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  1. How long can I stay in Germany?

      I disagree. That ship has sailed. 
  2. How long can I stay in Germany?

      It is not just a matter or registering, to qualify under the Withdrawal Agreement it is necessary that British citizens met all the criteria of one of the Freedom of Movement categories. 
  3. School visa requirements

      There is even less that someone can do with a BA in International Studies from a German university these days (I'massuming that you studied in the States).     When most German universities implemented the Bologna reform they didn't give any thought to redesigning the curriculum, but rather just split the courses from the Diplom/Magister into bachelor's and master's degrees.   
  4. School visa requirements

        Where specifically do you want to work?    Keep in mind that you'll be competing with multilingual graduates from better schools.
  5. How long can I stay in Germany?

      You can't apply for a visa in Germany. It is only possible to apply for a visa abroad. You don't seem to meet any of the criteria for a residence permit either.   On the other hand you are allowed to spend upto 90 days here as a tourist. 
  6. How long can I stay in Germany?

      Did you meet all the criteria for one of the Freedom of Movement categories on December 31, 2020?     
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Do you really have to always be so pessimistic? Some people (not many) will profit from Brexit and there will be a redistribution of wealth. There are currently opportunities in the import/export sector for anyone who can quickly, efficiently, and most importantly correctly fill out paperwork. Food importers in France are looking to source produce from Spain instead of the UK due logistical difficulties (sure that is bad for British farmers, but it is good for Spanish farmers). Furthermore, I'm sure many companies will spring up to fill in gaps.    Just because the increased costs of Brexit might be disproportionately borne by the British, doesn't mean that others can't profit.  
  8. Brexit: The fallout

        I don't think 10 years will be enough time to reverse Freedom of Movement for everybody. The UK (or what is left in 10 years) will (probably) still need skilled migrants, but not want to allow reciprocal full labour migration so soon.  I also think this will harm the UK more than the EU.
  9. School visa requirements

    Are you just looking for a way to party in Germany (whenever that is again possible), a degree certificate to put on your wall, or qualification to find a job in Germany?    You should keep in mind that German employers generally look for qualifications that match a job description (and take a more narrow view of match).
  10.   How long have you been here? Do you have any formal qualifications needed here?
  11. How long can I stay in Germany?

            No, welcome to the life of third country nationals in the EU.    As a third country national you need a purpose to be here. If you have sufficient funds (and your qualifications are recognised here) you could study. However,  without formal qualifications and a job commiserate to your education you are not entitled to a work permit.   This is a consequence of Brexit.    
  12. School visa requirements

    Why would you want a degree from there? 
  13.   The numbering changed last March. You quoted the new § numbers. The friend's was probably issued under the old numbering system.
  14. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

        Did you specifically ask whether you'd be allowed to accompany your wife into the exam?    https://www.mdr.de/sachsen/corona-schwangerschaft-praenataldiagnostik-100.html
  15. How long can I stay in Germany?

        Germany is a country that values formal qualifications. Without formal qualifications you'll not be able to obtain a work permit as a third country national.   If you want to stay in Germany, you'll have to get married.