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  1. Post delivery times from Germany to the U.S.

      Ahh CRAP!!  I've scanned and emailed ballots in the past, but my printer/scanner died and I haven't replaced it yet.  I wish I would have seen this first.  It would have hastened me to get a new printer/scanner unit this week.    
  2. Post delivery times from Germany to the U.S.

    Well, I mailed my Election Ballot back to the USA today.  The election is still two weeks away, I hope it gets there in time!  Luckily, there is a website that I can track to see if my county has received my ballot or not.   I'll be sure to check around Nov. 2nd.
  3. Unitymedia is now Vodafone

      Well it was only €41/ month when I signed up in 2010.  Inflation and rising costs pushed it up to €60/month.  Seems expensive compared to what Vodafone is offering now.
  4. Unitymedia is now Vodafone

    I guess I haven't been keeping up with the news, so I missed that Vodafone bought Unitymedia.   With my Unitymedia contract, I'm paying about €60/month for fone, TV, and Internet (100 down / 5 up).  However I see that Vodafone's contracts are are cheaper and faster.  €40/month Combi package (250 down / 25 up).  Of course Vodofone won't just come out and tell me that I am now paying more than I need to.  But I feel I should be getting the cheaper price and the faster speeds.   I guess I'll make a phone call tomorrow, but I just wanted to check here first if anybody had a UM contract and changed it over to the more generous Vodafone contract?  I'm concerned that they will give me a run-a-round about having an existing contract and the BS cancellation period..etc...