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  1. Coronavirus

    Who needs guns to protect your property when you can simply play an endless recording of loud coughing?
  2. (posting this on behalf of my colleague who's waiting for her TT account to be approved) Jealousy Management – A Four-Session Workshop (English) February 2, 9, 16 & 23., Prenzlauer Berg – By Ana Morin, Sex Therapist   This workshop will give you the knowledge and tools for dealing with jealousy for years to come. It consists of four weekly 90-minute Sunday-sessions.   We will work in small groups with up to eight people and the specific issues of each participant will be addressed.   This workshop is for both people who want to live in an open relationship and also those who want to be monogamous. To get an idea of questions and issues covered in these sessions, please read my post about jealousy:   Address: Immanuelkirchstr. 22, Prenzlauer Berg Cost: 80 € for all four sessions Please register here:   - Ana Morin, HP Psychotherapy – Sex Therapist & Polyamory Counsellor –