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  1. Broken window in a rented apartment

    I need help...   a few weeks ago, I was cleaning the house when I noticed that the living room window is cracked from the base of the frame and spreading upwards (was about 10cm in the beginning but it's now twice that size). I called the landlord today and his wife answered and told me he wasn't in so I explained a bit of what has happened (in my crap broken German - matches the window). She got right snotty with me and basically said that I had done it and it was my fault. So I said that it was nothing to do with anything I have done and she said that she would get her husband to call back. This is a landlord who I haven't seen or had contact with since I moved in and didn't even want to know when I said that I had opened a Sparkonto for the Kaution (I still have that and the paperwork and he doesn't want to know).   Anyway, he came to have a look tonight and said he has nothing to do with it. Reckons he will get in touch with someone about a new window and tell me the cost and it's up to me.   It says this in my contract:   Der Mieter haftet für alle Schäden, die dem Vermieter oder Dritten aus Maßnahmen gem.Ziffer 1. entstehen, ohne dass es des Nachweises des Verschuldens bedarf   but there is no real Kleinreparaturklausel in my contract.   Looks like I'm down the river without a paddle (no insurance - I know, don't tell me off) and it's a friggin' big window.
  2. Definitions game

    Poster A posts something to be defined. Poster B defines it and leaves a new word to be defined.   eg.   Poster A : A Magnum ice cream   Poster B : A posh choc ice on a stick.   New word to be defined:   Smart car.