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  1. IKEA Wardrobes to give away.   Dimensions are  236cm high 61cm deep and 60cm and 80cm wide respectively.   If interested please PM me. I cannot deliver so if you are interested you will need to pick it up from the south of Munich.
  2. The whole ‘meat’ subject is of course a dead horse, but when I see people writing that you ‘need meat’ it just makes me feel embarrassed for them because it’s evident from the many vegan athletes, that you don’t . Rephrase it to something like @BayrischDude said above . It sounds  a lot more intelligent than what @Krieg says.
  3.   If we needed it, wouldn’t these vegans who haven’t eaten ANY animal protein for 10, 20, 30 years all be dead ?? Think about it .... you’re wrong. 
  4.   You forgot micro plastic that the fish eat from the ocean ?