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  1. The swimming club DSV98, located in Duisburg, is offering swimming classes for the swimming badge in bronze for kids and teens. The courses take place in the indoor pool at Memelstrasse, Duisburg-Neudorf, on Mondays from 5 to 6 p.m. from 2nd February to 27th April 2020. It is required that the kids already have the seahorses badge ( the first one children get when they learn to swim ). The price for the course including final test for the badge is 100 Euros. Questions or subscription: Homepage of the swimming club:
  2. Swimming lessons for adults in Cologne

    Here in Duisburg, Sportbildungswerk offers these lessons at reasonable prices; so I would check Sportbildungswerk Köln if they have swimming classes for adults.
  3. Information on Duisburg area with family

    I would suggest Neudorf, too. And as regards activities with small kids, there are a lot of families in our swimming club who spend their free time there in the summer.
  4. This event is especially interesting for those who - are looking for swimming classes - would like to do aquajogging in an outdoor pool - are interested in other outdoor gym ( yoga, qi gong, pilates... ) - would like to go swimming in a more private environment than at a public pool - would like to meet like-minded people to have fun in and at the water - families who would like to spend time with other families, their children making friends and playing with other children
  5. English-speaking people in Duisburg

    English-speaking people living in Duisburg, where are you? I am German but would like to speak English more often and make friends from all over the world. It does not matter if you are British, Irish, American, from India or the English-speaking part of Africa; I don’t care if you are male of female, just to those guys who always misunderstand such ads: If I say I am looking for friends I mean friends and nothing more than that…. Looking forward to hearing from you! Astrid Günther