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  1.   Newp. Nothing. Nada. Nothing apart from the letter from Barclaycard citing Brexit as the reason for closing my account...   Also, this is a thread about Brexit and bank account so I wanted to keep my concerns regarding no-deal Brexit specific.
  2.   Kinda off topic at this point, but coming back to 'no deal' brexit issue... A bill has been passed in the Uk allowing for the UK to backtrack on it's Brexit deal, which: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-54147365  and so it could be argued, that British expats might have cause for concern over the future of their UK bank accounts.
  3. I see. Ok. It's very confusing how they insist on still calling it a no-deal Brexit .... couldn't they call it no-deal2 or something?
  4.   I don't think that's true. Have you tried googling 'no-deal Brexit'? I assure you, the articles discussing this possibility are very current.
  5.   Good Point. Admittedly, this is a pretty dormant account and so I am not particularly bovvered. However, I was concerned because they specifically stated it was due to the UK leaving the EU. A bit of googling revealed that there does indeed  appear to be some confusion among banks regarding the future of  non-residents accounts,   Oddly, most of the articles discussing the possibility of Brits abroad losing their UK bank accounts are from circa 2 years ago : https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/aug/23/britons-in-eu-could-lose-access-to-uk-bank-accounts-under-no-deal-brexit    The articles seem to focus on the no-deal aspect which is a real possibility.  
  6.   How does one do this? ... asking for a friend.   My UK bank account always had my German address and I presumed they shared all relevent info with the German Tax authorities. Actually, I have received paperwork to this effect - telling me that they would be sharing my info.
  7.   Can I ask who you bank with?
  8.   Barclaycard.   The heading on their letter to me states 'Your account will be closed on 16th of November 2020' I have family and friends in London, but it appears Barclaycard want to know that I am a UK resident - and I don't wish to mislead. Thanks for everyone who responded...Good to know that my other UK accounts are probably safe!!
  9. Hi all,    I have received a letter from my UK bank advising that if I am not a UK resident they will close my UK bank account. They sent the letter to Germany as I had updated my accounts ages ago with my German address. Having googled the matter, it appears that there is confusion on this topic and some banks are being more lenient than others. I was just wondering if Toytowners had any advice for me, perhaps there is a way around this?
  10. So, my 9 year olds German grades could be better. Next year is vital, in that he will be tested and graded to decide which school he goes on to after. I would like to help him out this summer, by introducing him to some topics he might have to learn next year. Can someone point me in the direction of what the syllabus is for year 4? if you have a child in year 4 and  you could tell me what kind of topics they are covering that would be great. My particular area of concern is German grammer. 
  11. Kindergartens - will they stay closed?

    I just got confirmation from our Kindergarten that they reopen on the 15th of June.
  12. Making a last will and testament

      that's very interesting. I presume the Heirs in this case would have to be over 18?
  13. Making a last will and testament

    wow. Thank you all for the great advice. Unfortunately, my Steurberater has advised that he cannot assist in this matter.   One more question. So, we own a mortgaged flat here. Regarding the drawing up of the will, as I see it, we have 2 options: 1) I have been quoted around 1% of half the value of my property to write up my will with a solicitor. 2) I could have my UK will translated into German and write it out by hand, which is cheaper.   My understanding is that with the second option my beneficiaries would have to pay around 1% of the value of the property to get a certificate of inheritance - which they would not have to do if we went with option 1. So, it kinds works out to be the same.   Fast forward 30 years or so, I presume it could work out cheaper for my beneficiaries if i go with option 1 since the flat could have increased in value... OR would they make my beneficiaries pay the difference anyway?   Thanks in advance.
  14. Making a last will and testament

    So, now that we are in Coronavirus Lockdown, my husband and I have been looking into making our wills.   Anyway, My husband is Italian and I am British. The notar claimed that despite we have a UK will, it would not be applicable to our German assets and we would need to make a German will for our German assets and since this is where we live, it will likely override our UK will also. That does not seem to be the consensus here...   The Notar fees seem to be an eyewatering 1% (he can't be sure since he is working from home and doesn't have the exact figures). I am now considering writing up a handwritten will. One question I have, would it be possible to lodge the will with the Amstgericht, as is the case with a will written by a notary? I understand that the Amstgericht will contact the benefactors listed in the will, which is a huge advantage for me, since my own kids are so  young.   Also, the notar could not advise me on wether it would be ok to nominate as a guardian someone who lives in Australia. Does anyone here know if this is possible?
  15. Making a last will and testament

     I know this post is from 4 years ago, but I just wanted to update with the info I learned from my notar today. Regarding how they calculate the worth of a mortgaged property. They will value it at either the equity in it, or  50% of it's marketable worth, whichever is higher.   So, in the example given above, if a property is worth 300,000 and has a mortgage of 200,000 ie it has equity of 100,000, it will be valued at 50% of it's worth ie at 150,000. If however, it had no mortgage it would be valued at 300,000. That is my understanding anyway.