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  1. Why do you invest in property??

    @KimKim you claim to have a very supportive bank   instead of continuing with this nonsense why don't you talk to them and find out exactly how supportive they intend to be with you?!
  2. Moving to Munich and my situation is unique

    it doesn't have to be an apartment.  have you even looked?
  3. Moving to Munich and my situation is unique

    I don't see this as a "chicken and egg" situation at all   to be successful anywhere you need to make money to survive.  Putting the "where we're going to live" before addressing "where we're going to work" is just ass backwards IMO.   As you are discovering, without steady income there is likely no where to live (if you are going to rent).     I support the suggestions to get the work situation sorted THEN find a place to live in proximity to the work.  Why are you so resistant to this sensible way of going about it?
  4. Why do you invest in property??

    a very easy way to do some basic reality checking is to click the link on any immobilienscout listing that says "Kann ich mir dieses Objekt leisten"   it will let you put numbers in for a down payment, etc and show you an ESTIMATED monthly payment.   But please don't stop there...for instance look at how much you will still owe after the initial loan period.     You have to your own calculations and you have to decide how you are better off.  Come on. 
  5. Boss fired me and now wants me back

    seriously, she sounds like a really disgusting person.  If they can't prove that they *really* and sincerely want you to come back by offering you zero probezeit, please don't go back.    I have a strong feeling they'll use you for a few months (if that) then just fire you again.
  6. Why do you invest in property??

      just my thoughts based on the most recent link   you would buy a 688k apartment with 200+ qm with the mind of having the tenant pay part of the mortgage   With a property like this (which magically has no makler provision, not sure how common that is in Berlin), would the tenant(s) be paying enough each month that you could effectively and substantially save over the cost of buying something smaller and just paying the mortgage on that cheaper place all by your lonesome?  Factoring in the difference in closing costs and ongoing nebenkosten that you can't pass onto the tenant of course.   Note the rent on that particular property is only about 2k per month now.   That is A LOT of money to sink into a venture like this.  Personally I don't see how you possibly could come out ahead on a deal like this but egal, the question is one you should answer for yourself.    Have you done the math and where would it leave you?    
  7. Boss fired me and now wants me back

    maybe you can convince this employer that since they fired you before, you can't accept the position a second time unless they will offer a new contract with NO probezeit.   that will give you a bit of extra protection.     I hope you find a GOOD job soon, but yes, sometimes we must accept less than ideal circumstances to keep food on the table and a roof overhead   good luck!
  8. Legal insurance advice/recommendations?

      My rechtschutzversicherung policy offered a smorgasbord of "addons" - I took arbeitsrecht and I think it cost an extra 12 euros per year.  totally worth it IMO  
  9. What are you cooking today?

      I sometimes freeze the carcass if I don't have time to cook it down right away.  There is simply NOTHING better for making chicken stock     in a pinch I will buy some backs and wings...hoho!  and I also found a local asian market that sells feet!  But anyway, I always roast them first, as my stock is never as tasty if I use the parts "fresh" 
  10. What are you cooking today?

    I'm not sure yet but I think I'm going to somehow make pulled pork taste good as a maki/sushi roll.   the only thing I'm torn about: should I use bbq or tonkatsu sauce?   I will probably try it both ways, as how else can I possibly know for future reference?...sigh.  No wonder I'm chubby  
  11. German Driving School. How can I relax??

        my policy only covers me - I had no intention of letting him practice with my car   and yeah, he was 17 at the time, but she said he was practicing to GET his license.   whatever - I have no first hand info on it, just sharing what I've experienced vicariously.  the OP will work it out
  12. German Driving School. How can I relax??

    OP should definitely check, but I think it *is* possible, as my neighbor was trying to hit me up to let her son practice with my car.     she is very very "proper" so I doubt she was trying to pull a fast one
  13. German Driving School. How can I relax??

    just make sure you practice somewhere more quiet at first...less traffic.  the point is to find a feeling of relaxation instead of stress   there may even be some kind of behavioral therapy that you could practice to "lock in" any relaxed feelings you experience when you are idea but the mind if highly suggestible, you just need to find a way to flip the switch the other way  
  14. How to become a "shithole country"

      christ I had endless questions about that last time I visited Italy   but no, nothing like what you describe of brazil.  
  15. German Driving School. How can I relax??

    gosh that's tough   I think the best thing you can do is drive as much as possible.  Are you on something like a learner's permit, where you can go out and practice without the instructor (perhaps with a friend or whoever)?  If so, I think if you drive enough without the kind of pressure you experience with the instructor, you'll have some chance to retrain your reaction.   then you will have a positive experience and more confidence that you can hopefully carry with you when you see the instructor or take your exam.     barring that....maybe some valium? (I'm truly kidding - really)