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  1.   Read his post again (or even just the part I quoted). He mentioned "programmers, engineers, nurses and doctors". I would include all health care professionals in that list (and health care requires a minimum of B2 German). Where is he saying he wants to work in health care? I understood that he has an economics/ business degree.   Could someone please point out where foreigners with economics/business degrees can find good white collar jobs that don't require German?    Is it really so hard to believe that there are few opportunities university educated foreigners in non-technical / health fields in Germany?    I guess being white really does have its privilege.      This also not the first time that this topic has come up:    https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/388451-sprachrassismus-at-work/?page=1    
  2.     How many Eastern European colleagues do the two of you have who are NOT in IT or engineering? Especially without fluent German?   
  3. Getting my old Blaue Karte back?

      Coming back for a few weeks is not sufficient. You should completely rethink your plan. If you are not going to be resident in Germany,  you don't need a residence permit.    For more info I'd recommend reading this recent court case:   Hamburgisches OVG, Beschluss vom 05.02.2021 - 6 Bs 136/20  
  4. Getting my old Blaue Karte back?

      With a Blue Card it would still be a maximum of 12 months.
  5. Getting my old Blaue Karte back?

        That would only be possible with a DA-EU. Coming back for a visit is not sufficient to extend the 12 months for NE holders.      
  6. What is a "Straffreiheitsbescheinigung"?

  7.     You've obviously misunderstood the finer points of the various types of NE.
  8. What happened to the DoJ Memo that District Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered released to the public?  Shouldn't it be released soon?
  9. Gardening

        Or you could just share it with others. For example all your virtual friends and acquaintances here. 
  10.     I'm not a lawyer and have contacted them by email.    The drawback of sending anything by snail mail is that then they have to scan everything and at the time I was applying for my NE the scanning backlog was about 3 weeks.   
  11. Where to find pig intestine

        Already lost most of them. 
  12. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

      Which is correct if you are only studying. Read Panda's post above. You are not allowed to be Scheinselbständig as a foreign student.  
  13. Blaue Karte - 6 Months Visa

          It is only mid-May a permit valid for almost another 3 more months is not "about to expire". You need to be patient. 
  14. Probelohnabrechnung employer change

    Is the salary for your prospective job barely over the minimum?  Or is there a very high variable component to your compensation package? Or some other unusual (for Germany) clause?
  15. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Berlin has lifted the priority groups for vaccinations outside of the vaccination centres. Vaccination centres will continue to give out appointments based on the priority groups, but all other vaccines are left to the discretion of the vaccinating doctor.   https://www.berlin.de/sen/gpg/service/presse/2021/pressemitteilung.1085373.php
  16. Should I quit my job or should I get fired

    DGB Bildungswerk Bund e.V. Kontaktperson: Mousa Othman Tel.: (+)49(0) 211 158 418 67 Mobil: (+)49(0) 151 730 524 90 E-Mail: Mousa.Othman@dgb-bildungswerk.de Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Arabisch Sprechzeiten: Dienstag und Mittwoch: 09.00 – 12.00 und 13.00 – 16.00 Donnerstag: 13.00 – 16.00 und 17.00 – 19.00 Termine müssen telefonisch oder per Email vereinbart werden. Bei Bedarf ist auch eine mobile Beratung möglich. Adresse: Graf-Adolf-Straße 41 | 7. Etage | Raum 7.10, 40210 Düsseldorf https://www.faire-integration.de/de/topic/11.beratungsstellen.html   Lenny made a good point about determining when your pension contributions will vest. You might want to contact one of the free advisory services in your area.      
  17. Should I quit my job or should I get fired

        It doesn't sound as if your boss has cause to fire you.    Alternative 3 would be an Aufhebungsvertrag where you mutually agree on termination of your contract.   Your Betriebsleiter sounds like an ass and you can't change him. Make sure you negotiate the wording of your Arbeitszeugnis along with your termination. 
  18. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Ted Cruz's Op-Ed. The commentary on it is hilarious:   https://youtu.be/uAZe8KlF1fY
  19. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

      The Mieterverein can't help the OP because is on the other side of the contract. Furthermore, the notice period is possibly shorter depending on whether or not it is furnished. 
  20. Why are you unhappy today?

          No, he didn't. Border officials have the right to refuse foreigners entry.    The border guards were the ones who acted unlawfully.    For the record I'm not in any way making excuses for the guards. The point I want to make is that foreigners can be turned away at the border and I suspect that we're going to hear about this happening to Brits who were trying to live "under the radar" (not complying with local requirements) more often post Brexit.   
  21. Coronavirus

        I'm Canadian,  but can completely understand your frustration. 
  22. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Berlin has started a pilot project to start having company doctors vaccinate employees at work. The city has set aside 13,000 doses for this project between now and June 7, the day the federal government will officially start giving company doctors the opportunity to order vaccines.   https://www.berlin.de/sen/gpg/service/presse/2021/pressemitteilung.1083707.php   Your employer will inform you if they are vaccinating. Or ask your worker's council.
  23. Coronavirus

        Ask your doctor.    There is actually a vaccine for shingles, but it is usually recommended in over 50s. Ask if you should get one first. If you need one it needs to be over 2 weeks before your first BionTech. 
  24.   Is Israel still enforcing the quarantine? I think this also plays a huge role. Germany relies on travellers complying with the regs, but doesn't have the ability to enforce them.    How many more of its people will Israel be able to convince to get a vaccine? Will Israel be able to reach 70%?
  25.   Are you suggesting that foreigners married to Germans should be allowed to keep their original citizenship, but all others foreigners should have to give up their original citizenship to become German?!?!?   That is even more ridiculous than the current rules.