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  1. Buying an Industrial Land

      You can find quite a lot of info on starting a business in Germany in German,  however, there is very little available in English. You should also be aware that in Germany there are many laws and regulations regarding any type of business that serves food and they are also in German. Don't forget to budget for translation services.   Your local IHK would be a good place to start.   https://www.startercenter.nrw/de/erfolgsgeschichten/interview-anthony-sarpong-anthonys-kitchen https://gruenderplattform.de/geschaeftsideen/restaurant-eroeffnen https://www.existenzgruender-jungunternehmer.de/p/gruendung/branchen/gastronomie.html  
  2. Buying an Industrial Land

      Have you ever run a restaurant before? Have you ever even worked in a restaurant in Germany?   I would highly recommend that you start by writing a business plan to determine how much you'll need to finance the land purchase, build then outfit and furnish a restaurant as well as the running costs for the first year. Unless you have substantial collateral, I think you will find it difficult to finance this project (especially in the middle of a pandemic when so many restaurants are closing).
  3. What food do you miss as a Canadian or American?

      Have you considered mixing your own? You already know the spices that are included and what you like.   Spicebar has a mixer that allows you to order your own customised spice blends. Although I haven't used the mixer yet, I have bought their spices before.    https://www.spicebar.de/mixen/mixbar
  4. Health insurance after resigning from job

      The advantage of working for the UN is that you don't need to pay local taxes and social security contributions. However, since you haven't been paying unemployment insurance contributions, you are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits (ALGI). Theoretically, you can register as Arbeitssuchend with the Agentur für Arbeit, but unless you speak German or have incredible technical skills, they won't be able to help you.
  5. Were you able to find a school for your kids?
  6. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

        The Gesundheitsamt is supposed to issue an official quarantine for the entire household. You might want to suggest to your neighbour that she email your local Gesundheitsamt ASAP for clarification mentioning her daughter's pre-existing condition.    https://www.berlin.de/ba-pankow/politik-und-verwaltung/aemter/gesundheitsamt/    
  7. Legality of gas bottle in apartment

        Could you please expand? I had gas in a previous apartment and didn't notice  any significant difference.   I picture my ideal kitchen as having a gas range and electric oven.
  8. Translation for "m, w, d"

      AFAIK he is only a self-appointed moderator.    For the record, I wouldn't group @murphaph 
  9. Translation for "m, w, d"

    The inmates have taken over the asylum.    I used to hit the posting limits occasionally, but things have gone downhill since then and it is unfortunately not so interesting around here anymore. 
  10. President Donald J. Trump

      What I don't understand is why the CDC or another public health authority can't intervene in these circumstances. If he manages to infect a large portion of the government, public administration, and military it will cause even more chaos.
  11. Get a new instructor for a few lessons and then reschedule the test.   I had something similar happen to me before I took my motor boat test.   Good luck!
  12. Job Visa and Niederlassungs

      It sounds as if that is what the OP did and the Agentur für Arbeit determined that the OP was working for dumping wages. Without knowing what exactly the OP is doing and how much he is earning it impossible to determine whether or not there are any other options.    
  13. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

      Americans are only eligible for German unemployment benefits when living in Germany. Third country nationals are not allowed to transfer unemployment insurance benefits even within the EU.  
  14. Legality of gas bottle in apartment

      It seems that many older buildings are being converted away from gas here (at least in Berlin).  
  15. Legality of gas bottle in apartment

      I'd actually prefer gas (and most of my pots would probably also work on induction).   My main concern would be whether or not I could have gas canisters delivered by a reliable company. There is no way I'd be willing to lug one of these things up to my 3rd floor apartment without an elevator.