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  1. how shall I show emphasis without upsetting you?  I'm sorry to be emphatic but there is so much complete nonsense that gets passed around wrt rent increases it's *actually* quite dire. People read a comment like yours, assume it's true, and roll over for illegal increases.  Not cool.   Forgive me.   I don't understand what you mean by      
  2.   actually I remember reading that it's possible to deduct some nebenkosten for maintenance and other services (though not consumables like heat and hot water) but you need a special statement from the landlord or hausverwaltung to file with your taxes.   I would hope they could deduct renovations like this - very good question! 
  3.   no!   the increase cap is 15 or 20% over THREE YEARS.   the "15 months" applies to time elapsed since the last effective increase.  If the last increase was maxed out, they can't introduce another increase for 3 years.   note that applies to cold rent increases, not any other type.    
  4. I'm surprised that decision was "recent" - I thought it's always been that way    also, don't let anyone talk you into paying an increase "while you think about agreeing" - paying is a form of implicit agreement.     but that does NOT apply to nebenkosten increases.  that's a danger zone.  can be risky not to pay those
  5. I dunno about "topic" but the "Modern Love" series (not as drippy as it sounds) and especially the "Metropolitan Diary" on the NY times website have been leaving me with a much better feeling than the normal news. and   hint: NYtimes has a 5 article per month limit, but if you open it in a private/incognito tab, once you hit your limit you can just close the tab and open a new one, and start over fresh.   don't tell anyone!
  6.   yeah, I understand it's easier for you if other people are willing to spoon feed you...sorry, I'm out.   I already outlined the main difference between the DA and NE - if you consider that "better" for your purposes there you go.  There is plenty of information on the BAMF website about the difference between a DA and NE.  Go read something. 
  7.   I have never heard such a thing.  When I applied for my DA I asked if I could apply for a NE too.  KVR said yes, of course.  In the end they only issued the DA and when I asked why no NE, they said "you don't need the NE on top of the DA as the DA is better - why pay for both?"   but go by your own research.  The DA doesn't give you the benefits you think it does so I'm not sure why it matters so much.   eta:  instead of relying on rumors you could just contact your local abh and ask them if you can apply for the DA if you already have the NE.  Very simple, no?
  8.   what permit is that exactly?   if you are talking about a dauernaufenhaltstitel EU (issued by Germany) you are mistaken in thinking it gives you free access to the labor market EU wide.  It might give you an edge, but it doesn't mean you don't have to apply for a work permit in another country of residence by default.  Plus it doesn't give you truly permanent residency in Germany - even with this permit you can only live abroad for up to 2 years before you lose your German residency rights (if you got it without a blue card, that time is reduced to 1 year)   you can find some comments on a similar misconception over on this thread:   why not apply for the NE now, and apply for the dauernaufenhaltstitel later once you qualify for it?   eta:  and in case there is any misconception, the NE only allows you to live in Germany "forever" provided you don't leave Germany for an extended period of time, usually more than 6 months.
  9. Charged for the Blue Card with no success

    @engelchen yes I see your point and I agree, but that goes back to the anti-wage dumping approach, which I DO think is mostly what's behind the rejection and it is a good thing.   my comment was purely in response to dj's post suggesting that the number of blue cards is limited ergo they only dole them out to people who don't already have permits of another sort.  That is where I was coming from - I do think a practice like that would be unfair.           
  10. then it appears you have no real pressure.  Tell him you need to talk to the mieterverein before you can agree to anything at all.  In the meantime pay an amount in nebenkosten that reflects your actual usage last year to match the NK increase he proposed.  50 euros should not break you.   I want to reiterate that you should read up on the topic of tenant rights here and elsewhere (you could start by re-reading the posts above!).  You will be in a much better position to make your own decisions, with or without profi help, and you'll be better prepared to recognize any cons afoot.   good luck.
  11. yeah, which is usually bullshit   That's why I'm asking about the basis for the LL to go to the lawyers (he has a pack of them out back in a kennel?) let alone why the OP would be responsible for those costs (eta unless he were being sued - which goes back to, on what grounds could he be sued?).   @solomongrundyyou should probably start paying the nebenkosten increase immediately as it sounds quite valid, and not paying a nebenkosten increase CAN result in a very easy eviction for the landlord.  In the worst case you get a refund so no risk to do so.
  12. it's like you're asking "should I play hard to get or just bend over?"    what grounds do you imagine he has to take you to court?  has he given you a proper and legal increase notice for your cold rent?  has he given you a proper and legal reno plan?   what did he (allegedly) take the other tenants to court for, and has he actually won any judgements, or did he win by threat alone? who told you about these alleged court cases?   If he goes to the lawyers for what?!  WHAT?      
  13. Touche!   but hey, I only have one room ;)
  14. I think one thing you might notice is a distinct microclimate that comes with bodies of water - even next to a small stream you can feel the temperature cool in summer.  Though if you are on an upper floor it might not be so notable.   holy crap - spiders   I am often astonished at the relatively narrow range of spiders I've encounter here in Munich so far. Normally I just have these funny little guys with REALLY long legs living in hte corners of the room who really do take out any and all flying bugs that manage to fly in.  They even work together to subdue especially large bugs - very interesting to watch them at it!   So generally we just sort of live together, no problem.  I carefully remove the cobwebs and spent spider snacks regularly, they build new ones and capture new victims, everybody seems happy.   but about 3 weeks ago...holy hell.  Reading in bed and I see something scurry past on the floor out of the corner of my eye.  It was the size, speed and general movement of a mouse, which was weird as I've never had a mouse in the apartment in 7 years, so I got up to prepare to find a way to shoo it outside, but nooooooo.  It was a freaking spider the size of a small mouse, plus legs!  CREEPIEST one I've ever seen.  Fast and skittish.  Big body but extra long glassy legs.  I swear it looked a bit and moved almost exactly like the alien babies from the movie series.     I'm not usually squeamish about bugs, snakes, mice or other crawlies, but this thing was so ghastly I jumped up on the bed and did a little "oh my god oh my god oh my GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHD!!!!" dance as I turned in circles and flung my hands about in an attempt to gather my wits.  It sat there watching me the whole time.  Didn't move.  Which was almost worse.   I managed to get a large drinking glass over it without squishing its legs and after more dancing and whimpering I managed to seal the glass with an unopened rundfuck letter and take it all outside, and it tore off into the night as soon as I pushed the glass over to release it.   I have no earthly idea what that was.  The only spiders I've ever seen that size in colder regions are wood spiders, which are not nearly so hideous nor scary.  I've found a couple of those (or something similar) in my garden here, but this was absolutely not one of those.    I hope to never encounter one again.  I hope none of you ever have the pleasure either.  Just horrid.  
  15. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    but he knows everything about it, doesn't he?   so smart about IT but he can't figure out what to buy, nor how to test it to be sure it's safe before using, yet he's running around dissing everyone else with accusations that they are not qualified to understand these "deep" IT topics.    methinks he's not trying to "help" anyone with dire warnings of what can happen.  he could offer a simple answer to LeCheese's question but nah...that might be helpful