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  1. Loans and financing to buy a car

    Who is the owner depends on the type of loan.     If it is an unsecured loan (personal loan) then car is not used as collateral against the loan but the loan is based more on your credit worthiness.  So you can then do what you want with the car and the bank/finance company only care about the monthly repayments.   If it is a secured loan then the car remaining the property of the bank/finance company until you have fully repaid the loan.   So you need to look into the type of loan to determine this fully and the small print to be sure about all of the answers.    Normally where a car can be driven is a matter for the insurance and not for the bank/finance company.  Assuming that you are just visiting and not moving or exporting the car before it is fully paid.
  2. 1&1 not delivering on the Umzug service

    I agree with Sneaker and what I suggest is;   1)  Concentrate now on getting the transfer complete.  Call them, email them do what you must to get this done ASAP.  Don't threaten with leaving, this will not have a good effect. But do point out that you have been a customer since xxx.   2)  Once this is complete then push for compensation for the lack of service.   First tell them that you don't want to pay for an Umzug service with they could not deliver.  Make the points about being in the whole day and other workmen coming and going.   Tell them that sending an email to inform you that there were not coming was stupid, because you could not read email with no internet connection! (Tell them you cannot access your email via phone etc. if they ask, and you only read it the next day in an internet cafe). Then point out what Sneaker said about the law for charging for the Umzug Then push them to reduce the monthly cost, due to no service for xxx days. Then tell them you want compensation due to not having internet, not being able to work from home etc. for this amount of time (this is pushing it a bit, but if you don't ask you don't get). Then at this point you can threaten them to quit in November.  As Sneaker said, there is no point doing it now because they will make you pay a termination fee which will probably be about the same as the monthly costs until your end of contract plus they will not then care because they will get their money anyway.  And then you have no chance of getting the fees for the Umzug service back!  
  3. The Lahn valley is nice, I have done some as a day trip but I am not sure how far you can go on the river but I think quite a long way.   There is plenty of camping around too.  And you can do some trips to Wetzlar, Weilburg, Limburg, Koblenz to break up the journey if you wish.    
  4. Useful tips, things to know, when giving birth in Germany

        We done the same.  Applied for both German and International birth certificates.
  5. Who pays for Deutsche Post Antwort letters?

    What happened to me once was that I accidentally did not put enough postage on the envelope.   It was sent to the receiver and they were asked to pay the difference, they however refused.  So DP opened the envelope, from the contents they found my name and address and they returned it to me.      
  6. I have no experience with Comms or Media, so this is just my opinion based on my experience!   When hiring somebody then generally experience counts more than qualifications in a lot of cases.  Because experience shows that you have done the job (or similar) and are probably capable of doing the same for the new company.     Qualifications are however needed in order to get your first job, because you have no experience prior to that.  So this is needed to prove that you are potentially capable of performing the role because you have proven that you have studied to a specific (high) level.  So qualifications are door openers, and once you get in your ability, attitude etc. will count more.   So, if you try and get a job in Ireland/UK/US etc. straight after studying then a German qualification might be looked upon slightly less than a qualification of the same level from that country, simply because the person hiring might not understand and know it so well.  Whereas in Germany you would not have this issue.  Once you have some experience under your belt then this will count more and more, especially the more experience (and older) you get.   But this can vary based on the industry and qualification.  For example if you study computer science then computers are the same everywhere in the world, so this would not be an issue.  But a course in communications and media would I guess have some significant cultural differences in each country, especially where there is a different language involved.   So even if you have experience in your chosen field you might find it more challenging to move to another country later.  This does not mean it is impossible, and it really depends on the hiring company and what they want, certainly if you speak 2 languages then this would help you.  But I think it might be more difficult for such an industry compared to some.     One idea might be to try and find a headhunter from Ireland/UK in the media/comms industry and ask them for advice.  Ask them "If I wanted a job straight out of Uni in the UK/Ireland with a German BA would I find it more difficult?  What if I also had 5 years experience in a German media company?". They will know the industry and what it is looking for.    
  7. Career advice needed

        These skills might be hot now, but so was web development a few years ago and that sums up the IT industry and there is always something that is hot for a while before it dies down again.     Also, telling somebody in IT to change to another discipline such as big data, BI, Databases etc. is a bit like telling a bus driver to become a train driver.  You can't just simply one day decide to change, you need to learn the skills, understand the technology and most important in IT is to gain experience.      So you need to look for a junior position, where you will get the training and experience opportunities.  Which of course means lower pay while you do this.  The best hope is that you are able to learn something new in your current position and then later more over to doing this permanently later.    
  8. can't get data on my phone (US phone with Aldi Talk)

    @sneaker is right.   In fact Verizon phones are often built specifically for the carrier, so you can even have issues with some of them not working (well) on other US networks.   This site has some more information      
  9. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    I see that there is an outbreak across Europe at the moment.   Romania and Italy and the worst places, but they expect it to spread further including to Germany.   No surprise that the places where it has hit to worst are those with the lowest immunisation rates.
  10. Trains to Prague from Munich

  11. German working hours and overtime pay

        I'm sorry you had a bad experience and there was obviously a misunderstanding in regards to what you and the company expected of each other.  For most job contracts I have seen in the roles and responsibilities they have something that states that the company can assign you other tasks.  Which is basically a catch all which means the company can give you other tasks as they see fit. While normally this would have to be deemed reasonable for the role, for a role such as internship then it could be seen as such.  Plus, for a short period of time the company can always state that they didn't have any other work and required you to help out in other roles temporarily.     And I'm afraid to say that refusing to do work of any kind is seen as very negative.  Even if it is not in your roles and responsibilities.        
  12. loading mobile phone credit from the US

      Be aware that vouchers have expiry dates!   Even if it is not printed on the voucher, internally in their system there will be one.  Only know how long these dates are.  My guess would be that they are anything from 3-12 months.     Also, mobile operators actually monitor the prepaid accounts and if there is no activity after a certain amount of time then they will deactivate the account.  This could be as low as 6 months, or > 12 months.  Sometimes there is also a "soft" deactivation first during which time you can call them and get it reactivated.
  13. Collecting maternity pay if leaving Germany

        This is complex but a lot will depend on the terms of your relocation from your company.   If the company puts you on a local Indonesian contract and terminates your German contract then it means that you will not have any rights with the German branch of the company anymore.  This does not matter if you are pregnant or not, but means that if you want to return to Germany later that they don't have to offer you a job at all.  It also means that you will be subject to Indonesian law which I believe states that you only get 3 months maternity leave (total).   If they maintain your German contract and you remain officially a German employee while you are abroad then you should have the same rights as any other employee in Germany when you wish to return, but again I am not sure that this would extend to your period in Indonesia.  So again you might only get the 3 months maternity leave.   Being pregnant makes it more complex, and to be honest if you inform you company I would not be surprised if they no longer wish to send you.  As they have a moral obligation as well as a legal and financial one to you, your unborn child and themselves.   In the end only the company can answer your questions.  
  14. What irritated you today?

    What irritated me today?   The people trying to use my car to kill themselves!   First was the guy in a car trying to overtake a HGV around a blind corner, who suddenly found himself on my side of the round facing me head on.  Cue heavy braking as I had to stop, swerve, and look for an exit off the road before he decided that overtaking was a bad idea and pulled back in!   (It also gave the Audi who was up my backside a shock, making him back off a little for the next couple of KMs).   Then was the woman pedestrian who just walked out on the road in front of me and kept going, forcing me to stop in the middle of the road and wait for her to cross!  Luckily I was going slowly as I wanted to turn off.  She walked despite the fact that there was a motorbike, pushbike and myself in a car on the road none of which could be missed!      
  15. Thinking about suing Kindergarten

        The costs varies from place to place.  Where we are for example we pay more than some towns, Frankfurt is I believe half the cost that we pay, but we pay slightly less than some thers.  Where as other places some childcare is even free.  Costs in our town have risen 47% in 5 years!   So in our case the kindergeld is nowhere near enough to consider covering these costs.