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  1. Currently I am sponsored in Germany under a language school visa and recently I have had the luck to be asked to teach English for the same school where i also learn German.   So they have given me a Honorvertag and some other paperwork to go to the Auslanderbehorde with and apply to change my VISA to a Freelance English Teacher visa.   I already have insurance so all is well. I handed in the necessary paperwork and now i received a letter in the mail stating that Stadt Koeln would like to do a interview with me about the visa.   In the letter they have asked me provide the following information and bring it to the interview with me:   - Ausweispapiere (Degrees or Qualifications)   - Lebenslauf (Resume or CV)   - Kurzen Businessplan mit Umsatzplanung fur die nachsten drei Jahre. (Business plan for the next 3 years)   - Gesamten Arbeitsvertage sowie einen aktuellen Kontoauszug (Contracts and Bank Statement)   Has anyone done this before?? I am pretty confused as to what to write for a business plan or anything like that. I currently have someone who is fully sponsoring me here.. I would just prefer to be independent with my money and take this position at the school and also probably pick up some other jobs teaching English as well.   Advice on what to do, say or anything would be much appreciated.