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    ...that he asked so bluntly and out of blue "so you are rich, right?" repeatedly. It's a question one would never be asked in the states, especially by someone you barely know, from a man to a woman, etc.


    That is why I asked, in general is this common in germany? I think Im now less interested in what this dude's intentions were, but more in the difference btw the two cultures.


    DIdn't see that question above. In my experience, it is not at all common for Germans to point blank ask you about your wealth, particularly upon recent introduction. Granted you had swapped spit already but the man sounds more like a desperate mail order bride from some dodgy internet catalog than any German I've ever met. If you were a dude this would be a no brainer and could be summarized as follows:


    Greetings TT, I'm a US medical student and met a fantastic woman on holiday. We had a fabulous time but she kept saying "Oh honey, you rich right? Me love you long rich, I make you good wife...lets get married" Now she wants me to come back and marry her? What do you think? Does she really love me?


    Bit daft really.



    What do you think?

    Gold digger? Not a gold digger?


    Genuinely likes me? not genuinely likes me?


    Proposal is a joke? not a joke?


    Asking me if I am rich --> a joke? or not a joke?


    liked me for my money? liked me for who I was?


    I'm with most people, stay away from this one. He's a nutter, and not in a good way. Sounds like he likes you enough, assuming you're rich and can get him access to prescription meds. He also sounds incredibly stupid and completely off his rocker or on his way there.


    Also if you're remotely near this guy becareful you're not being set up. You may think he just wants in your pants and future earning potential but he may just think you're a stupid, clueless easy mark in a "hello, I'm a young drunk American girl visiting an Asian country pretending to be rich" sort of way.



    I don't know what to tell you kid. But I like the bit where you were both cool bastards.


    I also liked the bit where she didn't look like "coogar" material. Cool bastards indeed.


  3. If you already know that cleaning is going to be an issue, then use some of the money you'll be saving on a living expenses on a putz frau. If you're really happy with this one, cleaning is so not worth fighting or worrying over if you have the means to bring someone in to help. Good luck :)


  4. A University degree is a good goal. I see that you have a reisepass, have you been to Germany, if so how often and for how long? Just curious.


    1. Conscription: Have you contacted your nearest German embassy for information about the conscription? They would probably be your most accurate source of evaluation and information.


    2. Employment: Generally, the unemployment rate is higher in the East, but the cost of living is higher in the West. Munich is great but is very expensive place to start. Some specific cities noted in another discussion:




    Generally speaking, the south of Germany is the place with the lowest unemploymment rate. Ravensburg, Biberach an der Riss, Weingarten, as I am told, has unemployment rates around 4%. The Bodensee (Lake Constance) area is not only beautiful, but offers seasonal work in tourism for multi lingual people, and if your mom would be able to work there in a "Gasthaus" or similar, a room to stay might be provided. And the Bodensee area is even further south than Munich, so actually should be closer to your location in Italy.


    3. Hartz IV: I don't think you'll find many people on TT that would recommend it, all prejudices about expats taking advantage of the sytem aside, it seems to be a bureacratic nightmare. You'd be better off living at home and coming to Germany a year hence with a bigger safety net and some form of travel insurance. Given that you have a reisepass and some language skills you'd have quite a better starting point than quite a few expats who have made their way despite lacking a job, language skills, and a fall back of government aid.


    Good luck,



  5. I dreamed about a former co-worker, he was getting or had gotten married and was working on the playlist for his reception. It was all very boring, the dream, not the playlist which I'm sure was excellent.


  6. I have a few friends who tell me they love me ALL THE FREAKING time. Text, phone, email. Do I think they want to marry me and have my babies? No. Do they want in my pants? No. They're just sappy people that say, love you, love ya as a sign off the way I say cheers or bite me, depending on the occasion. And the same way Malcolm Spudbury sent me this because he loves me but isn't at all interested in me or my pants. Clearly better options exist. Click Me


    Good luck, you rat bastards. At least most or some of you anyway.



  7. I wonder how many people are actually looking up cholos. Nice reference dude.


    Speaking of which, and getting back on topic, since the Cabal has overshadowed the Clique, I want to know if one can belong to both? It's not for me mind, my friend wants to know. I personally am holding out for the Coterie or the Junta, whoever has the better snacks.


  8. Some claim it's an evil cabal conspiring to commit gross, unwarranted acts of internet bullying, index fingers at the ready, hovering above the little red - sign against a small minority of abused users.


    Others claim it's a useful mechanism for rating certain posts. There's a robot that prevents you from repeatedly rating a specific person in succession, but I for one have yet to see this robot. Its a bit like Editor Bob really...they all talk about him and all the work he does but has anyone ever seen him working really? I mean all I know is he likes to aim mirrors at his ceiling, which is a bit dodgy if you ask me but I digress...


    Yet others say it's just bit of shiny button nonsense on an internet forum but many people likely have no clue, probably haven't noticed it, and could care less really.


    PS: I've been good all day and have totally restrained myself from racing to the magic fake mini 1K mark. I wonder if Editor Bob will shut it down at 999k. That's what I would do, mwhahahaa.


  9. T-60 to the mini, and I would like to remind everyone (staring pointedly at Perdido) that I've already called shotgun for *Life*. Do you think we'll get one with the Union Jack on it like Austin Powers. In general I'm opposed to rims and spinners but in this case it might just be appropriate. As well as those thingies that make your car bounce up and down, you know like the reputation system.


  10. My former neighbour used to annoy the hell out of me. He always brought girls home but could rarely get them in the bed. I would hear the conversation (he was overly loud, bad taste in music), and eventually I'd hear a taxi pull up and the girl would leave. How did I know he wasn't successful in the interim? Because there was no mistaking when he did get them to bed...I thought the headboard would come through the wall, and the guy moaned like a pre-pubescent boy trying to imitate a porno.


  11. Eierlikor for Easter? No, unless it came with a side of bunny ears, but it would have to be good bunny ears mind. Good as in good quality chocolate, not some hacked off ears from some well behaved pet.


  12. Funf got negs for being funf. A -3 isn't a bad run for her on most days.


    I haven't given her a - for that post but most women I know do look for different types of swimsuits post baby. Some women who are still nursing for example might want extra padding, regardless of if they want an actual nursing swim top or not. Some want extra coverage for stretch marks or scars. Who knows.


    In either case, IMHO some people prefer to point out that they've had a baby and therefore need "extra coverage" or what have you, than what they were previously used to wearing. Perhaps they'd prefer to mention the kids rather than let people assume it's due to a lack of sport and chips.


    If the OP just stated that she needed a swim suit for extra coverage of certain areas, this thread would likely be peppered with comments about going topless already and/or just putting down the cake and going the gym.


  13. Without knowing him personally,I can guess that this Benatar guy is the biggest POS wus I'd ever meet. Seriously, I wonder what's in his closet that makes him afraid of life.


    I also wonder about the extent of his pain avoidance since unfortunately he already exists. I mean clearly he has little appreciation for life but wouldn't off himself as that would be painful, but getting old is painful as well. Exhibit A: Matt T's bad back noted above. Basic things like hangovers (bad), excercise (good), dental exams (necessary)...can all be painful. I wonder if he just sits in the dark (the light might hurt his eyes), with no alcohol, getting fat, and waiting for his teeth to rot whilst death approaches.


    It makes me want to jab him with an ear cleaner really. Take that you moron.


    I am however, immensely glad that Benatar doesn't see fit to procreate. Could you imagine the snot nosed kids he'd raise. Ugh.


    Carry on.


  14. UA!


    Normally I would say yes, sure help a brother out. I've been on both the receipient and the giver with family, and I can understand how it is from both perspectives, but in this case I'm going to be a total hypocrite grinch and say no, don't give him money other than for birthday and Christmas.


    I can empathise that you feel it was unfair of your parents to support you and your sister through Uni but not your brother. I can also understand that he and your mom don't always rub well together; however, regardless of how you *sometimes* feel about her, she raised him and there is probably more than a bit of truth to him not appreciating money. Given that she sent two of you thru Uni, I really doubt she *casually* cut him off. Either:


    1. they couldn't afford it and won't admit it - in which case you might be inheriting them sooner or later, and you all should be aware and saving for that.


    2. he really is an idiot with money - in which case you slipping him money here and there in ADDITON to cash for holiday presents isn't going to help at all.


    The biggest concern for me is that he let the electricity lapse, which makes me think he's an idiot with money, and/or easily overwhelmed by bills. As someone pointed out, it usually takes several dire notices for the lights to go off, at least in the US. I'm not specifically bashing your brother, way too many young people are clueless about money management so he's not unique in this regard. He is somewhat unique in that he *presently* doesn't have any major living expenses besides food. If he buries his head in the sand over electricity now, he won't be able to deal when he's faced with big bills like rent, student loans, car didn't even mention health insurance which I assume he gets somehow.


    The good news is that he doesn't seem to be living too far outside of his means, yet. I think it's unrealistic to tell a young person, stay out of the pub and sit at home alone in the dark, but for heaven's sake don't even dare masturbate because you'll go blind and you can't afford to keep a guide dog. However, it's not unrealistic to help him figure out a way to better his case utilities over say petrol for climbing excursions, and to forward plan for if/when his current job ends. If you don't feel comfortable talking with him, then as a "present", set him up with a financial professional. Sure it seems silly to see one when you have no income but it might help to have someone discuss how ignoring bills now affects his credit, which in turn limits his future ability to qualify for a real car or housing.


    In the meantime, some basic questions/ he:

    1. looking for another job? if there's even a possibility that his job is going to end, he should be looking for a new job, now.

    2. able to do "odd jobs" that he can schedule around his shift work and when he goes back to Uni? Without knowing his field, tutoring and pet sitting come to mind.

    3. asking his friends to split the petrol when he takes them places? I rarely find people who go climbing alone, and if they're not helping him thats just wrong.

    4. consider taking in a room mate, space and parental approval permitting, obviously.


    If you absolutely feel horrid not giving him something then by all means do, but stick to the gift cards but don't ignore the bigger problems. Alternatively, slipping him 20 pounds here and there either in cash or gift cards can quickly add up to a few hundred pounds a year...slip the money into a savings account or tack it onto his major gifts that he can save himself and/or use towards something important...the bits here and there usual just disappear with nothing to show for it anyway.


    And definitely when he graduates from his masters programme and gets a job, any job, send him to see a financial planner so he can come up with a sensible debt management plan before the lights go out.





  15. Good call on the redundancy but I suppose it's a good word. Perhaps if you huggle/snuggle quietly, or if you're Dutch, then you can say "shhnuggle" to avoid confusion with the vandalism bit. Note: I added the extra H for dramatic effect, obviously.


    Back on, is there a reason you prefer American or Canadians as opposed to say any of the other English speaking expats?