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  1. Unitymedia Problems?

    Hi folks. Are there any Unitymedia users out there who’ve been experiencing problems with internet/telephone? I’m having a terrible time getting answers from the company itself. End of July we started having dropouts up to 6 hours at a time. This has only become worse since then although we were lucky enough to have 3 days of connection from Thursday last week.  Multiple calls to the Helpdesk have resulted in... - acknowledgement that there’s a systemwide failing which is being worked on - the suggestion that it’s our router and a tech guy would be sent out (never came) - straight up denial that there is any issue whatsoever - my wife, on saying she was ready to quit the contract, being told „dann machen Sie‘s, es ist mir egal..“ We Must have made 10 calls since the beginning of August and it’s this mixed bag of answers. The one person who has been straight with us was the Telekom guy who told us, for where we live, there was nothing Telekom had that would match what we’re theoretically getting with Unitymedia. Unitymedia have given us a discount on our August and September bills but that’s not helping my work situation. Anyone else battling with Unitymedia right now? 
  2. I would miss the bread for sure. I would miss going to work in casual clothing a lot. I would miss goodness. I think people here are generally very good well meaning people. I would miss Swabian food. Probably more than I care to admit. I would miss Schwarzwald. I would miss environmental awareness and the appreciation that we belong to something larger. I would miss the social mindedness. I would miss the love of learning. I would miss the bookshops. I would miss living close to so many other countries. I would miss the regionalism and the attitude that not everything needs to be big or a spectacle to have value.   I wouldn't miss the heaviness. There's nothing light about this place at all (where I live anyway). I wouldn't miss the horrifically limited choice in foods. I wouldn't miss the weather. I wouldn't miss the customer service. I wouldn't miss feeling like I'm walking through an ashtray wherever I am (even on a walk in the countryside the ground is littered with butts). I wouldn't miss the smokers. I wouldn't miss the tv or the badly dubbed films. I wouldn't miss the backwardness with so much technology. I wouldn't miss the impatience, perfectionism and inability to admit fault. At all.   But I'm not going anywhere so it's all kind of moot.    
  3. Should I tip the Umzug workers?

    I gave our team of 4 lunch and 50 Euros. They did a good job and seemed very appreciative of the Trinkgeld.