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  1. Kindergeld when in elternzeit

    Taking Elternzeit does not affect Kindergeld.   I would also assume (but I don't know for sure) that this should not affect you reclaiming contributions when you later leave Germany. What you reclaim is actually your pension rights.  
  2. Water damage in self-owned flat

      Your insurance company could actually advise you as to what is needed exactly. But otherwise I would suggest that you call around and ask them if they have experience handling such problems.  Some might have, some might not.   I would look for a specialised company personally.    
  3.   I wasn't even offered this, but probably would not have taken it.  I figured the certificate of naturalisation was enough IF i needed to prove anything in the few weeks I had to wait for my ID card.     I took a scan of my naturalisation certificate, but it is clear that it is a "bad quality" copy.  I assume that keeping a copy of important documents is not going to get you in trouble.  The only problems will be if you try to use this copy.  But the only time you should ever need this document is when you apply first time for your ID card, after that I think you should only ever need in rare cases.        
  4. What made you laugh today?

      And 0 of them have a bloody clue!
  5. Long story short.  The house adjoining ours is being torn down.     We want somebody to come and take a look at the wall & roof after the work is done to assess what needs to be done to make sure it is waterproof, insulated etc. etc. and offer advice.   I believe in English this would be a Civil engineer.  But what exactly do I require in Germany?   Bauingenieur? Statiker? Something else?   Is there a difference?  Obviously I need somebody who deals with residential properties, so should I also search for another specific term?        
  6. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

  7. Maybe this is a silly question:  But what do you do for work? if you can move so quickly and easily then I guess that you are either self employed, run some kind of business remotely/online or that you are retired.   If you do plan to go for German citizenship after 8 years then one of the requirements is that you are able to provide for yourself and your family both currently and in old age.  This means having a suitable income and pension.  I have seen from other posts on here that some other self-employed people have struggled to get citizenship because they 'didn't earn enough'.  So you should be aware of this.
  8. The Cookie law for the website in Germany

    Cookie law is one thing, but GDPR is probably more important now.   The good news is that these are both EU laws, so there is a lot of information available in English if you search the web.  You can also get toolkits/libaries to help you implement these laws in the right manner.   Just remember that "personal identifiable data" means anything which can track or identify an individual user.  So this could be an IP address.  And remeber, that even if you don't collect or use such information that it is still possible that 3rd party apps/scripts/toolkits/libraries/plug-ins that you use in fact do do this.         Some links:
  9. T-Mobile New Internet Connection

    Yes, you have the legal right to use your own router in Germany.   You just need to ensure that it support the same technology as your internet connection.  E.g.  ADSL, ADSL2, VDSL, Cable etc.  As it is T-Mobile then I would assume that it is VDSL, but your should check. And make sure you purchase one that it intended for use in Germany.  Different countries can have slightly different standards making them incompatible!     DT (Deutsche Telekom, not T-Mobile!) will send you your connection details via mail.  You can either enter all the details manually, or you can use the "start-code", this is like a magic number that you enter into your Router so that it knows who your provider it, it then establishes a connection to them and retrieves all the details from your provider and enters them into your router.  This is obviously much easier!   (Here is an example from 1&1 for a Fritzbox router:   Wiring details etc. should come with the Router, or you can search online, but should not be difficult.  
  10. High tax on gardening pay and severance bonus

    You don't say where you currently are. This is important as it depends on the dual tax arrangement between your country and Germany as to what applies.    
  11. Luggage lock

    As a kid I messed around with some old locks and I found a bit of a trick that helped, but it does not work with all locks.   Set it to 000 Put pressure on the lock by pulling it. Keep pressure on then turn the first dial one by one until you feel the lock move. Then it has found the "hole" for this number. Then repeat for the other numbers.   Sometimes it only works for some of the dials, sometimes it doesn't work.  But using this method I could crack a 4 pin code lock much quicker then it would take to go through all combinations.      
  12. If you have problems then Cycling is a much better option.  Of course this is not so good in the Winter with the weather, and short days, traffic, pollution etc.   I do Cycling in Summer and running in Winter.  
  13. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Not just for cases, but for most things.   That is one reason why government authorities are waking up to the problem of not being able to repair goods is a problem and are looking at the "Right to Repair" issue closely.  People just throw them away and buy a new one, because it costs too much to repair it, if it can be repaired at all.      
  14. Employment Resignation: Notice period Query

      There are no laws limiting how many jobs you can have simultaneously, so therefore you can have multiple jobs and hence contracts at the same time.   If there is some kind of non-competition clause however, then this might be more difficult and then you should terminate the current employment fully before starting the new one.   Why doesn't your friend simply talk to the current employer and state that they want to end the contract on xx date and then see what they say? It can be in their interest to end on 31st March for example, rather than paying an extra month (remember also they have to pay social security contributions) if there will not be any work to perform.  But until they talk to them, then they won't know what is possible.     The taxes are based on total income for the Year, so this would be calculated finally when you do your tax return for 2019.  As you are talking about 2 weeks then it will probably make very little difference.   PS.  I am not a lawyer!
  15.   1)  Who would know?   2)  Who cares? 3) Just play dumb foreigner!     But seriously:  Normally a specialist shop will have better choice.  But some of the Dept. stores in Frankfurt are big so they might have a good range.  But in general, I would say that you would get better service and advice but pay more at a specialist shop so this is up to you.   Runners point always have a treadmill in the shop.  And for me, they advised that I had a tendency to run it a bit of an awkward manner so they suggested some extra support.  They could only see that because I went on the treadmill!    I'm not sure you would get this level of service in anywhere other than a specialised shop.  But it depends what you want.