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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      are you really, though?   I've read and heard first hand so many times the whole sentiment about "brits" vs "the continent" (in social as well as political terms).  I think if more brits felt as you do, brexit would have never occurred to anyone as a sensible solution, let alone would it have passed a popular vote.
  2. English speaking dentists that use Nitrous Oxide

      omg it really sucks to be you - genuine sympathy.  I am the opposite:  high pain threshold and you can knock me out with a single benadryl.   when I was 14 I had my wisdom teeth out.  They were fully impacted (ie totally encased in bone) and my oral surgeon gave me something called "placidil" to take prior to surgery   I can attest, it's completely possible to be fully awake yet totally nonplussed as someone saws through the bones in your face to extract some of your teeth.  I dare say it was even "fun".   eta: of course he also injected me with so much novocaine I couldn't feel most of my head for hours afterwards.   I've gone under several times for other surgeries, but I still think general anesthesia is overrated - you don't remember anything   
  3. "Heißluftfritteuse"

    it's healthier but you should read reviews of these machines.  They are far from new and there's plenty of info about pros and cons out there if you search for "air fryer"   it's faux frying.  ie not frying.  depending on what exactly you find satisfying about fried food, it will either thrill you or leave you flat.    Personally,  I like the fatty aspect of fried food, meaning, the fat is why I want to eat it occasionally.  I also enjoy oven baked "fries" very much, but it's not the same thing.   I'd guess an air fryer is to fried food what a foreman grill is to bbq :)    
  4. I have no idea what your contract says.  talk to the mieterverein.
  5.   indeed.  I dare say though, that had the non-followers not been so...I dunno, unenthusiastic?  apathetic?  stupid?  trump nor hitler would be where they were after election time.     didn't hitler get in through the backdoor as he was appointed as opposed to directly elected, by hindenburg who barely squeaked through the election? Didn't trump win based more on the shitty details of the electoral college system in the US, coupled with so many people thinking he couldn't possibly win and/or they didn't want to hold their noses (as they put it) for Hillary so they stood down?  I also remember when Mario Cuomo (a really excellent dude) lost to a complete asshat, George Pataki, for the simple reason that everyone assumed Cuomo would win again, and didn't bother to vote at all.  And there's the sad story of just enough people voting for Ralph Nader instead of Al Gore, whence we got Shrub.  Etc etc.   I guess my point is it's not just the followers who are a problem.  it could have been stopped.    
  6. didn't you pay 3 months kaution?  If so they would not need to take you to court to keep a chunk of that.  You'd have to take them to court to get it back.   look:  your cancellation period is a standard three months.  You agreed to this when you signed the contract.  Thinking you can just skate out of that for free is optimistic at best.    I agree with fruity, join the mieterverein.  In theory you could find a suitable nachmieter in which case the landlord would have no reason to charge you, but who the hell knows what your contract says.  The basic fact remains that your notice period is three months, not one month.  Wrap your head around that.
  7.   nice - I like this side of you    
  8. Random pointless comments

    I'm done with you, youtube, and your shitty content and your shitty ads that leap in not only at the start but also at inopportune moments in the middle of a video.     buh-bye
  9. About the employment situation in the city

      anything is possible.  I think it's more likely a software bubble if it's a bubble at all.        
  10. About the employment situation in the city

    Well then I must be a very special person. Many interviews in a variety of locations, and three jobs here in Munich, never asked to do that.    The arbeitsamt also didn't say a word in that direction when I had to visit them for a mandatory CV check. They had plenty of other things to say but not that.   Maybe some employers require that but clearly not all. Or as I said, maybe I am just very special.
  11. German right of way laws

     sure   it's not like everyone did it, but it was not at all uncommon.  More frequent later at night for sure, but not limited to that by any stretch
  12. German right of way laws

    In parts of Brooklyn (when I lived there) and Boston (before I lived there) it was customary to drive right through a red light or stop sign, blaring your horn of course, for safety.
  13. About the employment situation in the city

      I have never had to do any such thing in Germany.  Ever.