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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

    my ex used to accuse me of getting mad at the sun.   I can't say he was completely wrong, know...when I'm trying to drive and it comes along and shines RIGHT IN MY EYES...can't see.  just dangerous and unnecessary.   not to mention very rude.
  2. Twat of the day

      omg that was brilliant.  1k greenies
  3. Twat of the day

      removing the mouth alone would be a huge improvement  
  4. Twat of the day

    good lord it looks like it's been photoshopped onto his body, badly at that.   what the heck?
  5. Blue card appointment

    maybe this works?   eta: the appointment system is different for the ausländerbehörde - I got that link from here:   if you continue to have trouble you could also contact the center for internationale fachkrafte since you have a blue card:
  6. What made you laugh today?

      are you sure about that?   :)
  7. Freak accidents

    @McDee yes, sure, which was especially unfortunate as my man missed his brother's graduation festivities because of it 
  8. Working possble during the krankgeschrieben date

    no chance!   my doc is right around the corner and when I'm sick, I don't even want to travel that far.  I can live with it, it just seems less than ideal.
  9. Where to shoot firearms?

      oh no - I was totally kidding.  I for one enjoy your random interjections wherever they pop up.  I really was teasing
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    good god I'm on a roll    
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    swoon...   I prefer "dirty" elvis (though this one is pretty tame - hard to find original footage of him live)     which led me to look up the Reverend:     somehow I think the Reverend and Elvis would have gotten along just fine      
  12. Did you ever wish you had not seen

    @fraufruit I'm not talking about this on an interpersonal level - far from it.  You're not a profi - most people aren't - and the idea of laymen running around trying to manipulate people into a different mindset is not what I'm getting at here.    just noting the extreme lengths the stasi went to to break "enemies" down mentally in a professional and systematic way, surely different but equally targeted techniques could be used to lift people up.   if you're going to manipulate people in such a heavy handed way, why can't it be done positively?  
  13. Working possble during the krankgeschrieben date

    see, this is exactly why I am hesitant to go for a sick note on day one.  My employer likes it when we do, as they get reimbursed for the sick day, but my doc always wants to sign me out for several days or a week's time, which is often overkill.  I don't find the extra days relaxing or health promoting at all - instead I feel a bit conflicted and guilty. 
  14. Did you ever wish you had not seen

    why can't we take these principles of psychological manipulation and use them to make people feel happy and satisfied?  Happy people don't generally cause a lot of kerfuffel.  It seems so obvious.
  15. What made you smile today?

      damn.  If I bought that place I might be inspired to build a garden full of fire pits and topiary demonic figures to maintain the required balance of good vs. evil, lest we had some kind of cosmic vacuum going on at the neighbor's place.  
  16. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      I have to wonder if the complications after were at all related to the issues they had that led them to circumcision in the first place?      
  17. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      We don't lob off baby girls' labia to "prevent" LS (as women get it too - do they ever!) nor do we perform tonsilectomies on healthy bodies "just in case" they have problems later.  I don't think risk of potential issues justifies routinely cutting off body parts.   As you say, it's severe phimosis that has not responded to less invasive treatments that may require surgery, and that's not common enough (IMO at least) to warrant routine circumcision.  Even the AMA doesn't offer any justification for *routine* circumcision.  And circumcision even fresh out of the womb carries risks, itself - nasty ones - including phimosis, ironically enough.   there are lots of health problems whose treatments "beat" getting circumcised in adulthood.  And there are plenty of men who are pissed at their parents for circumcising them.   the simple truth is that circumcision in the US is primarily a cultural thing, performed for no other reason that "it's just what you do" (and I suspect the hospitals enjoy the extra revenue from performing circumcisions, too). not much different than it is in judaic/muslim cultures but lacking the religious component. 
  18. Where to shoot firearms?

    @Luke Skywalkerdid he really top off his antics with an exclamation of  "murika!!!"?   Fremdscham.  yep, that's just the right word   no need to share these in the future.  in fact I beg you not to!    
  19. Freak accidents

    I guess this was a freak accident, but more so because I was not killed and still have both legs:   June 1997.  driving pre-dawn from santa cruz to san jose airport so my boyfriend could catch an early flight to visit his family, and traveling via the infamous highway 17 (infamous as it's over the top for accident fatality statistics).  sprinkling rain, which in CA often creates serious issues as rain is infrequent outside of the winter months, and this allows a nice layer of oily substances to build up on the road. With the drizzle on top it is akin to an ice slick.   but no problem for us - we knew that, driving slow and steady, no worries.  Until we round one of the many blind curves and see a little honda that had apparently spun out and was sideways in the road, blocking the right lane completely.  And the driver is LEANING UP AGAINST THE CAR, as if he were in a parking lot as opposed to standing at death's door.     we of course stopped to assist and get him out of the road.  boyfriend got out of the car, and I assumed he was going to bring the dude back to our car so we could get him out of harm's way then drive to an emergency phone to call CHP asap.  But noooooooo.  Someone else had stopped behind the honda, put out some flares, and the three of them were trying to push the car (where to?).  which was insane as the only direction to push the car was into the passing lane, thereby blocking the WHOLE road on a blind turn.  Insanity!     so I got out to tell them to stop it and convinced them we should just get the hell out of there.  On my way back to our car I heard the most thunderous crash behind me.  I started running away as I heard more crashes and screeches and lord knows what is happening but it's bad - really bad - and it just keeps going.  But this is highway 17 so you can't run OFF the road to get away - it's barricaded on both sides by concrete jersey rails, and there are a random series of steep drop-offs on the other side of the rails, and it's dark, so jumping over was not a great option.   So I was just kinda running...away, down the road.  Then I paused and was about to turn around to see what was what when I was hit, left leg pinned against the jersey rail and I was dragged a ways.     Which was actually not so bad.  I was not knocked down (bless) and after the projectile released me I was still standing.  On my right leg which was thankfully fit as a fiddle.  In those split moments time seems to slow down and senses become bizarrely sharp, and I noticed the leg that had been pinned felt sort of dead/numb and it didn't hurt, at all...not at ALL.  I was terrified to even look down as I was afraid there was no leg left to hurt!  I finally looked and just started yelling.  My pants were shredded, my knee was bloody (did I even have a kneecap anymore?), my ankle and foot were (by brief visual inspection) completely mangled.  But everything was still there (give or take).  Stroke of luck number one.   After a bit of a fiasco getting to the hospital, I was finally evaluated.  It looked really bad, as my ankle and part of my foot were fully flayed.  Even so, not a lot of blood, and it was strangely painless, presumably because the nerves were so damaged they just didn't work.  stroke of luck two: x-rays showed hairline fractures in my ankle and foot but nothing out of place. stroke three: they checked the tendons in my foot and ankle and they were all intact.  The doctor who did this was so funny.  She would identify a tendon then say something like "this goes to your little toe" tug tug "oh look!  there it goes! that's great!" and indeed, my little toe lifted up and down as she tugged on the tendon. I had the distinct impression she was more accustomed to working with children - she was so cute.  stroke four:  knee was roughed up but not functionally damaged in any way.  So it went from possible amputation of the foot to "wow, you are really lucky.  this is nothing, you'll be fine"   I was surprised when that hospital just dressed the wound, told me to keep the bandages moist with saline to save my tendons, put me in a strap on cast to keep my ankle stable and sent me home with advice to follow up with a doctor closer to home next day.  WHY?  Because I didn't have health insurance and I had to be treated in my county of residence to qualify for emergency state-funded medical cover.  Can you imagine?  But they actually did me a huge favor as two skin grafts later, the bills totaled 30+k when all was said and done.  And the state covered it as promised (and was only charged 7k, to boot. that is US healthcare, where cost depends on who's paying.  insurance would have paid 12k but I would have had to pay 30+.  incomprehensible.)   Turned out the honda had been T-boned by a big-assed dually pickup traveling at full speed, and it ping-ponged back and forth between the jersey rails whence it hit me.  Ah yes, and the dually driver was very drunk, which is why there were no screeching brakes before the initial crash...and why he fled the scene.  He was only caught because a cop randomly saw him driving with a flat tire and missing fender - not quite normal     Anyway, everything about that accident was "freak".  From the initial circumstances to treatment to final physical result to car insurance was a year of "whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!".. "nooooooooooo..."..."REALLY?!?!" etc.   I do have an ugly scar on my ankle, and when people occasionally comment on it I just say "you should have seen it when it was FRESH!"     it's a battle scar.  I kinda like it, actually.    eta:  jersey rails (I've never heard them called "barriers" or "walls" - meh)    
  20. Where to shoot firearms?

    New Hampshire is closer.  They are gun crazy and offer plenty of shooting ranges, they provide all kinds of firearms pretty much as Luke describes (not sure about the flamethrowers though)   I still remember my boss inviting me to drive up to his place in NH for the weekend to drink martinis and shoot guns (in tandem, of course).  I declined  
  21. Did you ever wish you had not seen

    this is all very mysterious and I sincerely hope optimista is ok, but I'll bite   in the scenario that a friend or family member has said or done something I wish I could un-witness, the response is either end further interaction (sometimes permanently) or call them out on it big time and see what happens.  Other cases, it's hard to say as this topic is so vague.   optimista's scenario sounds like she not only witnessed something shocking, but was then gaslighted about it.  Gaslighting is a no-go for me.  Especially in a serious matter.  Big fat nope.  I'm done.  I had a situation with my brother wherein he basically robbed me then came up with all kinds of "plausible" excuses for why he did so when I raised the issue, none of them washed.  It was a ruse.  This coming from a person who flips out and wants to go postal on others for what I'd categorize as minor infractions.  I sincerely tried to work it out with him, he just lied and wheedled and did everything but admit things he did weren't quite kosher even if I had been a perfect stranger, let alone a sibling. and I haven't spoken to him in going on three years.  I just can't.  Do I want it this way?   Nope.  He's my brother!  But tbh I've seen enough and don't want to see any more of his true character.  I just can't stomach it.  Theft is bad enough, but there are ways to make amends for something like that.  the gaslighting is what put me over the edge.    for something horrific and completely impersonal like witnessing or being involved in an accident or injury...what can you do?  try to forget what you saw, but you never will.    
  22. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I skimmed an article today wherein google allegedly admitted to having "quality control" employees listen in on private conversations via their home devices.   there is no way in hell I'd put one of these devices in my life (alexa or echo or anything like it).  Just never.  I've even gone so far as to disable microphone permissions on every app I have on my phone aside from apps that clearly need it (eg the phone itself, skype, and others that I actually need to talk to for a known reason).  google assistant is banned as far as I'm concerned but what do I know? is it listening anyway?  no earthly way of knowing.   If someone is so desperate for entertainment or "information" that they want to listen in on my sex toys...whatever.  I mean,    just   whatever.
  23. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      oh you're right there too.  boys are the ones who are predominantly mutilated shortly after birth in the US, even in these enlightened modern times.  Well done!   And you are correct that my figure was wrong, it's 100 billion in trade worldwide, not just in the US.  But maybe you can explain the economic and demographic factors that leave Atlanta with 290 million in sex trade related revenue per year?  With a population of only 500k, they are damned busy!  And to think southerners have a reputation for being lazy.  Once again I stand corrected. Well done!
  24. @silty1 no the peanuts are not organic, which is why I limit my intake. Even if they were, I'm not overly trusting of Chinese food products to be what they say they are.  they have a lot of heavy metal contamination going on so to be safe, I just don't eat a lot of it.   Honestly, I don't make it myself for lack of other options but because the texture is superior (to my taste).  the stuff I get in the bio shops tends to be a lot looser/runnier than my home made version.  store bought is great for sauces, but mine is stiffer and better for eating on bread, as nature intended    
  25. Homemade Pretzels

      no!  like I said, they are pretty good for what they are - I grew up eating them too, with mustard.  I have fond memories of street pretzels, no doubt!   but the only thing they have in common with the German style is the shape :)