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  1. Hi,


    I went to see one apartment that is for rent and the real state agent handed me a document titled "Mietobjektnachweis" to sign. I asked clearly: what is this document and she said that is only a document that proves that she showed the apartment to me and asked me to sign it. Since my german is not so good I signed the bloody thing. Now I am worried, does anybody knows exactly what that is? (I know I shouldn't have signed if I did not understand so spare me the scorn for being dumb - those were my 5 min of stupidity)


    Any help is appreciated,



  2. Hi all,


    I am planning to move to Bad-Homburg, and today one real state agent sent us a very attractive offer about an apartment located in the suburb of Kirdorf (north-west suburb of BHvfH).


    I was wondering if anybody on this Forum has any info about that place, e.g. composition of the neighbourhood, schools, safety, etc.

    My original plan is to move to BHvdH city near the parks, but obviously it is more expensive than in Kirdorf.


    Thanks in advance for any information





    Mostly courts refuse to apply that provision where one is accused of downloading a single movie or an album. At the same time, even a song might not be regarded to qualify as a “negligible infringement” if the focus is not on downloading a single song but uploading it to an unspecified number of other file share users. Also courts have refused to speak of a “simple case” where the personal details of the suspected infringer could only have been determined after obtaining a court injunction against the internet service provider.


    Hi Rechtsanwalt,

    your reply let me wondering, if the courts refuse to apply the Section 97aII UrhG then what DO the courts consider negligible infringement? and also why the refusal to speak about a simple case?


  4. Hi all,

    just as one more piece of information I would like to give you some websites that monitor what the sharks are doing. This sites check for which films, music, etc, the law firms are sending abmahnungs and since when.. Take a look.










    Dear FigN,


    We are considering moving to Bad Homburg for the same reasons. My husband went to school there and was very happy. May I ask which school your child currently attends? You said that you are not incredibly happy with it. Could you explain? We are looking at our local school- Holzhausen- and I am just not sure about it. Thanks in advance for your input, and the best of luck on finding the perfect home!


    Hi, sorry for the belated reply,

    the school my kids attend is called Heinrich-Seilige Schule and the point is that it is quite big (around 390 kids). The problem we see is that the teacher has very little time for the kids and dedicates it to the slowest kids. My kids are very advanced for their age and then they get bored at school. It helps (or hurts depending on the pov) that they attend preparatory school on saturdays afternoon and therefore are on a level that is higher than the german kids (I include all the nationalities present in their class as germans). We also see that the teacher has no real interest in further developing the talents of the kids and takes a loose attitued towards teaching. I guesss that focusing on the slow kids is less work for her (or that is what she thinks).

    We have a friend whose kids are attending Holzhausen Schule and she mentions that it is quite a good school. Unfortunately we live a bit north from them (on Dornbusch) therefore we cannot use that school.


    I am still looking for a place in BHvdH but the places are really quite hard to find. Well, I mean, with the right amount of money for our budget ;) ;)


    best regards




  6. Hi, it just depends on how "active" you want to be.


    For example, today I went to the Eissporthalle for a couple of rounds of ice skating on the outdoor ring, it is nice outside and when not, well they have two indoor rings. So there you go.


    My other favourite spot is goig to Bad Homburg for some nice park fun. Jogging around and later taking a big pils on one of the restaurants that are open in the park.


    Just my two cents.




  7. Hi,

    I also got that letter from U+C Rechtsanwaelte, for said downloading/uploading (i.e. using Bittorrent) of a movie done on October last year (2010).

    Well, after panicking for a day, I went to Google and found a lawyer which specialises in the defense of these Abmahnungs. In his blog he even has listed the U+C and wich films they are actually sending abmahnungs for. And he keeps it up to date. He has a fee of 249 Euros flat. And just following the advice on this forum, I contacted him today. One phone call (in German, 'coz he said that it is very dificult to explain these things in English) but he used very clear and easy German. Well, I have signed a Vollmacht so he will take care of the issue, and let's see how it goes. I hope to have beeter luck than ukpunk and his/her 1200 euros for a Lady Gaga album. BTW, the U+C lawyers were asking me for 650 Euros. My, now, lawyer made me some questions about my internet connection and whether I have downloading the film (I denied it, IT IS TRUE, despite the common saying of "That's what all of them say") and most importantly I asked him to work such arrangement that I don't get repeated letters from them. Hope it all works out well. Will keep you posted. If anybody want to know which lawyer is, just PM me.


  8. Hi CACswart,

    thanks a lot for your reply. Yes I am actually looking on the internet but I thought that maybe a direct recommendation of some real-state agent would work out better, you know.

    I have been in BHvdH many times, especially at the Kur Park and Jubilaeums Park where my kids like to play mini-golf.


    Anyway Thanks for your reply.






  9. Hi,

    I am planning to move to BHvdH in the near future. I live currently in FFM Nordend, but I want to move to BH because I am not satisfied with the school my kids are attending right now. It is not a problem for me to commute, hence I would like to know your experience CACswart Do you know any good real state agent there? or how did you find your place there.




  10. Hello Dan,


    and thanks for your reply. mmmm, seems quite contradictory nut nevertheless, a very valuable hint. I will think about it when the time comes and how to use it or not. But definitely will keeep it in mind.

    I think also that, it may depend on the position that one applies to. If the position is totally technical, then I would say that showing up with an MBA may not be the best idea, but my intention is to try to diversify and do something different than what I have been doing for the last 10+ years I have been employed in R&D.


    Again Many Thanks


  11. Regarding your laptop, you probably just need an adapter for the plug and not an expensive voltage converter. remember, when buying one, that plug types here are calle "C type"


    I would agree with Muffin also that it would be better that you bring your winter clothes, here some thing can be quite expensive compared to the US ( I assume it is in the US due to you location marked as North America - although it could be Mexico for that matter, but...), and it does get really F****g cold in January. Well exactly as in the norteast of the US, just for your reference.


  12. HI all and thanks for your replies.


    Well, it happens that in the last 5 years I have always had enough days left to take this forced vacation and never minded and never ever needed to check it out. And some of us have bosses that are more hard headed that a Moai statue.

    Now regarding the lack of planning, don't be so hard and quick to judge, the reason that at the en end I don't have enough is that I had to take 2 weeks of unexpected and unplanned days off due to a decease in my family (Had to travel far away for it) and my employer and HR know it and they have yet not come up with an answer to my predicament.


    Thanks to all that answered




  13. Hi all,


    As far as my contract reads, I don't see anything similar to "26+4 that should (or should not) be..."

    I have been taking this forced vacations for the last 5 yeaers but this year happens that I have not enough days left in order to take the forced vacation. So I am a bit aprehensive about that and because XMas holidays fall on weekend on this year and our colleagues in Asia don't give a damn about Christian Holidays I was actually OK with working on those days. But now I am not sure...


    Zefix, thanks for the pointer to the legalese.


  14. Hi all,


    the company I work for has stated that they will close for the last week of the year - nothing bad about that, actually it sounds great. But here comes the irky point, every employee has to take mandatory vacation time, of course from each individual "vacation account", i. e. the 30 days you get at the beginning of the year.

    Are they allowed to do that? What if I don't want to take vacation during that week for X or Y reason?

    And on top of that, what if I don't have left from my 30 days the required 5 days for this mandated vacation?


    Any thoughts, evidence whether they can do that or not.




  15. Hi,


    I'm also sorry for leaving early but it was a long day for me and I was a bit tired.

    I found the place OK, but it was a bit noisy to have a nice converstaion :D


    As promised I will start looking for a good place for the sushi lovers,