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  1. Krankenkasse. Freiwillig- oder Pflichtversichert

      The months in which you made contributions in countries with a social security agreement with Germany (such as Austria and the UK) can be used to fulfil the Wartezeit under certain circumstances.    Have you already received your Versicherungsverlauf?     
  2. Is living at Potsdamer Platz that bad?

      I think the price also has a lot to do with it. Don't forget that over 30% of household in Berlin receive some form of welfare benefits and these apartments are out of the price range of many people here.
  3. Deregister and salary

      Once you are no longer registered in Germany, the Finanzamt automatically puts you into Steuerklasse VI because you are no longer entitled to the Freibetrag. If you de-register before your employer (or its payroll service) does the Abgleich with the the Finanzamt, you'll pay higher taxes at source and will need to file a tax return for 2019 in order to claim the overpaid tax.    
  4. Minimum Salary For Work Permit

      Since it is not related to you field (and the salary is so low), you'll not be eligible for the special rules for foreign grads and will be subject to the Vorangprüfung.    On the other hand, after you graduate you can apply for a permit to look for a job (16 Abs 5 AufenthG) that will be valid for 18 months and gives you full labour market access (so you could work full-time while looking for a real job).
  5. Einbürgerung in 7 years

      You don't need to give up your NE, however, your initial post regarding applying for citizenship as a foreign student didn't mention that you already have an NE.     
  6. Advice needed on HS Diploma+?=Abitur

      Why would you think that? You didn't complete the IB.
  7. Advice needed on HS Diploma+?=Abitur

      Unlikely. When did you graduate?   
  8. Advice needed on HS Diploma+?=Abitur

          When did you receive the American HSD? What was your GPA?   How well do you speak German?   
  9. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

      Lying to the ABH on your application is also a criminal offence in Germany. Failing to disclose pending criminal charges is considered a lie of omission. 
  10.   There is actually no such thing as an EU pension. As long as you have made more than 60 months of pension contributions in the EU by the time you retire, you'll be eligible for a German pension. If for some reason you don't manage to make 60 months of contributions, you can apply for a refund when you reach the retirement age.
  11. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

      Who cares what the link says, why don't you try reading the actual law.    
  12.     Not. Since you are now an EU citizen you are allowed to make voluntary contributions and are not eligible for a pension refund. 
  13. Einbürgerung in 7 years

      Foreign students with a permit under §16 AufenthG are ineligible for citizenship. 
  14. What must be in CV? Age, Nationality, Marital Status, Date of Birth

      Call them.   An ad in German at a public institution probably indicates a traditional German HR process.   Furthermore,  if you are a Brit applying from the UK you should probably address the work permit uncertainty post-Brexit.
  15.   You might want to also look into alternate ways to insure yourself in case your government decides not to cover the costs post- Brexit.