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  1.   No.  The exam is split into different sections (all explained in the book!).   First part is reading and Sprachbausteine,  for this you are only given the relevant section.  Once this is finished then the sheets for listening are handed out but there is no text provided for this so you can only listen and mark the box for the correct answer.  If I recall correctly then each question is played twice, except one section which is only played once.   Then this section is cleared away and you are given the section for the writing.  But is really is all explained in the book complete with exam timings and details on how the recommend you split this down.  
  2. Laws on leaving a dog indoors while one is away

      And then they would get into trouble due to privacy laws!
  3. Moving to Germany: Local contract vs. expat contract

      Yes you can.  And if you have private insurance and decide to sleep in a 2 bed room then you get money back!   Single rooms are anyway subject to availability.  So even if you have private, if the hospital has no free rooms on your ward then you have to share.    But at the same time, you might get lucky and anyway have a room to yourself. Also, not all private policies are the same so you could still have private and have to share.   BTW:  A single room is normally exactly the same as a normal room, just that only 1 bed is occupied.      
  4. Moving to Germany: Local contract vs. expat contract

      I suggest you reach out to one of the insurance brokers on here for a quote.     But to put it into perspective:  I have private insurance for which I pay for myself and 1 child and I already pay more than what you would have to pay in you went public.  And you would also have to add your wife and another child onto the policy.   Public health care has a maximum that you pay no matter how much you earn.  Private however doesn't but the maximum the employer has to contribute is capped at ~350 Euros/month.  Therefore, if the costs go up then you end up paying all the extra.  And my policy has double in the 12+ years that I have had it!   Also, once you go the private route then you will not be able to go back to public (unless under some very strict circumstances such as losing your job or taking a massive pay cut).  Whereas if you go public then you are able to change and go private later.   And at the end of the day, the doctors treating you, the facilities, and the care they provide is the same.  The main benefit is a private room in a hospital (if you get the premium cover).      
  5.     Buy the book!   It explains what is expected, gives examples and several mock exams to practice.     Do some additional practice yourself and get a German tutor to review and correct them.     Writing was my weak point before the exam, by doing this then I got high marks (92% overall on the exam).
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Maybe you are next!  
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

      As a business, it is actually easy to get a review removed from Google etc.   You make a claim against google and then the reviewer must prove otherwise.  One company claimed that I was not a customer of theirs (under T&Cs of Google you must be a customer) and I had to prove that I was to keep the review online.  But most people just will not bother with that and so hence the review is removed.  
  8. B1 prep course?

    Are you aware of this thread?     I purchased this book:   I found it to be very helpful and useful.  The exam was exactly how I expected it to be after studying this, which I started about 6 - 8 weeks before the exam.   Have you also considered just finding a private tutor for a few weeks?  Many online tutors are available if you look.  And this way you can really focus on your weak points.
  9. Getting to specialist doctor's appointment

    I would check with your health insurance if you need a referral or not.   Depending on the insurance company and the issue they might first require a GP referral or not.   You should also check if the insurance company would pay for a second opinion.  Although why you are asking this when you haven't even heard what the first opinion is I don't know!
  10. How to date without tinder

      That's rather sexist you know!  It is an activity which is open to all genders.  
  11. Moving to Germany: Local contract vs. expat contract

    Certainly you will be worse off financially on a "local contract".  But Expat contracts are designed for people on short-term assignments to incentive them to work in that location.  And when compared to China (where you currently are) then they might think that Germany needs no additional incentive.     Also, bear in mind that any benefits that company gives you on an expat contract, such as paying for additional insurance, housing etc, would be taxable in Germany which might not be the case in all countries.  It is then up to the company if they pay this tax additionally or let you take the burden.     In the end you have a worth to the company, so they will decide if you are worth this extra cost or not.   And you have to decide if you want to take the opportunity of living in Germany for a while, forever, or never.  
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      I watched the video and I can't see this happening somehow.  They want a united Ireland and don't care about the UK outside of the island of Ireland.  I'm sure they secretly hope that the UK will fall apart due to Brexit and make a united Ireland more likely, so I can't see them doing anything which would help the UK and the British people.  
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    How many people do they really think travel to the UK for treatment?  EU citizens living in the UK will still be eligible for free care (as NHS treatment is based on residency not citizenship).     Do they really think that people come to the UK to wait 8 months for an appointment? Are they going to start charging for emergency care?   Of course another point is that they can't apply this just to EU citizens not living in the UK, but would have to apply it to all Non UK residents.  And how are they going to get money from people when they live abroad when they don't pay?  If they sell the debt to a collection agency then they would get just 30% of the debt back (if they are very lucky and good at negotiating, which we know they are not.!).
  14. I used this book to study and prepare for the exam:   Now I am back home, I just checked again what is says and I see that it actually says maximum 150 words.  So my initial statement then was not 100% correct, and @Tap seems to know exactly what the requirements are and therefore can advise better than I can.    
  15. How to date without tinder

      Which is basically every bar/club with young people in the UK on a Friday/Saturday night!