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  1. Trains to Prague from Munich

  2. German working hours and overtime pay

        I'm sorry you had a bad experience and there was obviously a misunderstanding in regards to what you and the company expected of each other.  For most job contracts I have seen in the roles and responsibilities they have something that states that the company can assign you other tasks.  Which is basically a catch all which means the company can give you other tasks as they see fit. While normally this would have to be deemed reasonable for the role, for a role such as internship then it could be seen as such.  Plus, for a short period of time the company can always state that they didn't have any other work and required you to help out in other roles temporarily.     And I'm afraid to say that refusing to do work of any kind is seen as very negative.  Even if it is not in your roles and responsibilities.        
  3. loading mobile phone credit from the US

      Be aware that vouchers have expiry dates!   Even if it is not printed on the voucher, internally in their system there will be one.  Only know how long these dates are.  My guess would be that they are anything from 3-12 months.     Also, mobile operators actually monitor the prepaid accounts and if there is no activity after a certain amount of time then they will deactivate the account.  This could be as low as 6 months, or > 12 months.  Sometimes there is also a "soft" deactivation first during which time you can call them and get it reactivated.
  4. Collecting maternity pay if leaving Germany

        This is complex but a lot will depend on the terms of your relocation from your company.   If the company puts you on a local Indonesian contract and terminates your German contract then it means that you will not have any rights with the German branch of the company anymore.  This does not matter if you are pregnant or not, but means that if you want to return to Germany later that they don't have to offer you a job at all.  It also means that you will be subject to Indonesian law which I believe states that you only get 3 months maternity leave (total).   If they maintain your German contract and you remain officially a German employee while you are abroad then you should have the same rights as any other employee in Germany when you wish to return, but again I am not sure that this would extend to your period in Indonesia.  So again you might only get the 3 months maternity leave.   Being pregnant makes it more complex, and to be honest if you inform you company I would not be surprised if they no longer wish to send you.  As they have a moral obligation as well as a legal and financial one to you, your unborn child and themselves.   In the end only the company can answer your questions.  
  5. What irritated you today?

    What irritated me today?   The people trying to use my car to kill themselves!   First was the guy in a car trying to overtake a HGV around a blind corner, who suddenly found himself on my side of the round facing me head on.  Cue heavy braking as I had to stop, swerve, and look for an exit off the road before he decided that overtaking was a bad idea and pulled back in!   (It also gave the Audi who was up my backside a shock, making him back off a little for the next couple of KMs).   Then was the woman pedestrian who just walked out on the road in front of me and kept going, forcing me to stop in the middle of the road and wait for her to cross!  Luckily I was going slowly as I wanted to turn off.  She walked despite the fact that there was a motorbike, pushbike and myself in a car on the road none of which could be missed!      
  6. Thinking about suing Kindergarten

        The costs varies from place to place.  Where we are for example we pay more than some towns, Frankfurt is I believe half the cost that we pay, but we pay slightly less than some thers.  Where as other places some childcare is even free.  Costs in our town have risen 47% in 5 years!   So in our case the kindergeld is nowhere near enough to consider covering these costs.
  7. Thinking about suing Kindergarten

      Are you sure that this is a permanent arrangement?     Often early mornings or late afternoons classes are consolidated as many kids arrive later or leave earlier, so the number of classes needed is less.  This can lead to larger class sizes during this period, which may just happen to coincide when you collect and drop your child off.   Also, you have to consider if their was maybe another reason such as staff illness, several staff quitting during a short period of time, which could have affected the amount of staff they had available, again forcing them to consolidate classes for a temporary period.   Given the serious lack of childcare places in most places in Germany, I'm hardly surprised that they have full classes! And if you sue them for having a worse ratio than advertised (not contracted), then should you not pay more for the period when the ratio was better than the quoted 1:20?   But if you think that this will help you or your child, then I say go ahead and sue them.  I'm sure you can easily find a lawyer that will take your  money  case.  
  8. Thinking about suing Kindergarten

  9. Residence permits for babies

    From my experience then it took about 3-4 weeks to get the certificates so 7 weeks is too long, and we requested extra certificates including an international birth certificate.   So as @Krieg says, you will have to chase them up and ask nicely when you will receive them.    
  10. Where to spend 5 days in March?

      It depends what you are looking for and what you want to see.   Italy can be nice, not too hot, not too many tourists, but some parts might be a little rainy at times.  Florence, Venice, Rome are all good choices but not if you want to sit on a beach.   Similar with Spain.  Barcelona, Madrid can be very nice that time of year, or you could be unlucky and have some rain and 12c like I did when I was in Madrid one March.  Although Barcelona would be less chance of this.   Malta also has good weather, and for a short break is OK.  It can be very humid in the summer, but early spring it can be really nice.      
  11. Bug while quoting another post

    I assume this is the right place to post this.   I have experienced a bug when trying to quote somebody else.  What happened was;   Clicked on quote on Post #1 Started to right a reply with this quote. Changed my mind and did not submit the post. Several days later, I clicked on quote on Post #2 (different thread) I then try to insert the quote in a reply but it uses the quote from Post #1. I try this several times, always the same. I logout, clear cookies, login again but still have the same problem.   To stop this, I have to post a reply using quote from post #1.   Then I can use the quote again from the post I want to use.    
  12. Funny observations from daily life situations

        Then don't go to Malaysia, they are so impatient to close the lift/elevator doors there it is incredible.  They will be pushing the button while you are still in the doorway.  Accordingly it seems that the lifts there are different, as the doors close much quicker and respond quicker to the door close button.    
  13. No more online check-in for flights to the US?

      I once arrived for a short haul flight at Frankfurt 1:45 hours before departure and barely made it!   And another time I arrive 1:45 hours before a flight from Stockholm and it took them over 1 hour to change my ticket!  I only made the flight because it was delayed.     These days I would rather spend the extra time sat in the departure hall reading my book or answering emails than risk being late!
  14. Funny observations from daily life situations

        A lot of cars (and all from the top/expenseive makes) now come with the option often know as driver assistance, this will actually 'read' the white lines of the lanes and it stops you changing lane (at high speed) unless you have indicated before hand.   What this means that if somebody in an expensive car is changing lane without indicating then actually they might be able to afford the car, but they obviously can't afford the options!      
  15. No more online check-in for flights to the US?

      It runs at about every 3-5 mins.  And takes about the same amount of time to travel between the terminals.  There is also a bus which goes from the central bus station.       As somebody who has travelled through Frankfurt airport 100's of times then I can say that you can never be sure what it will be like. I have checked-in at the counter and been sitting at my gate some 5-10 mins later.   I have also had to queue for 20 mins to check-in, then 60 mins to get through security, and another 10-15 mins to get to my gate! Even during a relatively quiet time I have had to queue a long time in security, because they only had 1 lane open, and it took 10 mins to open a second (10 mins from when the staff first arrived!).     Once I even got stuck in traffic at the airport (@DUS), and it took me 45 mins to get from the motorway off-ramp to the car park.  Luckily I was picking somebody up and not catching a flight.   At Frankfurt T1 is normally much worse than T2. At T2 for the non-schengen flights you have security for a group of gates.  This means that if there are delays at security then the staff for the flight can see it easily, and they will even check the security line for the missing passengers and help them get through quicker if they can.     You also need to be careful with check-in because for some long-haul flights some airlines have a check-in cut-off time that can be 45-60 minutes before departure.  And I know that some airports such as London Heathrow also have enforced "conformance" times.  This is the time before the departure time that you must have entered the security line.  This is enforced electronically by the gates and can't be overridden by staff.  I think that the time is something like 35mins, but might vary by Terminal.