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  1.   If your partner wants the benefits of being married, you will have to get married. Otherwise he will have to apply for a residence permit on his own.
  2. Tax difference between delegation and local contract

      You are over simplifying the situation. It's not just about taxes. Any proper comparison between an American and German contract not only has to take into account taxes and social security contributions, but also factor in the costs of the minimum benefits required with a German contract and make cost of living allowances.    If you want an accurate answer you should be prepared to pay a professional for the work.    I don't know if she has the time, but @PandaMunich is capable of crunching the numbers.
  3. Psychologisches Gutachten - phychological assessment

          Are you looking for actual answers or just trying to vent? Although your arguments have some merits, you are completely ignoring the fact that she didn't inform you when it started, this process started sometime ago, and it wasn't handled as soon as it started. It generally takes time for things to happen and it is much easier to head the entire process of at the beginning.     She needs someone on the ground who speaks her language and understands the situation, not your moral outrage. 
  4.   Then what do you want to do??!??    Looking for a PhD position makes no sense if you don't want to work in an office (unless you can identify positions where a PhD would come in handy for jobs outside of an office).   Based on your posts :   - you want a high salary  - you don't want to work in an office  - you don't want a job that is mainly remote working    Unless you have the skills to be a professional soccer player,  I have no idea what you could do.     
  5.   Unless you're trying out for DSDS I don't know how these skills will help you find a position in Germany applying from abroad. 
  6. BREXIT positives and negatives

        That is the spirit! Look for the silver lining!  
  7. BREXIT positives and negatives

      You are being much too pessimistic! If the Tories try to drag Northern Ireland down with the rest of Britain, the Irish can offer them reunification and get the EU to cover some of the costs. A win for the Irish and the EU!    Furthermore, think of the positive environmental impact the fuel shortage is having.       
  8. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      Why? He is beyond change.
  9. What's the issue with dual nationality?

            Is it really so hard for a privileged white man to understand why visible minorities could be offended by the acceptance of such a xenophobe on this forum? There are many other white posters who can grasp the issue. 
  10. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      Seriously? You are just realising this now?!?!?    He has never hid his xenophobia and goes out of his way to give foreigners terrible "advice" which would screw them over.   
  11.   Have you ever heard of unqualified foreigners being employed to teach in Bavaria? It might be possible to find a few places desperate enough to offer small freelance contracts, however, Bavarian institutions tend to be picky.    The OP is making the effort to research and I think he deserves accurate advice.
  12. @RichardRichard   If you seriously want assistance, you should provide answers when you're asked a question. 
  13.     I don't know about Bavaria, but it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get to work regardless if I drive or take public transport. I live less than 10 km from my office.  Commuting even short distances can take a long time with poor connections. Very long commutes are not as common in Germany.    Despite all the research you seem to have done, you seem to have unrealistic expectations.     
  14. I think you need to either find a job that is 100% remote working or start your own location independent business.    The quaint, picturesque towns you seem to prefer are not the best places to find highly paid international positions. 
  15. Can you work in education with just English?

    Theoretically, yes.   Whether or not you'll be able to find a school willing to offer you a position depends on your qualifications, your experience, and your field (as well as your level of English).