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  1. Since I have heard of people having problems when they show a vaccination card which was issued outside the EC I'd like to inform you that foreign vaccinations can easily be transcripted into a digital vaccination certificate of the EC. The only condition is that you have received a vaccine which is also accepted in Germany. Currently these are Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax.  In Duisburg this service is currently offered at the Theater am Marientor, and in the future ( probably from 1st April on ) at the Averdunk Centre. 
  2. The opening hours of the vaccination centre Duisburg at the main station will change from week 11/2022 on and will then be:   Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday:           10:30 - 17:30 hours Thursday:                                                                 13:00 - 20:00 hours Sunday and Monday:                                                           closed   This means the first day with opening hours in the evening is 17th March The first Sunday and Monday when the centre is closed are on 20th and 21st March.
  3. Taster training for little water lovers

    Are you looking for a nice sportsteam for your child? Does your child like being in the water? DSV98 offers taster training in water polo for boys and girls aged 7 - 13. The prerequisite is the Seepferchen or bronze badge or corresponding swimming skills. Registration at: or 0177/43004421; further information can also be found on the website Fun is not neglected either, and in addition to sports there are attractive activities (tournaments, excursions or camping) - as far as Corona allows.
  4. The course takes place on Mondays from 18 to 19 hours. For prices and registration please follow this link:
  5. Language Exchange Walk

    I started organizing a language café a couple of years ago for the simple reason that I am both interested in foreign languages and meeting international people and wanted to connect with like-minded people. At the beginning of 2020 Covid-19 forced us to stop.  After a while I realized that the pandemic will be part of our lives for still some time so I felt that I had to find a way to continue organizing these social gatherings and be in accordance with covid-19 regulations plus make these events as safe as possible for everyone ( and still be able to meet in in person ). So I thought the best idea was to meet outside since then it is pretty easy to keep a bit of distance and still be able to talk, and to adapt the meeting to the rules in force at the time.* We meet in front of the entrance to the swimming club DSV98 and then walk around sportspark Duisburg Wedau while talking to each other in the says that up to 10 people who are either vaccinated or have recovered from a covid-19-infection are allowed to meet, but only 3 non-vaccinated from 2 different households. That means, please bring your vaccination certificate, also in the event that there are controls by the public order office. If we happen to be more than 10 people, we will have to divide the group. The most reasonable thing here is to divide by language. languages we want to learn or help others to learn.  * The current Covid-19 regulation allows meetings of 10 people who are either vaccinated or have recovered from a Covid-19-infection. However, as soon as one non-vaccinated or non-recovered person participates, it limits the whole group to 2 or 3. The conclusion is that only vaccinated or recovered people will be accepted to the meeting and if we happen to be more than 10 ( which hardly ever happens, usually we are between 5 and 10 ) we will have to divide the group, preferably per language.
  6. As of 1 October 2021, vaccinations will no longer be given at the Theater am Marientor. Instead, there are the following inpatient vaccination stations: Free vaccinations without prior registration, Mondays to Sundays, from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm: Bürgermeister-Wendel-Platz in Alt-Homberg, Lauerstraße, 47198 Duisburg. Area opposite the Merkez Mosque, Warbruckstraße 51, 47169 Duisburg Former Real car park, Buscherstraße, 47269 Duisburg Forecourt of the main railway station (Portsmouthplatz), Mercatorstraße, 47051 Duisburg In addition, decentralised vaccinations are regularly offered at changing locations. You can find out exactly where here: Vaccination documents are prepared from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 13:00 and 13:30 to 16:30 in a container at the rear entrance of the Theater am Marientor. Here is some more important information: Issued are: - Certificates with digital codes that can be scanned into a mobile phone - Vaccination certificates - Vaccination certificates - although these have to be bought at the pharmacy and brought with you. Exception: over 80-year-olds and people with walking disabilities. For these we have a small contingent in stock. The following information is needed to research vaccination dates: -Date of vaccination ( if the exact date is no longer known, please try to narrow it down as much as possible as the lists are sorted by date ). - Place of vaccination - For vaccinations before 01.10.2021 also: How was the registration done? ( e.g. via a mail address like ccdu-terminvergabe...., via 116117, through the employer,... ) or did one come spontaneously? The vaccination data of people who have registered via 116117 are not immediately available, but must first be requested by mail from the KVNO. This can take up to one day. - Personal data such as date of birth and, in the case of requests to the KVNO, also the address. Generally, an identity card must be shown anyway.