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  1. When roaming fees fall next summer-2017, we will probably see a lot more cross-border competition! This should equate to lower prices for everyone.
  2. Hulu/Netflix with a Non US Credit Card

      Do you know which Ads-ins use BitTorrent protocols?  The Exodus add-in does not seem to use BitTorrent.
  3. Ad blocker recommendations

      Disconnect.Me is telling me that there are 5 tracking "sites" on this towtown page alone.   Disconnect.Me has Blocked:   And it Allowed:        
  4. Ad blocker recommendations

      Yes you can.  I run Disconnect.Me, uBlock Orgin and AdBlockPlus all at the same time in Chrome.  Works about 98% of the time.  There are the odd pages where I lose functionality.  When that happens, I plug the URL into IE11 (shudder) and hope for the best that I don't get hacked.  But for the most part everything works just fine.     Disconnect.Me is not really an Ad Blocker, so much as it is a tracker blocker.  All those tiny code scripts that track your movement from one site to the next get blocked.  It's made by ex-Google employees who were tired of all the tracker requests interrupting everyone's privacy. 
  5. Consequences when...

      Even if moving from, say, Köln to NeuKölln?  Or Berlin to New Berlin?
  6. Toytown Germany over HTTPS for security

    Why does your certificate expire in three months?  TT will have to renew the cert on or before December 18th, 2016.  Seems a bit too short.
  7. Install Kodi,   then add the "Exodus" add-in.   It's a bunch of hoops to jump through to get the Exodus add-in configured, and the GUI is not as intuitive as Netflix,  but once you get it up and running, you can watch just about any movie or TV show ever made!  
  8. Oktoberfest in Dortmund

    Times and prices:   Entertainment lineup:    
  9. Can the web admins setup Toytown web servers to start serving the same site over HTTPS as well as HTTP? It is a simple server config.