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  1. First World Problems

    time for a PSA:  in spite of the enduring stereotype, fishy vag is not normal.  it's a sign of infection and should be treated by a doctor immediately. 
  2. First World Problems

      no I did not say that.  I can't believe you need this spelled out for you but let me take one final stab:  alcoholics are addicted to alcohol.  They relapse because they WANT ALCOHOL.   and I'm not going to quote you again but you did claim that "any alcoholic", if asked, could confirm that the taste of an alcoholic beverage, even if alcohol free, is a trigger.  I'm glad to see you finally agree that is not true.
  3. Forbidden termination of contract in 3 months

    I think the point is that they don't want to be looking for a replacement during the summer months when tenants (students presumably) are harder to find?   you could have given your notice at any time during those months, but your end date could not have landed in that timeframe.  That does not sound legal to me but it doesn't matter now as Leon points out, the soonest you can end it is 01.12
  4. First World Problems

      what on earth are you on about?   what gave you the idea that I have any interest in a meetup, apparently to discuss alcoholism, let alone have a private conversation with your friend?   I honest to god have no clue what you hope to achieve with this, but to be crystal clear: I have zero interest in arranging a meetup or discussion with you or your friend.  I have known so many alcoholics, reformed or otherwise, it's downright silly, and they are all different.  The reformed individuals have had success with different methods, and they have different triggers they have to be careful about.    Your fantasy that I think you are "lying" is beyond strange. I simply don't believe that ALL alcoholics are triggered by the taste of faux alcoholic drinks.  It's completely inane to paint all alcoholics with the same brush.  If you insist on doing so, have at it, but I will not partake.
  5. 2 room unfurnished apartment in Giesing

    but they don't.    in the end it doesn't matter unless the quoted area (in the contract) is off by 10% or more. by "it doesn't matter" = you can't do anything about it.
  6. 2 room unfurnished apartment in Giesing

      that's completely true but I've never seen a munich apartment calculate less than 50% of any terrace/balcony as "living space"
  7. First World Problems

      you made a sweeping and dubious statement which has been questioned.  I have not made any sweeping statements about alcoholism, just given counter examples that refute your sweeping statement.  I don't think that's likewise at all.  
  8.   they will definitely not support you if court action is needed, but they should advise you and/or write a letter on your behalf.    The main problem is that he is taking this attitude that he can't evaluate whether he has a claim against you or not because he has not yet done the inspection which is not valid - in that case landlords could just refuse to inspect an apartment if they want to keep your kaution.  Anyway I think you need a very clear and legally supported response to that, which they should be able to offer.   alternately yes, you can wait until the 6 months is up then send a demand, but I doubt he's going to magically pay it then without a hassle.  you should be a member of the mieterverein anyway so just do it and let them help you   
  9. I don't think you have to go to court over kaution repayment. You could have used the mahnbescheid process. In theory that could go to the equivalent of small claims court but he would need to provide evidence of a valid claim to get that far.
  10. What are you cooking today?

      but that looks like a german pancake, unlike the alleged german pancake/dutch baby I liked which looks like a giant yorkshire pudding   GAHHHHHH!   I'm so confused...nevermind  
  11. What are you cooking today?

      bah - deutsch = dutch in the US.  Clueless   best example is the region of the "Pennsylvania Dutch" - which is one of the most German regions in the country.   but anyway it's not a German pancake either!!!
  12. What are you cooking today?

      not that I know of.  I did learn about it in the US but never had one/seen one/heard of one in daily life...just one recipe I ran across   eta:  that's not to say I believe it's Dutch in origin      eta eta:  this video claims it's actually a "german pancake"   - no sugar      
  13. What are you cooking today?

    that's for subscribers only  
  14. What are you cooking today?

      a giant yorkshire pudding?    seriously I am not sure there's actually a difference - like I said the concept is the same (lots of eggs/milk and a relatively small amount of flour) but a dutch baby is baked in a fairly big pan - a cast iron skillet is supposed to be best, but anything frying pan size, with high sides will do.  It does the same thing where it stays thin on the bottom and creeps/fluffs up the sides, just bigger
  15. Why are you unhappy today?

    @LeonG I lost my last two cats to kidney issues - it's actually a very common cause of death for cats.     If he had any reasonable appetite a low protein food is actually best as it's more gentle on the kidneys.  But once they lose their appetite it is best to just give them whatever they will eat.  One of my cats was partial to super creamy pate-treats (they come in a tube) and "perle" wet food.  Towards the end it was the only thing he'd eat, and he basically just licked the gravy off   The other went downhill fast and simply stopped eating entirely.   and yes this advice to "get them to drink more" is not only unhelpful, it's nigh impossible - they simply can't drink enough to offset the reduced kidney function.  The only thing I know of that can really help a cat with kidney disease is subcutaneous fluids.  This is huge in the US but every vet I've dealt with in Germany says it's "cruel" and "doesn't work".  I can attest that it does help a lot, it's not cruel at all as the cat is far more comfortable, but you'd need to find a vet who supports it.    You can administer the fluids yourself by injecting them under the skin at the scruff of the neck, whence their little bodies absorb it slowly and it provides enough water in their systems to allow their kidneys to clear the toxins even at reduced function.  Most cats accept it without a fuss, or even happily.  But germans seem to be 100% against it.  It's maddening but if you want to learn more you can check out - it's the most informative site I've found about renal insufficiency in cats.   many virtual hugs to you and your furry friend.