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  1.   Read the post again. The OP is looking for very specialised tax advice not cookie cutter standard advice for the masses.   @knowbot   Read posts from @Straightpoop to get an idea of the depth of her knowledge base and then ask her for a quote.
  2. Coronavirus

      You can also contact your doctor for an appointment. Biontech is not without side-effects. I had headache lasting more than 2 days and a very sore arm (compared to what I'm used to for the flu shot). 
  3. Praktikum/Ausbildungsplatz

    How well do you speak German? Are you a student?
  4. Why this forum speaks English and not German

        Although B1 is sufficient to apply for German citizenship, it is not an indication of actual fluency. 
  5.   It is far from over.   Even assuming a 20 day turnaround for mass production, there is still the issue of administering the boosters. Furthermore, it is not clear whether we will be able to reach herd immunity anytime soon. Especially not in Germany. 
  6.   This is a global pandemic and as long as international travel is possible, travel comes with the risk of introducing a new mutation. 
  7. Legalities of unpaid praktikum

      How does that help the two posters in this thread who are receiving ALGI? Unpaid mandatory internships for students are legal in Germany, however, students are not generally eligible for unemployment benefits. Therefore, unless the internships are organised by the Agentur für Arbeit, I don't see any circumstances where someone claiming ALG I could legally take an unpaid internship.
  8. Urgent help required permanent residency

            Twice a week is excessive. No wonder you are being ignored.
  9. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

      I think it is just wishful thinking. The explanations available on websites are just superficial explanations of standard cases, i.e. a Brit who was resident in Germany on Dec 31, 2020, and remains living in Germany has 5 years to apply for the permit. 
  10. Swedish pension benefits and Kurzarbeitergeld

        It doesn't sound as if your Swedish pension would be considered similar to a Teilrente in Germany.    https://www.deutsche-rentenversicherung.de/SharedDocs/Glossareintraege/DE/T/teilrente.html;jsessionid=DCBE677F87629C0B20A11BAE5E4FD82D.delivery2-7-replication
  11. Signed for private health insurance by mistake

      SGB V, however, I'm not sure that reading individual laws will help you untangle your problem if you don't understand how they fit together.     
  12. What are you cooking today?

    Thanks @Sannerl   I always have trouble figuring out which cuts I can use for which recipes.     
  13. What are you cooking today?

        What it is called in German? What would be a similar German cut?
  14.   Hepatitis A & B can be transmitted sexually, however, sex is not the only way to get them (Hep A can be transmitted through contaminated water and Hep B through blood transfusions). I got both of these vaccines as a combi dose before my first trip to Asia and I don‘t know how this information makes a statement about my private life. I also don’t see how this info is anyway sensitive nor do I care if anyone knows that I've had them. 
  15. Short-term apartment rent

        Considering how difficult to find both housing a Kita spots, once you find one it'll narrow down options for the other.  
  16. Signed for private health insurance by mistake

        If you were self-employed the minimum income threshold does not apply.    I think you should start a new thread and but ALL relevant info together. 
  17. Coronavirus

        Since you are under 60, the vaccination centres are not allowed to give you AZ. If you want to get AZ you have to go to a doctor's office (where theoretically they are supposed to advise you based on your medical history).
  18. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

        It is only part of the solution. You also require your employer's permission and most importantly you have to declare any additional income to Agentur für Arbeit.     
  19. Legalities of unpaid praktikum

  20. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      They were supposed to get AZ and then AZ was restricted to those over 60.   In case they haven't received the official info yet, you might want to mention it to them.    I know someone over 60 who called yesterday and was able to get an appointment in the last week of May.      
  21. Vaccinations Brandenburg

    Brandenburg has now made it possible for residents under 60 to receive AstraZeneca through their doctors even if they do not belong to a priority group. As of now, the other vaccines are only (officially) available to those in one of the 3 priority groups.    https://brandenburg-impft.de/bb-impft/de/impfungen-in-arztpraxen/
  22. Freelance from Germany, get paid in another country

            No! Your plans would violate the terms of your residence permit AND also be tax evasion AND potentially social security fraud.     
  23. Brexit: The fallout

      Norway may not be an EU member, however, it is still subject to over 1/5th of all EU regulations and FoM. Any similar arrangement for the UK would have required the UK agreeing to accepting more laws from Brussels where they wouldn't have had a vote anymore.
  24. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

              You have a problem. As a foreigner with a study permit you are not allowed to be self-employed. 
  25.   Actually there are still properties in East Berlin whose ownership is still not yet settled.    @Loreta   Try Torstraße between Friedrichstraße and Rosenthalerplatz as well as the side streets going north.