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  1. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    Jesus fucking christ   I was beyond bored with the bullshit on this site and come back for a visit and this?  THIS?     A  15 year old who weighs far in excess of 400 pounds is not "chubby", and unless they have a job they didn't get to that weight under their own buying power.   It is SHOCKING to me that anyone would say that 400+ pounds at 15 is "normal" or "different" or whatever it is, it's "ok".  Just shocking.  That girl will likely not see her 30th birthday (definitely not her 40th) if she doesn't make drastic changes (or get medical attention for whatever uncontrollable disorder she MIGHT have)  and some are claiming the argument about health with respect to obesity is bullshit?!  Are you out of your fucking minds?!?!?!?!?!   I have two personal angles for this.     First, I got very chubby when I entered puberty and it NEVER left.  I know exactly what it's like to have adults bitching at me for being "fat" when in reality it was a combination of puberty and my budding natural body type in action.  I had huge boobs for a 10 year old and yet that just boiled down to "fat" according to popular opinion - ummm, nope, it was boobs.  real boobs.  And the hips and ass to go with it.  Those NEVER left me.  I've had so many people tell me I'm fat it's stupid.  Friends, relatives, strangers on the street, and everything in between.  And note I've never weighed more than 150 pounds (though yeah, I'm only 5'1").  We are not all Kate Moss.  I could not look that anorexic if I tried and frankly I don't want to.  And I never would, but even in my teens/early 20s when I was eating a single bagel or slice of pizza or stalk of brussel sprouts with a chicken breast a day (not to be thin but because I was poor and one meal a day was all I got) and nothing more, I was never, ever "skinny", let alone marginally thin.  Even when I worked out for 2+ hours per day people still told me "oh if you only lost 10 pounds you'd look good".  I get it.  The "thin" obsessed culture is pure bullshit and quite traumatic for many, myself included as some of us just aren't and never will be "thin".  So I totally understand the "hey we all have different body types" thing - we DO.  And that needs to be ok.  but within REASON.    Which brings me to my nephew.  This child has outweighed me since he was SIX YEARS OLD (note the aforementioned "I'm not thin" thing).  He has no underlying conditions, as his doctors have tested him for everything under the sun as it is NOT REASONABLE for a child so young to be so large.  I know from inside observation that the likely culprit is that his parents just cave to his preferences for junk food and plenty of it.  Ie as much as he wants to eat.  And it's a lot.  That boy was eating whole (roughly 30 cm) fully loaded pizzas all by himself when he was 5.  He's now 11 and weighs about 275 pounds.  He didn't buy the food that led to this, his parents did.  Are you fucking going to tell me this is "ok"?  And maybe just "stress"? or "mental problems" or what?  If he has an emotional disorder that leads him to overeat to this degree, he should get treatment for that.  FFS are you kidding me that it's "ok" for a child to be that overweight?  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!   those who do think it's ok need to get their heads examined.  I tend to agree that it is in the direction of child abuse if you have a child who is MORBIDLY obese - not chubby, not different, but MORBIDLY obese.  At the very least it's serious child neglect for not getting them help for whatever the underlying cause is.  Get fucking real.  That 15 year old is MORBIDLY obese and it is NOT ok!   And with that I bid you all a final adieu.  Have fun with your flame wars and bullshit.  Note this is not a flounce, it's an intelligent and thoughtful decision.  Y'all are out of your minds and I am over. it.  Fully.   buh bye.    
  2. Repeat prescriptions

    I recently had to get a prescription refilled (for three months, no idea about this alleged 1 year supply) and I didn't want to go to the office either.   I found this on TK's website about sending an Ersatzbescheinigung in lieu of presenting your card and that worked fine for my doc.  I imagine other insurers offer something like this too, in these times, so check it out:   eta: in case it's not clear, the praxis mailed the prescription.  
  3. My Stupidness in Germany

      that bums me out.  Can you seriously not do it sober?   I am not offended by your stories - the style is unique as well.  But damn...I got over Bukowski decades ago.  The romance with drunk creatives is short lived.  Try it sober.
  4. Coronavirus

      for broken bones, treatment is actually pretty good.  I honestly don't know anyone who ever had problems with that.   left in the hospital for 5 days is practically unheard of.  I landed such a stay after being hit by a car and almost having my leg ripped off - thankfully my uncle was resident at the hospital which helped keep me in house and got me treatment with the best surgeon.  I was admitted to my uncle's hospital after being sent home from an ER the night before as even with a big gaping bloody wound, I was not going to die and it would be "better" if I got treated in my own county. So the ER instructions were "keep it moist - use this saline - and go find a doctor in the morning to treat you.  good luck."  My good luck was knowing my uncle.   The ones I outlined, I was only involved in the ones in Boston, none of which were severe, and even then, I was very much aware and thankful that I had "good coverage".  My docs in Boston were actually quite good - I lucked out - but seeing them was a challenge to say the least.  The rest were relatives in different states, also with "good coverage".
  5. Coronavirus

      where were you?   10 years ago in Boston it took 5 months for an appointment with an orthopedist and 3 months to see my Hausarzt.  If I was sick I was supposed to go to an urgent care clinic and wait for hours.  Planned surgery?  You are kicked out within hours of waking up from GA.  In Pennsylvania, appendix about to burst?  They give you a bucket to puke into in the waiting room, then once admitted (5 hours later) you are left in a hallway on a gurney until an OR opens...the next day.  Also in Pennsylvania, you have all the symptoms of lyme disease and meet every criteria of "high risk exposure".  But your doc refuses to test you.  For two years.  Finally you can get in with another GP (as none are taking new patients) and lo, you have had lyme disease all that time.  And now you have permanent joint damage among other things.  In NY cancer screen delayed for weeks because the machine was "down" and they didn't want to refer to a different facility with a working machine (as they wanted to keep the profit in house) -> untreatable advancement of disease.   All of that with full and very good health insurance.   All of that and more...Like I said, don't get me started.
  6. Coronavirus

    just regarding US healthcare...even if you have decent cover and can afford the deductibles, there are insane issues with "in network" vs "out of network" treatment.  Even in the best of times you can end up with insane bills because someone treating you at a hospital was "out of network" in which case you get charged peak prices.  That person can be an ER doc, an anesthesiologist, some kind of specialist, you just never know.  And no they don't tell you prior to treatment.  It's financial roulette to go anywhere near a US hospital.   and for anyone who thinks the actual "care" is so great - fuck. no.  It is not.  Regardless of your insurance status (though of course if you're uninsured it's much worse) Don't get me started.
  7. Coronavirus

      oh! or a plain old troll?
  8. Coronavirus

      well, sort of.  When you lose your job you can continue your coverage for some period of time under COBRA.  But you have to have the cash to pay the full premiums of course. Last time I had to do that the cost to me was about $700 per month.  BUT it was during the 2008 crisis and Obama's admin subsidized that cost - I don't remember how much I ended up paying out of pocket but it was a couple hundred at least.   No idea if they are subsidizing COBRA as part of the 2 trillion "relief" funds.   if you've been out of work long enough to fall into poverty you would qualify for "public" cover under medicaid.  Depends on the state though.    
  9. see, I don't wash my hands excessively unless I've left the apartment or handled incoming goods/packages/food delivery.  Yes I live dangerously   but @HH_SailorI can honestly and enthusiastically recommend a product called Glysolid hautbalsam - it comes in a short, red pot about 10 cm around.  It's primarily glycerin and it is the only thing that works on my hands when I have bouts of eczema.  If you use it sparingly it's non-greasy, too.  I always find it at DM but I'd guess it's generally around.  costs less than 2 euros/pot last time I stocked up.
  10. Landlord claims for rent after I moved out

    I second what the good general already said:  no the mieterverein will not represent you in court for this case as you were not already a member, but they should be able to evaluate the situation, advise you, and write letters to the landlord in any case.   you should join anyway just because you may face a similar situation in the future.   it's so freaking easy and cheap, yet it's endlessly useful.  
  11. "sorry, this content is not available in your region"    
  12.     somehow the idea of going out even though you know it's forbidden, then rolling around on the ground - why?  so the cops can beat you on all sides? makes me laugh but not in an entirely good way.    then again maybe they enjoy a good beating...stranger things have happened.  
  13. hit by a car, injury or death through fights with wild animals, dogs, or horrible people, people who take in an animal they assume is a stray, and getting trapped somewhere are the reasons I've known of first or second hand.   I hope you find him happy and healthy.
  14. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

      ah yes, at least they won't die from corona.  Mission accomplished?  WTF?
  15. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      furnished apartment doesn't give the landlord the freedom to evict at will.   this is a misconception along with the idea that there is no effective rent control on furnished apartments.   term lease has a set end point.  That's not eviction and furthermore needs to have a valid reason for it to be wirksam.  If that valid reason isn't given, the contract is automatically unbefristet.   eigenbedarf is the only way.  and it has to be valid.