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  1. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

      It is somewhat complicated and for some reason not many people bother to even read the treaties although they are available in many languages. Furthermore,  I think it is not worth it for a professional to look up the info for just one client and many EU citizens don't realise that FoM brings not only rights, but also responsibilities.    Panda is now a German Steuerberaterin (and if you read some of her old posts you can see that it started out as a hobby for her ), but I'm not sure if she is taking on any new clients.    Alternatively you could try SOLVIT.       
  2. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

    Wow! That was fast! Thanks @PandaMunich!     From reading Articles 11 to 16 it seems that @MaineCoon should not have received an S1 to use in Germany and is not eligible for the KVdR.   Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. @MaineCoon I think you need the assistance of a professional. 
  3. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

      Because you were resident in Germany.    @PandaMunich could probably even tell you where you could find the rule in the treaty. 
  4. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

        A Brit resident in the Netherlands could remain in the Netherlands, but without FoM would not be entitled to take up residence in Germany. 
  5. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    As of Monday May 3rd Berlin is officially starting on group 3 (according to the government's 4 group system - not to be confused with the STIKO's 6 group system).   Furthermore, Berlin will probably have enough vaccines to also start supplying Betriebsärzte in 2 or 3 weeks. 
  6. Two student jobs (Werkstudent+ minijob)

        You and your friends all need to make sure you properly understand the circumstances under which students (and their employers) receive exemptions on certain social security contributions and your non-EU friends need to make sure that they don't work more than they are allowed to work with their study permits. 
  7.   Have you tried asking your Hausarzt very nicely if he could prescribe the meds for you? I also need to get meds every quarter and I went to my Hausärztin with the packaging for all the meds I needed and asked if she could please save me a trip to all the specialists by prescribing them for me. 
  8. Coronavirus

      Capacity has never really been an issue in Germany; the first centres were setup before the first doses arrived. The main issue has been supply of the vaccine and that seems to have picked up. Rumour has it that they'll be enough supply so that the Betriebsärzte can start vaccinating mid-May.    
  9. Coronavirus

      Dentists have being doing this for a year and have had enough time to get their higher hygienic standards sorted out. Furthermore, the likelihood of a dentist (or anyone else with medical training) actually knowing how to properly wear a mask is much higher than the general population. It is also possible that they've already been vaccinated (they are in the 2nd group according to the government's 4 group system - not to be confused with the STIKO's 6 group system).   The probability of serious side-effects from an untreated abscess is much higher (I.e. it is pretty close to 100%) than the probability of contracting Corona from your dentist.     
  10. Coronavirus

      Leon, really!  Everyone knows it is a Microsoft chip in the vaccine. I don't think the software in the chip reader at the vets is compatible with Microsoft. 
  11. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      Under certain circumstances, yes.   For example, if you are 70 or over you would have received a code by mail that you can use to make an appointment. If you have certain chronic illnesses and gave public health insurance, you might have also received a code. Depending on your occupation, you could gave received a code through your employer.     
  12. Coronavirus

      I think this might explain trumpism. If a private school is making hr decisions based on conspiracy theories, it kind of makes you wonder where they get the content for the their lesson plans.
  13.   What is the job?   There are actually a very few specific occupations where you are required to disclose medical conditions when relevant to the occupation. For example, the Bahn is not only allowed to ask prospective train drivers many health questions, they are even allowed to regularly test them. However, if the health question is not directly related to the job, applicants are legally allowed to lie. For most occupations an employer is not allowed to ask a woman if she is pregnant, however, if the job requires handling dangerous chemicals, the question might be allowed.
  14. Urgent help required permanent residency

      He has a letter from the ABH acknowledging that he has fulfilled his obligation to notify them. The letter even confirms that he is allowed to work. Why do you think he might not have registered with the right people? 
  15. Urgent help required permanent residency

              Your rights haven't been violated and you not accomplishing anything by getting on everyone's nerves. You registered and provided them with information. The authorities confirmed your registration and provided you with written confirmation of your application. The authorities technically don't even need to issue you any documents before June 30, 2021. 
  16. Coronavirus

        It really depends on what the politicians decide to do. If they insist on trying to ramp up capacity themselves or giving out contracts, it'll be a problem. If they start selling at cost to large companies so the Betriebsärzte can vaccinate it'll probably be done quickly, efficiently, and at little cost to the tax payers.
  17. Minimum income to buy property in Munich area

        I live in Berlin and unfortunately have to recommend Munich.   The current coalition government (RRG) is all about ideology and not really into problem solving nor rational thought. Their poorly thought out "rent brake" discouraged housing investment and was overturned by the constitutional court last week. They don't really have any type of plan to ease the housing shortage and the cost of renting keeps rising. Tenants with old rental contracts or subsidised housing don't move even if they have more room than they need, because new rental contracts for smaller apartments cost more than old contracts for larger apartments. Furthermore, you have many tenants illegally subletting and overall the housing market is a mess. Now many people are calling for the government to appropriate property, which makes developers less inclined to build new housing. Furthermore, if the Tesla factory actually comes online the housing situation will only get worse.   Berlin has Biotronik, but I don't think it is enough to tip the scales.     
  18. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      Sorry poor word choice on my part. Will they deport him? It is definitely legally possible under FoM if the authorities can demonstrate a danger to public health. The question is whether they want to make the effort. 
  19. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      WTF?!?? I don't understand how people can be self-centered!    Does Iceland have laws making it possible to fine him heavily? Can they deport him and ban re-entry?
  20. Minimum income to buy property in Munich area

        I think that the most important point that you are missing is that you won't be able to get a mortgage before you even start working; you're going to need to rent first.    What are the "other financial benefits" in Munich? If you can get relocation support in Munich including temporary housing for at least 6 months and school/kita enrollment take the Munich job.
  21. Coronavirus

      Like Leon said, if your neighbour complains and the cops show up you can argue the finer points of the law with the authorities and why it doesn't apply to you  using your excellent German.   Great plan! 
  22. Coronavirus

      Considering new tenants require the approval of the landlord and need to register with the authorities (anmelden) along with everything that goes along with it, I don't think classifying guests as residents qualifies. On the other hand, I don't understand why Mike is bothering to ask, because he's going to do what he wants anyway.
  23. Coronavirus

      Why are asking? Do you really care if you are not allowed to have visitors living with you? 
  24. Minimum income to buy property in Munich area

      Read the OP again. I could be totally wrong here, I understood that they have the PhDs, but want to know how much they'll need to earn for the housing they want to have.    @WallE do you both already have jobs lined up? Or you basing your decision to consider Munich on whether or not you'll be able to afford to buy property? 
  25. Minimum income to buy property in Munich area

      Does speciality matter? Is the job market in Munich for PhDs in STEM fields so good that even those with PhDs in specialisations not needed in Munich able to find positions in other disciplines?