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  1.   Do you have experience dealing with paperwork in German? This might not be something you should try to do yourself.   Do you have legal insurance?  If not,  you might want to contact the Verbraucherzentrale. 
  2. What are you cooking today?

      This is the type of question where your location within Germany actually makes a huge difference. I live in Berlin where a large part of the population are of Turkish descent. There are many Turkish grocery stores and they all carry fresh coriander in large bunches. Metro is also usually well stocked. 
  3. Coronavirus

      The Bundeswehr is a federal institution and the states are responsible for the vaccination campaigns, which means each state needs to set things up with the Bundeswehr. I hear that the Bundeswehr is already running the vaccine centres in Brandenburg and supposedly doing it well.
  4. Mieterverein doesn't answer, what now?

      Why do you have to give her the PoA? Then she can make binding decisions on your behalf. If she doesn't have your PoA that is her problem not yours. She works for you, right?   Did you check out the links I posted? There is some question of whether decisions during these meetings are valid if they are held in violation of local restrictions to stem the pandemic. 
  5. Coronavirus

    https://www.rbb24.de/politik/thema/corona/beitraege/2021/04/berlin-verwaltungsgericht-kippt-begrenzung-kundenzahl-einzelhand.html   The Administrative Court in Berlin has overturned the 1 customer/m2 rule for shops in Berlin "because it doesn't significantly contribute to infection prevention and everyone has been tested anyway".   
  6. auslanderbehorde appointment during COVID?

        They are currently trying to deal with applicants whose permits are already expired or about to expire soon. Processing a renewal 8 months early is not a priority at the moment.    Just send them a short email with the info they require and a copy of your employment contract (optional, but might motivate someone to process your request).   https://www.berlin.de/einwanderung/ueber-uns/aktuelles/artikel.1041742.php  
  7. Mexican grocery store / Masa Harina (near Kiel)

    I've seen it at the Spanische Quelle in Berlin and when I was in Hamburg two years ago, I actually saw one of the Spanische Quelle trucks delivering to a store there. Unfortunately,  I can't remember the name of the store. You might want to call the Spanische Quelle to find out where you can find their products near you.
  8. Mieterverein doesn't answer, what now?

         Talk to the other owners, she can't force any of you to give her a Power of Attorney. If she doesn't want to be reasonable then you might want to consider membership here:   https://www.wohnen-im-eigentum.de/artikel/7-tipps-fuer-eigentuemerversammlungen-corona-zeiten
  9. Residence permit and ALGII both expiring

        If you want accurate advice, I would highly recommend posting your question on info4alien.de. info4alien is a site run and moderated by officials working at ABH across the country as well working at German Consulates abroad.  Make sure to include all relevant info.    
  10. Mieterverein doesn't answer, what now?

        First look up your city's official corona restrictions. It might not even be possible to meet at the moment. 
  11. Coronavirus

      The studies on transmission in schools were done before the mutant strains appeared. The mutants have since taken over.
  12. Coronavirus

      It would be nice if the Germans could learn from his example of choosing key staff by merit rather than due to politics and Vitamin B.
  13. Coronavirus

      Since no one has determined the causal relationship, nobody can give you a definite answer. So far it is just statistical analysis and they looked at the data and came up with 60 for the population as a whole.   Whether or not you should take it depends on your own personal circumstances. You need to discuss the pros and cons with your doctor and consider your risk factors.    For example, one of my colleagues who is 61 has already said she wants it ASAP because she takes public transportation to work and her husband is seriously ill. Another colleague who is in her late 60s, very fit, and never sick is willing to wait until she can get Biontech or Moderna. 
  14. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      Your age cohort is not eligible yet unless you have certain pre-existing conditions, meet certain special criteria (see examples above), or like your wife work in certain occupations. 
  15. Coronavirus

        Do you really think that the BBC would feel the need to clear articles with the government first? Have they really sunk so low?   
  16. Coronavirus

        If given a choice would you take a 2nd AZ or Moderna/Biontech?       
  17. Coronavirus

        There are still people in Germany willing to take AZ.     
  18. Coronavirus

        Since Berlin is no longer giving AZ to residents under 60 in the vaccination centres, it announced that residents between 60-69 could make appointments staring today (Thursday) for an AZ vaccination appointment starting tomorrow. According to the local authorities many people are trying to get an appointment.   
  19. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

    I have to second the nomination. The entire post is great, but this is my favourite part:     Back to the initial question.    The rules are in constant flux. If you recall before Christmas flights and ferries to and from the UK were cancelled with hardly any warning; a drastic step that was actually probably carried a bit later than it should have been because the UK was still a member of the EU at the time. If a new mutation shows up in the UK I doubt if anyone will be able to stop another transportation shutdown.   @JonnyEnglander If the UK is cutoff from the Continent again, on which side of the wall to you want to be? 
  20. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    There are also other ways to get priority access:   - pregnant women are allowed to provide the name of 2 close personal contacts to their ObGyn. The doctor will then organise the codes.   - patients over 70 who do not live in a care home, but are classified as Pflegebedürftig can also obtain codes for 2 caregivers   - German citizens over the age of 18 can volunteer to help out at the elections in September 
  21. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      That is a different exception. AFAIK the KV Berlin has already sent out codes to all publicly insured Berlin residents with certain chronic illnesses between 65 -69. They've now started sending out letters to patients between 16-64, but they are staggering the letters so that (theoretically) they won't have too many people all trying at the same time to book appointments. 
  22. Coronavirus

        In Berlin there is currently a pilot project with certain Hausärzte and certain specialists that are vaccinating their own high risk patients after doing a risk/benefit analysis. These doctors are required to give their patients warnings and with clear consent administer AZ to patients even under 60.            
  23. Coronavirus

        Thank you for the explanation! I found it very interesting. I read about the pilot project,  but didn't know they needed to change a law.  
  24. Only in America...

      Why? I'm Canadian and we don't have national ID cards. Most people have a driver's license (issued by the Province) and those without one can get a Age of Majority card (also issued by the Province).   I don't think I've ever waited more than half an hour to vote in Canada and I think my neighbours are making themselves the laughing stock of the world. 
  25. Only in America...

      I don't understand why everyone is focusing on not being able to provide refreshments to voters standing in line and not why voters need refreshments when standing in line?!?!   Am I the only one who thinks a system that requires voters to stand in line for hours to exercise their right to vote fundamentally flawed?