple boosters so they'll be almost 100% protected against severe illness.