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Before I discovered Toytown there were a few times when I really needed help navigating German bureaucracy and had difficulty finding accurate information or good advice.




I ended up doing copious amounts of research in the areas of immigration, health insurance, and more recently citizenship law. I've since taken a few professional development courses in German citizenship and immigration laws and being able to remember my previous difficulties have tried to answer questions when I can.




In the past few years there has been an increasing number of posters asking questions as well as others answering with incorrect information. Although I believe in freedom of speech, I don't think that clueless posters should be allowed to indiscriminately post false information, especially when incorrect information can have a huge negative impact on those asking for help. At first I tried to correct all the errors, but there are too many of them and it would be a full-time job. Eventually I stopped bothering correcting all the incorrect information on Blue Cards and then I gave up with citizenship information.




I have now come to realise that there is also an ignorant xenophobic troll on this site who seems to take some perverse pleasure in arguing with me for the sake of argument despite not having any knowledge on the matters being discussed. I don’t have the time, energy, nor inclination to indulge this troll anymore, which is why I’ve regretfully decided to abstain from giving advice on immigration and citizenship issues on this site until a solution can be found.




Competent advice on complex immigration and citizenship issues can be found on info4alien.de. Info4alien is a website run by German officials working at ABHs in Germany and German Consulates abroad and is moderated to ensure that ignorant uninformed comments are deleted.