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  1.   Did you have health insurance that met the minimum German requirements when you left?
  2.   I recommend info4alien.de. 
  3. The War in Ukraine

      Putin is deliberately bombing civilian targets and has killed more Ukranian civilians than soldiers. He doesn't consider Ukranians to have sufficient national identity to be considered an individual nation state.    Do you consider genocide an acceptable compromise for "peace in our time"?   Furthermore, he has already started talking about territory in Poland and Lithuania on Russian media (where he continues to lie to his own people about what he is doing).
  4.     There are different laws that apply depending on a foreigner's individual circumstances. None of the explanations offered up in this thread are true in all cases and are mostly just conjecture by people who've not even bothered to read the actual laws.
  5. Elderly Welfare Recipient Sanctioned for Gift

        Only if you live in an ivory tower. It is not a system that works in the real world.
  6. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

        You are actually a German resident.   What citizenship do you have?   Yes, it does make a difference. 
  7. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

      You could ask them directly, I'm just not sure if you're going to be shooting yourself in your foot.    Where are you from?   Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.
  8. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

      All I can tell you is that the info that you've provide do no fit.    I would highly recommend at least asking on info4alien.de what consequences you could face by issuing an invoice for over 20k while having a study permit issued under § 16 b AufenthG.
  9. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

      I just re-read this thread. I already told you at the beginning of May that foreign students are not allowed to be self-employed on study permits. What have you been doing for the past 8 months?   Today is the day before Christmas. Government offices are closed tomorrow. You need permission from your local ABH before issuing an invoice or receiving the funds. I'm not sure if there are enough working days left in the year to sort this out.   You might want to try contacting an immigration lawyer. Bettina Offer in Frankfurt is an expert in immigration for Fachkräfte, but I don't know whether you'll be able to get a telephone appointment at such short notice.  
  10. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

    Read Abs 3     You are only allowed to be beschäftigt (employed).   You need permission from the ABH to be self-employed. 
  11.   Requirements, resources, and expectations have changed over the decades. What was sufficient decades ago, is no longer sufficient now.   Did they even have calculators in schools when you were attending school?         
  12. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

      Your university seems to be rather oblivious to the requirements. Check your permit and make sure you are allowed to write invoices. If your permit says anything along the lines of "selbstständige Tätigkeit nicht erlaubt", you have a problem. 
  13. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

      How did you manage to change your permit to even make it legally possible for you to write invoices?
  14.   How old is your son? What Klasse is he in?