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  1. after-school childcare options

    Hi,   Are you kids already in school? or are they starting in september?     If you are in Stuttgart the summer holdiays have not started yet. B-W and Bavaria start summer holidays at the end of July. The schools are open. Call the school and ask them.  Your should get this cleared up before school starts if possible.    This could be stuff you already know but...   Here are how things work in the town we live in (Bavaria), could of course be different in Stuttgart. Seems like each state has their own system.   The hort, is connected to a kindergarten. Which means the kid has to walk to the kindergarten where the hort is. They are open during school holidays, provide lunch and homework help.  However getting a place in one is really hard. They usually only take kids that were a member of the kindergarten. Not all kindergartens have horts .  You have to pay for this. We have friends who have kids in the hort and the love it. They also only take like max 30 kids.       Our school provides a betreuung. You sign up with the school. It is at the school. the cost depends on the days/hours booked. I think you have to book a min of two days. You have the choice of either picking up the kid at 2 or they can stay at 5. Our school has lots of kids, so the kids that go to the betreuung do not get a lunch (one had to be brought with them) and only the kids that stay till 5 get the homework help.  It is pretty popular and very crowded   Fortunaetly, our school has a ganztage option. My son is in school Mon-Th till 3:30 and on Fridays he is out at 1. We don't pay for this, but we have to pay for his lunch. There are a few kids that then go to the betreuung after the ganztage school, so they stay till 5,         
  2. Today in my daughter´s kindergarten there was a letter from the Gesundheitsamt    informing that adults should get the measles vaccine if...   you are born after 1970    have never been vaccinated had only one vaccination until now or you dont know if you were vaccinated.   The letter says that this year there were 60 cases in Baden-w  and 40 in bayern.. mainly from adults.      
  3. Hi..    When is your friend having the baby? There is lots and lots of posts here about maternity leave where they should be able to find most of these answers.  Also I think that each Bundesland  is different in terms of support. Im guessing that you are in Berlin  Familien geld, Kinder geld ...     Here is a basic overview about Mutterschaftsgeld  in English.. . it is netto based on your last 3 months salary. https://www.howtogermany.com/pages/maternity_allowance.html   In German https://www.eltern.de/beruf_geld/recht_geld/mutterschaftsgeld.html_   Here is something about Berlin I found... about financial support   https://www.berlin.de/special/familien/4271187-2864562-geld-fuer-familien-welche-zuschuesse-elt.html   i would first see about getting and confirming a krippe or Tagesmutter place before your friend even starts to think about restarting work.   They need to know that it is really hard/impossible to get a krippe place for little kids. My son started with two years old and my daughter with 10 months.  and this was in Bavaria, Berlin is infamous for the lack of places at the moment.   It is like winning the lottery.    https://www.sueddeutsche.de/leben/fehlende-kitaplaetze-berlin-betreuung-verzweifelte-eltern-1.4399734   https://www.morgenpost.de/berlin/article209827677/So-finden-Sie-in-Berlin-einen-Kita-Platz-fuer-Ihr-Kind.html      
  4. I ordered stuff on Amazon and never paid extta.   Just check where the seller is.   Which brand do you want?    There is a lot available for next day prime delivery.   Etude house, benton,tonymoly, missha....   Or try lovemycosmetic.de  they have lots of brands and are in Germany  
  5. Douglas carries some korean beauty care products now. You can also order on amazon. I've gotten some stuff from lovemycosmetic.de   Also if you have a tkmaxx near u, sometimes you can find Korean skin care products there, at least some of the masks
  6. The school system in Germany is really complicated.   It is possible if your kids grades  are good enough to switch to a gymnasium later, or that they take a different route to do their Abitur. But they need the German language to do this.   This website will give you a basic overview.     https://www.howtogermany.com/pages/germanschools.html    
  7. Feeling harassed by children's Kita

    Hey.. Great divide..     This thread is really an exception. For the most part families have a fantastic time in kindergarten, and it is a wonderful way to integrate a kid into Germany.     I think all kindergartens offer a vegetarian option. At the start of the year you always need to choose the food. Of course I would ask at any info night if the kindergarten offers veggie meals. I would be really surprised if they say no.    All schools also offer vegetarian options. It is just vegan that you would be out of luck.   There is of course always a danger that a kid will eat from the other kids. Kids are curious that is what they do.   My son has a metabolic disorder and when he first started in the kita he had a very very strict diet.  It wasn't easy, but the kindergarten helped us and we helped them. (now he take medicine that works, and this is now pretty much a no issue)    But, at the start we talked  a lot with the kindergarten and informed the other parents. He was always given extra food  (usually veggie meals) or sometimes we sent a lunch with him.  They made sure he didn't eat from other kids, cause it was dangerous for him. What happened in the end is that the older girls in the group  watched out for him and would tell him if he could eat something or not.     The kindergartens are made so that the kids learn from each other.  It was much easier than we thought it would be. You shouldn't worry.  Look up other stories of peoples experiences with kindergartens, most are positive.  Remember that your child will end up in the primary school with the kids from their kindergarten group. It is important to start that bond of friendship early.   Don't wait to send them just cause you think there might be food issues. Some kindergartens let you pick up your child before lunch time, then they could eat at home.  Kindergartens have rules but they do listen to the parents.    I think in our kindergarten there are currently 3 vegetarian families. I know that they just bring their own food with them for the grill nights but other than that no complaints.     
  8. Hi,   when exactly are you moving? School year in Germany ends at the of July and then restarts in September(at least for Baden-w)   Have you thought about having your kids redo a year. That is a pretty common recommendation from the Toytown families.   I have a ten year old who is currently in third grade. We held him back and he stayed an extra year in kindergarten.So having a ten year old in 4th grade is no big deal and quite common here.   This will give your kids some more time to adjust. Plus, without the language, getting into a gymnasium will be hard if not impossible.    The 4th grade in Germany will be stressful enough.   What school they can go to will depend on where you live. Unless you go the private route...   There are many families here that have gone through this process.