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  1. Where to spend 5 days in March?

      It depends what you are looking for and what you want to see.   Italy can be nice, not too hot, not too many tourists, but some parts might be a little rainy at times.  Florence, Venice, Rome are all good choices but not if you want to sit on a beach.   Similar with Spain.  Barcelona, Madrid can be very nice that time of year, or you could be unlucky and have some rain and 12c like I did when I was in Madrid one March.  Although Barcelona would be less chance of this.   Malta also has good weather, and for a short break is OK.  It can be very humid in the summer, but early spring it can be really nice.      
  2. Bug while quoting another post

    I assume this is the right place to post this.   I have experienced a bug when trying to quote somebody else.  What happened was;   Clicked on quote on Post #1 Started to right a reply with this quote. Changed my mind and did not submit the post. Several days later, I clicked on quote on Post #2 (different thread) I then try to insert the quote in a reply but it uses the quote from Post #1. I try this several times, always the same. I logout, clear cookies, login again but still have the same problem.   To stop this, I have to post a reply using quote from post #1.   Then I can use the quote again from the post I want to use.    
  3. Funny observations from daily life situations

        Then don't go to Malaysia, they are so impatient to close the lift/elevator doors there it is incredible.  They will be pushing the button while you are still in the doorway.  Accordingly it seems that the lifts there are different, as the doors close much quicker and respond quicker to the door close button.    
  4. Funny observations from daily life situations

  5. No more online check-in for flights to the US?

      I once arrived for a short haul flight at Frankfurt 1:45 hours before departure and barely made it!   And another time I arrive 1:45 hours before a flight from Stockholm and it took them over 1 hour to change my ticket!  I only made the flight because it was delayed.     These days I would rather spend the extra time sat in the departure hall reading my book or answering emails than risk being late!
  6. Funny observations from daily life situations

        A lot of cars (and all from the top/expenseive makes) now come with the option often know as driver assistance, this will actually 'read' the white lines of the lanes and it stops you changing lane (at high speed) unless you have indicated before hand.   What this means that if somebody in an expensive car is changing lane without indicating then actually they might be able to afford the car, but they obviously can't afford the options!      
  7. No more online check-in for flights to the US?

      It runs at about every 3-5 mins.  And takes about the same amount of time to travel between the terminals.  There is also a bus which goes from the central bus station.       As somebody who has travelled through Frankfurt airport 100's of times then I can say that you can never be sure what it will be like. I have checked-in at the counter and been sitting at my gate some 5-10 mins later.   I have also had to queue for 20 mins to check-in, then 60 mins to get through security, and another 10-15 mins to get to my gate! Even during a relatively quiet time I have had to queue a long time in security, because they only had 1 lane open, and it took 10 mins to open a second (10 mins from when the staff first arrived!).     Once I even got stuck in traffic at the airport (@DUS), and it took me 45 mins to get from the motorway off-ramp to the car park.  Luckily I was picking somebody up and not catching a flight.   At Frankfurt T1 is normally much worse than T2. At T2 for the non-schengen flights you have security for a group of gates.  This means that if there are delays at security then the staff for the flight can see it easily, and they will even check the security line for the missing passengers and help them get through quicker if they can.     You also need to be careful with check-in because for some long-haul flights some airlines have a check-in cut-off time that can be 45-60 minutes before departure.  And I know that some airports such as London Heathrow also have enforced "conformance" times.  This is the time before the departure time that you must have entered the security line.  This is enforced electronically by the gates and can't be overridden by staff.  I think that the time is something like 35mins, but might vary by Terminal.      
  8. What made you laugh today?

    Why not show somebody you love them with this unique valentines messages!  
  9. What made you laugh today?

        You forgot the website link:   I have done my bit!    
  10. What made you laugh today?

        Why only temporary? 
  11. So last yesterday there has been some further developments.   Check24 have now forwarded my order details to Vodafone and we have a new offer from them.  The new offer is not the same as that we originally requested, so we have to see if we can get the original offer back (as it is slightly better), and we also have to see if the cancellation with our current provider will still be possible or not.   So we need to talk to them today and clarify these points.
  12.     As I see it Check24 agreed to provide me a service.  They displayed me a list of offers, I selected one and they took down all of my details and promised to send this to Vodafone to enable me to start the process to change provider.  I had to agree to their T&C and click submit in order to proceed, so this is surely a contract or agreement between myself and Check24.     They did not agree to provide the telecoms services nor did they guarantee that Vodafone could or would do this (which is not the argument). As I see it, they have failed to honour their end of the agreement.  You can't have companies claiming to offer such services and then not doing anything.   And don't forget, that although I may not have paid them for this service they will still get paid for referring me.  So it is in their interest to sort out the problem.   It is also their reputation on the line.  And if my order has gone missing, how many more have gone missing?  And how many have to go missing before Check24 is considered unreliable and people stop using them.     Of course, if Check24 can prove that they did send everything to Vodafone and that Vodafone failed to deliver then I have to then take it up with them.  But I agree that at the moment I have no comeback to Vodafone, so hence I am blaming Check24.  
  13.     Great thanks!   Also, I found some things in the AGB which might help.       
  14.   But when do you receive this?  Last time I don't recall when we received some kind of confirmation or porting form from the old provider, but I only submitted the order 2 weeks ago so this is not exactly a long time to wait. And I would not cancel the old contract manually if I have been explicitly instructed not to do this.  I know people who done this when changing and then had the issue of no internet/phone for several days or even weeks when changing as it caused complications.  
  15.   We have legal insurance and I have suggested to my wife that we might have to go this way.  But she thinks that it might not be worth it, because it is a small amount and if we have to contribute towards paying for a lawyer then it counts against any money that we might get back.  Unless of course we can claim legal fees on top of this?   But how do we stand legally?  Because Check24 claim that there is no contract until Vodafone have sent a confirmation of the order, which means there is no legal contract between us.  But I think that Check24 must still have some (legal?) responsibility as they are a re-seller of the products & services from Vodafone.  But legally I don't know how we stand.  And going the lawyer route will only help if they are legally responsible and have negated their responsibilities.