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  1. Unemployment benefits if you resign

        Don't call, but rather send an email so that you have proof of what exactly they said.
  2. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      Join your local Mieterverein. They are looking for such examples and can help you. 
  3. Exploited worker

        The contact info for Hessen:   https://rp-darmstadt.hessen.de/sicherheit/arbeitsschutz/arbeitszeit   If you can't reach them by phone, send an email.    
  4. Separated, and husband wont let me stay

      It is also a criminal offence to lie to the authorities in order to help a foreigner obtain a permit under false pretenses and the verbeamtete ex would be really stupid if he went along with it.
  5. Coronavirus

        It'll take some time, but I agree with you.
  6. Separated, and husband wont let me stay

      Although you are entitled to Trennungsunterhalt, you probably won't get much (if any) alimony after the divorce.   Based on what you've posted, you are wrongly skilled for the German job market and will probably have a very difficult time making ends meet (the global pandemic will probably result in a global recession). I really don't think you should count on teaching English to support yourself based on what you've written. 
  7. Coronavirus

      I wonder whether drug dealers will go bankrupt. And whether this will force some addicts to quit cold turkey.
  8. Separated, and husband wont let me stay

      The global pandemic is a big thing for everyone else.   You don't have a job, savings, nor a place to live. Does your husband have a good job? Do you have any skills that are needed in Germany? How well do you speak German? Do you have an NE?    
  9. Coronavirus

      The stats at least make more sense to me than the technical medical info.
  10. Separated, and husband wont let me stay

      He can send the papers by mail.   Do you want to return to Germany? Is there any pressing reason for you to return?   I just don't understand what type of info you need.
  11. Separated, and husband wont let me stay

      Then either get a job where you are, apply for Trennungsgeld through a German lawyer, and then consider coming back to Germany. Or just stay where you are.   The Frauenhäuser are already overburdened because of the pandemic and you can't expect to come back to Germany and find immediate assistance (and the next question is whether you'd be entitled to it either).  
  12. Separated, and husband wont let me stay

      Read the wiki and then get a lawyer.
  13. Separated, and husband wont let me stay

      As Leon already mentioned Trennungsgeld will not be paid retroactively and you should apply for ASAP.   Get the Trennungsgeld sorted first and then see how things look in July.
  14. Separated, and husband wont let me stay

      You can apply for Trennungsgeld if your husband earns enough.
  15. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

        I'm not sure. If I can find the info, I'll post it.