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  1. Coronavirus

    By making us wear these mandatory masks from next week, is this an admission that the current cloth ones are useless ?
  2. Nothing wrong with asking a valid question. When proven liar Boris Johnson tells you that the virus has mutated, it seems kinda logical to ask him for more proof rather than take his unreliable word for it. 
  3. So who discovered the Covid mutation ? And how ? Do they test for a mutation every time they test for Covid now ? Seems very unlikely to me.
  4. Coronavirus

    Are they asymptomatic - or are the tests bringing back false positives ? Is there any truth to this story which would seem like a big deal but hasn't been spoken about much.
  5. What are you cooking today?

    @DaringD can you post your vegan fried eggs recipe please. I'd be interested - and I guess a few other vegans who are still in the closet might like it too.