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  1. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    As of yesterday it is possible for patients under 60 to receive AZ through their family doctors as well as certain specialists.     https://www.berlin.de/sen/gpg/service/presse/2021/pressemitteilung.1078011.php   Please note that the actual availability of AZ at various practices around the state will vary. Contact your doctor for further details. Keep in mind that most doctors will give priority to their own patients before you start going through the phone book and calling every doctor in the city.
  2. Coronavirus

      That is not what the press release says:   https://www.berlin.de/sen/gpg/service/presse/2021/pressemitteilung.1076232.php
  3. Working abroad as a German resident, is there a time limit?

    The OP can't use the rules for posted workers because he is not being posted. 
  4. Working abroad as a German resident, is there a time limit?

        Not a good idea. They are probably worried about the Unfallkasse.    I think there an S Form you can use, but I can't remember which one.
  5. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      I think most of this is wishful thinking by people who want the vaccine soon and underestimate how many people are in front of them.   I checked my doctors website. They've instructed patients to send an email requesting a vaccination and include the chronic illnesses in the email (I'm assuming that this is just to make sorting the emails easier and they'll verify the info in the patient files). They've also said that they are no longer taking any more patients for the waiting list who are not in one of the priority groups because they have too many patient requests and not enough vaccines (about 20 doses per week). My doctor's office has specifically requested patients NOT call the practice.         
  6. Permission to create a new window in a block?

        Germany is the land of paperwork and "a simply nod" is not enough for anything. This sounds fishy.   This project should be discussed at your next owner's meeting and your neighbour might need a building permit.    Call your property management company and then follow-up with a letter.        
  7.   My employer is currently in discussions with the workers' council regarding who is system critical and setting up a priority list. It is kind of a mess from what I hear. However, they can't begin until they have vaccines and at the moment there are still not enough to go around.    I know that Söder made a deal with the Russians to produce Sputnik V in (and receive doses for) Bavaria, however, he also said he was waiting for official approval of the drug.
  8.   Where are they planning on getting the vaccines? From the quota for the vaccination centres or the doctors' offices? Or do they have a way to source additional vaccines? 
  9.     Remaining registered at an address where you are no longer living is a violation of the BMG.    Furthermore, be advised that landlords have the right to ask the Meldebehörde for a list of everyone registered in the properties they own and to have former tenants who've moved removed.
  10.   Limited time rental contracts are only allowed under special circumstances in Germany. Ask the Mieterverein to review this clause as well.   
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Those were the days when someone asked what's new, I had something more interesting to say than "I went to gas up last week".   
  12. Have you used the search function yet? There are many threads on the German school system answered by the same posters with same arguments. 
  13. Schools with programs for gifted children

      Are you only asking about Berlin? Germany is a federal country and education is the responsibility of the Bundesländer.   Official info for Berlin can be found here: https://www.berlin.de/sen/bildung/schule/foerderung/begabungsfoerderung/angebote-von-kitas-schulen-universitaeten/   However, you should be aware that Berlin does not have enough special education teachers to deal with all the children needing remedial help (and that was before the pandemic and over a year of intermittent instruction) much less a surplus for gifted children. I would advise you not to take all the claims at face value and if education is a determining factor in your decision to move get your prospective employer to offer written guarantees of what they will cover.    
  14. Coronavirus

      Do you really think that people who say such things are capable of doing the math?!??!? 
  15. Coronavirus

      My doctor (also in Berlin) gets 20 doses per week (which I think is standard). 
  16.   There are many problems in the housing market in Berlin, however, RRG is more interested in ideology and populist ideas than actually trying to fix the problems. Furthermore, some members of the coalition just ignore the laws that they don't like and seem to expect no consequences. 
  17.     The two amounts were due to the law in Berlin that was the subject of the constitutional challenge. I think my explanation was a bit too short. Here is the recap:   1. The federal government enacted rent control legislation in 2015.   2. The RRG coalition in Berlin introduced a law about a year ago further limiting increases to rents in Berlin.    3. There were was much controversy over the Berlin law and many speculated that the state overstepped its authority and that the law wouldn't stand up in court.   4. Since many landlords assumed that the law was going to be thrown out, they figured out how much they were allowed to charge with and without the new law with the understanding that once the Berlin law was thrown out they would only be subject to the federal law.    
  18.   And how socially distanced it is. 
  19.   You are mixing a few different things up, but don't worry about it; this particular snafu in Berlin does not effect you in Bavaria.   
  20.   What do you expect?  RRG is all about the ideology. Thinking through the consequences of ideology driven changes to the law is not their strong suit. 
  21. What are you cooking today?

      You can also freeze in icecube trays then transfer for easy portioning.
  22. Coronavirus

      Whether or not your health profile puts you into a higher risk group depends on your specific illnesses. Read the Impfverordnung or ask your doctor to determine your priority level.    Contact your employer regarding eligibility due to your occupation.   
  23.     The additional paperwork for an NE is in some cases not much more than that for an AE and whoever processed your AE might have made a note on your file. I also suspect that your citizenship makes the security check easier.   Please let us know if they actually issue you an eAT or just a sticker.  
  24.   Do you have experience dealing with paperwork in German? This might not be something you should try to do yourself.   Do you have legal insurance?  If not,  you might want to contact the Verbraucherzentrale. 
  25. What are you cooking today?

      This is the type of question where your location within Germany actually makes a huge difference. I live in Berlin where a large part of the population are of Turkish descent. There are many Turkish grocery stores and they all carry fresh coriander in large bunches. Metro is also usually well stocked.