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  1. All my heater meters went bonkers during hot weather

    fwiw I own the place, so I'm not sure the Mieterverein can help.
  2. In April & May 2018 during the hot weather, all 5 of the newly-installed ISTA heater-meters in my flat went crazy and were registering massive amounts of usage. It stopped counting June 1st because that's when the "summer mode" engages with a higher upper temperature threshold (see attached image from here: ).   The wireless ISTA meters report my monthly use and according to the Jahresabrechnung that I just received, it cost me an extra 300 euro. I live here a dozen years and this never happened with the old meters.   An ISTA tech came by and denied there was any problem and my Hausverwaltung is now ignoring my emails. I fear this will happen again.   Do I have any other recourse other than filling out this Verbraucherzentrale Heizkostenabrechnung Widerspruch form? This was ISTA's fluff reply to my complaints:   "Eine weitere Ursache können lagebedingte Sommerzählimpulse sein. Der Gesetzgeber war sich durchaus bewusst, dass es durch das Procedere der Heizkostenabrechnung zur Erfassung lagebedingter Unterschiede kommt. Dies betrifft u. a. ja auch den Minderbedarf bei mittleren Etagen mittlerer Aufgänge (so genannte „eingebaute“ Wohnungen), aber auch Mehrmengen für Erdgeschoss- und Giebelwohnungen und die Sommerzählimpulse bei Mehrfamilienhäusern, insbesondere in Dachgeschosswohnungen und auch Sommergärten. Daher hat er den Gebäudeeigentümern bei der Abrechnung auch einen Grundanteil für die Heizkosten eingeräumt. Für die Berücksichtigung etwaiger Sommerzählimpulse ist jedoch kein Ausnahmeregularium geschaffen worden. Eine „Herausrechnung“ findet nicht statt."   Note: Part of the problem was the building heating was still on during this period and this contributed to the false readings because the warm pipes can still heat a heater which is turned off. I don't have a master heater shutoff valve but may have to install one to stop this from happening every year.  
  3. Bedbugs infestation

    As others are saying, you need to actually confirm that you have bedbugs.   If you do, allow me to be blunt: you're probably not going to win this on your own.   You need a professional ASAP - they'll either use pesticides or heat treatment which involves sealing each room for 24-48h and heating it to 60C. In both cases they'll also spread silica gel desiccant in various places. This sticks to the bugs and eventually kills them by dehydrating them.   If you really, really insist on doing this on your own, you're going to need nerves of steel and a lot of patience. Start by reading this:   Your bed has to be completely disassembled and disinfected using something like a Polti Cimex Eradicator steam unit. Move the bed away from the walls, curtains or any surface that touches it.   Then under each leg of the bed, put a glue board trap. Basically, you're going to act as bait over a few months until they all get caught on the traps. The traps need to be changed every few weeks as they lose their stickiness due to dust.   Here's how to make one for wood floors (using Trapper Max or something similar):     Here's how to make one for carpets:     These videos were made by a long time researcher/exterminator whose methods have proven to be very successful:    
  4.   -   Is the Eheurkunde with the divorce annotation (bolded) a separate document from the German divorce certificate that also needs to be requested from the Familiengericht?  
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. Guess he has to see how amenable his stateside ex will be about lending him the documents seeing as the current wait-time for such documents (Familiengericht Pankow) could be upward of 6 months.
  6. An American friend of mine is getting married at the Berlin Standesamt to a non-EU citizen - he has a single status affidavit from the American consulate but no longer possesses a copy of his divorce certificate (issued in Berlin 10 years ago).    Does the Standesamt also require the divorce certificate - even though the divorce was completed in Berlin?    
  7. A1 motorcycle license relaxations uproar

    fwiw 125cc = 0,1 kW/kg for electric bikes.   Like these:   And for the no-holds-barred price category:     Some of the above have batteries that are removable for charging elsewhere. I didn't really include the freakshows that look like mountain bikes on steroids.
  8. A1 motorcycle license relaxations uproar

    Despite all the various groups protesting this rule relaxation, nobody has posted actual statistics from other countries that demonstrate significantly higher accident & death rates. And training would still be required, albeit less.   FWIW people are allowed to drive higher-power 3-wheel MP3 Piaggio bikes with a class B license:
  9.   Congrats! That's certainly good news for people who need this kind of assistance.   Bremelanotide isn't a particularly difficult peptide to synthesize and it's been available to purchase as a "scientific research chemical" for over a decade. There are many forums where people have compared their experiences.   As for the "reformulation", that simply referred to the delivery mechanism but not the actual peptide itself.            
  10. Transportation Minister Scheuer (Mr. Maut lol) seems to be causing a new media uproar - but this one has me scratching my head:   Currently, driving school and certification for a A1 Liechtkraftrad 125cc motorcycle/scooter license can cost between 1200-1400e (sometimes upwards of 1700e!).   The new proposal here reduces it to 7.5h of practice as well as confirmation from the school of the student's theoretical knowledge.   OK, I get it - people believe it's going to be bedlam on the streets because suddenly any moron can get an A1 license easier than ever.   The EU regulations have allowed such an exemption for a while already and 13 other countries have implemented it - not to mention anybody who got their B license before 1980 are allowed to drive an A1:     " B licence holders in Czech Republic (only motorcycles with automatic transmission), Italy, Latvia, Malta (after a training of 10 hours), Slovakia (after two years and only motorcycles with automatic transmission), Spain (after three years), Poland (after three years), Portugal (at least 25 years old or additional licence for mopeds), and Belgium (only with a Belgian Driving Licence, after two years) are allowed to drive motorcycles not exceeding 125 cubic centimetres (7.6 cu in) within the respective countries. In Austria (after five years, training of 6 hours), France (after two years, a training of 7 hours), Luxembourg (after two years, training of 7 hours), and the United Kingdom (Compulsory Basic Training), a practical training without exam is needed for B licence holders." -   The Spiegel articles mention Austria as a supposed "nightmare" example after easing the rules in 1997 but I can't find any data that backs it up.   According to this article, in 1997 Austria had 238.000 motorbikes/scooters on the road and in 1998 there were 87 biker fatalities. However, in 2018 there were 99 biker fatalities (7 of which were Leicht-Motorrädern) but the number of bikes had nearly doubled to 535.000. So 20 years later, the number of deaths per registered bike is nearly half what it was.    
  11. AFAIK it's all still the exact same peptide, Bremelanotide - otherwise it would have a different name, right? A different formulation would imply a different peptide. And I was referring to subcutaneous injections, not the failed nasal spray variant.   Can you post a link to what you're referring to? Research pharmacology is a pet topic of mine and I so far I haven't run across anything suggesting that anything has changed other than different attempts with the delivery methods. I honestly wonder how many people will be willing to do injections for their libido.   While writing this post, I just read this article which sums up my feelings (needle aversion and 39.9% experiencing nausea):   Ask anybody who's a diabetic how much they like those "quick and user-friendly" injections...   Now don't get me wrong, it would be great if this became popular and helped a lot of people.
  12.   Tried PT141 a few times in 2014 from different sources. Gotta say, the nausea is a buzzkill.