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  1. Telc B1 exam experience(Horrible)

      Exception: the strong adjective declension 😉, e.g. "Er mag schön*e* Frauen", "mit gut*em* Wein" ...   I have to say though I'm really glad that, as a native speaker, I never had to memorise those declension tables. They look like a nightmare! 🤯 As Mark Twain wrote: "I would rather decline two drinks than one German adjective."
  2. Compensation for cancelled flights
  3. When did German TV decline?

    So does the ARD Mediathek App (most frequently for a subchannel called "One", I think). Shows on One offered in English as well as in German currently include Doctor Who, Murdoch Mysteries, Berlin Station, State of the Union, Torchwood and Catastrophe.