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  1. New customer data protection law EU-wide from May 25th

    Or if you are big enough you can just flaut the law!    
  2. Need to borrow a car seat for a 6-year-old for 5 days

      To be honest I would not let a 6 year old drive at all!  Especially not if there is a chance that they fall asleep!!     
  3. Fired, but not fired

      Don't threaten them to sue, why!  If you do this they will terminate you immediately.     I imagine that your supervisor does not know the ins and outs and that why he says "No", just ignore him and I expect that a letter will come from HR in time. So, if I assume that you have a two week termination which will be either to the 14th or end of the month.  That means that if they want to let you go at the end of June they will have to officially terminate you in writing by 16th June or sooner.   At the moment just consider that you have been given "advanced notice", and hence nothing in writing and they might even change their mind (if they suddenly win a new contract for example).   If they miss the deadline of the 16th June then you remain an employee and after your probezeit finishes then you have more rights and they cannot get rid of you so easily or cheaply!   The Agentur can advise you better than I, or others, on here as they know better what they expect.  But normally if you go along now and tell them that you expect to be out of work from 1st July, they could probably already start advising you on what to do to improve your skills, your CV, how and where to look for a new job etc.  What they of course cannot do is accept you as being officially unemployed and hence ALG1 payments, or start the application process, until you have something written.   I know it is frustrating for you, but here time is your friend.  If the company screws up and doesn't issue you with a written confirmation then they will have to pay for it.    
  4. Need to borrow a car seat for a 6-year-old for 5 days

      Yes, except of course the recommendation is that you shouldn't ever buy a second hand car seat as you can't prove the history.  Of course a lot of people ignore this.   Also typically if an item is used the resale value is only approx. 1/3 -> 1/2 of what you paid.  It does not matter if it was used once or 100 times.  Although I must admit that for a child seat you might get more than this, but you might have to wait for the right buyer to come along and would still be lucky to get anywhere near your purchase cost.     If you search online it looks like there are places where you can rent such things; Europcar see to do this without having to rent a car.  " Auf Wunsch mieten Sie nur den Kindersitz ohne Mietwagen von Europcar. "    
  5. Taking travel money to Sweden

      Yes but it would still be interesting to see what happens if after your eaten at a Restaurant you say sorry, I didn't see the sign, or the sign is only in Swedish.  They can call the Police but it is not as if you are refusing to pay and if you don't have a card at all, what can they do!     The situation is actually causing problems for the poor and elderly, see this article:   I though there was also one of the BBC recently, but I can't find it now!     I know people who back in 1997 took no money when they went to Sweden, just put everything on the card.  But as it was a business trip and a company credit card they did not worry about exchange fees. This is the main reason why I have still taken cash out when I have gone to Sweden in the last few years.  It is better to get hit for 2 Euros once, than hit multiple times for every transaction.    
  6. Fired, but not fired

      Do you have a written contract? If so, then they must provide a termination in writing.  So you need to tell them that, and that without this then the termination is not valid and you will still come to work and expect to be paid (and sue them if they don't pay you).  The termination is also only valid from the point that they provide you written proof.  So if you have a 2 week notice period, which is normal during probezeit, then it is only effective from the moment you receive it.  So they can't give it to you today with a termination date of tomorrow on it.      
  7. Complete FAIL

    Today I received one of those millions of emails related to GDPR which said         They take my data protection so seriously that they addressed me (a male) as "Miss dj_jay_smith"!!  
  8. Do you often get asked why you came to Germany?

    Of course you get asked this sort of question as a foreigner in any land.  It is natural for people to wonder what made you make a life changing decision to move to a country whose culture you don't (at least fully) understand, whose language (for most) you don't understand.   It is a normal human interest question.
  9.   Exactly!  I do the same.  Sometimes recently (when I'm not in a hurry and relaxed) I have even been driving 5km/h slower if they start tailgating badly.  Some get the point, drop off and I go back to my old speed.      The suggested distance between vehicles is 2 seconds, which works out at slight more than 1/2 the speed in meters. So if you travel @ 100 km/h you should leave 54m gap 120 km/h = 66m 140 km/h = 78m 160 km/h = 88m 240 km/h = 133m   How many people do you see leaving a 60+m gap to the next car when they are travelling at 120 km/h?  Nobody.  You are lucky if the guy behind you leaves a 10m gap!        
  10. NatWest mobile App - not available for Germany?

    According to this list;   Germany is no. 9 on the list, well above a lot of places you have mentioned.   I guess that it is not the number of expats, but probably the expected amount of transactions for these countries. Or maybe they have there own list of registered foreign places of residence and it is based on that.  I know that my UK bank has me resident in Germany for example.
  11.     Even if you did have a log, then it would not help because a Car's speedometer is anyway incorrect.  There is an EU regulation that specifies that a cars speedometer cannot ever show less than the real speed but is allowed to show up to 10% higher (+ 4-6 km/h) than the real speed.   So if your speedometer was showing you just over the 70 km/h mark then there is a very good chance that you will anyway be under that limit.  Of course the GPS does not conform to this standard, so it might show something different.  
  12. External Workers' entitlements

    You can always ask your employer to make a contribution and explain the situation, there is no harm is asking, but there is no right for this even if on the client site this is standard practice.  Your employer might be able to negotiate something with the client, or just take on the additional cost, it depends how much they feel it is worth to them and you to them.   But any benefit the employer offers to you might be subject to tax, so it is possible that they would either have to take on this tax liability as well or that you would have to pay tax on this amount you receive from your employer.   Maybe one option is that you could have a "lunch meeting with a client" on a regular basis, say once or twice a week, this could be claimed as expenses.  You could not do this everyday and you would need to agree this with your company and make sure that the client is with you at lunch.  But it could reduce then the amount you pay yourself every month.      
  13. Afraid not, any measuring device would have to be officially calibrated by a certified agency.   Edit:  I see @pappnase beat me to it!
  14. Brexit: The fallout

        Yes, one British colleague of mine for example applied as soon as he could after Brexit, after getting all the certificates and documents in order of course.  He, like some others, wanted to make sure that they had applied to be German before Brexit was officially triggered just in case this date had any significance in it.  He said that the amt was helpful in helping him do this as quick as possible.
  15. Landlord not fixing broken internet

      If your contract states that internet is included then you are paying for a service which you are not receiving.  As such, then it is fair to reduce the rent by an appropriate amount until the problem is resolved.  Say 30-50 Euros, which is the cost of most packages.   But you are right and he could of course he can still refuse to do anything and just accept less money per month.  But often a reduction in payment will light a fire under the landlords backside and prompt them into action!