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  1. What souvenir best represents Germany?

    Düsseldorfer Senf!  Get the stuff in tubes, rather than glass jars.  It's lighter in the luggage and less prone to breakage.  Plus it's cheap!!
  2. VPN for kodi streaming in Germany

    VyprVPN is very good and very fast, but not free. Once you have Kodi, you don't even need Netflix, do you?  
  3. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    I'm waiting until it reaches One Hundred Billion dollars!  
  4. Pub Crawl

    Replace Munich with Düsseldorf and you are all set!  Visit Bolkerstraße and you can indeed crawl from one pub to the next.  You can't do that in München! 
  5. Obtaining a SCHUFA credit report online

    Its on Schufa's site, but it doesn't stand out.  Clearly Schufa wants to sell you one of their products, and do not like to announce that you can get one for free once per year according to the §34 BundesDatenSchutzGesetz   Download the form in the language of your choice here: