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  1. Climate change

    I'm half way through a Michael Crichton book about eco-terrorists trying to cause environmental disasters world wide to try and focus attention on the destruction of the planet. Of course it's all fiction, but Crichton does love to insert believable 'facts' into his book, and this one is no exception. The main message in the book though, is that global warming is not happening. He backs this up by providing a bibliography in the appendix, and by dropping little bombshells throughout the book. Examples would be that there are no rises in sea levels, the antarctic ice sheet is actually thickening (and the edges which are melting, have been doing so for the last 6000 years) and that mean temperatures over the last 100 years have actually been falling. Ok, so it is a work of fiction but it got me thinking. Anyway, although this all smacks of the old conspiracy theorists arguments, I did a quick bit of googling last night and discovered some startling facts about 'the global warming myth'. Enough to make me go hmmmm! anyway. So are we going to be spending our summer holidays basking on the tropical beaches and under the swaying fonds of palm trees on Greenlands coasts or is it all a huge lie propogated by Dubya, as an excuse to murder penguins for their liver oil. A few random links to start the debate.