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  1. I've been looking at the TVMucho UKTV app for Android.It's pretty cheap per month (7.99€) and offers 30 UK channels,recording and catch up service. Does anybody use this service or have any info about it.  
  2. Bielefeld Rugby Club Ladies and Gents teams are a great mix of German and English speakers.We are always on the lookout for new players (or just come along to training to keep fit) We also have a healthy social life. Check us out online and on Facebook.
  3. Food from Blighty

    Ok,maybe if your spending big bucks the postage works out cheaper ! I'm lucky enough to have a couple of "Brit shops" within 30mins drive from me (In Sennelager,Herford and Gütersloh) so I don't need to order online.  
  4. Food from Blighty

    Much cheaper using one of the online Brit shops that are based in Germany..
  5. TVMucho app

    The 14 day catch-up interests me.I have a VPN from Private tunnel but at the moment I can't get into iPlayer.Thats why I'm looking for an alternative.
  6. TVMucho app

    Does anybody use the TVMucho app to watch UK TV ? Only costs a couple of Euros a month for standard UK Tele with 14 day catch-up. Is it any good ?
  7. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    I had a problem connecting to bbc iplayer through private tunnel vpn last week.All working fine again now though..
  8. I use "privatetunnel" vpn and can't access BBC iPlayer anymore. Noticed the problem 3 days ago
  9. I have an old Amazon Fire tablet that I don't otherwise use.I have this permanently connected to my TV through a HDMI cable.I use "private tunnel" VPN for a couple of euros a month. I have BBC IPlayer running and TvPlayer.( is also good) Can't seem to download the ITV Hub app or channel 4's app because even though using a VPN my Fire tablet is registered to my account and it doesn't want to know.Have tried going through but I would have to re-register my Fire..