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  1. 13 (0xD) - The data is invalid.

    It sounds like the laptop is actually not that old, and the Fritzbox support the Wifi standards b, g & n which should not be an issue.   Try updating the drivers.  And then also try disconnecting from the network, forgetting it, reboot, and then try connecting again.  make sure that you enter the right key.  Else you need to say the exact model of the laptop that doesn't work.
  2. 13 (0xD) - The data is invalid.

    I'm not sure what you are doing.  But if you connect with an Ethernet cable then you don't need to "connect/verbinden" to the network.  It should work automatically.  In fact it is probably best to turn off wifi if you are connecting this way.   The error code 13 is unfortunately meaningless without knowing more details as it is specific to the software/hardware which has the problem.  So you would need to provide more details on this. But, as the laptop worked before with another router and I would assume that the laptop top is a bit old then I would say that there might be some incompatibility with the wireless network standard used by the laptop compared to the router.  But without more details this is a guess.   What I suggest you do first is update the driver.  Connect to the internet  via Ethernet, and update the driver via windows.  If this works, reboot and try again.  If windows does not find a new driver then you will have to find the driver manually via the website of the laptop manufacturer and then install that. This video shows how you can do it in windows:   If this does not work then I suggest buying a separate wireless adaptor to plug into your laptop.  You can get them for less than 20 Euros, such as this: (not a recommendation by the way, I don't know the product)   Just make sure that whatever you purchase uses a standard supported by your router.
  3. Chances of getting employed at the age of 36 with a PhD degree?

      My experience shows that in IT that work experience counts more than qualifications.   I know people in IT who have PHDs and basically do admin roles, and I know people who have no university degree and have great jobs. Also, in my area it seems that most people did not formally study computer science at all, and have their degrees in a range of different subjects but in the end that does not make any difference.     Certainly any job interviews that I have been involved in (on both sides), looks at the experience the person has in the industry and the specific IT skills they have.  And once you get in the door then it is your attitude and job skill that counts more.  
  4. Recommended online website builder

        This is like anything in life; Why would you pay somebody to paint your house? Why would you pay somebody to install a new kitchen? Why would you pay somebody to fix you car?   if you can do these things to a good enough standard yourself, have the skills, knowledge, and time to do this, then go ahead and do it yourself.  But if you can't or don't have enough time then you call a professional.  And like all professions there are good and bad and prices vary a lot.   I also suggest that you consider maintainability.  How often will the content change?  How easy is it to publish new content?  Are there frameworks available to allow you to create/maintain the site easily (although you need to invest time to learn the framework).    
  5. There is no legal requirement to register your marriage and in terms of tax then there might not be any benefit for you but there are other implications, such as inheritance, insurance implications, pensions etc.     This is a nice summary:   But you didn't get married only for the benefits so why would you not register the marriage here?  If you don't and decide later to do this, then the authorities would ask a lot more questions and maybe be suspicious.  It does not appeal to the German sense of logic to not do this.   I would do this purely for the inheritance benefits, as it would be worth it just to ensure that should the worst happen that you have fewer issues in the future.    
  6. Time for a new PC

      Me no.  But some people above in the original post quote good experiences from them.
  7. A2 to B1 level, How?!?

      +1 for Duolingo as an additional aid to help you.    
  8. Time for a new PC

    @psychonaut Yes I see what you mean.  seems to be better.  You can skip the HDD, Graphics card, and they have a decent choice of components.
  9. Time for a new PC

    In the end I used Atelco, but as you said they are not longer an option.  But I think they were purchased by K&M who have a PC configurator too;     I am also considering a new PC again, or maybe just replacing the CPU and Motherboard (I haven't decided yet) so I have started looking into this although I will probably wait a few more months before I do anything.   from the list above, I have been looking at  They have a PC Configurator;   And they have a 1-2-3 configurator, which seems to be a "lite" version.   But they don't support the brand new Socket 2066 yet (for the newest Intel chips which are just released this month),  But I assume this will be added soon, and might not impact you.     I haven't found any more which I would consider any good.  But if I do, I will add them here.  
  10. kindergarten termination

      I Fully agree!       Also, if I was you I would argue that as they "lied" to you during the original interview that you signed the contract under false pretences.  As such, then actually the contract is null and void and you shouldn't have to pay anything!   It might not work, but it is worth arguing this point.  And perhaps even a letter from a lawyer would help convince them.
  11. German regulator sets minimum for fixed broadband service

      It's doesn't define in any more detail than this, and you have to leave room for the courts to interpret new laws!  .
  12. The German telecom regulator (Bundesnetzagentur) has proposed new rules for setting minimum standards for broadband.   The provider is considered to be in a breach of contract if; The customer cannot reach at least 90 percent of the maximum agreed speed for at least two days The speed falls short of the agreed minimum for at least two days, Or the normally available speed is not reached in 90 percent of measurements.    The regulator will provide a software tool to help end-users measure their connection speeds, and the measurements must be conducted over a LAN (wired) connection. The networks agency said at least 20 measurements over two days must be made to consider a breach of contract.
  13.   The 30-50 Euros is not a credit card fee, it is the travel agent fee.   It used to be that travel agents got a commission on airfares sold but several years ago the airlines stopped paying commissions.  This allowed them to offer cheaper flights and reduced their costs as they no longer to system to calculate the fees owed to agent.  So agents now have to charge you a fee in order to make any money (otherwise they are effectively working for free).     I agree with the others that the best way is to use online travel sites to find and book your ticket.  Kayak offers a service which compares different websites directly, and there is even an option to include the cost for credit cards etc. by selecting your type of card.   Another option is simply to go to the airport with the cash and pay directly at the ticket counter! (Assuming United have a ticket counter or a designated agent such as Lufthansa who can do this for them).  
  14.     If you agree to give her everything in the divorce then there is nothing stopping her claiming child support afterwards.  Which could also be backdated to the time of separation.     If you are a married couple then you would have a joint tax return which you have to sign.  So if you have not signed this, then you can simply tell the tax authorities this and then the claim is not valid.  if you signed it, then you accepted it so then its too late to complain about it now.   Also I suggest that you take a look at this:   Note the section where it says   " In case of separation or divorce, the spouse who has less income is entitled to claim spouse support according to German law. Furthermore, the spouse who is taking care of common underage children can ask for child support. According to the law ruling these support payments, children come first – the payment of child support is prioritised over spouse support. "   So if she earns more that you, then you can file a claim for spouse support.  And I also think that if you were the primary care giver before the separation then this improves your chances after the divorce. Certainly you can tell her that.  And you can tell her that you intend to claim for custody, spouse support and child support all from her.   If she want to play games with you then I'm afraid then you will have to play them back.  Even if you don't want to as otherwise you will get today screwed over.   Make sure also that your lawyer is aware than you intend to fight everything like this and make it clear to him that you expect him to win a good deal for you.  You need to stick up for yourself.    
  15. Declining job transfer as a consultant

    This thread is similar for you:   Generally if they are relocating your place of work and it is more than 50km from your current place then they should pay your some kind of compensation to compensate for this.  This will depend on the rules with your union or works council so you need to talk to them.  If you don't have one, then you need to negotiate this with them yourself.  This could include moving your home to the new location, or compensating for the extra commute (they might pay the train fare, and you might be able to agree that at least some time on the train counts as work time so long as you are able to work).   If the company makes a reasonable offer to cover these expenses and you refuse then as Krieg said, you be in a bad situation if it goes to court.  But, if they do not offer this or offer an unreasonable offer then you will be in a better position if you go to court.   You don't have to accept a new contract offer in Germany, and they are not allowed to do anything against you if you don't accept such an offer.  But in the end if there is no work in your current location then you can still be terminated.