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  1. What made you laugh today?

    for some reason this makes me think of Ray Bradbury's story, "Junior"   just great
  2. at the time I got my apartment I didn't really have the option to be picky but I have to say, it's worked out quite well.   most apartments in the building are two room, max, and so far, people who have had babies since I've lived here move out pretty quickly as this is not really enough space for three+ longer term.    of course it's not a sure thing to guard against kid noise, but it helps, and in the future I will look for a building with a similar configuration.
  3. Looking for kitten in the Munich area

    Barring a feral or negligent owner rescue situation, proper socialization is rarely the cat's fault.  To the extent that if they are stressed out - especially after being separated from their family! - they need extra support and patience.   this is really REALLY hard for them.  Hell, just moving a cat from one household to another with the same companions can be hard for them.    some things that help are familiar scents (eg a pillow or cat bed from their prior home) and if they are not eating, especially, giving them the same food they are used to.  Don't get in their face.  Let them adjust.  See what happens.  A week is not enough.  
  4.   and you are quite clearly an asshole!  
  5. Penthouse-Obermenzing for sale

    good to hear it's ok in real life - I didn't mean anything bad by it, it just jumped out at me in the photos!   it really is a lovely place - I dream of a place like that but sadly, no way in hell I could ever ever ever pay for it.  
  6. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    I'm sorry to be judgemental but it is Friday so humor me please:   what the fuck were you thinking?   
  7. Penthouse-Obermenzing for sale

    very nice place.    though the placement and size of the kitchen sink is pretty baffling.  My elbow hurts just thinking about how often I'd likely bash it on the cabinet when using the sink!   how did you manage with that?  was it ok for you?
  8. Problems with owner

      the thing with noise is that it "accumulates".  There can be several factors but two stand out:  1) a person can let noise slide to a certain extent, but when it happens frequently enough, or perhaps ratchets up on a couple of occasions, eventually you reach a limit and ANY noise becomes irritating.  not that's not all on you but... 2) as you have settled into your apartment more you may *actually* be making more noise, which coupled with number 1 may have driven him over the edge.    another factor may be changes in one of your apartments.  Did someone move a schrank or other large piece of furniture that was previously on a shared wall?  This can sometimes make a HUGE difference wrt how much noise passes between the apartments.     Anyway JOIN THE FREAKING MIETERVEREIN!  there is nothing else to say. do it. 
  9. my coworkers luuuuuuv to go the justice palace for lunch and it's the same there too.   They do occasionally have to swap out one dish for another, and yes they also offer a huge portion dessert as a "main"    the last bit baffles me too, but whatever, I don't have to eat it.
  10. What are you cooking today?

      I do.  what exactly is your problem with that?    I've never ever referred to the pod as a "shell" so I'm not sure how that makes more sense.   RELAX man - we have different terms for things by region.  get the hell over it
  11. Problems with owner

    why the heck is your landlord sending letters to a third party about your behavior?!  Does he not have your current address, at a property that he OWNS?  Anyway, since he didn't send it to you, you should simply and completely ignore it.    live in your apartment without fear, but of course continue to show reasonable consideration and respect for your neighbors.  If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear from the ordnungsamt.  In fact you might want to contact them, or your landlord, yourself to complain about the kook banging on the wall.   note though that if he could HEAR you during your video conference, please do a reality check.  do you have paper thin walls?  or were you louder than you thought when on this call?   you should join the mieterverein asap as a) everyone should and b ) it's very likely you're going to have issues going forward.
  12. What are you cooking today?

    I've never seen fresh lima beans anywhere in Germany, not even at local Turkish markets which I visit pretty frequently as they have a great array of veg.  Lima pods are quite large and look more like a pea pod - the pod is rather thin and can be "zipped" open, then simply pop the beans out similar to shucking fresh peas.    Most of the broad beans I see here are in the direction of favas - the pod looks more like a string bean - more round than flat (though somewhat flat of course) - and they often have a spongy material inside around the beans that makes shucking them more difficult.   IME favas and similar varieties are a lot more work to prepare...first shuck them, then blanch so you can remove the thick skins on each bean, then finally prepare what's left for your meal.  Lima beans have a much thinner skin on the bean itself so you can simply prepare them (or just eat them!) straight from the pod.
  13.   good luck.   this is not likely to pan out well.  I'm not even sure what you could base a mahnbescheid on, without a contract
  14. Twat of the day

    I was the twat of the day when my wee little cousin exclaimed to me one day: "I have a vulva"   I honest to god did not make the connection that she was really talking about her body parts so my brain tried to tie it to something that made sense...her mom drove a volvo   so my response was "I have a Volkswagen!"   hahahahahaha!  poor kid looked so confused. 
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

      that should be a zen koan :)