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  1. Only in Spain

    This rapper had to flee to Belgium four years ago when he was 18 because of lyrics, similar to the rapper who just now got convicted and jailed. He makes some good points.
  3. Dessa, bless your heart. Will explain later...
  4. Hint, you may tick more than one box for what you think is acceptable behavior.
  5. Work life balance

    Yes, if it's an office job and you have Gleitzeit (flexible work schedule), by all means, block it in your calendar, tell your boss and punch out.
  6. Suppose you are at Aldi's, only one register is open, there are parties ahead and behind you, everyone is in a rush and you find one item is damaged but not in danger of spoiling or ruining anything else.
  7. Coronavirus

    potentially ineffective
  8. Coronavirus

      Ok, I take it back, it is made from genetically engineered yeast.   The difference is that the yeast does not get injected, only the antigenes it makes are harvested and injected, as opposed to a live virus that is genetically engineered and will insert itself into human cells.  
  9. Coronavirus

    No, if it does not use a vector virus, it's not. I just replied to the last post and it somehow quoted yours.
  10. Coronavirus   Brief summary: politics in the Austrian state of Tyrol are run by local business men who think they can run the state like they did farming villages in the 19th century. As mutant viruses are rampant in Tyrol, the federal government did not want to lift the lockdown for that state. Alternatively, they wanted to isolate the state. The state government flatly refused. So the federal government had to issue a travel warning and is only letting inhabitants enter into the rest of Austria if the have a negative test.   They make it sound like this is going to be the next Ischgl, and Europe will be paying the price.   You'll have to use deepl for the rest, sorry.
  11. Coronavirus

      I linked articles about how the Biontech and the Astra-Zeneca vaccines work a few days ago. My understanding is that the adenovirus is genetically engineered. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but with most people freaking out about genetically engineered crop, I am surprised that many think of the vector vaccines as being more benign.   The mRNA approach does not involve genetic engineering because the this RNA is never inserted into the human DNA, it just hijacks the protein replicator inside the cell, and the hijacked cell is killed by the immune system in the end. The same is true of the DNA delivered by the vector vaccine, by the way. Still I find it funny that people are more ok with getting injected with a life, genetically engineered virus but not ok to eat genetically engineered food.
  12. Only in France

    On a lighter note:   I haven't found a transscript yet. The rough lines are like this (and I must admit sometimes they were too fast for me):   - Welcome to the restaurant museum. There were always many customers, so they waited at the bar. To keep them happy, a bowl of peanuts was placed in front of them. - Excuse me, did they all put their fingers into the same bowl? - Yes, the weren't afraid of practically anything. They embraced, kissed each other, ... - Kisses, really? Yuck! - And then they sat down, up to twelve per table, to be merry and eat. Hard to believe this was only a year ago ... - Excuse me, did they have restaurants also in the states? - According to our archeological excavations, it seems that yes, but they were a little more simple than here.
  13. Only in France

    I swear this is pure coincidence that this arcticle was published today. Unlike the other one, which is merely about the quirkyness of the public debate, this one is about a serious issue, unfortunatly. I had no idea this was as pervasive as the article makes it.
  14. Only in France

    Interesting and long article on how the French establishment feel threatened by "woke" ideas from US campusses. Again, the comments are very diverse and interesting.
  15.   Very interesting argument that the founding fathers would have impeached, convicted and barred from future office on the spot. There are also some very acute comments and observations. Among those:   Two of America’s founding principles were in conflict on Jan 6. Respect for peaceful transition and the rule of law would cast the mob as seditionists, terrorists. Respect for the primacy of the white race would cast them as patriots, unwilling to submit to a government elected, in part, by “illegitimate” black votes. The writer is adamant that the founders would have come down on the side of the first principle. I think he is deluded. I think it just as likely that, faced with the notion of Kamala Harris as VP, many of the founders would have supported violence to overthrow such a government. One of the lessons of the Trump era is we need to turn our backs on the “founders” and to recognize that there is, in fact, only one founder, Lincoln, the first American leader to start the process of building a multi-racial democracy. Before him was the darkness.