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  1. ADAC battery replacement

      I have no complaints, but I also have roadside assistance with my auto insurance (it's just included) - I think many/most people do.  In this case do we really need ADAC on top of it?  I have no idea.    
  2. Beer and/or food in Bayreuth?

    wish I was - I'd have my butt parked at Maisel's  
  3. What are you cooking today?

      I greened him as he has already gone through unmentionable hardships and sacrifice - figured it was the least I could do
  4. ADAC battery replacement

      jesus   I only have a vw up! (yes the model name really includes the exclamation point) I sincerely doubt this one is that complicated but thanks for the warning   It's always wise to RTFM  
  5. ADAC battery replacement

    In the last 5 years I could leave this car for weeks on end without driving it - it's only now complaining.  The car/battery is over 6 years old so it's had a good run already.  Not at all surprised the battery is about done in now.  It seems right on schedule   good point about the warranty with ADAC though - I plan to call them tomorrow so I'll ask them about that.  I didn't see any mention of it on the website so I expect the standard 2 year spiel, but who knows?   thanks very much @keith2011 and @RedMidge - I do appreciate it
  6. ADAC battery replacement

    My car battery is dead and since I've had to jump it a couple of times in the last three weeks, figuring it's time for a new one   does anyone have experience with the ADAC batteries?  AFAIK they are "off market" so not sure about the quality.  Also not sure about cost relative to on-market batteries.   I am leaning towards pushing the "Easy Button" and just having them come swap it out, but wanted to see if anyone had any feedback before I do.   Before you say it:  yes I know it is dead easy to change a battery!  But I have to look for the right kind, order it, wait for it, swap it in a very dark garage with little space to move around, then find a place that will take the old one off my's just not how I want to spend my time, so unless there is a huge cost or quality difference with ADAC batteries I'm pretty happy to avail myself of their services.
  7. Gender neutral toilets.

      sure.  I remember them from my childhood so they've been around for a longggg (ahem) time.   But it's not like they are available everywhere. I mostly remember seeing them in airports/train stations and at amusement parks.  The BART trains in CA have them on-board but whether they are stocked or not is a different question.  It's not very consistent.  Some people carry their own!
  8. What are you cooking today?

      a friend's mom insisted that pasta is "ready" when you throw it against the wall and it sticks.  Luckily I already knew better but yes, many people prefer mushy pasta   I told my Italian coworker about this and he almost had a heart attack :)
  9. What are you cooking today?

    Gianluca Mancini did not say anything about rinsing the pasta - where are you getting that?  "Draining" means pouring off the cooking water which is actually important to prevent overcooking.  No, it should not be rinsed but Gianluca didn't suggest it should be.   How does your method allow meat and veg to cook sufficiently before the pasta goes to mush?  And how does it cook evenly if you let the top layer go dry while the bottom layer is still in the water?    Cooking the pasta with the sauce sounds like a recipe for glue soup tbh    eta:  I am aware of "one pot" pasta recipes but the ones I've seen don't use meat, and they put the sauce ingredients in the pot at the start of cooking when the pasta is still fully dry.
  10. So full of assumptions.    I actually have been a tenant as well as a landlord, I have bought and sold property and intend to do so again. However I have not allowed my good fortune to fool me into thinking I'm somehow entitled to break the law or profit solely at someone else's expense.   But go on and keep making things up if it makes you feel better. That's very mature.
  11. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    wait - where is the "eye roll" emoticon?  
  12. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

      I was at the Boston aquarium once, checking out the penguins, and two of them were getting it on.  He apparently finished as his eyes started drooping, blinking slower and slower, and finally fell asleep...on top of his partner    everyone who witnessed this was howling   maybe he was hoping for a fish?  
  13. I don't think you grasp the basic premise here:  the landlord wants the tenant to leave solely so he can make a larger profit on the sale of his house.  He has absolutely no legal means of evicting them.  Ergo, the tenant would have to agree to move out of their own accord which they have no inherent desire to do.     why would anyone choose to move under these circumstances, especially when they are indeed facing real (and even ongoing) costs related to moving, given they've been in their current place for 10 years, and are assuredly paying well below "new" contract pricing?  What up side do you see for the tenant in this situation?  Oh let me guess:  they should move out just to be "nice" or "fair"?   Your attitude is simply astonishing.    Beyond that, it's clear you know nothing about the real estate market in Munich (or anywhere, I'd guess).  Blah blah blah... whatever.
  14. Does a Fish Fart?

    repressed feelings of affection, perhaps?    
  15. Gender neutral toilets.

      I don't think that's too much of an exaggeration, though I am not sure about the "wrapping" part as I highly doubt they'd be advised to touch the seat at all.   I think it would be more like they'd lay down a thick covering of toilet paper as opposed to a wrap.  Some restrooms offer paper seat shaped covers for exactly this purpose.  And of course after they squat and pee all over it they'll leave it there   @SpiderPig I gave my brother's mistress the third degree regarding why she could at least not lift the damn seat.  She looked at me in indignant horror, exclaiming "I'm NOT going to TOUCH the seat" to which I suggested she use her shoe to flip it  up.  She squinched her eyes closed and shuddered like I'd just murdered a puppy in front of her.    So funny as it's the ones who piss all over everything who freak out the most about how "filthy" public toilets are.  Projection in action!