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  1. Favourite picture of yourself?

      I don't know - there may be an app like this that comes "stock" with android but not sure as I avoid using google apps like the plague.  If google photos has something like it I wouldn't know.  I use LitPhoto - you can find it in the app store (it was free when I downloaded it at least)   eta:  is your phone really dumb?  If you are using it to access Toytown that doesn't sound right
  2. Pointless plastics..

    yeah and only 50% of that is actually "recycled" - the rest is burned:   burned is better than dumped in a landfill but still not great, so I now focus more on avoiding plastics in the first place as opposed to recycling them.  So I buy all drinks in glass bottles  and I buy returnable bottles and jars when there's an option to do so as these are actually re-used multiple times before they have to be recycled.  I take a stainless steel vesper-box to the local takeout places and they are happy to pack whatever I order in that instead of using a plastic container.    I avoid markets that pre-pack produce into plastic packaging and use paper bags if absolutely necessary (like no, I don't roll up to the cashier with two handfulls of cherries  ).    Yeah of course I still have plastic waste but much, much less than I used to.  I do recycle things that appear to be made of a single material but when there is any question, it goes in the trash where they'll burn it anyway without the sorting overhead
  3. Favourite picture of yourself?

    so...the problem was not resizing per se but the silly "once you've messed up you have to go away, come back, try again and maybe it will work" thing.  I thought I could simply refresh the page but nope!   paint is fine, too, but you can't choose the final file size, which means I have to make a calculated guess on what the final file size might be based on pixels - just not interesting at all ;)   much easier with photos from my phone as I have an app that lets me compress the file size based on a simple percentage.   regardless, thanks so much to everyone for the advice!  love that               
  4. Favourite picture of yourself?

    how on earth are you guys getting your photos small enough to post?!   I just spent 20 minutes trying to reduce a very old photo and it's just not working.  "Toytown says no..."   what is your trick?    
  5. Apartment contract cancelled

    buh bye sensi sensitiveson        
  6. Non payment from house sale

    I don't think that down payment is treated as a purchase deposit, though - it gets paid along with the loan payout to the seller at closing.  It makes you a more attractive borrower is all (AFAIK).  
  7. Apartment contract cancelled

    yeah, I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding here:  your contract was not cancelled, it was simply not renewed.     as others have said if you want real help with this, join the mieterverein, let them review what your contract actually says, and follow their advice.     and stop hassling the receptionist - none of this is her doing and no, she likely doesn't have any information for you.  Even if she did, it is not likely she'd share it as it's not her role to do so.  
  8. German labor laws for sick days

      I haven't had any trouble booking specialists directly with a public kasse.  The only thing I've needed an UW for was an MRI which makes sense as a radiologist is not qualified to evaluate symptoms to determine whether a test is necessary, nor are they treatment specialists eg oncologists.  And they might have a conflict of interest if they were allowed to order radiology tests/treatments under their own power. It would be somewhat like being able to go to a pharmacist for a prescription for controlled drugs.  Not quite right.     @AdHa where are you located (generally)?  I suspect that as with most things health care related, there are regional differences wrt quality of docs (clear from lots of posts) and local customs.  Fact though, is that the requirement by the KKs to always get an überweisung for specialist visits no  longer exists for most applications.   This has been covered (including exactly which specialists still require a uw from the kasse perspective) on other threads.  
  9. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    cool your jets   they should have given you an estimate when you completed your application but I've never had a permit arrive for pickup in less than 6 weeks (which is the usual estimate I've been given).  Christmas could slow that down further.      
  10. As I recall there is a stipulation that you use the apartment for more than a year if you claim eigenbedarf. I think the minimum is two years but you should look into that.   As Leon points out, the whole process of claiming eigenbedarf doesn't really jive with the timeline of separation. It doesn't sound like the best option for the separating couple let alone the tenant who is caught in the middle.
  11. Favourite picture of yourself?

      Totally swoon worthy :)
  12. Favourite picture of yourself?

     this is my favorite as it was taken during a visit to costa rica    unfortunately it was taken before I put my makeup on        
  13. so you already have a lot of information - I'm not sure what more you want to know/hear based on this excerpt from your contract.   you haven't outlined the "new" role they want you to fulfill so it's impossible to even guess if you're really being abused or not.  I mean, yeah, if they want you to clean the bathrooms you probably have a good case as that is not in line with the normal work of a lead something - UNLESS they want everyone to take turns cleaning the bathrooms which is a different kettle of fish.    for all we know they just want to move you to lead a different group or something.  Switching your role may actually be a good thing but it's impossible to guess if you don't give any details about what the new role might be.
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I don't know how anyone could be certain she was just lazy as opposed to injured or otherwise in poor health, but it's still messed up.   I thought it was illegal to take pictures of people without consent?
  15. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

        long standing problem - I almost gave up then discovered if you put a space between the b and ) you get mostly what you want.