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  1.   The fact that people actually think this way kind of terrifies me. 
  2. Coronavirus

    @fraufruit could the neurological or psychiatric diagnosis have anything to do with being locked down ? 
  3. Coronavirus

      But it's not random people. It's the world renowned TT experts 
  4.   Yup, got a life and now don't have time to discuss alternative views with people with closed minds.
  5. I'm not blaming the victims.   I'm looking for an alternative reason why some people are affected. The UK and US are having an epidemic of obesity - making their immune systems unhealthy and hence they become prone to disease. You could argue it's not their fault but the giant corporations who make the food with additives etc.    As for the vitamin D thing, most people don't have a clue it's necessary for a healthy immune system. I'm just sharing some info that I found. 
  6. Or maybe... And I can only speculate... It might have something to do with the fact that many Indians are lacking a major vitamin that's required for a healthy immune system...   The prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency ranged from 40% to 99%, with most of the studies reporting a prevalence of 80%–90%. It was prevalent in all the age groups and high-risk groups alike.
  7. Excellent. The usual TT doctors are on the case.   @MM did you actually watch that video and listen to what that  doctor had to say about actually using that drug in the field ?
  8. Just listened to this latest interview today from John Campbell  and Dr Pierre Kory and who appeared in front of the US senate. Fascinating stuff. He's been treating people with Ivermectin and gives his first hand experiences of it . Some of the information towards the end is particularly alarming. I wonder why such a cheap (and out of patent) and effective drug would get bad press ? It's a pity he couldn't be interviewed by the Toytown doctors and scientists on here. I'm sure they'd put him right.    
  9. Jokes

    Ha ha. I already have. I'm just back 
  10. Jokes

    That's fairly amusing. And I'm glad you can still make jokes like that. I honestly don't find it offensive but it got me thinking - .. if the soldier was a black man or a pakistani ? Then I'm guessing you couldn't joke about that. It's funny in this day and age that you're allowed to make jokes about Scots (or Germans with sunloungers etc ) but you have to be careful about other stereotypes. Are we even allowed to make jokes about Irishmen these days ?
  11. True -  but (and this isn't specifically for covid) there's too many people in this world that want to smoke, eat shit, do zero exercise and then expect to pop a pill to help them. Or in the case of covid, we know that obese people are FAR more likely to be affected. So if that's the case, they should really try to become a healthy weight instead of continuing with their unhealthy lifestyles and hope that a vaccine or a pill will fix it. And for those who smoke - give yourselves a better chance of surviving covid and just feckin stop. 
  12.   Well said. Eat healthy, put down your phones, stop "contributing" to Toytown Germany and get your arses outside for some exercise. Now that we're coming into summer you can get yourself some free and natural vitamin D and reduce your chances of getting severe covid symptoms  - and all without medical intervention. Win win !!
  13. I think he means after the covid hysteria has died down and we return to normal.    Remember that life returned to normal after the Spanish flu of 1918 - when we had no vaccines to stop it incidentally.
  14.   Surely if you get vaccinated then you'd be OK. Or am I missing something ? I thought that being vaccinated helps you fight the virus but doesn't stop you getting it. You get it and your body knows how to fight it so you fight it and it goes away eventually without too much distress on your part.  If they're not vaccinated, do they not have more to fear from you than you from them ?
  15. Coronavirus

      You forgot to add ... "but for the vast majority of people will cause mild or no symptoms"   And maybe for those who actually get sick, you could give them a cheap, out of patent drug like Ivermectin for instance. Then you'd be able to see if it really works the way that many doctors are claiming.