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  1. Thanks, I did see that she is very knowledgeable.   It's also a valid strategy to go for an online tax preparation service and get support for the hard questions. I thought about that after posting.   The form 5471 is not supported by H&R Block or TurboTax. I think only TaxAct supports it. However, I'm talking about filing 3 years of returns and 6 years of FATCA, and it all has to be on paper, I'm not sure they can do that.
  2. Hi,   I'm looking for a tax advisor, a CPA, with expertise in US expat tax filings willing to work with me on a more flexible basis than usual, because I have some needs that don't fit into the normal business model of expat tax preparation services.   I would like to finally catch up with filing US taxes, now that there are stimulus payments associated. My income is very low, my tax forms will be extremely complex (FATCA, form 5471, CFCs, etc...) and I will owe no tax at all, only a refund. I'm not just guessing here. This is for sure.   I would like to fill out all, or nearly all the forms myself. However I require some assistance regarding a number of issues.   For example, if I apply for the streamlined procedure how to handle the difference in filing deadlines between german corporate tax filing and united states personal income tax, because my 2019 German taxes aren't going to be due for quite some time, and the 2020 German taxes not until next year. Yes, I have a Steuerberater,   Of course I could go to one of the many expat tax advisors advertising on this site or that one can easily find on google. So far I have not found any that can work with me in an acceptable way. Most of these tax advisors are not prepared to deal with CFCs and form 5471. Even if they do, they want to charge a very high fee, despite the fact that my CFC makes like almost no money. Furthermore, the business model appears to be based on charging a flat fee per form or for a package of services. Many of the forms are ridiculously easy to fill out, and the main work is to be performed by me anyway, collecting the information that goes into the form and translating german financial terms into english, which the tax advisor is of course not responsible for.   I certainly cannot afford to spend five to ten thousand euros on tax preparation for my small money-losing business that doesn't even owe any taxes in the first place. This would be a significant portion of my annual earnings. One thousand euros would be a more realistic amount.   Therefore I wonder if anyone on the site can refer me to an expat tax advisor, maybe one actually located in the United States somewhere, able to work on a flexible and cost-efficient basis, where the tax advisor just provides the advice, rather than the actual form filling, and does not charge flat fees.