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  1. Health insurance for a non-working spouse

    Thanks John. The 500-600 would need to be covered be me from my net pay. Correct?
  2. Health insurance for a non-working spouse

    Revival.   My wife is publicly insured. The kids and I are Private. If my wife stops working, would I need to cover her Public KK costs or would she need to be added to my Private KK.   Any other potential surprises awaiting such a family set up.   Just exploring options at the moment.   Thankyouplease  
  3. Feststellung zum Einheitswert

    Hi. We moved into a new build earlier this year. It's one of 6 houses built on the site of a now knocked down obsthof. Shortly after we moved in we received a form from the Finanzamt asking for various details about the house, ground, purchase price etc. I regarded this a statistics gathering and nothing to be worried about.   Now we have received a letter from the Finanzamt with some scary termonology:   Der Einheitswert wired festgestelt auf ... (Mid 5 figure sum) - I think this is just a new valuation of the value of the ground, now that it is built on. Nachrichtlich bisher ... (low 4 figure sum). - old value of old house and large garden in 1948 Grundsteuermessbetrag wird festgestelt auf ... (just over 100) - based on the form we filled.   Berechnung der Jahresrohmiete - what is this? We bought the ground, it is not erbpacht land.   At first I thought I had to find a significant amount of money for the Finanzamt, but now I think this was just to calculate the grundsteuer.   Could we have affected the steuer value with our filled out form? Is that something that can be checked and validated with the Finazamt? What's the deal with the Jahresrohmiete? Just a calculation value or is something significant here?   Last question: if the Grundsteuer amount is all that we need to cover, how often is it paid? Monthly or less often?   Thanks   BobD