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  1. Importing a New Car From the UK

    You can import any new car from any EU country without much hassle.     You export the car without paying VAT in the country of purchase, then import it in Germany and have to pay the German VAT amount and register the car fully here.  There is paperwork to do but it is simple.   The problem of course is that in a few weeks the UK will not be an EU member.  Therefore it is not clear what happens and if you might have to pay import tax + German VAT or not and if you might have to get the car certified by TUV before it could be registered!   Nobody knows, so you would have to assume the worst.    
  2. Kindergeld

    Could the father not claim the amount from the UK and then forward that to you in addition to the amount he already pays?  (I don't know, just asking).
  3. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    The problem with a savings account is that you can take the money out and do what you want at any time.  So I doubt they would accept this.   Regarding the other questions @Starshollow can answer better than I can.  
  4. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      This is how it used to work.  But P2P was designed to get around these "problems"!
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      Therefore, when he came to the UK for the very first time it wasn't a foreign country as he already had citizenship.  He had simply never been there before!      
  6. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

        Because there are no "sites" to shut down.  Bit torrent is P2P or Peer to Peer, so there is no central server which stores anything, so there is no site to shut down.  Each bit torrent client downloads from other clients in the network (swarm).   Therefore you can't shut down every single client as just using P2P is not illegal as they could be sharing things legally.  Also, the way it works is that you don't download the whole file (say movie) from a single client, rather you download different pieces from different clients.  As the data is therefore distributed then it is not really possible to detect what is in each download as it is too small.   And of course normally just downloading is not enough.  The lawyers go after people who have uploaded as they are sharing and hence actively distributing and the money they can get in damages is more.  The way P2P works means that you don't just download from others in the network but also upload to them (I think some clients allow you to disable this, but maybe not all, and most people don't realise and don't do it!)     Some ISPs do (or did) however down prioritise such traffic.  I had a problem in the past as a game I had purchased used P2P for distributing updates, but my ISP down prioritised it so that it became almost impossible for me to get the updates in this way.  A perfectly legal way of using P2P (this was during the peak of illegal P2P downloads in Germany a few years ago).  
  7. You can also use the online service from DM (I assume Rossman also have one).   This is better if you have more time and don't want to go to a store.  It will take a few days, but then you can collect them in the store your nominated.
  8. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

        Yes indeed.  This is less than 1% of the total orders (to date)   But, when an Indonesian airline cancels due to "safety" then you should take notice.  As Indonesia has one of the worst air safety records in to world!
  9. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    Why would they need to break encryption?  This is too difficult and requires too much computing power.   The people doing this who get caught and probably not using any encryption, and so they would go for the low hanging fruit?           To use your example, then actually I am saying: How about we use the Ebay APIs to connect to the Ebay servers and write a program which searches for suspicious sales. We can then force Ebay to let us use the APIs for free, and even create special ones for us, otherwise we threaten then with aiding criminal activity and threaten to shut them down.    
  10. Funny German names

    This thread always reminds me of 3 lions on a shirt from Baddiel & Skinner!       Looking for the image, I also came across this story!
  11. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    I think it is worth there while.   The ISPs let them because they want to keep the lawyers from the big studios off their backs with accusations that they are complicit.    The installation of the technology might cost some money, as would running the service.  But if they get 10 infringements a day that is 90,000 -> 270,000 Euros per month!
  12. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      This seems to suggest that they do monitor.  And it seems that some ISPs do actively work with them to allow them to do this.            
  13. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

        Are your sure?   From what I understand of this system then it does actually snoop the P2P traffic so then it is effectively monitoring what is happening on the network and can trace what users are doing.    
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

        Typical lawyers!   Actually, I am tempted to go back edit my review and state what they are trying to do and give more details as to why I only gave 3 stars.  But not sure it is worth the effort!
  15. Vodafone DSL - extremely low peak times bandwidth

    As posted by @sneaker above, if you are consistently receiving less then the bandwidth then you can make a complaint and request compensation.  (see for more details)   So I suggest that you write a letter to Vodafone and state the law and state that you expect compensation for the dates where you haven't received this bandwidth and for them to fix the problem ASAP.  And that if they do not fix it, then you will consider to cancel your contract which you can do at anytime if they fail to fulfil the stated speeds.   This should hopefully motivate them to do something!  
  16. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Strange one this, hence posting here:   I received an email from Google which basically said that Company xyz (a law firm) have made a complaint about my review.  The complaint was that "Herr DJ has never used our services" and according to google reviews T&C only people who have used a companies services may write a review.   So I have had to respond to them to prove that actually I have used there services.  Part of the proof I included was an email we received from them, where they actually spelt the name of my wife incorrectly (one out of two attempts).   Being a law firm then attention to detail is everything.  So spelling somebodies name wrong is an important detail.  As is not being able to identify who your customers actually are!   And they wonder why I gave them just 3 stars.  And actually I did not leave a review, just a rating.   Actually in my opinion 3 stars is not bad, but normal and average.   Of course I'm sure that it is not a coincidence that a law firm is trying to get removed reviews which are average or below by using legal means!  In the complaint I can also see that they have asked for a removal of another review (a breach of GDPR?), which is also has 3 stars.   This has got me actually very annoyed at 6am this morning when I read it!    
  17. Legal question about employment

        You are right of course, but it might be better than the alternative of not earning anything and living on state handouts.   My father in law was fired illegally many years ago, went to court, won, and went back to his old job. His theory was that he anyway had a bad relationship with the boss (a small company) so this was no different.  And at his age he would not have found a new job but still had bills to pay.  So he went back to work for just a couple more years, after which he had paid off all his debts and then left the company.  He was (as expected) unable to get a new job so was officially unemployed for a couple more years before he officially retired.  
  18. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    BTW:  This is not the first time that the 737 has had a major design problem which result in multiple accidents and several close calls!    
  19. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    It might be worth putting off going back to freelancing until after you get your citizenship. It is known that freelancers have more problems proving such things and this can be read in other threads here (such as Brexit & German citizenship thread), and hence getting citizenship for them is more difficult.  Even if they have been here 10+ years and earning the whole time!   Normally they want you to prove that you can support yourself and your family, now and in the future. (if your wife works, this might help your case). It does not matter if you were legally required to pay into a pension or not, a "good responsible citizen" would be making provisions for the future and that is what they want to see.  Some gaps are OK providing that you are currently making such provisions and they appear to be adequate.  But as others have said, it appears not to be black and white and could depend on who processes your application.    
  20.   There was some other post on here which discussed it.  I think last year a judge ruled that in court dashcam footage can be used but only if there is no other method of determining what happened (e.g.  conflicting statements).   But I think that insurance companies would always be happy to see such "clarifications!"
  21. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I don't know if there is more than one centre nationally, but certainly it is not done locally.   They normally say 4 - 6 weeks.  Mine took 5 weeks.    
  22. Air Berlin and now Germania

  23. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

      Yes you are eligible for a refund of the cost of the seat reservation.   But if you refuse to fly, demand to be re-booked, or "no-show" then you will not get a refund for the cost of the ticket and may have to pay additional costs for re-booking/re-routing which when doing last minute are often significant.  Especially if you are on a cheap ticket.  (As stated by AA above).   Like I said, airlines will try to accommodate you if you have concerns about the type of aircraft after an incident.  Like the Q400, 737 MAX etc.  But ordinarily they don't have to do that and it is luck if they can/do accommodate you and you might also have to adjust.  e.g.  Yes you can fly a different route on different aircraft, but there are no seats available today!    
  24. Air Berlin and now Germania

      This is actually one of the ways that Turkish distinguish themselves, and they are well known for good food in all classes.   Istanbul airport is always like that.  Of course the new airport should have fully opened by now, but it will still take some time but should probably be open this year (well before Berlin!)
  25. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

          No this is not a guarantee and does not make up part of the contract.   There is a difference from informing you which aircraft type you "should" have and allowing to to select a specific seat (often for a cost) and what is actually in the contract. The airline reserves the right to change any of these details at anytime (operational reasons), and they have no obligation in regards to them and this is clearly stated in the T&C.  And if they are not provided, then tough luck!   An airline which operates fewer types of aircraft with fewer configurations will however means a lessor chance of a significant change in these regards.     There are many stories of people paying for a specific seat and the aircraft changing and them being assigned another seat, and all they get back is the cost of the seat and barely an apology!  I think in your case you were lucky and they could rearrange things, but legally if you demanded a refund or re-booking then they could have said no and you would have been stuck!  But of course it is not in there interest to piss off all of there passengers, so they try to accommodate as much as possible and according to what is reasonable.