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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Theory:  is when you know everything but nothing works   Practice:  is when everything works but nobody knows why.   It IT, theory and practice are combined:  Nothing works and nobody knows why
  2. Need suggestion for online website to buy a watch or DSLR

    I find Google shopping service is actually good for such things.   Put in what you want, do a normal search and then click on "Shopping" and it will search shopping sites and give you the prices including shipping.   But, for certain high value goods such as these you need to be careful what you are buying.  DSLRs are a prime example where you can get a cheap offer over ebay or other sites for grey imports, often from Hong Kong or China.  But then you will have to pay duty and taxes when you receive it, many manufacturers will not offer any support for such products if they are faulty and there is also a high risk of fake products.  Follow the rule of "if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!"
  3. Live in NL, work in DE

    I would suggest that you both do a dummy run at the appropriate time.   Often Monday has the worst traffic of the week, so choose a place in the town you want to live in.  Leave at the time you think you will leave at and then go to the workplace and time it door to door.  Then you can sample the real conditions at the right time.   Now add extra time if it is raining, a bit more traffic etc.    Maybe your workplace is flexible so if you are 15-30 mins late it does not matter as long as you do your hours and complete your tasks.  But if you have stricter working times then you will have to factor this in and leave earlier.  
  4. Jokes

    Son:   Dad, why do women hate spiders? Dad:  Because they have 8 legs. Son:  And? Dad:  They are jealous, because spiders can wear 4 pairs of shoes at the same time!  
  5. Refusing unbefristet contract for unemployment

    You really need to talk to the company.  If you explain to them that you want to do your masters then I'm sure they won't offer you a contract, as it is effort on their behalf to do this and prepare everything and they won't want to waste their time.   To be honest, you also shouldn't waste their time as they must have got the impression that you are open to such an agreement if they have already mentioned this to you.   On the other hand, although the work environment is not good why not just suck it up for a few more weeks/months in order to earn some money before your studies start?  The money would be useful I'm sure and if you have been there 3.5 years then another few weeks/months would be possible.  If it really is so bad that you can't stand doing this then just be prepared that you might not be able to have your cake and eat it.  The rules are there for a reason.
  6.   Well outside the EU it is more difficult, but you you can get a job then that's good for you and good luck.   A company might not be willing to let you do remote work for a junior position if they don't know you, but they might if they need people enough.   You could also try websites such as And others, where you can bid for jobs to perform.  With little or no experience this would be difficult but you might find something here.   Or get involved in some community project online for free.  All to build up your experience.     Good luck!  
  7.     The answers above are pretty good so I don't think I can add much to it.  Some companies might test your skills in a specific language / technology by asking questions in an interview or by giving you a small exam.  Others might have an expert sit in on the interview who will do this.  But generally for an entry position this is less likely, but any skills you can show in this area will help but as others said an eagerness to learn is most important.       However, given what you said and that your location in Zagreb then I believe that you don't yet have full freedom of movement in the EU, but I think that getting a job in Germany is OK as you should have full access to the German job market (but not all EU jobs markets according to   Regardless please be aware that for such a junior position that companies might prefer local candidates, as it is unlikely that they would be willing to pay moving expenses or incur other costs for such a junior position.  But  this will vary on the company and shouldn't stop you applying.   But if you manage to get a couple of years experience under your belt then you will become much more attractive to companies!  So my advice is to get a job first to get experience, no matter where it is.  You can also change job and location later.  
  8. GmbH accounting for payment in advance

    I would not take the advice of people on an internet forum above that of a  Steuerberater for company finances such as this!  Of course, there are some people who are very knowledgeable, but to be honest you need to be paying for expert advice.  It also protects you if the advice is wrong, incorrect or outdated.     If you are not happy with the advice you receive then I would suggest that you seek out alternative Steuerberaters.
  9. DSL and Phone contracts options

      +1 for Check24     For the calls, Belarus is not a popular destination so you are unlikely to get many offers that include it.  I remember that 1&1 did have some international tariff than included non eu countries, but it was expensive.     To be honest, Skype (or similar) is probably the easiest.  You need no equipment such a gateway, can use it from many different devices including smartphones.   Normally the rates are cheap (much cheaper than most offers you will get from phone providers).  But I see for Belarus they are expensive!  Although, if you buy a bundle of minutes and pay 3 or 12 months in advance then you can get it for < 20c per minute (excluding connection fee).     You could also look at calling cards.  These tend to specialise in specific countries/areas and offer cheap prices.  But I haven't looked into them for many years.  
  10. Advice wanted on good video camera for 11 yr. old

      A DSLR with digital zoom?  I've not seen one (except of course when viewing the pictures).     And besides, you still have the same issue.  And the way a digital zoom works means that you crop the picture, so you have fewer pixels, which if you are shooting video means changing definition, which could not be done on the fly.    
  11. Advice wanted on good video camera for 11 yr. old

      Don't also forget that she will need a good PC to edit the video.  Video editing takes a lot of processing power and uses a lot of memory.  A decent editing program is also worth investing in, although free versions would be OK to get started.  
  12. Advice wanted on good video camera for 11 yr. old

    You don't say what is frustrating her, but maybe some accessories would help.  You can get quite a lot that will help an iPad do much more things more professionally.   Else, maybe this helps:   If she is also into still photography then a D-SLR is an option.  But you will also need a couple of decent lenses and this can quicker get expensive.  If you just want video then I suggest to stay away from this.
  13. Travelling to Moscow in winter with a 3 year old..

    Here is a story of somebody who look there 3 year old to Everest!    
  14. Can't send SMS

        This would have been my guess as to the issue, but the number does look correct.   I'm not sure the details of prelado, or why you have used them, but it could be that credit loaded from this source is not usable for certain products such as SMS.  You could try to load credit via official channels and then see if you can send an SMS.  if you can, then this is the problem.  Else you have another issue.   Another option might be to remove the SIM card, do a factory reset on the phone ( of course you will lose all your settings) and then reinsert the SIM card.  This should then hopefully reinstall all the network settings and might fix the issue.  But this is no guarantee.  Better if possible to try on another phone.      
  15. Travelling to Moscow in winter with a 3 year old..

    What would you do with a 3 year old in Moscow?  I was there many years ago, but I couldn't imagine taking such a young child.   Consider that it will be below freezing (-10 is not uncommon), and the Sun will be up only at 9am and set again at 4pm.  So you will probably have to spend a lot of time finding indoor activities to do.  And I can't imagine a 3 year old being interested in Lenin's Mausoleum, or museums.   They also don't celebrate Christmas like we do, so there won't be any special Christmas things going on.