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  1. Coronavirus

    The only silver lining in all of this.   My son is in the übertritt year.    No more tests will count towards the report card. They are done. The grades they have today are the grades that will be on the Zeugniss. (good for us.. not sure for everyone)   There is not enough time for the kids to take a test when the return and for the teachers to fill out the report cards.   Zeugnis has to be given to us on May 4.  
  2. Coronavirus

    In the press conference this morning. Soder (bavaria)  said that kids starting with the 7th grade can stay at home by themselves.   There will be care provided for kids in kindergarten and up to the 6th grade. But only for systemkritishcen Berufe.. So emergency services only.   Our kindergarten said that also single parents could use the care.   These people need a note from their work stating that they works in this field in fact need the care in order to qualify.  However, if the other parent has a normal job, then its up to them to take care of the kids.   Also, kids are not supposed to be parked at Oma and Opas house.          
  3. Coronavirus

    Bavaria is also holding meetings tomorrow about closing schools.   i
  4. Hi,   If you can read German.. https://schule-in-deutschland.de/die-grundschulempfehlung-in-baden-wuerttemberg-der-uebertritt/   I currently have a kid in the 4th grade in Bavaria.. So I know the stress about trying to find out this information.   B-W has Elternwille.. what this means is in the end the parent decides.   You will get a half year report card and the teacher recommendation. You need to show this when you register your kid at any of the schools...   If you want to put your kid in gymnasium. You can.  However, if you want to put your kid in a school that they were not recommended to be in, the  head of the school will then ask to meet with you to find out why. (this is new system)   This is to help stop the overflow of kids being put into the gymnasium that shouldn't be there.   There is a big fight now to take away the elternwille in B-W since so many kids end up in the wrong school.   You can probably already look at the different schools available to see their programs. Registration in B-W is happening this week I believe.    Just remember if you put your kid in the gymnasium. It is very common here for the kids to move down to other schools cause they can not handle it. in our friend´s class (5th grade), three kids have already moved down to real school. They switched in Feb cause their grades were so poor.   Your kids grades seem OK, not sure if the school would agree for you to redo a year, unless you haven't been here long enough.   Also, here in bavaria it is only the grades from the 4th grade that count. Not sure how B-W handles that.   Good Luck!      
  5.  I really don't see how a kid with limited German skills would be accepted into a gymnasium at all.    It is really really hard. We have friends with kids in the 5th grade right now and there are already some classmates  being pushed down to the real school. (We are in bavaria)      PLus in the gymnasium the kids also have two foreign languages. English in 5th grade, followed by either French or Latin starting in the 6th grade. So the older one would be faced with that as well.   Englechens advice on contacting the schools is a good start. School registration in B-W is happening in the upcoming weeks. They could give you the best advice.     My son (10) is currently in 4th grade. From the 19 kids in his class it looks like only 4 , including him, are going to the gymnasium. He was born here and speaks both German and English.    There are other schools in Germany  besides gymnasium. There is real schule and B-w has Gemeinschaftsschule .  The school system here is totally different than the States.  Read up on the types of schools . https://km-bw.de/Kultusministerium,Lde/Startseite/Schule   And read through the posts here. There is very good advice and stories . Good luck! Getting your kids started with German now is the best thing you can do.