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  1. Watch UK TV on German TV   Anybody else use this service ? Pay by the month or year (prices from  5€ -10€ a month depending on how you pay) All UK free view channels with a 7 day catch-up service and EPG. HD quality streams. I'm quite happy with it.
  2. Bielefeld - New to the area

    We train every Monday and Thursday at the Leineweberring, Eckendorfer str from 19.09-20.30 Hope to see you soon. Just bring some Sport Kit and Rugby/Football boots if you have them. Come down and see what we're all about.No pressure.  
  3. Bielefeld - New to the area

    Do you play Rugby Carl ? or fancy giving the game a go. Rugby Club Bielefeld are always on the lookout for new players. We are a good multi-Nations team with a great group of lads and lasses who also have a good social life !
  4. no longer free

    As of today is no longer a free service.Watching UK tv sd was always free,not anymore. Not impressed,big time !!