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  1. Thank you to all that have replied. It's all good advice and it shows that I really need to my homework.   I did find out that unless I take out a personal loan, I can't get a mortgage in Germany for a place in Spain.   I am in touch with an international mortgage broker in Valencia (which costs money but makes my life a bit easier) and I'm making a few appointments to see some property there in January. Filling out forms for the mortgage application and the NIE number are my next steps. I'm not in a hurry and will take my time with this process and can back out before I commit to anything.   I'm really looking for a warm, cheaper place to retire where I already know a few people. I heard about the nightmares of squatters and hellish renters in Spain. That makes me very nervous. I'm hoping that in the near future that I can maybe (with the help of Olaf) have dual citizenship and retire in Spain as an EU citizen. If not then I will relinquish my US citizenship in time to make it easier to live in Spain (or somewhere else in the EU) in the future.   As for buying something, the idea is so that I don't have to pay for rent or a mortgage when I'm retired. I will not make enough in a pension to support housing. Ideally, I would like to get something now to have it payed off by the time I'm 67.   Many thanks, Toytowners, for all of your help!      
  2. Hello there, I need a bit of advice and I'm surprised that I couldn't already find an existing thread about this topic, but, as the title states, I'm an American expat living in Munich with a residence permit, who would like to buy a flat in Valencia, Spain for future retirement. Is there an expat out there with experience with living in Germany but purchased property in another EU country?   Some questions I have are: Would it be better to get a loan in Germany or Spain? Would I need to file taxes in Spain if I own a home there? I would assume yes, if it's a rental property and no if I don't rent it out? I currently don't file income taxes in Germany. I make very little and have no assets or deductions so I was told it wasn't necessary. But if I purchase a flat in Spain, would that mean that I would need to start to file income tax returns in Germany (weather it's rental property or not)? What are the biggest challenges of making a purchase abroad? Are there any hidden fees, higher interest rates, etc. as a non-EU citizen when purchasing property in the EU?   I'm sure there are some questions that I have not yet thought of but I have never done this before so I'm not 100% sure of what to ask. I'm just starting my research.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Mia