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  1.   You forgot permission from the landlord; subletting without permission from the landlord can result in the termination of the rental contract.
  2.   I regret to inform you that this is not the place to look for accurate advice on complex immigraiton issues. I would highly recommend that you tell your friend to post his questions on info4alien, a website run by people who work in the field and have actually read the laws.
  3. Working remotely for a German company, sometimes from Italy

      It depends on why your boss doesn't wanting you working from Italy. I know that another poster found a way to sort out the insurance issue for EU countries.        
  4. What to study now? - please help!

      Another degree does not really make sense. Why don't you look into the professional certificates that @LukeSkywalker suggested and improve your German. 
  5. double health insurance

        I regret to inform that this forum has been taken over by certain ignorant (and possibly malicious) posters who make "suggestions" that could have serious consequences for anyone following their suggestions. You seem to have a better understanding of Freedom of Movement than a few posters on this thread.   It is not splitting hairs, but you need to fulfil the requirements and I expect many freeloading Brits are going to end up with a few nasty surprises in the next few years.    I would suggest you contact @PandaMunich at https://expertise.tax/en/ for a consultation on how to set up your employment contracts and then @john g. about the health insurance.
  6.   No, your permit status only determines whether or not you are allowed to work and for how many days (make sure that you get written confirmation from your ABH that you are allowed to work more than 120 days). The tax code determines how much tax you pay.
  7. Niederlassungserlaubnis für Hochqualifizierte

      Option 1) Find a real job with a proper salary   Option 2) Go home    
  8. Abmeldung & Unemployment benefits

        Why do you keep starting new topics? I already answered your questions months ago!   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/387683-is-there-anyone-who-can-help-me/?do=findComment&comment=3823924  
  9. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      No, you don't. However, as foreigners neither of us has the power to vote or influence German government decisions.   Therefore, if you don't like how things work here and don't agree with the German social contract, your best option is to either move to a country whose laws you feel you could follow or move back home where you have the power to change things.
  10. Does house insurance cover lights?

        Who installed the hook?     
  11. Finance Industry Certifications?

        Why don't you first try and get some experience in Canada in one of these areas?  
  12. 2nd residence rules

        This won't work. You can't have only a 2nd residence in Germany. If you register in Germany,  it would be your 1. Wohnsitz.    I would suggest contacting @PandaMunich for professional advice.     
  13. Finance Industry Certifications?

        Short answer : no   Long answer:  I took the CSC a long time ago and it was a joke.  Not surprisingly all exams specific to Germany are in German. The exams/certifications specific to Germany are not as easy as the CSC  Considering all the layoffs in the banking industry even before Corona, a foreigner would need specialised skills to find a job in this field at the moment   On the other hand if you have amazing quant skills, you should try the banks in Frankfurt and insurance companies in Munich.   BTW, you should also be aware that certain positions that would be filled by university grads in Canada are filled by employees who've completed a Bankausbildung in Germany (and many German banks prefer Bankkaufleute over university degrees).         
  14. Employment issues

      Your friend should contact the Betriebsrat (if the company has one) and/or a union.      
  15. Hauptmieter- Net Income Requirement

    I regret to inform you that you've come to the wrong place for good advice due to the increase of clueless trolls and I would highly recommend that you contact the Mieterverein first to determine what type of lease you have as well as the best way to go forward:   https://www.berliner-mieterverein.de/recht/infoblaetter/info-97-wohngemeinschaft-und-nichteheliche-lebensgemeinschaft.htm     If your landlord is looking for a way to get rid of you in order to raise the rent, the landlord might not even be willing to enter into a new lease with you (I've heard about this happening in Berlin and you posted on the sub forum for Berlin).