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  1. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Since the vaccination priorities seem to be changing on an almost daily basis and each Bundesland is doing its own thing, I thought that I'd start a thread for Berlin. This information only applies to those who are officially registered with Berlin as their Hauptwohnsitz.    Berlin has opted to send residents eligible for a vaccine a letter by snail mail with a code that they can use to book an appointment either online or by phone. By now everyone over 80 should have received a letter as well as most of those between 70-79.    Since Berlin is longer giving Astra Zeneca to those under 60, residents between 60-69 can phone a special hotline to book a vaccine appointment at the special Impfhotline 030/9028-2200. This number is only for appointments with Astra Zeneca. Appointments are available April 2nd - 6th in Tegel and April 2nd -11th in Tempelhof.        
  2. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

      He needs a Durchgangsarzt.   https://www.unfallkasse-berlin.de/service/suche-nach-durchgangsaerzten
  3. Where is he living now? Does his legal guardian approve of this plan? Or will he first need to prove that he can make his own decision? Is he German?   Depending on his circumstances there are different places where he can apply for assistance. 
  4.   I think the worst case is that someone spends hundreds of Euros on official translations and then finds out that the application can't even be considered because the minimum legal requirements have not been met.    I would advise anyone wanting to apply as a teacher (or in any other regulated profession) to determine the minimum requirements first.
  5.     This question makes no sense.    Zulassungsfrei means that anyone who has a HZB will be accepted. Usually over a third of the students who start in these programmes don't make it past the 1st semester.    The Abitur is the general Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) in Germany. The Anabin databank provides info on the most common foreign equivalents.    When you're in Munich I would recommend that you make an appointment at the Studienkolleg and ask them about your chances of getting admitted to the Studienkolleg as well as if they would let you take the Feststellungsprüfung as an external candidate. You should also ask for copies of past tests so that you can see what you'll be expected to know.     
  6. Staatsanwaltschaft legal support

  7.     My advice would be to look for a good school in the US for your undergrad degree.   However, if you really want to study in Germany and if Corona rules allow it make appointments with schools with a Studienkolleg during the summer when you are in Germany to see if any of them would be willing to give you a chance.   Alternatively if it is not too late, you could take the necessary AP exams before completing your diploma. 
  8. Bachelors degree recognition

      Universities in Germany legally have discretionary power to admit students without all the necessary formal qualifications, however, most of the larger universities with too many applicants don't bother granting exemptions. On the other hand, some of the schools in small towns with low enrollment are willing to lower the requirements to fill their classes.
  9.     University or apprenticeship? 
  10. Birth Certificate for Child

    Even if another German authority has accepted your documents, the Standesamt still has the right to have Indian documents verified for authenticity because Germany considers India a country with unreliable documents.   While you are waiting for the Urkundenüberprüfung to be completed, you can obtain an Auszug aus dem Geburtenregister that you can send to your Krankenkasse as well as to apply for Elterngeld.       
  11. Expired Au pair Aufenthaltstitel

      If you and your company know what they are doing,  it is possible to process a Blue Card very quickly if your annual salary is over 56,800€. If you are applying with the lower threshold, it could take longer.   If your annual salary is less than 58,050€, you are required to obtain public health insurance. You need to choose a public health insurance company and inform your employer. The Krankenkasse is only allowed to insure from when you start work. 
  12. Expired Au pair Aufenthaltstitel

  13. Expired Au pair Aufenthaltstitel

    You won't be able to obtain proper insurance at the moment because you don't qualify for public health insurance and comprehensive private insurance won't take you. A cheap travel insurance could theoretically cover you as an interim measure.   What type of job offer did you receive? Are you sure you are eligible for a regular work permit? Do you have sufficient funds to live in Germany for a few months without working?
  14. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      If you look at the top of this page you'll see my post from May 16th with the link to SenGPG's press release (the source for the article you quoted). They have not made any info regarding vaccination centres since then.   
  15. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

        If you want an appointment at a vaccination centre and don’t belong to groups 1-3, then you need to wait until the vaccination centres start offering appointments for people in group 4. At the moment SenGPG has not provided any info on how they will reorganise the appointment process. 
  16. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

        You know what they say about assume, right?    It is not sufficient that he is thinks that he is somewhat sick, he actually needs to have one of the conditions specified or obtain special permission.   He also said " just shy of being in a priority group."   The first step is NOT trying to book an appointment,  but rather @sumguy needs to determine his priority group and obtain the necessary documents/codes.   There is a reason for separate threads for different states. If you don't know how the system works here, please don't post and confuse people. 
  17. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      Currently it is only possible for residents belonging to the priority groups 1-3 to register for an appointment at a vaccination centre in Berlin!
  18. Proof of negative Schnelltest?

    It depends on the test centre. One place I went to sent an email and at another I had to download an app. Nor all test centres will have an on-site printer. It is better to verify in advance if you want a certain type of confirmation. 
  19.   The point is that foreign therapists who don't speak sufficient German cannot receive recognition of their foreign qualifications. Without formal qualifications recognised in Germany, they are not allowed to provide medical services that can be reimbursed by insurance. Although foreign therapists can provide certain types of counselling services (preferably after obtaining legal advice on what exactly is permitted), patients need to pay for these services out of pocket.   
  20.   Although I agree that many would prefer service in English, how many would be willing (and able) to pay privately for it? AFAIK, the massive waiting lists are only for therapists covered by insurance.     
  21.   What benefits do you think you'll need? As a German citizen living in Germany you're entitled certain types of benefits, however, you are probably too wealthy for needs based benefits.    
  22.   I just answered his questions on healthcare occupations in his other thread.   This thread is about corporate jobs for business grads that don't require German.   I've met Eastern European immigrants in Canada who were able to get onto the corporate ladder with strong accents and less than perfect English. This does not seem to be a widely available option in Germany (granted the Mittelstand is the motor of the German economy and most Mittelstand companies operate in German).
  23. How to get a job in Germany with A1 German?

        I'd forget about Germany. It doesn't make any sense with your skill set.   The examples you've given are all Ausbildungsberufe i.e. ones which traditionally require an apprenticeship rather than a degree. Although there are a few schools now offering degrees in physical therapy and nursing it hasn't really caught on and employers don't see the need of offering higher salaries to university grads.   In order to be accepted into any health care apprenticeship you'll need a minimum of B2 German (and with only B2 it would be very difficult). German for healthcare is much more complicated than in English since many English medical words are derived from Latin and German has invented totally different words (for example, appendix = Blinddarm or thyroid = Schilddrüse). You'd need to be familiar with the Latin derivations, but use the German words with patients. Even if you complete training abroad, you'd still need B2 German to work here.   Furthermore, physical therapy is a schulische Ausbildung which means you have to pay for it. IIRC Osteopathy has different training programmes, but is not completely standardized.    Regardless which healthcare-related occupation you choose, you would first need to learn German, then spend a few years back in school in order to finally look for relatively poorly paid positions.