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  1. Dual citizen US and DE moving family to Germany

    Thank you all for the quick replies!  I probably should have mentioned my wife is Filipino and not a US citizen.  She is a Permanent Resident working in medical technology.  Anyway, actually just got this reply from the German Consulate in Los Angeles:   "since you have a child together, your wife won’t need a language certificate. If you live within our jurisdiction, you may apply for the residence permit/family reunion from the US"   Thank you for your help!!
  2. Dual citizen US and DE moving family to Germany

    Last question.  Will my wife need to meet a language requirement?  Some sites I've read said spouse needs A1 and others say B2. A1 no problem but B2 that's a whole another issue.  Also, wondering if we can apply for her visa while in the States or need to wait until we arrive in Germany.  Thank you!
  3. Dual citizen US and DE moving family to Germany

    Thank you @LeonG!  Figured that was case just overthink too much.
  4. Sorry for the newbie question.  I married my girlfriend in the USA and are baby will be born here very soon.  I, also, hold a German passport and we want to relocate to Germany next year.  Will this be an issue as we were married in the US and our son will be born in the US?  Or will we be fine once we get to Germany and as I am a citizen my wife will be allowed a work visa and son to live here too?  Thanks!