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  1. Apartment contract cancelled

      Then why did you post here in the first place?   It is impossible to give you any advice without knowing whether you have a rental contract for housing governed by Mietrecht or if you have a rental that falls under the rules for a hotel. The Mieterverein should be able to determine this if they look at your contrat and give you an opinion.   Personally I would want to know my rights BEFORE talking to the manager.
  2. Uninsured Au Pair getting married!

      It would be really helpful if you could provide a source (i.e. the specific law including the paragraph number) because I think your agent didn't understand what he read somewhere.  
  3. Extension of an internship contract

          Make sure you indicate in your post exactly what your permit says (including whether or not it is a Visum issued abroad or an AE issued in Germany).
  4. ALG1 entitlement period & starting a small business

          It is a Kann-Leistung meaning the official processing your application has the discretion to approve it, but you don't have an automatic right just because you apply for it.   Officially the Agentur is supposed to focus on getting unemployed claimants into employment contracts,  therefore, the potential Gründer should be able to argue that self-employment is better than employment due to his personal circumstances.    Some districts require applicants to undergo an assessment test to determine suitability. 
  5.     I think your best option would be one of these two schools:   https://www.isdedu.de/teaching-learning/international-baccalaureate/ https://www.stgeorgesschool.com/duisburg-duesseldorf      
  6. UK NI contributions / pension statement

      You probably don't want to hear this, but I don't think that there is much that you can do at the moment to speed this up from the German side. You're trying to have contributions credited that you made decades ago and the authorities seem to take ages to process old records that are already archived.   Since the DRV sends out the Kontoklärung forms every 7 years or so and you shoud have already submitted this information (which makes it difficult to argue for special consideration).   More importantly, until Brexit is sorted out there is no telling whether or not the contributions will count.
  7.   Do you even speak German? Have you ever attended a German Gymnasium?   I actually spent 3 months as an exchange student in a Gymnasium with only A2 German. From experience I can assure you that A2 German is not in anyway sufficient to follow courses taught in German. Furthermore, the probability of a 15 year old foreigner with A2 German reaching a native level of German within a year is close to zero.   Most foreign children who arrive in Germany at 15 and over do not manage to complete a German Abitur.    
  8.     A2 is not sufficient to follow Gymnasium level courses in German.    
  9. Anerkennung of my high school diplomas for visa

      Why do you need to have them recognised?
  10.       Is there anywhere other than HIS where the poor kid has a chance of obtaining a decent high school education?
  11.     @kato   As the educational expert for the area, do you think it is probable that a 12 year old who can neither read nor write German will be able to do well in a private Gymnasium?
  12.   I would recommend posting your question on info4alien. Make sure to include precise information on when you arrived in Germany and how long you actually worked.
  13.   If you don't have the technical skills to pass the Vorrangprüfung, then your chances of finding a decent job here are rather low.
  14.   There is then always marriage (however, I would still opt for Italian citizenship before moving).
  15. I've got to ask. Why would you want to move to Germany?   The food, the wine, and the weather are all better in Italy. Italian is also much easier on the ears than German.    I live in Germany and would love to move to Italy (unfortunately I don't speak any Italian nor have skills that would be needed in Italy).