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  1.   I don't notice normal cars doing this much - at least not so extravagantly that they overflow their own lane and risk hitting someone else.    I can't say I've ever driven the altstadt ring though - maybe it's special.        
  2. haftpflicht haftpflicht haftpflichtversicherung   it's too late for you in this case but this is precisely why everyone should have it.   if you have supporting photos (this is gold!) you can reply to the letter, include copies of the photos, and tell them you will not pay for the additional damages (x, y and z) that were clearly not part of said accident. Specify the costs you think you are responsible for and tell them you will pay that.   I'm not sure if you should pay the portion you think you are responsible for or hold out until you get agreement from them that you only pay for what you broke.  maybe someone else has an idea from that angle.   eta: they sent you a bill, not a mahnung, correct?  
  3.   you are kidding, right?   it's their freaking job to learn how to manage a "big vehicle" without leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.  Poor driver, my ass    
  4. GLS - too much to expect

      I strongly encourage you to write to them again and tell them very explicitly that you did *not* receive your package, you are getting nowhere with the delivery company, and ask them to pick up the investigation (or refund your purchase)   I had to do this once (I can't remember if the carrier was DPD or GLS) and the seller had it straightened out in no time.  I think the key is the seller is the paying customer, from the viewpoint of the delivery service.  Maybe it's more complicated than that but I kinda doubt it  
  5. If the bus's insurer has told you to get an estimate for repairs, AND you can actually drive your car to the garage without any risk, then I think you should do that.  It sounds like you very well could be facing more than 4k in repairs so in parallel you could find a Gutachter and hear what they have to say too.  My take is you should find one yourself, to ensure there is ZERO conflict of interest.   I'm not sure what else anyone can advise.  Alternately you can go to a lawyer who will advise you further.    I really don't understand how the police could not arrive at any determination about fault, but unfortunately, there you are.  If anyone asks if it was your fault, just say no, absolutely not.  If someone determines later that you had some fault, whatever.  It's not a crime to be wrong about something like that.   This advice to try to outrun larger vehicles and/or to start turning before you're even in the intersection are not good.  You have a responsibility to drive like a reasonable person, at the very least and especially when turning so as not to put bikes and peds who may be crossing at risk.  Being overly reactive about buses/trucks alongside is a recipe wherein YOU may become the perp - don't do this. Do what you did, which was drive like a reasonable person.  
  6. GLS - too much to expect

      holy hell!  that might 'splain it :)
  7. Complete FAIL  
  8. but even if they were both turn lanes (nothing to indicate that from the photos but just...if)  doesn't the bus still have the primary responsibility to avoid plowing into cars in adjacent lanes?   nevermind this car was gashed before it even got into the intersection.   I had a double lane right turn on my way home when I was driving to work for a few years, and invariably if there was a bus or truck making the turn, they'd usually straddle both lanes to prevent cars from coming up on either side, or if they started in a single lane, they would take it really slow until the cars along side were safely away (of course those already roughly behind would stay back).     Anyway I just don't see how this particular accident is anyone's fault but the bus driver's
  9. Complete FAIL

      but they can open a beer with ANYTHING on hand - even a piece of paper   priorities, John, priorities   eta:  I remember one of my Russian colleagues messing around pretending he was going to open his beer using his eyelid...for a split second I believed he could do it!  He was a badass...he had non-ironic sideburns and carried an Elvis-like aura  
  10. GLS - too much to expect

    that's interesting that you say that - jogged my memory - most packages I get from the UK are delivered via GLS now.  they used to come by DHL but that changed maybe a year ago?    also most packages from elsewhere in the EU used to come via Hermes or DHL, but now those seem to come with DPD more often than not.   grrrr.  I half wonder if there is some conspiracy to encourage people to buy German or risk these crap delivery services  
  11. damn you give Trump too much credit!      eta:  joking aside, I kinda have to wonder if that could become a defense at some point?  "Yes he did all these unsavory things, but come on - look at this guy.  Do you think he is capable of executing, let alone planning, anything at all?  let alone something like this?"     
  12. GLS - too much to expect

      ohhhhhhh   never.  In fact one of my biggest frustrations with them is that like most delivery services they allow you to change your delivery preferences (eg leave it with a neighbor, leave it in a designated location, etc) yet they never follow the instructions. NEVER.    I never called them - as I recall they have a policy that if a package has not been "missing" for more than 5 days you can piss off in the meantime - but using their contact form I never received a reply.  I no longer shop with places that use GLS (or DPD) as they really are that bad.   Suggestion:  ask around.  one time I put a note on our entry door and one in the elevator asking if anyone had received a package for me - it turned up   good luck!
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    HA!  my god what a freaking mess.    it doesn't look like it could get any worse - maybe they should just invite Trump to come "handle" it
  14. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    from the very first post OP says she doesn't want to use hormonal contraception   @MattR - that is a great link - I'm shocked that one report for a doc in Germany says it costs about 600 euros:   "Dr. Robert Kampmann im St. Josef Hospital in Troisdorf, Germany. Klinikum Worms, 67550 Worms, Frauenklinik (Prof. Hitschold): Sterilization for women available through their "ambulantes Op-Zentrum", age/number of children irrelevant, not covered by German insurance (around 600€), call the secretary of Prof. Hitschold to make an appointment."      
  15. my apartment has no mailbox

    sadly I can't give any advice for which one to join in Berlin.  They should indeed offer the same general services.  They can't ALL call themselves "mieterverein Berlin" and I think this is why you're finding the slight variations with all the names   in munich I've been able to find reviews of the larger vereins if I am careful to google the exact name. Anonymous reviews are not the final word of course, but it's something.   good luck!