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  1. BT intercept message when calling UK meaning/reason?

      Just to add, a lot of UK companies are now using 0300 numbers.  These are charged at normal landline rates but there is often no alternative number published.  However I have called them without issue via Skype and been charged the normal UK landline rate.
  2.     That is exactly what Lingoda offers.  A real-tutor in a virtual classroom, where you can practice all the skills required.
  3. I am using Lingoda now for over 1 year, and I must say that I really like it.  I am currently studying B2 level, but previously done the B1 course with them.   I like the flexibility to choose what lessons I do at what time so that I can fit it in around my work and home schedule and have total flexibility.  They offer both group classes and private lessons and have different plans depending on your needs.  You basically buy credits each month and then have 3 months to use them for classes.   You can even select lessons from other levels, so for example if a tutor recommends that you learn more about topic xxx because you are weak in the area then you can scroll back to the previous level and book a class which deals with this.     They provide their own material, which you can even download and go through without taking the lessons (so as per the previous example you could just go back, download and work through it yourself without taking a lesson).   I take the monthly private lessons, as I want the flexibility more and prefer one-to-one learning.  It is not cheap, but I think worth it (although it looks like they have increased the prices for new students significantly!).   If you are interested then you can use this code to get money off on your first month:  YWPCM4   Or if you have more specific questions then ask or PM me.
  4. Scum of the Day

        This made me look up alternative meanings for PC, turns out there are a few and you can make a sentence out of them!     I got some P.C on my PC while watching some none pc porn.  Next thing I know a P.C. is knocking at the door and took me into pc.  
  5. Applying for German citizenship under article 116

    This is obviously a complex scenario and depends on when and how your father lost his German citizenship.  It seems that if he voluntarily gave up his citizenship, even if this was because he was against the regime, then it might not be so easy as although he could reclaim his citizenship this right is not passed onto decedents.   I think for this you need to contact the German embassy, as only they can advise you are personal circumstances, and I expect you would need to have an interview with them.   More information is here:  
  6. Bayern v. not-Bayern work

    This is also an issue if you work internationally and have people on longer term assignments.   I suggest that you start to draw up guidelines or ways of working for how to handle these situations so that it is clear to all staff.   For example: While on a business trip. If it is a holiday in the location that the employee is currently located then the employee is entitled to take the day off. (or not, whatever you decide!)   if it is a holiday in the home location of the employee but not a holiday in the current location, then the employee is allowed take the holiday 'in lieu' at a time mutually agreed between the employer and the employee.  Or the employee can option be paid at a rate of x.xx for working on this day. The employee must respect all applicable local laws in regards to working hours.        
  7. Buying and driving a car that is unregistered

    If there is a strong possibility of your purchasing the car, which I assume there is if  you are going a lot way to look at it, then you should apply for temporary plates before you leave.  These are normally valid for 5 days so you can get them a day or 2 in advance (be careful if it is a bank holiday or weekend!) and you can also get insurance at the same time.   Otherwise you would technically have to agree the sale but go back another day to collect the car after getting the plates.  As @msam says, the biggest risk is regarding the insurance which means that you might end up with no car, no possibility to drive for a year and a massive fine! And if you do have an accident, even a minor one, then you will definitely be in a pile of trouble.  Remember that it doesn't have to be your fault!
  8. o2 new contract cancel before0 activated

    Well if that is the case then Vodafone will not release the line until the end of the contract (assuming OP cancels in time) in 2019.  So the O2 contract might still be valid, but the service can only be fulfilled when the Vodafone contract ends.  So basically the OP still needs to use Vodafone for another year.    
  9. Will a German parking fine follow me to the U.K?

    Here is the advice from the AA.    
  10. o2 new contract cancel before0 activated

    Sorry I don't understand.  Do you have a contract with O2 or Vodafone?
  11. Saturn didn't finish their job... now what...

    When discussing with them you need to get across a a few basic to them;   1)  The old washing machine was (and still is) connected to a fully working water outlet 2)  They (the installers) proceeded to flood the room with water while trying to connect the new one. 3)  They have damaged your room for which you expect compensation 4)  They have failed to deliver a new washing machine which you paid for 5)  They have failed to install the new washing machine, a service which you paid for   If they say that the water outlet was damaged then refer back to points 1 & 2 and that before they started there work it was NOT flooding the room.  So if it is damaged then they must have done it.   If they try going into details about the plumping etc then just say.   "I am not a plumper so I don't know the details.  However, the old machine was and still is successfully connected to a working water outlet and they installers failed to install the new machine and flooded the room". They are the facts and you need to stick to them, don't get drawn into details.   Stay away from the fact that they spoke Turkish, it is irrelevant, they could argue just as easily that your German is bad and that you spoke English but it does not affect the facts above.     I would suggest that you go into the Saturn store where you ordered it and speak to the manager directly.  A pregnant lady turning up and complaining will have a bigger impact than any email or phone call will do.  I would also suggest to emphasise your condition and do things such as to ask for a chair to sit on after 5 mins of talking to the manager!  You need to make the most of your situation and the limited time you have.    
  12. Sodexo Restaurant Pass

    Obviously I don't know how it works specifically for her, but when I had these passes in the past then there was a maximum amount I could claim per month (20 vouchers) and I had to pay a contribution towards them due to tax purposes.  So I paid approx half of the value of the vouchers.     But, in the end it had a face value of 5 Euros and that is how much it was worth to the company who received it.  What would annoy me is that some companies would not give you any change.  So if I purchased something for 4.95 or 4.99 then would not give me anything back.  Given that it is my money this annoyed me, so then I would say 'ok, then I will pay cash'.  And then avoid these places in the future.    
  13. Jokes

    Have you noticed that  for some reason all the cheeses in the dairy aisle have been named after porn search categories: Vintage, Natural, Hard, Semi-hard, Mature, Blue Vein, Goat!   [Jez Watts: Edinburgh fringe festival 2018]
  14. Problem with ATU order/service

    @2B_orNot2B Thanks for the informative information.   @pappnase Actually this is a good question.  They called me and I agreed to it the repair over the phone (and hence ordering the part) but I didn't actually make the appointment for the day to fix it until I went back into the shop later in the day to collect my car.  So that is not really so clear.     But the good news is that I have since been back to them and in the meantime they found the mechanic who had done the diagnosis and called me originally and ATU agreed to return my money, in full.  So in the end I have not even paid for the (faulty) diagnosis!   The diagnosis was quoted at 40 Euros and the whole fix was actually quoted at 195 euros (which includes 40 euros for the original diagnosis).  It is not a luxury car, only a ford focus!  Unfortunately with cars I don't know enough details to challenge them   I had another issue with ATU last year, different location, when they changed my windscreen they forgot to re-calibrate the camera (I have active city stop) and I had to wait 8 days for an appointment for them to do it.     My TUV is due next month, so I need to decide where to take it!  
  15. Problem with ATU order/service

      They have my name and address so I don't want to find a bill turning up on my doorstep which if I ignore will be turned into a debt and result in higher fees which I won't then be able to dispute.  If they didn't have my details I would walk away.   Besides, they are not letting me off the hook.  They have messed up!