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  1.   Yes!  I'm absolutely with you there.   problem is, not everyone believes these things  
  2. Retiring soon. What to do about health insurance?

      my first job was baby sitting when I was 12   I think my first job that (allegedly, if the employer wasn't ripping me off) collected social security payments was when I was 16.  Working part time in a shop after school and on weekends.     but my first profi job wasn't til I was 28.   who could I officially talk to about these specifics?  the kasse or the rentenversicherungs amt or some other entity entirely?
  3.   don't they have some 1918 flu on ice somewhere?
  4.   eh...people use this same argument when they circumcise their baby boys - like they are totally subject to parental decisions til they hit 18 :/   I completely agree with you wrt vaccines, but if I believed they could cause my kid irreversible harm (like circumcision imo) letting them make their own choice later is sort of the natural next step.  I'm just saying it's hard to make this point to someone who REALLY believes vaxes are inherently harmful or risky.    when I was a kid there was no "choice" that I recall.  We even got our booster shots administered at school. I don't remember any kids who were excused from getting vaccinated though maybe they existed.   Strangely, I still managed to contract Rubella when I was 5 or 6.  For me it was not a big deal but I was barred from school for 2 weeks even though I was only really sick for 2 or 3 days.    Unlike measles Rubella is much more dangerous to the unborn than to the living.  My grandma had Rubella when she was preggers with my dad and he was born blind and with other health issues that played out as he grew up. His brain was so full of lesions his doctors couldn't understand how he could function at all, let alone be rather smart.  
  5. Retiring soon. What to do about health insurance?

      riffing off this and for anyone who knows  (not picking on  you engelchen):  how is that calculated for expats?   eg I moved to Germany when I was 43 and of course that was my first opportunity in life to join a public kasse. I've been with TK ever since.  But how is my "working life" calculated?  when did it start?
  6. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      this is all absolutely true.   I grew up in NY state when they still had the Regents system, which was extremely similar to the current German system.  I was interested in art and writing, but because I was enrolled in the Regents track, I was "forced" to take higher level math, science, social sciences, etc. And to graduate I had to take a series of exams to prove I actually knew the stuff.  It was "horrible"   The basic idea is to give kids a WELL ROUNDED education and to challenge them to develop different problem solving and thinking skills.  Essentially, high school is a time when kids learn to learn, and exposing them to subjects that are "hard" or "don't come naturally" is in many ways part of the point.     all that stuff I "had" to learn?  Well it turned out to be very good for me.  When I finally went to college I started as an english major, then because I was again "forced" to take a natural science I got turned onto biology, so I switched to that, then I was "forced" to take calculus and truly fell in love with math which I had HATED all through high school and barely squeaked by to pass those classes.  Then I was required to take two computer science courses as part of my math track and guess what?  I loved that too.  So in the end I double majored in math and computer science.  If I had not been forced to take math through trig and natural science/chemistry, I never could have even switched out of that english program as I would have been taking basic algebra and a catch-all "natural science for dummies" or so, as I would not have had the educational foundations to take the more interesting courses that changed my track completely.  I hated it when I had to do it, but in the end it served me very well.   Left to their own devices, kids (or even adults) will very likely never discover these passions primarily because "it's too hard" to get started.  If they have effectively learned to learn - even or possibly especially subjects they don't like - when they are young, it's a skill for life that allows them to do all kinds of things in the future.   oh and no, I'm not an outlier.  My ex, most of my friends, and many coworkers had similar stories.  they didn't like math or science as kids, they sucked at it, but they discovered an interest later in life.  They were able to pursue that interest in college because they had been "forced" to learn many of these topics in high school.  
  7. Firefox browser problem

    I'm a cynic   you have to be browsing in a PRIVATE window (I think they call it incognito or similar) if you want to have your activity automatically deleted.  So from the main menu:  open private window (or so)   then do your thing   eta:  I just checked it on my tablet, and indeed, the menu options are for "new incognito window" or "new incognito tab".
  8. Firefox browser problem

    @Chelski I was a firefoxer too, til I started having trouble with it overloading on memory a couple years back.  Made me sad but the performance was so bad I had to say goodbye.   the adblocker is actually an extension.  So go to opera menu, extensions, click "get more extensions" and select "Opera ad blocker" (on my list it's number one, hopefully not hard to find)
  9. Firefox browser problem

    Chrome has private browsing mode, which allegedly deletes cookies and history on closing the window.   @Chelski have you tried Opera?  I use it precisely because it has an ad-blocker mode which does a pretty good job, though I have nothing to compare it with.
  10.   sweetie, you are so funny.  Perhaps you don't understand that when you quote someone, they will often reply?
  11.   you completely misunderstood (shock).  I am very much aware of what people like you do.   YOU should be more analytical about your new target group. 
  12. My toast is never evenly toasted

    spidey I can only guess you've been possessed by another user who shall go unnamed, lest we summon the troll, and you need an exorcist, immediately!   I toast my bread under the broiler (or "grill" as some call it, for reasons I don't understand).  it browns evenly every time.  if you can't manage to keep an eye on it, set a timer.  ffs it's toast, not rocket science.
  13.   eww.  you seem to think this makes you über valuable, when in reality it's kinda on par with what sociopaths do.   but I don't understand:  if you're so smart and able to analyze and manipulate people, why are you flailing so hard?   could it possibly be you don't understand Germans or German society at all?
  14. Living on canned food long-term

      oh gosh don't try   save yourself.  walk away :)
  15. Living on canned food long-term

      maybe - there are a lot of different veg you can pickle.  you can actually pickle broccoli and cauliflower, beans, onions.  I think anything except lettuce (well you could pickle that too but it would be a slimy mess, I suspect)   I do of course understand that you meant pickled cucumber, but it's a specific preparation, not just simple, jarred or canned cucumber, which would be absolutely disgusting  
  16. Living on canned food long-term

      franklan, it was a joke.  I can think of nothing more disgusting than canned vegetables (corn is the only one that is ok but frozen is still better if you can't go fresh)   and no you can't get cucumbers in glass, those are pickles.  somewhat different
  17. Living on canned food long-term

    they are all mine   MINE
  18. Living on canned food long-term

    ohhhh   but only if it's packed in oil. 
  19. Living on canned food long-term

    I WISH I could get canned broccoli and cucumbers and LETTUCE, especially.   I mean wtf?  why not?  I can't be expected to eat fresh salads all the time can I?
  20. What's got you flummoxed today?

      They have a whole slew of filo doughs at my local turkish market - check yours  
  21. I've just posted a silly photo

    equine hipster complete with fabulous moustache
  22. Living on canned food long-term

    the can preserves the nutrients better than any other method.  It's actually MORE nutritious than fresh   canned food for the win!
  23. What is your hobby?

      I did that once during a very drunken walk home from a party in the weeeeee hours of the breaking dawn.   I only took one flower/sprig from any one garden so as not to be too obnoxious, and I didn't venture into anyone's yard, proper.  Still, by the time I got home I had an arm-full.  
  24. What is your hobby?

      ditto.   plus knitting, gardening, reading and occasional yoga (need more yoga)
  25. What made you smile today?

    oh yes, the tail does require a cone   poor guy - I'm glad he's on the mend!