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  1. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    Netto Markt in Bielefeld does "English Style" Bacon. It's Smoked back bacon,cut a bit thinner than I would like but still better than the streaky bacon that you get elsewhere.And only 99 cent for 6 slices.
  2. Strictly is called "Let's Dance"and is currently running on RTL MasterChef is called "MasterChef" and can be seen on German Sky1( although it's based on the US version. Seeing bee is called "Geschickt eingefädelt" and runs on VOX
  3. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    Lidl in Bielefeld has 3 different sorts of Cheddar again in their Deluxe range this week.
  4. Can anybody point me in the right direction in my local German supermarket,I´m after some clotted cream for my home made scones at the weekend.Is there a german equivelant ??? Or close enough to not matter !!