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  1. Depositing foreign currency into a German account

    Is this proof only for cash, and not needed for a bank-to-bank transfer from Canada to Germany?
  2. Transcription of foreign vaccination certificates

    Can this also be done by any of the pharmacies?
  3. Passanger Locator Form Dublin to Berlin

    I just flew from DUB to DUS last night.  No Einreiseanmeldung form was needed.  I checked in online, and the Eurowings check-in form made you check a bunch of boxes confirming that you were vaxed, or have a neg test, or a recovery form etc...  Nothing else.  Shortly before landing, there was an announcement that airport officials were doing random checks for vax confirmation or tests, etc, but I wasn't checked.  I didn't see anyone else get checked.  At the passport control, no COVID questions were asked.   Bottom line:  You need to conform to the 3G rules, but you might not get asked for documentation.