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  1.     Things must have changed now - Just my luck!! I just called my Telc examination centre to find out if this is true...they said, if I don't make the grade then I will have to resit the whole exam, not just the failed bits.  
  2. snakes in Munich - 3 found near schools..

    Thanks for the link. Not sure if I'm relieved or more scared now...
  3. So, here in south east Munich there have been a spate of snakes - mostly found around kindergartens/schools. The snakes look like different types, so it's not like a 'family' of snakes got lost somehow... Its very bizarre. I've never heard of this until now, and I'm confused as to whether its foul play or just the heat. Is anyone aware of similar occurrances in the rest of Munich?
  4. German practice

    There used to be a fairly regular event where Toytowners could gather to practise their german. Does that still happen?  It's hard to practice German with native/fluent speakers. Does anyone know of any place for a A2 beginner to practice her german?