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  1. all the prospective new Frankfurters, what you do with your salary is up to each other, so what I think you should know is the following:

    Renting an apartment in Frankfurt City is expensive, the average cost was around 10 Euros per square meters a couple of years ago with tendency to get higher recently.

    I also have a family of 4 a lived in Nordend for 6 years and I was lucky to get an 88 sq.m apartment for 1100 Euros (with Neben kosten included).

    Right now the rents are higher and if you want to have a relative spacious apartment and parks nearby you have to get out of Frankfurt City (but I would not recommend Offenbach).

    I live now even further North (20KM) and I have a 120 sq. meter Apartment for the same amount of money.

    So a Salary of 60K after taxes should be quite OK I would say!


  2. Well. if you are willing to pay a monthly fee to Deutsche Bank to let them have YOUR money and charge you for other extra items, then it's Ok to go with them. On the other hand if you want to save the 5 Euros monthly fee you can try the former Citibank, now called Targobank who does not have such monthly fee and they also have their online banking in English. If you have a VISA card with them you can withdraw cash at any ATM in Germany with the VISA logo without any extra charge. So as you may suspect, I have an account with them since 2006 when I got tired of being charged by Deutsche Bank for nothing.


  3. Hi TT'ers


    I have to go to Munich for an interview an I have tomorrow morning completely free.

    Is there anything interesting to spend the time until midday? I had planed to go to the Munich Stadtbibliothek but they're closed on Wednesdays :-(

    I will have the interview at a company close to Ostbanhof.

    Any tips as to what to do and where to eat is greatly appreciatted.


    Many Thanks :D


  4. Hi TTers,

    googling around I found out there is a good offer and choices for PM courses here in Frankfurt. However I would like to hear if possible any first hand accounts or experiences with any of the providers of these courses.

    Does anybody here has taken the CAPM or PMP courses and if yes, with which provider?


    Thanks in advance


  5. Angel 1

    take a look at the following lawyer specialised in Internet cases. He handled both of my cases and he charges 250 Euros per case (so not per letter as others lawyers do) and will take care of it for the period of the suit.


    Thomas Feil



    Tel 0511/473906-01

    Fax 0511/473906-09




  6. Everybody seem to have forgotten about TOOM (also part of the REWE group), it is almost the same as Rewe in variety and prices. Here were I live there is a huge one for UK standards. Quite nice, recently renovated and lots of parking.

    There were sometimes in Frankfurt where you could find also Tengelmann, but this chain was also acquired by the Rewe group. In terms of variety the ALDIs are not strong but the quality is quite OK and for the price you can not complain. Rewe also holds the Nahkauf chain so it is in reality a Huge monopoly at least here in Hessen, with competition only from Real and Edeka.


  7. well, this may sound like Captain Obvious <_< but Reboot can be achieved via a reset button somewhere in the box or by simply disconnecting the bloody thing for a while and reconnecting it again to the power source. I guess that is the first thing Support will tell you. Any bets on that?


  8. I went through this with my wife and we were lucky to find a Verband that is called iaf Verband binationaler Familien und Partnerschaften (Bi-national families and partnerships) where they were able to help us. That was already 3 years ago and we are still benefiting from all those talks.More info at:



    Ludolfusstr. 2-4, D-60487 Frankfurt am Main


    Tel: 069 / 71 37 56-0


    Fax: 069 / 70 75 092




    Their counselors are fluent in English (Frau Sitorus) and they are certified psychologists and counselors. I cannot recommend them more.


    Hope that this helps those looking for counselors in Frankfurt.






  9. On the same line of thoughts...does anybody knows of a place nearby where you can go and cut yourself a tree. A former colleague of mine told me he does exactly that on a farm (but he lives in Bremen); the trees are not necessarily cheaper but at least it is a nice experience to go with the family and enjoy some hot wine and cake.


  10. I guess that depends on the case or the lawyer. In my case, they (Waldorf Frommer) didn't respond anymore after the first exchange of letters and that was in June. I know they have 3 years to keep nagging you but in my previous Abmahnung with the rats of U+C (Urmann and Colleagues) they did respond always to every letter my lawyer send them and at the end we settled down for much more less (100 Euros) that what they were asking.


  11. Hi bal00


    I saw on one of your posts in this thread that you provided a link to some templates for sending back a modified unterlassungserklaerung to these rats. I assume that this is to be done without the need of using a lawyer (like I did).

    Is it really advisable? I have used a lawyer the two times I have received these abmahnungs, and I also considered at the beginning to send these modified papers myself but at the end did not do it.

    Is there anybody that have actually used these templates and was it successful to ward off these bastards? I stopped using torrents since quite sometime ago but you never know when these bastards will try to fcuk you again.


  12. Well, I think that it is still very relevant topic, hence I will give a you a link to the following information in English.



    On it, there are some details about this abmahnungs craziness that these rats (law firms) are allowed to do here in Germany.


    Hope it helps..




  13. Come 'on people, I don't believe nobody has told him/her about the JP Morgan Chase 5.6Km race that take place every year here in Frankfurt... The date is in June so you still have time to train. Beware that THOUSANDS of runners participate, and you compete for FUN :D . Google it and the exact date will pop-up.




  14. Hello guys,


    thanks a lot for your replies. I actually called the Marklerin later, since as I said I was not felling quite right signing that document (BTW, this was the first time somebody handed me this document for signing); and she confirmed what you wrote in your kind replies.


    Best Regards