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  1. Brexit: The fallout

          Regardless of the size? Two small new potatoes a person is really stingy. 
  2.   No matter how severe the shortage certain minimum standards must be met. Although there are opportunities to quereinsteigen this route requires fluent German.    For anyone reading this thread who is trying to find a way to teach in the German system without German qualifications, look up what you need for the state where you want to teach and take at least a C1 German exam. Employment as a teacher in Germany is possible, but it is not easy and shouldn't be looked at as a last resort if all other applications fail.      
  3. Judaism in Germany

      Just because you are enlightened, you can't assume that everyone else is.   Many Jews have reported being harassed for speaking Hebrew in the streets (read the article to which I linked in my first post) and I don't think it is fair to dismiss their fears as paranoia.    https://m.tagesspiegel.de/gesellschaft/antisemitismus-in-deutschland-angst-ist-ueberlebensnotwendig/25198046.html      
  4. Judaism in Germany

      That is not true. Antisemitism has been rising again in Germany with a marked increase in the number of incidents reported within the past decade. There is (more or less) a concensus that something must be done to reverse the trend, but there doesn't seem to be any solid plans on how to accomplish it.   https://taz.de/Antisemitismus-in-Deutschland/!5769807/      
  5.   More importantly, do you know any foreigners with less than C1 German being allowed to teach a non-technical subject? 
  6. Marriage of Germany blue card holder and non EU student

      Are you both Indian citizens?    You should be aware that Germany considers India a country with unreliable documents and usually requires information to be verified by a Vertrauensanwalt. I would recommend going to your local Standesamt ASAP to obtain a list of documents you need to get married in Germany and then get married here and just hold the religious ceremony/party in India. Alternatively, you could get married in India and then submit your Indian marriage certificate to the Standesamt for verification. 
  7. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

          Seriously?!?! This might be very hard for you to grasp from your position of privilege, however, Berlin has a very large number of low income households and the majority of the children growing up in these households did not have tablets at home when the pandemic started. 
  8. Arbeitsamt thinks I was employed when I wasn't

    You can try contacting the Fachaufsicht and tell them you want to file a Fachaufsichtsbeschwerde:  https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/vor-ort/rd-bb/content/1533717773724   You might want to also get a copy of your Versicherungsverlauf from the DRV. 
  9. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

      EU-Verordnung 2021/953  
  10.     Too bad that you're neither German nor married to one.   As I already advised you, you need an insurance broker specialised in foreigners (and definitely not a clueless German who can't even understand German laws).    Please update your thread after Barmer confirms what I've told you.
  11.     No, since you are a foreigner who requires sufficient funds to receive a residence permit, Barmer is not allowed to take you back (see §5 Abs 13 Nr. 11).
  12.     Only with certain disabilities. 
  13.   Eligibility for public health insurance is set out in SGB V (see §6 Nr. 3a for further info) and your employer can't do anything about it. You need to speak with an insurance broker specialised in foreigners.   
  14.   Although your insurance might be willing to cover you here, it wouldn't meet the minimum requirements in order to meet the mandatory health insurance requirements.  Without sufficient health insurance you are not eligible for a residence permit.   Contact @Starshollow for a quote for private health insurance. 
  15.     It is possible for international students to start an apprenticeship in Germany and some apprenticeships have excellent career prospects. However, completing an apprenticeship in order to gain admittance to university is only possible in a very limited number of situations.   You first need to decide what you want to study. The Germans don't really understand the concept of "undeclared majors" and this would only be possible in the US. 
  16.   If you are worried about choosing the wrong path, you should stop making decisions based on inaccurate assumptions. 
  17. Separation: can I send my kid to two kindergardens?

      It is actually fully funded by the taxpayers, but that is not the point.   Welfare benefits are sufficient to cover your basic needs. If you want more than that, you're going to have to work. Unless you have qualifications that are needed here and can find a really good job, you'll probably need to work much more than 20 hours a week in order have more money than what you would receive on welfare.          
  18. Separation: can I send my kid to two kindergardens?

      There are over a million low income families who live on ALG II aka Hartz IV. If you want a better standard of living than them, you are going to have to find a way to earn more, make sacrifices, etc. 
  19. Separation: can I send my kid to two kindergardens?

    There are not enough Kita places to go around and you want two spots for 1 kid?!?!?!     Since you are only working part-time, why can't you work when your child is with his father?
  20. We seem to be having a huge communication problem.     Question 4   Are you a serious musician? How many hours a day do you practice?   After re-reading your posts, you seem to feel that you should be given special treatment and I cannot understand why.   
  21.     It is not only them who have to make a choice. Are you willing to risk your husband's health? Or are you going go insist that your daughter and her fiancé test themselves before coming over?
  22. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Since the vaccination priorities seem to be changing on an almost daily basis and each Bundesland is doing its own thing, I thought that I'd start a thread for Berlin. This information only applies to those who are officially registered with Berlin as their Hauptwohnsitz.    Berlin has opted to send residents eligible for a vaccine a letter by snail mail with a code that they can use to book an appointment either online or by phone. By now everyone over 80 should have received a letter as well as most of those between 70-79.    Since Berlin is longer giving Astra Zeneca to those under 60, residents between 60-69 can phone a special hotline to book a vaccine appointment at the special Impfhotline 030/9028-2200. This number is only for appointments with Astra Zeneca. Appointments are available April 2nd - 6th in Tegel and April 2nd -11th in Tempelhof.        
  23.   No, if you move after the dealine you'll not be able to receive special treatment under EU derived FoM rights, but rather you'll be treated as a citizen with a foreign spouse and need to meet the requirements under British law.
  24. Relocating to Germany from the UK

  25.       The law is not very well worded, however, the spouse of a German citizen requires A1 German. If the ABH follows the letter of the law, they are not allowed to issue you a residence permit as a spouse of a German citizen if you don't have at least A1 German. On the other hand, as a parent of a minor German child it is possible to obtain a residence permit without any knowledge of German, but only after the child is born.   An explanation of how to interpret the law can be found here:   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/377097-language-requirement-for-wifes-visa/