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  1. Look for a shop offering organic food ('Bio-Laden' in German). You'll find two sorts of vanilla there:

    a) original brown vanilla in form of powder in a small glass

    B) original vanilla pods (usually two or three in one long small glass tube) which you'll have to cut open to take out the vanilla


  2. I've been to Sylt three times (once when my children were young, another time when they were teenagers and once with my husband only) and we all liked it each time . Indeed I think it's one of the best places in Germany.

    It offers you everything you liked about the little Ostfriesische Islands (like Wangerooge) but in case the weather is not suitable for the beach Sylt offers a pedestrian area with shops, cinema, a big aquarium and other amusements for children.

    Of course the weather can be bad but it changes rather quickly there because of the wind. It isn't as hot as in Egypt or Mallorca but where in the South do you find huge empty beaches? If you take your car with you, you can go up to the beaches in the north. There is no restaurant, no toilet, no beach chair, but

    no beach neighbour either.

    In fact, I would go by car or train - it's quite an experience to go through the North Sea on rails (via Hindenburg-Damm).

    I stayed in Westerland twice and in Wennigstedt once - both are okay. If you choose accommodation in the west of these places, you can walk to the beach amongst wild rose bushes and dunes.

    Write to the tourist board. They'll send you a map of the villages on the island and you can choose a good place!

    Hope, the weather will be fine.




  3. I actually happen to know the girl whose jump you are discussing.

    I haven't seen her after the accident as she was still in hospital. But two of her friends (who had been on the platform with her before she went on the train) told me about it all and those girls visited her in hospital before Christmas.

    She wasn't gung-ho, of course, but she just panicked. As far as I know she had asked somebody if that train would stop at Oberasbach and she had got the information it would. But in fact it was a Regionalexpress instead of a Regionaltrain and the first stop was at Ansbach. So when she noticed it passed her hometown without stopping (she uses this railway line every day to go to school and she could see her hometown from the window) she panicked as she has never been to Ansbach before.

    She had her mobile with her but for some reason it didn't work those days and she knew it.

    I agree with Chipbag that certainly her speed/danger perception isn't developed to a high level so she wasn't aware of how high the risk was.

    Fortunately there were so many bushes and she fell onto the bushes.

    The police is now investigating why the door opened. I don't usually use the train so I just can tell you what I heard from the girls. There must be a mechanism (a kind of bottom or something) high above the door which you must use in an emergency in order to stop the train or open the door. There might be some pane of glass in front of it. But in any case she would have needed some chair or something else to reach it. She says the glass was already broken or the bottom was already pushed down or something like this. So when she pushed the bottom to open the door it opened.

    She broke her hand and they were not quite sure about a fracture of her skull base and of course she had a shock.

    I hope she'll be well again soon . She's a very nice little girl and I would never have thought it was her when I read the news in the newspaper.


  4. There are quite a lot of courses at the BZ in Nürnberg (which is a centre for adult education). Most of them start in September (beginning of the autumn term).

    But there are two short summer courses for beginners as well. One of them actually started last Monday, as I have just noticed, the other one is beginning in August (duration: about 4 weeks). But the lessons are in the mornings and afternoons.

    From September there are evening classes, too.

    If you need more information, send me a PM. I went there to brush up my French a couple of years ago and it was a nice group and teacher.