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  1. Income tax declaration 2018

      Sometimes the feature is "hidden" is a collapsible area or different section, so look carefully.     Also, even if they aren't online they are usually available, you need to request them from your bank and be prepared to pay a fee.  
  2. Customs to receive food from a non-EU country

    You don't need to worry about import duties, just if the food are allowed or not!   The EU has restrictions on what type of food can be imported from outside the EEA.  You can find more details here:     This also provides a good overview (even if it is from France!!)     Generally when importing (not just food) it pays to be open and honest about the contents.  So clearly label what is inside, as if customs are suspicious and suspect that it is not as stated then they will anyway open the package!  For the value of the goods, it should be stated on the package together with the shipping costs (both are used to calculate any import duties).  You don't need to prove anything, they will anyway use there own methods of calculation based on market value/rates.  E.g.  You might have paid 10 euros for a new car, but if the car has a value of 10,000 Euros then you will be taxed on this value and not how much you actually paid!  
  3. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

      Come on Clive, you should be old enough now to know that nothing a woman does is an "accident".  Clearly the story was altered to make it sound more romantic!       
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I don't believe that they need to go back through your entire history.  You need to have been permanent living in Germany for a minimum of 8 years  with no breaks (normally, although this can be less of course), so there is no need to look back further than this as it is just wasted effort.  For example:  It does not matter if there is a problem with your residency between 1995 and 1998 if everything since 2005 is in order.        
  5. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    I read some article a few months ago, it was in a magazine which I threw away so I can't recall every detail, and it said that the issue is not just that China owns and controls a lot of the rare earth sites but the control the supply chain.   So even if Brazil, Australia etc. have the materials the only places which can process them and turn them into useful materials and in or owned by China.  There was an example of some mine in the US which started mining again after a gap of 10+ years due to the price jumping up meaning the mine could now be profitable again.  But they can't process the materials and they are sent to China for processing.  (And then a Chinese company bought a large stake in the mining company anyway!)   Maybe this is what you mean @Krieg ?
  6. Obituary thread of notable and obscure folk: Niki Lauda

  7. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    An interesting article on the BBC today:   It looks at the motherboard from the P30 phone and what components come from where.  The majority are from the US.
  8. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

        Devices already sold are not affected and will still have access to everything they do today, with the exception that they won't be able to upgrade their Android version.
  9. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

      O/S Well Android is open source, so they don't need to invent anything, they can just use it as is. Or more likely, take this modify/customise it for there own use.  This is anyway what all the major handset makers used to do a few years ago, now Google prefers them to leave basic Android alone and provides methods to allow them to replace parts of the system to their own needs to produce a customised version which is still based on the standards. There are also plenty of other O/Ses out there, including many which customise Android for some reason.  Such as for enhanced security such as  Copperhead.   But anyway, according to the link I provided above they already have their own O/S!     Apps: There is no need.  If they use Android as the base then they can support all Android apps out of the box.   If they have a new O/S, then they can still support Android apps if they wanted (there are emulator programs which allow  you to run Android Apps on Windows, and I have read in the past that other O/Ses support them as well, such as Chrome OS). The App developers stay the same.  No need to change anything.   They would just have to replace the Google out of the box apps.  Anyway, the EU complains about Google forcing these apps on handset makers so they have (will have) a version of Android which does not have them included.      
  10. Brexit: The fallout

        WTF happened to capitalism?  They should charge and extra 1 pound during the event!   If they want to be nice then they should donate this 1 pound to charity.  
  11. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    Technically Huawei are not outrightly banned or restricted from anything.  It is just that US companies want to sell certain products/services to them must now request approval before this is possible.  Which means of course that US government can restrict certain things, but does not mean that they will, it just becomes a more difficult and time consuming (and expensive) process.   Huawei already stated earlier this year that they have their own operating system as "Plan-B".  So they could also break away from the Google Apps and app store (which would also hurt Google as they would not get revenue from purchased apps/games/books/movies etc.).     Of course this has impacts on lots of companies.  I read that Neophotonics (a US provider of  optoelectronic  components) is reliant on Huawei for 44% of its business!      
  12. I don't know about Mawista, as they seem a special case, but for normal private insurance you can opt out if your income drops below 60,750 Euros/year (2019) I also don't know if you can stay on Mawista if you are no longer a student and/or if they offer "normal" private policies.  You might also want to consider moving away from them because I have read that they have poor coverage and are probably not suitable for long term health insurance care.   For private insurance The employer pays 50% up to a maximum of 351 euros/month (approx. I believe). If you plan to have kids, then private insurance can get very expensive.  Depending on the policy you could pay another 150 - 200 Euros per child per month on private.      
  13. Then you need to go to a lawyer for very specific expert advice.  So you will need to search for a lawyer who specialised in employment law.   To say that a company cannot fire you is not strictly true.  A company can fire you at any time for any reason or even no reason, but they might not have acted in a manner which is considered within the law.  Being illegal does not stop it happening, just that the actions are punished (within the law).  All which means basically that they will have to pay suitable compensation to the other party, which if necessary would be determined by the courts.  (Which of course could include allowing you to go back to work for them!)   Beyond that, the company would not get into any trouble from the authorities unless they were consistently and regularly breaking the law.    And I could imagine most companies would fire a current employee who takes legal action against them, and then deal with the consequences later.  Bearing in mind that it could take 1 or 2 years to come to court or for a settlement to be agreed in the firm wish to drag it out.     BTW:  I am very sorry that you find yourself in this situation and I do have sympathy for you.
  14. What exactly do you wish to achieve in the near term?    If you go the legal route, then it basically means you will no longer have a job as company will not react well to a current employee who takes legal action against them, will fire them, and then it is just a case of negotiating the settlement amount which will depend on how irresponsible they have been.   If you want advice on how to handle and deal with the situation then the works council is already the best idea.   In the meantime, you can and should still document all incidents and keep this information stored off-site!  This will help you when you later bring a case against them.
  15. Obtaining punitive damages

    Can't you make a claim against the furniture store?   After all, they allowed a 3rd party to change details of the delivery and effectively steal.  You could claim that they should either deliver a new desk or pay you the money back, as it was clearly there fault.
  16. Also look on Facebook.  There are groups on there which specialise in selling things locally.
  17. Brexit: The fallout

      Ah I see, only for those with multiple nationalities.     But still an issue that needs to be addressed.  Of course, this also relies on people registering there other nationality, otherwise the authorities would still probably not have a clue.        
  18. Brexit: The fallout

      I have not seen any reports on it no, you should only vote once and I don't know what the process is to restrict this, but then maybe it is not sufficient.   If you wish to vote in the UK then the deadline was the 7th May to apply, (and when I done this it took a couple of months to sort out). if you want to do postal vote in the UK then the deadline was 8th May.   If you wish vote in Germany then the deadline was the 5th May. For the UK you could appoint a proxy for you in the UK (who could do postal vote or in person), the deadline is 15th May.   Also, if you wish to vote in the UK then you must have been resident in the UK during the past 15 years, otherwise you cannot vote there, even for EU elections!  
  19. Brexit: The fallout

      Yes, but one precedes the other, and I don't get your point
  20. Brexit: The fallout

      Yes, but the thread was talking specifically about the upcoming 2019 EU elections.  Plus, where to register (UK or DE) is only a concern for EU elections, not national or local elections, and it is too soon to register for the EU 2024 elections so not an issue.  
  21. Powerline recommendations

    I also use Fritz with a   1750E, fritz.repeater I also had issues with set-up but I did find and watch a Youtube video which helped in the end.  The WiFi connection is now much better and now even extends out to the back of our garden (from our kitchen)
  22. I've just posted a silly photo

    I refuse to wear woolly hats on ethical grounds.  The last time I done that, it turned out to be my Auntie!!
  23. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

        Well as you live north of the Limes Germanicus, then nothing!    
  24. Things you can say during sex and at a job interview

    Is it OK if I bring the kids along once a week?  They are no trouble and will just sit in the corner watching, the eldest will probably even record it on his phone!
  25. Things you can say during sex and at a job interview

    I can easily manage 12 hour shifts, although sometimes my performance does get affected by the cold weather.