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  1. Rental woes in Berlin

        What are you worried about? As long as one of the main tenants signs your Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, do you really need to contact the landlord?
  2. Rental woes in Berlin

      I've only met foreign students studying at the BTU and all of them were living in student residences and none of them were earning enough to rent a private apartment.    From what I hear, most of the German students are from the area.   You'd need to find a student who has a parent willing (and able) to co-sign, which might not be easy.
  3. Rental woes in Berlin

      First of all, very often the individual Hauptmieter are jointly and severally liable for all costs. Furthermore, it is not always possible to just replace Hauptmieter, sometimes the landlord will insist on a new contract (with higher rent) and most contracts are designed that you can't terminate just your own contract without the agreement of the other tenants. It'll also be much harder to find someone else that the landlord would accept to take your place in Cottbus than in Berlin. 
  4. Salary levels for various jobs in Germany

      How well do you speak German?  If you speak a professional level of German including the necessary vocabulary for your field, you can earn more in the public sector. If you can't speak German well, you're better off going back home before you waste too much time here.   BTW, I hear that the Bauamt in Neukölln is hiring.
  5. Formalities of terminating employment?

      §78a is their excuse for issuing you a sticker in your passport rather than the eAT (i.e. the plastic card).   §18 is for employment. You applied for the wrong permit. After graduation you were eligible to apply for a residence permit to look for a job for 18 months that would have granted you full labour market access and made it possible for to easily change jobs (§16  Abs 5 AufenthG).   What else does your permit say?
  6. Rental woes in Berlin

    First of all, I think you should stop starting a new thread for every different apartment/room you find. Your other options are relevant to your questions on this offer.   Although it is not an ideal situation, as long as you don't have too many belongings it is not the worst option you've considered. Becoming the Hauptmieter of an apartment in Cottbus would be much worse.     Furthermore, you really need to consider how badly you want to stay in Berlin and whether or not having a promising career is important to you. 
  7. Getting a job from abroad

      Do you expect a job offer without ever having attended an interview?!?!?    I'm not surprised that you are not being taken seriously. 
  8. Public service salary groups and levels

      If you start in Stufe 1 with no prior experience, you need 12 months in Stufe 1 in order to reach Stufe 2. You then need 24 months in Stufe 2 in order to reach Stufe 3, 36 months in Stufe 3 to reach Stufe 4, and 48 months in Stufe 4 to reach Stufe 5.   Under certain special circumstances it is (theoretically) possible to shorten or lengthen the Stufenlaufzeit.    Furthermore, certain Entgeltgruppen have special rules.  
  9. Reclaiming German Pension Fund Contributions

      You are wrong.    EU citizens are eligible (regardless of country of residence) to contribute voluntarily to the public German pension fund, which makes them automatically ineligible for a refund.   If the UK actually leaves the EU, your eligibility for a refund will depend on the terms your country leaves the union.
  10. Herzogenaurach salaries

      I think the main problem is your friend's ignorance of the local market. I actually know people who don't like living in big cities and enjoy the freedom of being able to choose in which provincial town they live. Furthermore, many people who want to buy property jump at the chance to leave Munich these days.
  11. Reclaiming German Pension Fund Contributions

       EU citizens are NOT eligible for a refund of their public pension contributions. 
  12. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      Completely off topic, but the passengers on the very crowded U Bahn who only shower once a week in the summer make me consider driving to work every day.
  13. Waldkita Experience?

        You think it is cool, but what type of kid do you have?    I still remember getting a chemistry set for my birthday one year despite the fact I hated chemistry because my controlling manipulative mother wanted me to be a doctor. I ended up in tears on by birthday and never touched the chemistry set (I also dropped all natural sciences in high school as soon as it was possible to do so).    I think you should also consider whether your kid would like spending all day outdoors.     
  14.   I don't suppose you have a recipe you'd be willing to share using German ingredients? I miss butter tarts.
  15.   You might want to consider joining a union.