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  1. Hi, I work in Langen and I commute from Frankfurt every day , and I live in the Nordend of Frankfurt. Usually is a 30 minute ride (and I have to take first the U-bahn and then the S-bahn). So it is not necessary to be that close; first because housing in Langen is more expensive than in Frankfurt (I tried to find apartment in Langen when I moved here two years ago). Depending on you space needs, I would say that Neu Isenburg is better since there are big supermarkets in the Dreiecih-Sprentlingen area and there is more and variety of real state offer. Maybe your husband company can get more information on where to live but as for the rule of paying two months when making a contract, I doubt there is any way out.



    In a nutshell 'feminism'


    Here is the Amazon synopsis

    well you scared me right away with that description. I know Mrs. lessing is the Nobel Prize winner, but I am not definitely into her novels.

    I prefer non-fictions books so a good discussion of the subject is more relevant to me than a love story during the XIX century or any love story...(like those suggested on the poll started by Purple Muffin).

    Sorry but I have to pass on this one. :(


  3. Hi, just one suggestion when nominating a book for the meeting,

    could the person write what is the book about? I know, I know, go to amazon and find a description, but if it's not too much trouble, and in any case the person nominating the book should know its content, a little description will help in whether to participate or not.




    Yeah, and you only have to deal with the occasional slaughter of passengers due to over stressed drivers ,

    This only shows how a moron you are. The japanese railway system has THE BEST safety record in the world, and the incident that you "report" was the first to happen on a commuter trains in more than 40 years.

    In addition, the japanese Shinkansen (or bullet train for you) is as punctual or I would say more than the commuter trains so you cannot even dare to try to compare them with the ICE and DB service.



    or the 'other aspect' of constant groping by male passengers.


    But then again, I suppose that isn't even the worst part.

    Have you been to New York? on rush hour ... that also happens there for your info.


  5. Hi all,


    what happened to the Thursday Night's drinking meet ups in Frankfurt? It seems that recently there are meet ups only for going to restaurants to eat (and drink), however I think that they are some chaps (including me) that fancy more just a few drinks until a bit late and prefer to eat early. How about the next one? It seems that the last one was on 21 of June, that makes it more than one month ago ... so who's up to the challenge ?


  6. Hi, I have taken in total aprox. 4 or 5 months of classes at Inlingua, first one month intensive (morning classes) and then the rest intermittent one months episodes of evening classes a couple of times. Their service is good but also quite pricey !! and in a couple of occassions I was made also to wait 'cos the number of participants was not enough for the level in which I was interested. So for a very beginner there should be no problem, but for intermediate levels then... you may face the same situation as with the other school. BTW I rang the Lehrerkooperative at 1 PM today and even that their website said they attend from 10 AM to 2 PM nobody picked up the phone and I was re-directed to a recording :angry:


  7. Hi, since your post is a bit old I am not sure if you have already found answers to you questions. Anyway, the only thing you need to do is to go and visit the kindergarten you would like your son to join and make an appointment with the "Leiter" and find out whether they:

    1. have space for your child,

    2. whether they are familiar with foreign kids that do not understand german

    3. whether they accept foreign kids (this must have been number 2)


    and register with them. My friend visited 5 different kindergartens and registered his son. Then he was accepted in two, but then decided for the one his wife felt was the better one.


    Regarding the locations, you can inquiry at the city hall, about the kindergartens available in Sachsenhausen.


    Hope this helps


  8. Hello all,

    is there anything planed for next Monday?

    This wil be my first time attending so I am looking forward to it after being two years here in FFM.


    P.S. Is it open to non-native speakers so I can bring a friend?, but I reckon his English is excellent but with these things you never know... and after a couple of drinks...


  9. Hi,


    I am new to the board (well, I have been looking at it since quite sometime but finally registered)


    Does anybody know about a place where you can enjoy live Jazz performances here in Frankfurt. ??


    I thought that there should be at least one but since I have not gone around partying lately and none of my friends or me know about one, I said I might give it a try at the britboard :D