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  1. The "DOWN" side of Corona

    see, I don't wash my hands excessively unless I've left the apartment or handled incoming goods/packages/food delivery.  Yes I live dangerously   but @HH_SailorI can honestly and enthusiastically recommend a product called Glysolid hautbalsam - it comes in a short, red pot about 10 cm around.  It's primarily glycerin and it is the only thing that works on my hands when I have bouts of eczema.  If you use it sparingly it's non-greasy, too.  I always find it at DM but I'd guess it's generally around.  costs less than 2 euros/pot last time I stocked up.
  2. Landlord claims for rent after I moved out

    I second what the good general already said:  no the mieterverein will not represent you in court for this case as you were not already a member, but they should be able to evaluate the situation, advise you, and write letters to the landlord in any case.   you should join anyway just because you may face a similar situation in the future.   it's so freaking easy and cheap, yet it's endlessly useful.  
  3. "sorry, this content is not available in your region"    
  4.     somehow the idea of going out even though you know it's forbidden, then rolling around on the ground - why?  so the cops can beat you on all sides? makes me laugh but not in an entirely good way.    then again maybe they enjoy a good beating...stranger things have happened.  
  5. hit by a car, injury or death through fights with wild animals, dogs, or horrible people, people who take in an animal they assume is a stray, and getting trapped somewhere are the reasons I've known of first or second hand.   I hope you find him happy and healthy.
  6. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

      ah yes, at least they won't die from corona.  Mission accomplished?  WTF?
  7. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      furnished apartment doesn't give the landlord the freedom to evict at will.   this is a misconception along with the idea that there is no effective rent control on furnished apartments.   term lease has a set end point.  That's not eviction and furthermore needs to have a valid reason for it to be wirksam.  If that valid reason isn't given, the contract is automatically unbefristet.   eigenbedarf is the only way.  and it has to be valid.
  8. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

      but they are closed.  all closed
  9. Cancellation of a loan (mortgage)

      yeah but now the bank is not going to let them pay off the loan under the original time period as there is effectively no collateral for the loan - in this sense the OP "failed" to hold up their end of the contract by backing out of the purchase at the last minute (I don't even know how you do that after the notar's session is closed but apparently you can?)  You can't hold a loan for property you didn't actually buy.   I'm guessing OP is fairly screwed but agree they should speak to a real lawyer asap.      
  10. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

      OP says they are ALL closed.  everything closed except the one with the terrible receptionist.
  11. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      such as?
  12. you can't be fired for no reason but you can be laid off.
  13. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

    this is outstanding - coronavirus rhapsody - like, really, the whole song    
  14.   I'm not telling...what happens in the office, stays in the office  
  15. What made you laugh today?

    ok this was yesterday but it's stuck with me...   I'm ordering some chocolate from zotter as...why the hell not?  They have so many interesting concoctions and so far everything I've tried from them is absolutely delicious.     but browsing around their site I ran across this:   Exhumiert vom Ideenfriedhof, nur 2013 Tafeln. Rosa Kokos und Fischgummi (2009 -2012) Abgefahren: Forelle taucht veredelt im Spezialverfahren als Fischmarshmallow unter eine Kokos-Schokoladenschicht. Darüber ergießt sich eine Himbeer-Kokoskuvertüre, die zart rosa leuchtet.   for those with lesser German skills:  that's trout marshmallow topped with coconut chocolate, all dipped in pink raspberry coconut couverture   In a fit of burning curiosity, I did summon the courage to order their cheese, walnut and raisin creation.  You only live once