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  1. Jokes

    Two cats decided to have a swimming race across the channel.  The first cat was called "One Two Three" the other was called "Un Deux Trois".   Which one one?   One Two Three, because Un Deux Trois cat sank!
  2.     If you are married to a German then it is 3 year residency in Germany with 2 years marriage to a German.
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

        It has, several times:
  4. Complete FAIL

      Why is this a fail?  It looks like the bull achieved its aim to me!!  
  5. Wind turbine regulations and selling power to the grid.

    I read that one of the problems with such domestic turbines is that the converter (not sure this is the right term) which turns the wind into electricity actually requires constant power.  So when it is not windy enough the device actually uses electricity.  This means that the return of investment actually takes a long time. Also, that they can sometimes make howling noises and vibrate, which can be heard in the house.  In the article I read it actually scared the kids at night.   Although I don't know if or how much of an issue this still is, as the article I read was some 8 - 10 years old and things might have improved.
  6. Very very high payment for the Nebenkosten should be transfered.

    The  Mietverein  can advise you best on what to do when/how and what you rights are.     But you can request a breakdown of all the costs, so if you haven't done that then you can do it. The landlord needs to show what all the costs are and how they are split between all the different apartments and that this is done fairly.  You can also talk to your neighbours to check that they also have the same issues (and he is not just trying to rip you off as the dumb foreigner!).   Also, the landlord is obligated to select utilities supplier(s) which provides cheap prices.  So you can also check that he has done that (although that will only help you in the future).  He does not have to select the very cheapest but it has to be reasonable and certainly can not be the most expensive!  (My mother in law recently had this problem and was given this advise by her lawyer).
  7.   In our company then project/programme manager don't have line manager responsibilities either! But are of course responsible for assigning tasks.
  8. Sending Medicine to China

    There are no restrictions on sending something out of Germany (assuming it is legal here) but their might be for importing into China, so you need to check with Chinese customs on what they would allow.   Normally medications are highly controlled substances, but if this is a packet for a private individual then I don't know what the chances are that the authorities would intercept and check it.   You could try sending a smaller package first as a trial and see what happens.   Normally medication should be kept within certain temperature limits, and to ensure this you normally need to use a specialised shipping method.  DHL etc. do offer this service, but I don't know if they would offer it to you as an individual (maybe just for companies) or how much extra it would cost, or if this is available internationally.     But the question is how would you get a prescription for a drug which you don't need?  No doctor is legally going to issue this for you to give to somebody else!
  9. More problems with builders

      I think that you are well within your rights.    Anybody doing work in a house needs to consider the impact of the changes made which includes looking for cables, pipes etc.  For a professional this should be second nature and they should not even need telling.    Of course things can happen which can't be predicted but in the end it does not matter if he was aware of the problem or not.   He has caused the problem and he must fix it at his own expense by hiring an  electrician.  So you need to tell him this, and tell him clearly that if he does not then you will withhold the (final) payment until it is resolved to your satisfaction.        
  10. Bundesliga - Does anybody really care?

    I think Klopp will not leave Liverpool until he has achieved something (winning the title) or feels he cannot take them any further.  And he will be there for a while yet.   If the German FA want to appoint somebody soon then Jupp Heynckes is still available!      Or if they want to wait a few months, then I think Kovac would be available!!     But seriously, I think the success of both Loew and Klingsmann proved that you don't necessarily need a manager with lots of Bundesliga experience to do the national job.  The English FA are also seeing this with Southgate.  The job is different and somebody who works in a different way and can shape players who he only sees a few times a year requires different skills compared to managing them every day.
  11. Possible toddler development issues

    Lots of good advise above.    I just wanted to add a few things;   Boys tend to be worse in languages than girls.  So especially if they need to learn more than one language then early on this can appear even worse than it is.   Just because any child is slow or bad in something does not mean they are slow or bad in everything!  All humans, child or adult, have their strengths and weaknesses and some strengths might not be visible until later in life.     Based on what @MikeMelga said it reminded me of somethings my step mother told us:     My step mother actually used to work for Ofsted and different county councils in the UK as an assessor of child care facilities (recently retired).  She told us a couple of interesting things; 1)  Multilingual children learn to actually think in different languages for different things/activities.  For example:  When counting they might think in English, when saying colours they might thing in French .  Which means that doing the same task in another language actually might be a little more difficult for them at the beginning.  So if they need to count in German then they will think about it in English and then have to translate it to German which means at least early on it takes more time and they appear slower but in reality they are doing twice as much in their heads than everybody else! (This is something the carers in kindergarten/Kita do not understand!!)   2)   Montessori:  She told us that this approach is the making of some kids and they thrive.  But equally for others the approach does not work at all, and in these cases it is better to find a day care which doesn't follow this approach but another one.  Although I think it is too early to judge such things in your case.
  12. Possible toddler development issues

    Toddlers who need to learn multiple languages do lag behind others early on, but they will be more intelligent and have other advantages later in life.   We are a bilingual family, but German is one of those languages so that helps us.  But our daughter was/is not as fluent as others of the same age (even if she never shuts up!) and is almost 4.    So if I was you I would not worry about that per se, and at the same time I find that kita/kindergarten carers don't appreciate these issues and judge such kids as being behind.  So you have to sometimes take their advice with a pinch of salt!     Kids learning multiple languages tend to be more intelligent and such kids also have a shorter attention span than others.  So that would not worry me, but  I would be more concerned that at home he doesn't listen to you (selective hearing as you said).  It might be a case of you needing to be stricter. I know that as a parent it is difficult to sometimes lay down the law, but it has to be done as it is important that kids know boundaries and learn that actions (or inaction) has consequences.  With a second child in the house it is even more important as the youngest will need more of your attention at times, so the oldest needs to take more responsibility and know where the boundaries are.   So you might need to be firmer and consistent in your dealings.  e.g.  if they don't do what you want then warn them of the consequences, give them plenty of warning but at the end you MUST carry out your threat.  No empty threats, and don't threaten anything you are not prepared to carry-out.  And if they continue then you continue too. e.g.  Child gets out of bed in middle of night and comes into your room.  You need to put them back in bed.  Even if you have to do this 50 times in a night you must do it.  Because once you give in once then the child knows that EVENTUALLY, you will give in.  But on the plus side, after one or 2 nights of doing this you should never have the problem again.   If they do have an understanding problem then maybe also it would help to introduce more German into the child's life.  Introduce watching some German you-tube clips/television, read German books.  Not the whole time, but as well as English and French.  Have more German speaking only play-dates etc.   We have had an issue with our daughter not taking enough responsibility and expecting everything to be done for her, and we have had to change our approach to certain things.  And it is tough, but we are now seeing the benefits at home and in kindergarten. Part of me does not want to do this, as I want her to stay my little girl who I want to carry to bed, but she has to grow up and this is better for her long term.   I have gone on a bit.  Sorry about that!
  13.   I saw and the link text and wondered if you had posted in the wrong thread!   "judge praises police officer who pulled ice addict off"      
  14. Flying Ryanair in November 2018

      No, never had these problems!
  15. Baby vaccinations

      180 days is normally a threshold used for tax residency.  (not in all cases, but I think this could apply in yours).   So they might be getting their wires crossed!