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  1. AFAIK it's all still the exact same peptide, Bremelanotide - otherwise it would have a different name, right? A different formulation would imply a different peptide. And I was referring to subcutaneous injections, not the failed nasal spray variant.   Can you post a link to what you're referring to? Research pharmacology is a pet topic of mine and I so far I haven't run across anything suggesting that anything has changed other than different attempts with the delivery methods. I honestly wonder how many people will be willing to do injections for their libido.   While writing this post, I just read this article which sums up my feelings (needle aversion and 39.9% experiencing nausea):   Ask anybody who's a diabetic how much they like those "quick and user-friendly" injections...   Now don't get me wrong, it would be great if this became popular and helped a lot of people.
  2.   Tried PT141 a few times in 2014 from different sources. Gotta say, the nausea is a buzzkill.