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  1. Problems with working contract

    what are the terms of your kündigungsfrist?  What is your notice period and have they somehow barred you from having a two week cancellation period for the first 6 months?  As far as I know it can't be more than 4 weeks to the 15th or end of the month at the start as you have not yet completed the wartungszeit, but maybe someone else can comment on the longest possible kündigungsfrist on the employee side in the first 6 months of employment if 4 weeks isn't right.    Does the contract explicitly bar you from submitting your resignation before your contract starts? The most common way of doing it is to simply give your two week's notice that you are quitting before you even start.  In the worst case they MIGHT be able to demand you show up for however many days to finish out the notice period, but some contracts have clauses against quitting before commencing work.  But even if there is such a clause, you could tell them now that you will be cancelling your contract at the first opportunity and be prepared for the worst case scenario wherein you have to go work for them for a month (usually only 2 weeks) then leave - and/or follow Leon's advice to get sick in the meantime.  In reality most employers will just drop it as putting you on the books will not be worth the effort if they already know you're not going to stay, not to mention the risk to their reputation of supplying a worker to the client who quickly disappears.    Your location seems to be all over the map - Freiburg?  out of the country?  eastern Germany?  This is not helpful.  If you are not yet a German resident I'm not sure how or if they can file a claim against you for the "fine" - for that you should speak with a lawyer who can review your contract and give you advice with all the details in view.  
  2. What are you cooking today?

      I have been sick too and was CRAVING dal.  It didn't cure my ills but still comforting.
  3. Buying out the other 50% owner of an Apartment

    my guess is that since mortgages have a fixed term in Germany, you're likely looking at having to refinance - ie cancel the original loan and get a new one in your name only.  Prepayment penalty would probably apply.  You need to talk to your lender about this.    I think you will also have to pay the usual fees to the registrar/city/whatever that would normally be associated with a sale/transfer of property in addition to the notar fees.       The question about whether you can continue the private loan with your former partner's parents is up to them.  Do you have a written contract for that loan?  Does it say anywhere that if you split you need to pay the outstanding debt in full asap?  Beyond that, it's a private transaction so needs to be discussed with them first and foremost.
  4. What are you cooking today?

      I often do, but not this time.  It's better with, but I added some mustard and currant jam for balance.  Worked nicely to add some acidity.
  5. Problem with Nebenkosten after moving out

    he should. that is the whole basis (normally) for holding back any part of the kaution after a clean handover protokol.   eta: do you have a clean handover protokol?
  6. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    I concur.  NLP is a tricky subject as it truly is a method of reprogramming your response to events, old or new.  problem is, it is also a very effective technique for manipulating other people for personal gain, and it has been abused in this sense.  In the hands of the right practitioner, it can be very effective.  
  7. What are you cooking today?

    wildschweingulasch.  Almost done.  Hungry.
  8.   awww - thanks, Brad.  I sincerely mean it.  I prefer it to being falsely framed in a quote to suggest I eat my own boogers   (ok that sounds snarky but it's genuinely not.  I just about died laughing over that one, but once is enough - I look forward to your future sparks of creativity)   And let me formally announce that in future, my response to "just saying" is going to be "ok boomer".  Though krieg's point fairly's a worn out passive aggressive phrase of nonsense that we could all live without.  For some reason I associate it with "boomers".  sue me.    
  9. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

      oh for goodness sake.  just sayin'   I guess we should all just take some herbs or something.
  10. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    How do you know who you can trust if you know nothing about the topic?   I "trust" my doc but he has given be very bad advice which did not at all check out against personal research on a number of occasions.  You need a hysterectomy! No worries!  No side effects!  Complete bullshit!    Other times his proposals are solid and do check out.  What to do?  He was never condescending and didn't try to ban me from his practice for choosing a different solution, but the fact vs actual knowledge is not totally interchangeable.   Sometimes a second or third opinion is all it takes, but I don't know how you can cross-reference advice if you, personally, know nothing about it unless you're just holding out for the answer you want to hear :/
  11. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    I don't know about the specific techniques used for lipids, but it's not a null consideration.  For example, progesterone levels are often tested using an assay (RIA) that unfortunately also picks up metabolites of progesterone, which leads to extremely misleading values when one takes exogenous progesterone orally.  The first pass through the liver results in loads of these metabolites and very little actual progesterone in the blood so the overall measure appears much higher than it actually is.  On the other hand, there are techniques (in this case LC-MS) which are far better at filtering out the metabolites and which offer a more accurate value.  If a doc doesn't know which method is used for the test, it can be very misleading indeed.  In theory the reference ranges offered by a lab should help, but afaik that's not bulletproof unless the lab KNOWS the test is for someone taking progesterone orally and has adjusted the ranges to account for expected increased metabolites accordingly.   Maybe Beth Ann can weigh in on whether the reason the changing advice about timing of the blood draw relative to food intake is related to new information about old tests (that would be strange as normally guidelines are developed based on empirical evidence), or the implementation of new tests that eliminate this dependency.  Otherwise we know nothing, really.
  12. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    I think the "standards" depend very much on the techniques used to run the tests.  I have been told to fast before lipid tests every time I've had them, both here and in the US.   that's not to say medical professionals always know what they are talking about, but since that seems to be a litmus test here, that's what I've been told and have always followed it.  
  13. I am not going to comment on the likelihood of whether you might lose your job or not, as while what Brad and Krieg have said is definitely true and both have offered very sound advice, no one can predict if or when they might lose their job and you should develop strategies to prepare for the worst even when the worst is not in sight.   I am not advising that you become inured to such poor treatment, or even accept it out of hand if you might have a case to fight to keep a job with your current employer, because under German law you do have very good protections as an employee.  But the thing I think everyone should strive to learn is that your employer should not be holding your "life" in their hands such that these kind of events or vague fear of losing your job can drastically disturb your personal peace.   First step is to always have savings of at least 3 months worth of net salary saved for emergencies.  The more the better.  I personally always make sure I have at least one year's worth of core living expenses saved for a rainy day as you never know when it will rain.  The point is that with unemployment benefits on top and a good set of skills, you should rarely need this much in reserve, but it gives you peace of mind and a sense of empowerment to have it.  The other thing to consider is that even if you don't lose your employer, you may still lose your current job as when your department dissolves you may be transferred to a new role which you may not enjoy at all.  It may sound strange but this can be worse than being fired as you will waffle and procrastinate and whatever...stagnating in a role you don't enjoy and which merely brings you a paycheck.  This is "functional" but not healthy in many cases, which can be very hard to suss out.   The key to dealing with a lot of this, aside from making sound financial choices, is to remember that people change jobs ALL THE DAMNED TIME whether by choice or force.  Munich offers the most variety of job opportunities of anywhere else in the country, as far as I am aware, and this should be encouraging.  You can reality check your situation by browsing and even applying for other jobs in your field, now, before you experience a crisis, to gauge the marketability of your skills and maybe even to find a new job and start a new chapter in your career.  Talk to some recruiters.  Whatever.  If your fear that your skills are too narrow seems accurate, you need to expand your skills, full stop.  Your attitude that "it may sound easy but..." is not helping you, it's just reinforcing your fears, so realty test this fear then take action as necessary.     Yeah I know that all sounds easy to say but as a former american worker with zero protections who got laid off all the damned time through no fault of my own, bosses delivering the news with tears in their eyes and endless apologies along the lines of "you don't deserve this!" - sometimes it happens anyway and it's just life.  It is far more productive to be prepared than to live in fear.  Your very best defense is to develop a safety net and a game plan to deal with employment adversity whether it is your choice (because you don't like your job) or their choice (that they can't or won't find a replacement role for you).      
  14. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

      no I'm not.  are you actually expecting to get professional medical advice on Toytown?  If you want profi advice, see a doc.  Really.   Everything I have read and been told by doctors is that a lipids test must be done in fasting state.  But I'm not a doctor so...wishing you luck finding the answers you seek.   eta: your glucose value, which is also a marker for metabolic syndrome and is a "simple" blood sugar test was apparently elevated as well.  However glucose tests should also be performed on an empty stomach unless it's an intensive test where they gauge your blood sugar levels in response to food/sugar stimulus.    
  15. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    The triglyceride value is the most off putting imo. Did do the test in a fasting state and did they also check your blood sugar?    Triglycerides are a marker for metabolic syndrome so it might be worth further investigation