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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Got a nice letter from Darmstadt today. 2.5 months after I submitted my application. All I need to do is wait for my local Rathaus to contact me to give me my Citizenship Certificate. Good luck those still waiting.    B
  2. I own a Nikon D3000 which i bought three years ago as our daughter was born. It is rarely taken outside and is always on auto. I have little time to play with it or learn how to make the most of it.   This evening when trying to take some shots of wife and child by the Christmas tree and failing dismally, i was ready to stick it straight on ebay.   I've calmed down a bit now, but still wonder if i should keep it and invest time and money in learning how to use it in anger, or better to sell it and buy a decent point and shoot digital camera. All i need is something that can take good shots in all lights and a decent short video for family shots, high days and holidays.   Any thoughts?   BobD
  3. We are moving forward with our house purchase and have received the contract from the seller. He has arranged a Notar and wants to move forward as soon as possible.   My German is not great and my legal German is non existant so I am intending to go to a local Rechtsanwalt to go through the contact with me. The Anwalt has asked if we want him to act as Notar also.   Now I have read elsewhere that we are able to have our own Notar, but why? Are they not supposed to be completely independant? Is their independence sometimes doubted?   Thanks for any advice you can offer.   Bob
  4. 'Bausparen' savings plans

    I am starting work with a new company in a couple of weeks and they will be paying me 'VL'. The finance team there are recommending I put it in a Bausparenkonto, but I'm not sure it makes sense.   I already have a good size deposit built up in the UK (now a little less good after the GBP depreciation) and anyway, I may not be here forever.   On those two points, would you recommend a Bausparen saving plan for expats?   Thankyouplease   Bob