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  1. Good news

    Good news to share, Ive just been notified that I've apparently won a grand sweepstakes: my prizes include cash, $500,000; a car, I can choose between a Porsche, Mercedes, BMW among others; and a luxury Carribean cruise for myself and friends, destination to be chosen by me. I suppose I'll have to scrounge up some friends to go with me though.   I know its legit because DESPITE being unable to contact me, they have sent me a postcard by mail. Its blue with a metered stamp and everything. All I have to do is contact one of Ms. Andrews assistants to obtain my winnings. I have put it on my "to do" list, directly after sending my bank details to Nigeria. I could't let that massive deposit of gold bars sit uncollected, obviously.   In the meantime, petitions for money and/or to be on my cruise posse are welcome. Priority given to people willing to hold my change and/or wax my shiny new car.   I'm rich biatches! Bling bling.     PS: As I dont generally like to be the overly bragging sort, alone at least, feel free to post any of your own good news here. Bragging about your income, good looks, famous friends, and abilities etc welcome, obviously.
  2. my own typing and getting some (fun outta life) by madeliine peyroux. i think i also hear a dog barking but that could just be my spidey senses acting up again.