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  1. Wanting to leave a sublease early

    *soooooo* sorry
  2. Passive-aggressive notes

    peer pressure luv - you know I'm all about that ;)
  3. Passive-aggressive notes

    I think Franklan covered why someone might tell you your sticker is expired and why someone might care.  If you *truly* see them all the time I agree it's weird to leave a note, unless perhaps they had not seen you recently, eh? Sometimes I see people every day, and other times not at all for weeks on end.     Anyway I don't understand why it's worth getting so upset about.  If the person has a point, they have a point and you can accept that, hopefully modify your behavior and move on, and if they don't have a point, write it off and move on.    You are taking all this time to complain about it and argue about it, how is that much different than what they've done (spending so much time on a small "transgression")?    You could simply go talk to them and invite them to just TELL you, to your face, next time?  Why are you hoping they will do something you seem unwilling to do yourself?   
  4. Wanting to leave a sublease early

      oh dear, I'm so sorry :)
  5. Wanting to leave a sublease early

      yes that is the mieterverein I belong to.    On the up side, they offer "open hours" at various locations all around the city every weekday/night.  In the past this is all I've ever needed, and it's great to have quick resolution to most problems.  On the down side, they won't write letters etc. unless you have a pre-review during one of these open sessions (though one of their lawyers happily dictated a letter to me once when I visited the open hours).  I found this a bit strange and concerning at first, but when I tried to join the other mieterverein in town, and was scoffed at and told by their horrible receptionist that I could not speak to anyone "for months - you should have joined a long time ago", I think I made the right choice.
  6. Passive-aggressive notes

    I have to say, I'm not sure what you expect people to do in these situations.  Sit around waiting for you to turn up so they can confront you directly, on the spot?  Peer from their windows to catch you in the act, then chase you down or knock on your door and bitch you out in person?  Is that really preferable?   What would any of you do if you *knew* who left the note?  Go confront them?  And say what?     I don't get it.
  7. Passive-aggressive notes

      how would they find out which insurance company covered the car?   and why would the insurance company care one whit?   bizarre
  8. I never had any problems with them.  My only complaint is the limits they put on transfers from the US - it used to be $10k per transfer, now it's down to $5k (it varies by state.  no I can't explain this)  I probably won't use them again based on that but they were fine and had the lowest fees going.
  9. neighbour/construction work trespassing

    oh jeez...I go to the flaucher to get nekkid    The altbaus are even more beautiful than before, and I never asked for a rent reduction as I'm out all it's not like they are abutting my place in any sense.  we have three HUGE innenhofs all in a row and the buildings are on the edges, so no trouble for me.  My friends who live in one of them did take reductions, and even had to spend time in a hotel when they did the windows as it was just a complete mess.
  10. neighbour/construction work trespassing

      yes!  when they painted my building our hausverwaltung notified us far in advance and recommended we take this action, too.
  11. neighbour/construction work trespassing

      hehehehe...I'm skeptical.  I had scaffolding on all sides of my apartment with plastic covering my windows for almost 6 weeks, and all they did was paint.  The work itself took about 2 weeks but they dragged it way out.    By the looks of that building I'd be prepared for a long haul :/  My two neighboring altbaus spent about 1,5 years each (two full summers) with scaffolding up for renovations (window replacements, copper flashing, roofing, some new balconies and paint. plus they built out the attics on both with cranes and street blocked on one side...felt like forever).  Sharp contrast to a neubau when there are no people living in the place?  These are quite large buildings, too, which doesn't help.     
  12. neighbour/construction work trespassing

    that's messed up, especially since they didn't notify you.   Presuming you rent, I second fraufruit's suggestion to go for a rent reduction, not just for the loss of that particular section of your terrace, but you can also bet there is going to be a lot of noise and mess involved which will impact your use of the whole terrace, and the noise may disturb your use of the apartment in general - these are all grounds for rent reductions.    Note those plants on the wall (and others in the area) may be damaged or destroyed :/     one question about the terrace only:  are you sure that area next to the adjacent building is really "yours"?  I wonder if it could be part of the neighboring grundstuck and that's why they didn't notify you   mieterverein    
  13. Who can take a dog from Germany to NYC?

    did you try Lufthansa?  apparently they do offer cargo shipping of unaccompanied pets (see section on "animals traveling unaccompanied") - it looks like you can book directly via their cargo branch:   I flew my cats in cargo (I was on the same plane, but on a nonstop flight, I'm not sure that makes much difference) from Boston to Munich and truly, Lufthansa was fantastic.  If I were to trust any airline it would be them.
  14. Normally the work permit process requires you to provide educational credentials involving something like a real degree (bachelor's at least), so someonesdaughter's post is actually quite relevant.  Her advice to simply call them is also rather...obviously reasonable?   I don't know if the ABH takes the tack that "berlin needs software devs" and translates that to "so we now waive all normal visa requirements".   AFAIK artist visas are rather easy to get.  Regular employee dev permits are not soooo hard, provided you have a job offer in hand.  Freelance visas are the hardest from what I've read on other threads.  Have you bothered to read those other threads?      
  15. Problem landlords and rental deposit returns

    Mik have you never been in an apartment that housed a smoker?  getting that smell out of all the "impermeable" surfaces is a major undertaking that no amount of normal washing will fix.  This is not "bullshit", it's merely the fact that there are few to no truly impermeable surfaces in most homes.   Of course if the dogs peed on the, good luck there.  But even a merely stinky dog can leave a funk behind that's hard to remove (we had one such - he had a skin condition that left him stinky even after baths - sweetest dog ever but damn he was a nose full).  Especially problematic with surfaces where they've been laying around.  like a floor.   I do think this landlord is full of shit as any odor should have been noted in the handover.  It's that simple.