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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    I think he means it in a surprised way.  I want freedom of choice and I find it quite strange that everyone is still wearing a mask when they don't need to.  Don't get me wrong,  I don't care if they wear masks.  There's so many people go around supermarkets coughing and spluttering so it's nice for me.  I don't cough and splutter so it's nice that I don't need to wear one any more. 
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

    I hate to break it to you  but as of yesterday you're living in the land of no masking.  Remember ? What used to be called 'normality' before the mass formation psychosis took over.  
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    I wish your wife well.  It's a pity you lump in vitamin D with snake oil.  It really isn't.  Try educating yourself. 
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    ... until Monday when common sense will prevail.  Well done @Mr.Bear for sticking to your guns.
  5. 3G in Restaurants?

    But aren't they vaccinated and boosted  and therefore 100% protected from hospitalization ?
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    Yes @Keleth i find it funny and tragic at the same time when I see people walking in an open field or forest wearing their ffp2 masks.  I find it funny/tragic in Heathrow Airport when you can play 'spot the German' at the restaurants when they are walking in with an ffp2 mask before taking it off when they sit down... and nobody else is doing this.    But if they want to wear one then fine.  I really,  really don't so thankfully as of Monday we'll all be happy.    Well, maybe not all.  You'll still be a grumpy old fecker I guess. 
  7. 3G in Restaurants?

    Great.  And so you and a lot of others should if it makes you feel safe.    Personally I think masking as you walk in a restaurant then stand up to walk to the toilet is absolutely ridiculous while you sit maskless for all the other time in the restaurant.    Also a lot of dirty buggers,  probably smokers,  cough and splutter all the time and should continue to mask up.  Personally I don't  so I won't.   
  8. 3G in Restaurants?

    Just to get back on topic... can we change the title of this thread to '3G in restaurants and the theatre of masking is finally over thank god' or something to that effect. 
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    I'm not anti vax as mentioned many many times.  I am however anti mask.  England which had removed the mask mandate is doing much better than Scotland and Wales which have had stricter rules.  Scotland still has the mask mandate and 1 in 11 people there currently have covid.  So the masks don't seem to be working that well.  In school covid is going all round the kids who are all wearing masks.  Again,  they don't seem to working that well. Roll on Sunday when we have a change of direction and we'll see if it makes a difference. 
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

    There's a lot of countries who had a problem with people,  especially Muslim women wearing masks.  They saw them as a sign of oppression against women. They seemed to think men were forcing them to wear a mask against their will.  So I believe France stepped in and banned this. Forcing people to cover their faces isn't very nice you see.    I don't mind people wearing masks but I don't want to be forced to wear one to participate in modern life.    I remember the shock and horror on here when it was revealed that an old woman bent down to speak to a toddler on public transport and (shock horror) removed her mask so the tiny little human would see the expression in her face instead of another masked up faceless person. 
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

    Yes,  that's a pity.  But I'm sure once the masks are off everywhere else then public transport will follow suit.   If you're so scared of catching it,  stay at home till it all dies down. 
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

    Yes.  Because I like to take care of myself and getting the sniffles is pretty miserable.  The sniffles used to go to deep in my lungs and cause bronchitis,  but since I started taking all that stuff it doesn't. 
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    Ha ha.  Yes.  Very true.  
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    By filthy unvaxxed do you mean innocent children and people with medical conditions who cannot be vaxxed ?  
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    I'm jabbed with what the Germans regard as the most ineffective vaccine.  5 months ago so it should be even less effective. I'm not boosted.  I got covid a few weeks ago and it was a minor cold as expected.  I expected this because I take care of myself,  try not to eat shitty processed food,  take plenty of vitamin d. When I got the rona I took extra zinc,  NAC, Quercetin etc.  I was absolutely fine.    I think this doc nails it....  
  16. 3G in Restaurants?

    That's right.  You dare not enter into the comments section.  You might just see opinions and comments you don't agree with. Heaven forbid.  Better stick to legacy media like The Guardian.  They don't allow comments on most of their stories. 
  17. 3G in Restaurants?

    Comments can be quite useful to see what people think.  Given that I cannot find a positive comment to that article you posted,  it seems that JP readers are finally waking up.    And ask yourself why people are deserting the corporate media in droves. I wonder why ???
  18. 3G in Restaurants?

      Nice article. Comments are funny though.  Looks like nobody really believes it. 
  19. 3G in Restaurants?

    Sorry,  I'm trying to find out which posts are misinformation and who exactly is classifying posts as misinformation. Is it that spotty kid again who's employed by Facebook ?
  20. 3G in Restaurants?

    Many people aren't reporting because if you have a mild cold and test positive at home,  why should you report ? You take some hot liquid and stay at home till you feel better. That's what has to happen in future.  You don't report to the authorities when you have flu,  you deal with it. I tested and it was negative.  It was only afterwards I took a blood test and found I had very high antibodies. So I had it and hardly noticed. 
  21. 3G in Restaurants?

      Too late.  We've all had it.  For us it was a minor cold.  My unvaxxed kids sailed through it.    I didn't test positive so I had an antibody test and my antibodies are very high suggesting a recent infection.  That may or may not be down to my J&J vaccine which Germany thinks is so bad it no longer regards me as vaccinated.    Since I have antibodies I don't need the extra shots that they suggest/ try to coerce me into having.    Once again,  I realize others are not so fortunate but for me,  covid would not even make my top 10 of bad respiratory infections. 
  22. 3G in Restaurants?

      Funnily enough there was a story today about these statistics/bullshit that we have in the UK.  We can't say they're false but we can't say they're true either.
  23. 3G in Restaurants?

      I agree.  It's survival of the fittest. I'm fine with modern medicine counteracting that but not at the expense of everyone else.   
  24. 3G in Restaurants?

      Dr. Keith.  I think you're talking bollocks.   Look up natural immunity and educate yourself. Believe it or not,  your ancestors developed natural immunity and that's why you're here today.    
  25. 3G in Restaurants?

    So 22 more people died within 28 days of testing positive.  We're back to the old way of counting where someone tests positive then a few weeks later is killed in a car crash so they are then counted as a covid death.    You can argue against that ridiculous example but it fits the category of someone dying within 28 days of a positive covid test.