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  1. U.S. and EU toilet paper

    apparently the people who complained about US toilet paper never tried cottonelle or charmin.  I swear that stuff might be washable.   I voted that I "bunch" it as I don't fold it, but it's not that simple...something like this:        
  2. Crazy Electric Company

    OUCH   I have a hard time believing they didn't contact you by mail prior to any of this, though.  Really?
  3. that's adorable and if I were a landlord, I'd be impressed   but please don't cross post.  And especially please don't post in unrelated threads (this one is for OFFERING accommodation)
  4. Tenancy lawyer in Munich

    I also suggest joining the mieterverein. The three month waiting period is only for court cases, not for obtaining advice, nor for having a letter written on your behalf.   If you have legal insurance that covers landlord/tenant issues, different story perhaps, but it will be more expensive and it's very doubtful this would require more than a letter and/or mahnbescheid to solve.   if your rent was all inclusive, the nebenkosten loophole should be closed, and having to wait for the bill from this year should really not be a factor. However if he has some claim of damage against you, he would be within his rights to hold the kaution for a time.  But unless something extraordinary has happened, those complaints should also appear in the handover protocol from when you moved out.   do you actually have both handover protocols (move in and out) that show existing damage on move in, and show the landlord accepted the condition of the flat when you gave it back?    
  5. What made you laugh today?

    sort of wishing we had a "what made you say 'ewww' today" thread, but this one will have to doüfttaschen-Gindoly-Bauchtasche-BauchTaille-Verstellbare/dp/B075XKDQ8L        
  6. Transport in neunburg vorm wald

      does your apartment have a washing machine included?  Or at least a connection for one?    I can't advise you on what kind of bike to get - this really depends on your feelings about comfort vs. performance, surfaces you'll be riding on, and more.  The most important thing is that the bike FITS you.  You can find a lot of information online about bike ergonomics and especially if you want to ride this distance daily, you should take heed.  I normally ride a max of 10 km around Munich in any stretch, and I was feeling a wreck after a couple of weeks on an ill fitting bike (it wasn't even grossly ill-fitting.  small tweaks were all it took but damn it was important)     If you only need to cover the (2 weeks?)  when the bus isn't running, why not just rent a car during that time?  Honestly, in a rural area like that I'd guess you'll be happier with a car in the long term, as it will give you more freedom to explore and deal with life.   Check easytodraw's link for general bike law info.  You don't need a helmet, but you might want one.
  7. Transport in neunburg vorm wald

    it's legal to bike on most roads (obviously not on multi-lane roads, though)   you can plot major routes using google maps if you pick the "bike" mode of transport, and using the satellite view you can also spot some smaller roads/trails that could offer some really lovely rides.   can you ask your boss or a coworker for local advice?            
  8. Beware of the ticks (Zecken)

    deet is evil stuff.  I can't smell or taste anything for days after using it as it affects the person wearing it the same way it does the bugs - it massively disrupts olfactory receptors.  Took me some time to discover that factoid, and I swore off it since.   skin-so-soft does work pretty well, and citronella oil (diluted in lotion) can also be effective if you're not an extra tasty morsel, by bug standards of course.
  9. Problems with owner and long vacation

    oh yeah:  very important point I mentioned in my lost reply: often when Germans "yell" or get "upset" it's basically a sign of defeat.  The more confident they are they're in the right and can back it up, *normally* the more calm and collected they are.  All too often, yelling is a sort of "tell" that indicates the person already knows they are defeated - it's like, if they have to resort to losing their cool, it's a last ditch effort to overpower their opponent as they have nothing to support their side and they know it...but everyone knows this trick!  So get upset = you lose (or at least it is often interpreted that way by your opponent) and in the same way, you can bluff your way into a "win" by staying calm.    This is not unique to Germans by far, but I have to say, here it seems to be elevated to an art form, or endurance sport or so ;)   anyway, this is why I suggest you should sound VERY calm and collected when you write your letter.   The "yelling" in the letter about how seriously you should take the extra charges for having guests, etc, is a pretty good example of what I'm talking about - it's just nonsense and from the yelling I'd guess they know it's nonsense, too.  don't stoop to this yourself as it is very likely to be taken as a sign of a *weak* position, not a strong one.  And you don't need the bad vibes in yourself.  If you want to write a scathing letter, go for it, but put it away, cool off, then go for something more tactical and levelheaded.
  10. Problems with owner and long vacation

    wow.  I just typed up a very detailed response and it appears it was just tossed off into the ether.  joy.   anyway the short version is if you insist on forging ahead without pro help, I think you need to tone that way down.  Cool and collected is the tone you want to convey, do not get into the "you did this or that" stuff.  Just make her an offer, and state your conditions VERY CLEARLY.  It helps if you can make it sound like you really don't care whether she agrees or not.     Also, make sure your rechtschutz covers landlord/tenant stuff.  Many do not, without add-on cover.  if you do have this cover why not use your insurance in this case?   I don't understand why you would write a letter like this just before you leave for an extended time, as I don't think you will have any luck finding a place when you're far away, and you're busy getting to know your little one, no less.   finally, if you have hard witnesses or evidence of her throwing racial slurs or insults at you or your wife, you could take it to the police to see if you can file a claim of Beleidigung.  You could talk to them anyway to get their advice and find out what kind of evidence you'd need to file a report that might stick?
  11. This may sound off topic but I wonder if it's relevant:   what happened with the kid who injured you?    Which insurance covered your injuries?   the reason I ask is that insurers have a funny way of trying to recoup their losses by finding someone else at fault (even partially).    of course the Hausverwaltung rejects all responsibility - this is Germany          
  12. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    ok this is an interesting twist.   the idea that it's unfair for "people" who own two homes to have to pay I recall, the fee is not about "people" (which is why single people pay as much as a family of 5, or a WG of 10) - it's about units of physical space which are capable of receiving the rundfuck's "services".    also, the fee is based on one's theoretical ability to use the "services" on the grounds that the broadcast is available, and that's essentially what you're paying for.   ergo it should not matter if a person with a second home cannot watch TV in both places at the same time, as the current law does not at all consider actual use of said services.  Don't have a TV, you can't watch their channels, but you pay as if you could.  If you're away from home on extended vacation or work assignment you can't use their "services" at home, but you still have to pay as if you could.   If they pass this one for those with second homes, I can see a sliver of a wedge that might open things up for future cases as it blows the argument that the fee merely covers potential for use, as opposed to actual use or or even usability. 
  13. How useful is a Robot vacuum cleaner?

    omg that's not what i meant..GAHHHHHahahahahahahaha!   mine just stopped working - no hazardous waste involved 
  14. I can only suggest joining the haus und grund verein to get some legal advice and support, or having a consult with a lawyer to find out what your rights are.  It does not sound like this  situation is on the up and up by any stretch.   I really sympathize, though - I also have an EG flat, right next to our hof playground, and for a long time the lock on our hinterhof gate was constantly broken so neighborhood kids would come to play and party at all hours.  Once our Hausmeister, of all people (he's not very helpful usually), confronted some teenagers in the playground who were not residents and yeah, they tried to intimidate him and gave him a lot of attitude.    thankfully our Beirat is actually pretty responsive, and there were also enough complaints from residents at large about lack of security that they finally fixed the lock for real.  Still, it took almost a year to have a full, lasting fix.    Moving into a little shack in the middle of the woods or fields sounds better to me every day
  15. How useful is a Robot vacuum cleaner?

    I had an irobot more than 10 years ago, and it was actually worth having to keep the floors reasonable clean between real vacuuming sessions.   I had two cats, one with very long fur, and it worked very well cleaning up after them.  I also had mostly hardwood floors, with wool area rugs (low pile) here and there, and it worked equally well on both.  On tile it was pretty good, too, even with wider/deeper grout   I suspect they would work on long hair as you describe, but a potential problem is that the hair will get wound around the rotating brushes, and it might be more of a pain to clean this out than it's worth?   unfortunately, at the time at least, the model I had crapped out after a year of use, and the warranty replacement died in a similar timespan.  I would sincerely hope they've improved that by now, but not sure.