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  1. The English Teacher's Corner

    Thanks JN53 This is a uni level class and I'm trying to get them to understand the value in having metaphoric speech when explaining concepts/things to someone who may not have the same background they do.   We did indeed work our way through German similes and metaphors first, then we looked at English examples, listened to some music that had similes in the lyrics, before moving it into the academic sphere. When I referenced the German examples we'd looked at they told me that that was just 'part of the language' and nothing they needed to actually learn or come up with themselves. I am personally, very much oriented this way. My normal mode of speech if I'm teaching something is often metaphoric/simile based, so I have a bit of disconnect from the outset because it's always been very easy for me.   I did try and encourage them by saying nothing they came up with would be wrong so long as I was able to understand the connection - but they struggled mightily.
  2. The English Teacher's Corner

    Has anyone had any luck teaching simile and metaphor to advanced learners?   It seems to be something that causes considerable issue - despite German having some fantastic examples itself.   Me - "Flossie - can you use a simile to describe someone who is very slow?" Flossie - "Errr...he's as slow as a....slow person?"   This was basically my whole class recently. One of the students just said "We are not creative and this is stupid" and that was that as far as he was concerned. I don't get it. I think "so dumm wie Brot" is one of the best similes I've ever come across. It's not an unknown concept here.
  3. Coronavirus

      The testing is much more important on a community level rather than a personal one. By testing, the health authorities should be able to get a much better picture of disease spread, concentration, possible movement that can help with's an epidemiological issue. The more information we have on a broader scale, the easier (theoretically) it should be to work accordingly.
  4. Coronavirus

      No.   The right thing = notifying the appropriate authorities, getting a confirmation or not that this is actually what she might have so the authorities have the information they can use to help track the spread of the disease.    
  5. Coronavirus

      Kreis Tuttlingen.   It's really astounding. She's trying to do the right thing and they told her (over the phone) that they don't need to see her. 
  6. Coronavirus

        Ok - so here's a development that underscores what I wrote earlier today about the lack of official response.   My German was just sent home from the institution in which she teaches. She has been feeling unwell for a couple of days but this morning this developed into a strong headache, fever with chills and respiratory distress. We were in Alsace a week ago.   "Go home" they told her - "you're surrounded by people here". She's come home, immediately tried to contact the doctor (doesn't work afternoons), contacted another doctor, was referred to the local Gesundheitsamt (who have nothing about the virus on their homepage) who she just half a minute ago got off the phone with.    The official reaction? "It sounds like the flu. Don't worry about coming in. If it gets worse, stay home from work."   That's it. Nothing more. Nothing about screening - just "you'll be fine".   Unbelievable.
  7. Coronavirus

      The lack of official response is crazy. A student mine is a doctor. She's seen one person she suspected of being infected with Covid-19 and when she called the local Gesundheitsamt to get direction, she was told to just use her best judgement. This was the end of last week.   I think the fact that so many people in this country have such an issue with being wrong will see a lot of passing the buck to avoid being the one responsible for making a potentially 'bad' decision. Of course, doing nothing isn't the best decision either.   Some things have been cancelled but it seems only at the organisers discretion. I'm heading to a conference tomorrow. Maybe. I may not go. More than 200 people are attending (although the Italian contingent probably won't be there). There has been nothing from the organisers other than 'It'll be ok - it's no worse than the flu'....