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    Dear citizens from Duisburg and nearby cities, Duisburg’s unique recreational area is in for it now. Disguised as development of the former railway area the six lakes district was simply included in the building project. In particular at the shore of Masuren lake, they are planning to build 5- or 6-floor houses. This is an attack on the whole six lakes area!!! This can’t be concealed even by describing the planned promenade in the most beautiful colours. To build houses close to the shore, citizens are driven away, sports clubs and allotment holders resettled, their lifework, nature and grown structures destructed in one go. If no one puts an end to this aggressive building politics, piece by piece Duisburg’s most precious oasis will be lost forever. For that reason we demand: No multistorey buildings close to the shore! Retaining of the allotments and sports clubs! No interruption of the road Masurenallee! The shores shall remain in their current state, including water sports clubs! The six lakes area belongs to all of us. Let’s save it together from the commercial interests of investors, so that also our children may pass this wonderful area on to further generations without any damages. Kind regards, The “Uferretter” ( saviors of the shores ) Please help us by spreading the word, by liking and / or sharing our facebook page . If you request further info, please write to
  2. Questions on Life as foreigner in duisburg

    I'd recommend Neudorf, Duissern, Dellviertel, Wedau, Buchholz, Grossenbaum.   By the way, we have an international group that meets every 1st Tuesday and every 3rd Thursday of the month at Tura88  ( exception: on 20th July we meet at the Stadtfest instead. )