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  1. The Vent - No Chat!

    6am!  Seriously!   You started work on the building site with the digger at 6am!
  2.     You need a birth certificate.     You will not get an official birth certificate from the hospital, you will get some other confirmation (I can't recall what it is called) and you need to apply for a birth certificate from the Stadt where the child was born.  You have to fill in a form, hand in the paper you get from the hospital, your marriage certificate, and ID/passport of yourself and your wife. The hospital where we had our daughter had an office from die Stadt where we could actually do this directly, which is very handy as then we didn't need to do a separate trip into town to do it (but not all hospitals offer this).     The birth certificate will then be sent to your home which might take a couple of weeks.   You will actually receive multiple birth certificates.  One of which must be sent when you apply for Kindergeld, one of which is sent when you apply for Elterngeld, and I think one is needed for medical insurance.  I think that these are not "Geburtsurkunde" but " Geburtsbescheinigungen" and state what their reason is on them.  You get then a proper Geburtsurkunde for yourself to keep.   You get a choice now of a "German only" or an "International" birth certificate(s).  It is also possible to order extra birth certificates in case you want/need them for other purposes.  For this you have to pay extra.   You will also automatically receive a tax number for the child per post!
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

      They mean Wellington boots!      
  4.   I don't think we disagree.  I stated that they would probably not be eligible for any benefits (although I have heard that Kindergeld is often paid even if the child is in another country, but don't know if this is just limited to the EU or has other conditions).   You have added another obstacle (getting a visa for the child born in another country) which I assumed would be OK if the rest of the family already had German visas (I also assumed that they would not be away long enough to lose this status).  
  5.   These are not legal matters, so no insurance will cover the cost of paying somebody to do what is basically your job as a parent to-be!   Trust me, this is not hassle or complication and is just the start of the hoops that you will have to (and be willing to) jump through for the sake of your child!        
  6. Pension Refund for German Citizens !!!

    Imagine this:   You give up this right and go and live in another country never intending to come back to Germany. But, you voluntarily or involuntary (e.g. deported) leave that country and come back to Germany to live when you are a pensioner.  Now you live in Germany with no means to fund yourself and no pension and the state has to fund   You might be willing to take the risk, but the state is not.
  7. ADAC battery replacement

        I had to replace the battery in my Focus at the beginning of this year, and because it was some special Eco-battery then it cost > 100 euros!  My father in law is an ex-mechanic so could change it for me for free (well, a crate of beer!)  
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

    How somebody can let their ~9-10 year old daughter ride a (kids) quad on the street without any helmet!
  9. Interesting spam e-mails received

        God I hope the cash machines doesn't just give you 20's on this day.  You would be there all day waiting for it to count the money!    
  10. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

      Yes you are both right, I misread the post the first time!    
  11. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    @Sir Percy B   I of course assumed that he went through the process of checking the car before, getting any scratches etc. noted.  The OP said on return that it was stated as OK, so normally this should be noted also on the return documentation.  Of course if the OP didn't do this, then yes it is difficult.     I don't know if such insurance is only from UK companies, but at least mine insure more than just UK citizens/residents.  (Although I am wondering what happens after Brexit)
  12. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    You best bet is to clearly state that you handed the car back, it was checked by an employee at the time and no damage was found.  Therefore, any damage found subsequently to that is the responsibility of Sixt and you are not responsible.  Then produce the documents you received during the return which should state the vehicle was returned OK.   You could complain to the consumer protection office in Germany if this is not sufficient.   In regards to the other points, you can basically forget that in Germany.   I also suggest that you look into getting supplemental insurance.  There are companies who will cover the excess of car rental companies for around 50 - 70 Euros per year (depending on exactly what you want).      
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    So the next PM of the UK will either be a *unt or a Johnson.   Well, at least they live up to their names!  
  14. Tax Refund from Germany When Leaving the Country

    And you can't do your tax return for 2019 until after the 2019 tax year is closed.  And as @jeba said, your tax liability in Germany will also depend on which country you go to and how much you earn for the rest of the year and the dual taxation agreement between Germany and that country.    
  15. My business plan.

    I think you have forgotten some important points;   1)   What type of coffee will you serve to your employees? 2)   Socks are fine, but they are dependent upon      a)  Colour of trousers/Skirt/dress     b )  Type/colour of shoes     c)  Mood of wife/husband on the 5th day after the 13th new moon of the year.     d)  size of wormhole   3)   What does your lawyer say?  I do hope you have law insurance! 4)   How are you going to compete against the Chinese who can do it quicker, cheaper, and sell socks embedded into shoes which is far superior to your offering!     I am sure that there are more, but I am not a lawyer so can't help you any further and any/all advise I have already given might be anything from 1% - 100% incorrect (or maybe that should be 100% - 1% correct?)   BTW:  Of course it is allowed to stop wearing socks in public.  As long as you don't leave the house.