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  1. Opodo Aeroflot, wrong name on ticket

    You should try and request a change of the name on the ticket, rather than cancelling the ticket completely.   There is normally a fee, but this will be cheaper than booking a whole new ticket. According to this;         Try this link:   or call them.  
  2. Low cost German/European airlines fly from Istanbul

    A handy why to find out who flies to an airport is to check Wikipedia.  Istanbul currently has two airports (the third is being built) so you have to check both of them.  Then look for the "Destinations" section, and this will list all airlines that currently fly there.  Then just search for German airports.     As Gman says, skyskanner is also useful.  However, what he didn't say is that they have an option to allow you also to search by departure country and destination city.     This shows the following;   Lufthansa  Onur Air eurowings  Turkish Airlines  germanwings    Pegasus Airlines  Atlasglobal     
  3. Buying a laptop as a student

    These two sites are generally good for computer gear, although I don't know how the prices compare for laptops;     I have used Dell in the past, they used to allow you to order a QWERTY keyboard, with all the software (including BIOS) in English.   Although they charged a bit extra for this, and the option was only available via the phone not on the website.  Although it has been a few years so I don't know if they still offer this service or not.     Otherwise you can look on, Amazon and many 3pp suppliers will ship to Germany, but not necessarily for every item so you need to check.
  4. Window Insulating Film for Winter: Makes Sense?

    When I was younger we lived in a building which had old single glazed windows.  On one of them my dad created a plastic inner window which could clip into place and covered the whole window area.  It was even hinged on one side so you could swing it open to get to the window.  This made a massive difference to the room and it was much warmer. Condensation was a problem, but you could at open the panel and then open the window.   On another window he put plastic sheeting and taped it up.  This helped as well, but obviously obscured the view as the plastic was not clear  (not a problem for this window) and you didn't have access to the window.  In this case it was just really to stop drafts, which is done well.
  5.     Most airlines will insist on a "fit to fly" certificate from your doctor if you are more than 28 weeks pregnant (the exact time depends on the airline).  So make sure that you have this before hand.   Worst case scenario could mean that if you do develop complications then you can't get this certificate which means of course that you might be stuck in Germany for the birth!
  6. Health Insurance - Children

        I'm not sure how easy it would be to send them to Kindergarten like this.   I'm not sure that you could get a place in a state sponsored Kkindergarten if you or the child are not permanently resident in Germany, and even if you could most places in Germany have a shortage so there can be a wait of several months in some places.  And with your parents in-law not working then your child would probably be down prioritised compared to kids who's parents are working.     And I don't think that any kindergarten, state sponsored or fully private would like the idea of a child there for just a few months of the year if they can provide the place to another child full time for the whole year.  I think they would only consider it if there are free spaces, which probably means applying new every year.   And to be honest, I think the best way for your child to learn German would be to get the in-laws to only speak German to them while they are here.  If they do this and supplement it with books, cartoons/tv shows in Germany the child would learn quicker, and better, than at kindergarten where they would pick up the bad habits of other kids.   If you really want some day care, for example to give the in-laws a break a couple of days a week, then maybe a Tages mutter would be a better approach?  They have fewer kids so can be more interactive with them, and would be more flexible on hours and times.
  7. UK (non London) salary expectation

      I don't know if you are aware, but in the UK you have to pay council tax which is based on the value of the property (although this was the value as of 1991, not current value).   More info here: and here:    
  8. What made you laugh today?

  9. 13 (0xD) - The data is invalid.

    It sounds like the laptop is actually not that old, and the Fritzbox support the Wifi standards b, g & n which should not be an issue.   Try updating the drivers.  And then also try disconnecting from the network, forgetting it, reboot, and then try connecting again.  make sure that you enter the right key.  Else you need to say the exact model of the laptop that doesn't work.
  10. 13 (0xD) - The data is invalid.

    I'm not sure what you are doing.  But if you connect with an Ethernet cable then you don't need to "connect/verbinden" to the network.  It should work automatically.  In fact it is probably best to turn off wifi if you are connecting this way.   The error code 13 is unfortunately meaningless without knowing more details as it is specific to the software/hardware which has the problem.  So you would need to provide more details on this. But, as the laptop worked before with another router and I would assume that the laptop top is a bit old then I would say that there might be some incompatibility with the wireless network standard used by the laptop compared to the router.  But without more details this is a guess.   What I suggest you do first is update the driver.  Connect to the internet  via Ethernet, and update the driver via windows.  If this works, reboot and try again.  If windows does not find a new driver then you will have to find the driver manually via the website of the laptop manufacturer and then install that. This video shows how you can do it in windows:   If this does not work then I suggest buying a separate wireless adaptor to plug into your laptop.  You can get them for less than 20 Euros, such as this: (not a recommendation by the way, I don't know the product)   Just make sure that whatever you purchase uses a standard supported by your router.
  11. Chances of getting employed at the age of 36 with a PhD degree?

      My experience shows that in IT that work experience counts more than qualifications.   I know people in IT who have PHDs and basically do admin roles, and I know people who have no university degree and have great jobs. Also, in my area it seems that most people did not formally study computer science at all, and have their degrees in a range of different subjects but in the end that does not make any difference.     Certainly any job interviews that I have been involved in (on both sides), looks at the experience the person has in the industry and the specific IT skills they have.  And once you get in the door then it is your attitude and job skill that counts more.  
  12. Recommended online website builder

        This is like anything in life; Why would you pay somebody to paint your house? Why would you pay somebody to install a new kitchen? Why would you pay somebody to fix you car?   if you can do these things to a good enough standard yourself, have the skills, knowledge, and time to do this, then go ahead and do it yourself.  But if you can't or don't have enough time then you call a professional.  And like all professions there are good and bad and prices vary a lot.   I also suggest that you consider maintainability.  How often will the content change?  How easy is it to publish new content?  Are there frameworks available to allow you to create/maintain the site easily (although you need to invest time to learn the framework).    
  13. There is no legal requirement to register your marriage and in terms of tax then there might not be any benefit for you but there are other implications, such as inheritance, insurance implications, pensions etc.     This is a nice summary:   But you didn't get married only for the benefits so why would you not register the marriage here?  If you don't and decide later to do this, then the authorities would ask a lot more questions and maybe be suspicious.  It does not appeal to the German sense of logic to not do this.   I would do this purely for the inheritance benefits, as it would be worth it just to ensure that should the worst happen that you have fewer issues in the future.    
  14. Time for a new PC

      Me no.  But some people above in the original post quote good experiences from them.
  15. A2 to B1 level, How?!?

      +1 for Duolingo as an additional aid to help you.