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  1. Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract) after resignation

      ?   Why do you have a problem with receiving a wohlwollendes Arbeitszeugnis? Your employer is required to give you one.       
  2. Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract) after resignation

        Why would you draft another letter?    The Aufhebeungsvertrag is designed to terminate your contract by mutual agreement on the date you want to leave.   All you need to do is make sure that the Aufhebeungsvertrag doesn't have any clauses that you don't want.  
  3. Residence and employment visas for Germany

      No.   I know many foreign students who studied Environmental Resource Planning in Germany and who were not able to find a job here.   Your plan is based on many incorrect assumptions.
  4. Americans just moved to Stuttgart

      I've always thought that the rental market in Munich is much harder than Berlin. The two of you are making my head spin.      I recently applied for an apartment in Berlin where I needed to get a form filled out, signed, and stamped by my employer indicating how long I've worked there, how much I earn, whether I have a temporary or permanent contract, whether or not my employment contract has been terminated and whether or not my wages are being garnished. This was required just to apply for the apartment.   I'm really surprised that landlords there require so little.        
  5.   First of all, Freedom of Movement mainly benefits unskilled/low skilled labour. High skilled labour can easily obtain a work permit in Germany if they have skills needed here.    More importantly, how many non-native English speakers did you have working with you as an adjudicator? How many EU citizens do you know who have good jobs there where only language skills are necessary?    
  6. Americans just moved to Stuttgart

      Landlords there are not worried about a newcomer not passing the Probezeit?
  7. Free public transport for kids in Berlin

      If you want something even better to complain about, you should read about what else the coaltition is financing:    https://www.berlin.de/sen/arbeit/beschaeftigung/solidarisches-grundeinkommen/  
  8. Americans just moved to Stuttgart

      It's nice to here postive outcomes! Thank you for the update.
  9.     Do you have public health insurance in Italy? After 2 years of public health insurance in Italy you'd definitely qualify for public health insurance in Germany. However, public health insurance in Germany will cost over 15% (14.6% + the Zusatzbeitrag) of your pension.    As a retired EU citizen Freedom of Movement only applies to you if your pension is sufficient to cover all your expenses including health insurance. 
  10.   WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!    That is the worst advice you could possibly give!!!   Applying for a dependent permit as a spouse after splitting up is a criminal offence in Germany.   
  11. probezeit

      I don't think you understand how things work here. Germany's labour laws make it difficult (but not impossible) to fire someone after the Probezeit and many employers wait until the end of the Probezeit to inform an employee if they intend to terminate the contract. The employer is also under no obligation to provide a reason for termination within the first 6 months.   In Germany, employees tend to be on average less willing to move to another city for a new job and most will keep their old apartment until they've passed the Probezeit.  
  12.     Do you have any idea of how much someone like the OP could earn in Munich? I live in the economic black hole of Germany and the employers here try to take advantage of foreigners who can't speak German if they don't have hard to find technical skills.  
  13. Deregistering and Reregistering post Brexit

      You are very lucky that your husband does not object to you taking the children with you. I'm not sure which option is better, but either way you should get something in writing regarding custody of the children who are returning to the UK with you.
  14. Deregistering and Reregistering post Brexit

      You are welcome!
  15. Deregistering and Reregistering post Brexit

      The page to which you linked describes the rules for foreigners who have a residence permit issued under the AufenthG and does not apply to you.   If you decide to move back here after Brexit, you could always apply as the spouse of a German resident (as long as you and your husband are still together).
  16.   It would give you rights, however, you need health insurance in order to obtain a permit in the future. Your first step in establishing yourself in Germany is obtaining comprehensive health insurance.
  17.   What have you been doing since November?   Health insurance is mandatory in Germany (use the search function) and is a good place to start.
  18.   I would recommend first posting your question in German on info4alien.
  19. How to calculate postdoc salary properly?

      There seems to be differing opinions on whether or not freelance experience counts.
  20.   It is not unusal for a letter to take days (and sometimes over a week) from when it was written to make it out to you. Make sure you keep the envelope with the postmark to prove when it was sent.  
  21. Moving back to uk - Pension Question

      It doesn't matter. It is possible to receive credit for the time you spent attending certain types of schools after the age of 17. I'm not sure of the exact financial impact (and the rules keep changing), however, the DRV wants to know what you were doing since you were 17 in order to calculate your pension entitlement and it is better to sort out all of this now when it is easier to find the documents (and you have a better chance of remembering what you were doing).
  22.   How many missing tax returns? When was the last time you filed?      
  23. Moving back to uk - Pension Question

      Nothing.   Under the current rules you apply for a pension when you reach the retirement age.    I would recommend to make an appointment for a Kontoklärung at the DRV ASAP. Take copies of all your transcripts since you turned 17. Take a copy of your CV with you to help you remember dates of when you worked where. Having all your contributions sorted out now is easier than waiting till retirement. 
  24. Fraunhofer relocation cost

      Talk to your BIL about long-term employment prospects before you give up your job there and think about renting out your house if you have someone there to look after it.
  25.   In order to work directly with the ECB you need an EU citizenship. I can't see them even considering your application until Brexit is off the table.