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  1. Teenager neighbor's noise driving us nuts

    Talk to the mom first thing tomorrow and warn her the next time it happens you'll call the cops. Considering we're all supposed to be reducing our contact with people not in our household to a minimum, your neighbour's kid's behaviour is irresponsible. It is not just an inconvenience to you and a violation of noise laws, but also a violation of public health measures.     
  2. Artist Studio Space Needed (or place to find one)

    I suspect the few spaces left in the area never get advertised on the open market. Networking is difficult in times of social distancing, but if you already have contacts in the area ask around. You can also try the agency in the Torstr.     
  3. Artist Studio Space Needed (or place to find one)

        Either increase your budget or consider looking in a cheaper area that hasn't yet been gentrified.    
  4.   Rumour has it that the lockdown in Berlin will be extended until the end of January, but we won't know till next week.   1. Are you risk averse? 2. Do you already have legal accommodation in Berlin (a place where you are allowed to legally register)? 3. Do you have a job lined up? Or substantial savings? 4. Do you have skills needed here during a pandemic?   If you have special skills that are needed here, there are ways to receive priority treatment. If not, you need substantial savings to cover your expenses until you can get your paperwork in order (the pandemic is making the very slow moving bureaucracy even slower).    You need to decide how much risk you are willing to take.
  5.   Due to corona the office responsible is open only to those with an appointment until the 10th of January 2021 (and this will probably be extended).   The entry rules are in flux and it is impossible to guess what the situation will be like in 2 months.    Now is not a good time to move. 
  6. Expert advice regards to relocation to Germany

      What is the point? The older posts are very clear that your husband will not earn enough to afford rent in an area with good schools nor for sufficient private tutoring. The only thing that has really changed is that it is even more difficult for foreign children to meet local kids and find private tutors.    
  7.   I can't think of any constructive advice to offer. If it helps you can come back here to vent your anger.
  8. Renting a flat, but not living there

        Did they get married in Germany? If not, I don't know their application was processed so quickly considering the security checks and the Vertrauensanwalt.   https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bmg/
  9. Renting a flat, but not living there

    This a very stupid idea. Your new potential landlord is actually not allowed to give you a Wohngungsgeberbescheinigung until you've actually moved in (it would be a violation of the BMG) and committing misdemeanours in order to speed up the process could backfire. Furthermore, since you come from a country with unreliable documents, it is unlikely that your citizenship application can be processed in 6 months.
  10.     If you really want to do your part to hinder the spread of the pandemic stay at home. Have an an online virtual party with your inlaws. There is no urgent to visit them in person.   Get your wife to read some of the articles by respected medical experts or to listen to a few of Drosten's recent podcasts.   https://www.zeit.de/wissen/gesundheit/2020-12/isabella-eckerle-virologin-coronavirus-weihnachten-schnelltests-neuinfektion
  11.     Is your wife planning on wearing a mask while visiting her relatives? Does your wife spend hours in the grocery store?      
  12. Grocery refund rules in German Supermarkets

        I can recommend both:   https://www.gruenebauern.de/ https://www.kaufnekuh.de/   I'm not a fan of some of the supermarket organic meat.  
  13. Grocery refund rules in German Supermarkets

        Rewe and Penny are two different brands of the same company. Penny is the discount version of Rewe with a smaller product range. I actually find the produce at my local Penny to be great. 
  14.     Did you manage to find a school that has a good online concept to teach foreign children German?