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  1.       I have to disagree with you.    According to the OP, he is Egyptian. Unless his wife is from a privileged country and the child inherits this citizenship, a foreign child born to a foreign mother in a foreign country will require a D Visum to enter Germany. Considering this requires first obtaining a birth certificate, then the child's passport before a visa can even be issued, if the OP's wife gives birth in Egypt, it'll probably take a few months before she can come to Germany with the new born. Furthermore, until they are here I don't see how they'd be eligible for Kindergeld.
  2.   Read my post again. Elterngeld and Kindergeld are not dependent on your income (unless you are in a very high income bracket), however, you have to look at the residence (Wohnsitz) rules if your wife wants to give birth in your/her home country.
  3.   Why do you need a lawyer? You are not eligible for that many benefits, which means that you really don't have to fill in that many forms.
  4. Pension Refund for German Citizens !!!

      No! Not as long as you are German.
  5. Pension Refund for German Citizens !!!

      No. It makes perfect sense to exclude German citizens from having pension contributions refunded. Otherwise you could have your contributions returned, spend them on great vacations, and then come back to Germany when you retire to live at the expense of German taxpayers.   The only two ways I can think of for a German citizen to claim back their contributions would be to first give up German citizenship they apply for a refund or become verbeamtet (Beamter can claim back contributions they made before they became a Beamter under certain circumstances).
  6. unemployment benefit

    The project Faire Mobilität goal is to assist EU citizens working in Germany who are having difficulty with the authorities and/or their employers and they have an office in Oldenburg (contact details above).    Send them both an e-mail today outlining your problem and ask them for an appointment as soon as possible. Do not ramble. Keep the email short and limt it to the most important facts (i.e. employment terminated and not receiving benefits).
  7. unemployment benefit

      Piotr Mazurek Telefon (+49) 0441 - 924 90 - 12 Fax       (+49) 0441 - 924 90 - 18 E-Mail  piotr.mazurek@bfw.eu.com Sprechstunde für Ratsuchende  Telefonisch – Mo bis Fr 9 -17 Uhr In der Beratungsstelle - nach Terminvereinbarung Sollten Sie mich nicht erreichen, bitte eine Nachricht hinterlassen (Mailbox oder E-Mail)   Sprachen Deutsch | Polnisch | Englisch Raluca Gheorghe Telefon (+49) 0441 - 924 90 - 19 Fax       (+49) 0441 - 924 90 - 18 E-Mail   raluca.gheorghe@bfw.eu.com  Sprechstunde für Ratsuchende  nach Terminvereinbarung Sprachen Deutsch | Rumänisch | Englisch
  8. unemployment benefit

      Are you looking for help to solve your problem or do you just want to vent?   Repeating yourself is not going to solve your problems. I've tried explaining to you how to do it yourself, but I don't think you've understood my explanations.    WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!?!?!   There are NGOs where you can get help to solve your problems, however, it makes little sense for me to recommend this place in Kiel if you live too far away from there.   https://www.faire-mobilitaet.de/beratungsstellen/++co++0cf06d16-f53d-11e1-a9f1-00188b4dc422        
  9. unemployment benefit

        I know how the process is supposed to work, but something seems to be very wrong with how your case is being handled. Without being there, I can't comment on where the problem lies.   You need someone to go with you or at least look over all your paperwork and help you write a letter specifically applying for the benefits you need.   Are any of these Beratungsstellen near you?   https://www.faire-mobilitaet.de/beratungsstellen   If not, let me know your postal code (either here or by PM) or Bundesland and I'll see if can find place where you can go for help in your area.
  10. unemployment benefit

      Yes, it does. However, you need to go to the JobCenter and tell them you are mittellos.   I think that you really need help to deal with the authorities.   Are any of these places near you?   https://www.faire-mobilitaet.de/beratungsstellen  
  11. Pflichtpflegeversicherung for freelancers

          Pflegevericherung is a legal obligation for everyone resident in Germany and it is not possible to opt out. Consider it another business expense relating to choosing to be self-employed in Germany. 
  12. Type D Visa to Blue Card

      Normally it is. Did you submit a copy of the degree or did you take the original to the German Embassy when you applied for your visa? There might be a copy of your degree somewhere in your file. See if you can at least order an official transcript and take all the correspondence you have from the university.   Make an appointment ASAP. Without the degree it might take some time to sort out. On the other hand, if everything was correctly documented, it is also possible your application will be processed smoothly.    
  13. Nanaimo Bars

    Thank you @easytodraw ! You are the best!   Do you use the entire packet of pudding mix or just 2 Tablespoons? Do you use Blockschokolade? Is there any reason you don't use walnuts? Do you use the coconut that you can get in the baking section?   Sorry for all the questions, but I find making Canadian dishes with German ingredients sometimes difficult and knowing in advance what substitutes to use cuts down on the trials and errors.    
  14.   The police might not have the time, but I've seen the Ordnungsamt set up random bicycle inspections. I wouldn't be surprised if they started ticketing scooters without the sticker.