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  1. Thanks for the explanation.  I know what a coronavirus is.  I've had too many colds,  bronchitis and other respiratory infections over the years to mention.  I also had flu once. Funnily enough,  at the beginning of the pandemic some people speculated that having a history of other coronavirus infections could give you protection against this new one.  But of course that train of thought was shut down quickly since we all know that the ONLY  way to normality is rolling up your sleeve - regardless of whether you've been infected before and have natural immunity.    I've not had a cold for a year now.  It may be due to being locked down or the high dosage of vitamin D I take every day and getting out each day.  And exercising.  And living a healthy lifestyle.  But I'm guessing it's the lockdowns and masks that have protected me. Ah well, time will tell especially as we head into autumn and winter. 
  2.   I think this should be on that other thread where people discuss users with 2 logins.  Because you're baddoggie right ?
  3. Thanks.  I took your advice and used that Google thingy.  I looked up your reference of Jonny Snow and came across this very interesting story...   And here was me thinking Jon Snow was some Game of the rings character.   You live and learn every day. 
  4. I mentioned before,  there's Google and there's Toytown experts who are willing to do the research for me.  Reminds me of the old saying: 'Why have a dog and bark yourself ?' 
  5.   I'm not happy for you @yourkeau . You don't seem to know what year it is.   It's 2021 old boy. 
  6. Coronavirus

    Interesting news article.  Time will tell how it pans out. Also interesting that there are more hospitalizations this year than last - when nobody was vaccinated.  And I'm not saying that vaccinations aren't working,  but it's an observation that again time will tell.    For us in Germany I think the run up to winter will show us the real effectiveness of the vaccines. 
  7.   The only thing worse than being talked about,  is not being talked about.  
  8. It actually was a serious question.    I thought I'd ask in here first because there's so many experts and people  who are really knowledgeable about all this stuff. 
  9. Serious question now.  Has there ever been a vaccine produced that says that you will still get the disease and still spread it - but you won't feel as bad ?   With the measles vaccine,  do you just get a few spots and you can pass them on to your household ? With the FSME vax,  do you just get a bit of a sore head ? 
  10. Oh please.     Covfefe   Just to help you prove your point.  
  11. Just because 'they' say that Biden may be suffering the onset of dementia,  doesn't mean 'they' are saying that trump was a sane and excellent president.  He was not a good president.     One can be true without the other being true.    As for Joe, can you watch that video footage and think... this is a great man who's a great president. Thank god he's sharp as a tack and such a great public speaker. Can you really ???   And I haven't even shared his very creepy 'whispering' footage. 😳
  12. I did say it contained Video examples.    If the website offends you here's a link I helpfully extracted for you.   Maybe you can look up twitter to check if it's left or right leaning. 
  13. Did you see the link I posted above earlier ? There's been a lot of speculation recently that he's suffering the early stages of dementia.    There's a few video examples contained in this piece...
  14. Just because trump is an asshole, doesn't make his cognitive abilities worse than biden's. Biden is clearly 'not right' but the funny thing is that he's given way more slack in the media than Trump was. 
  15. Coronavirus

    My previous comments regarding smoking vs covid were posted because firstly   it's an interesting statistic.  Secondly  to me  it's strange that covid must be stopped at all costs  but we don't hear the urgency to completely ban smoking.  As Dessa mentioned,  there have been measures taken against smoking but it's taken years of fighting against a very powerful big tobacco lobby who knew their product was dangerous,  but continued to flog it in the name of profit.    And it's strange that there's a 25% lesser death rate from covid and it's resulted in mayhem and fear around the world - which people gladly buy into,  but ban smoking at restaurants in Austria or Oktoberfest and there's a public outcry.    Strange times indeed.