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  1. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

        Considering how many English teachers seem to have lost clients/lost hours due to the pandemic, the last thing Germany needs is more English teachers (or artists).
  2.   For what type of permit does your friend want to apply? Is it just a delaying tactic or does she realistically think she can obtain a permit? Does she have sufficient funds to finance her stay without working until her permit is processed?    
  3. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

      Research the working holiday programmes and post back in a few months.
  4.       No!    If his work permit is tied to his employer, he needs a skilled job and a new permit to work if he has been here less than 2 years. Furthermore, if he has not even paid 12 month of unemployment insurance contributions, he is not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.   If he doesn't have sufficient funds to support himself and can't borrow enough from you or someone else, he should consider making plans to go home before he runs out of funds.
  5. Declaring fatherhood

      Sorry, but your officials are idiots. India doesn't allow dual citizenship, but your Embassy is willing to issue a passport for a child who has two other citizenships!!?!?!?!?   I don't think an Indian passport will help your child get on a plane to Germany without a Schengen Visa (although theoretically the child would have a right to accompany your GF, I don't think you'll find an airline that would be willing).   When is the baby due?
  6. Declaring fatherhood

      Does India allow minors to hold dual citizenship?
  7. Declaring fatherhood

          It is not that bad. If the baby has a Brazilian passport, the baby doesn't need a visa for the Schengen Area. Once your GF and baby are here, the baby is allowed to stay as the dependent child of your EU citizen GF, however, they are both going to need health insurance and sufficient funds (I'm just assuming that you are willing to support them). Once in Europe, you and your GF can organise a Portugese passport for the child.   The only problem with this solution is that I don't know how you'd recognise paternity and if this could cause tons of paperwork later.   Are you still planning on getting married? If yes, where?  
  8. Declaring fatherhood

    Brazilian citizens do not need a visa to enter the Schengen Area under normal, however, I'm not sure if the Corona regulations would be an issue.   I would recommend sorting out the birth certificate and passport first. Find out how difficult it would be to sort out the paternity paperwork at a later date and then decide when you want to do it.
  9. Declaring fatherhood

        The baby just needs a birth certificate to get a passport and a passport to come to Germany. As an EU citizen the child doesn't need a visa.    The only thing you need to clarify is what paperwork the authorities want to see in order for them to put your name on the birth certificate.    Maybe you can try the Brazilian Embassy in Germany as well? 
  10. Hiring lawyer to get citizenship faster

        In Berlin citizenship applications are processed by the Bezirke and the Bezirke have global budgets from the Land.  Staffing the citizenship offices is not a priority in most Bezirke  (Tempelhof Schöneberg seems to be an exception), most offices are massively understaffed, and they receive new applications faster than they can process old ones resulting in an ever increasing backlog.    On top of which citizenship applications are not a priority during a health pandemic.   
  11. Freelancer with EU clients who have no VAT ID

    Have you tried using the search function? I'm sure that this has already been covered.
  12. Declaring fatherhood

      She needs to contact the local authorities in Brazil as well as the Portuguese Consulate (whenever they reopen). Alternatively she can try to contact the Portugese authorities, however, unless you can speak Portuguese you can't help her with that either.    Perhaps you can find an expat site for Portugal? Otherwise I really don't know what you can do at the moment.
  13. Coronavirus

    What else have you lied about? 
  14.      I have used the Mieterverein to review my lease and would recommend joining them to deal with all rental issues.   Furthermore, I'd all suggest you  contact @Starshollow regarding your insurance needs. I'm not convinced that the online portals are a good idea for many types of insurances.
  15. Bosses on the back ;) surgery getting me fired?

    I think your Kasse has made a mistake.    For how many days were you off sick for the accident in total (according to the codes on your doctor's notes)? How many days for the operation so far?