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  1. Dog on a leash involved in a traffic accident

    if it is a recurring theme you could get somebody to record it as proof, so that when the Ordnungsamt turn up she can't deny it. (I don't believe dogs have the same rights as people when it comes to filming them!)   Or next time you can stop and see what the dog does. Half the time they will just stop, turn around and go back again as it is about the fun of the chase.  And then after that they are less likely to chase you again. 25% of the time they will stop and continue barking.  But the other 25% of the time they will bite you!   Then you can go to the police!      Once when I was out of my bike some dog owner let their dog also chase me and snap at my heals for a few meters.  Dog was not on a lead.  So I do understand that it is a bit scary (you are just as worried about falling off the bike)
  2. Fraud in Ebay kleinanzeigen

    I suspect it might be a scam from him.  He sends you a repair bill from a company (which is really a friend) so they get money from you.  Or they send it back and it "disappears" in the post but you have still paid back the money so you lose out.   You sold it as second hand and as seen, so you have no legal obligation to do anything.   If you want to be nice you can tell him that you will take it back, give him his money back, but you won't pay for postage or repair.  Then, if he is genuine he will accept this.
  3. Buying an old apartment vs new apartment

      My dad had a floor in the kitchen of his last house which was electric heating.  It cost a fortune to run (even just for 1 room) and they turned it off and never used it.   As such then I would suggest to avoid this, or expect to replace it ASAP.
  4. Anyone know of an alternative to Instagram?

    To be honest, if there is an alternative and you haven't heard of it then it obviously it isn't very well used.  And hence promoting on it would kind of be a waste of time!
  5. That salary discussion - any HR professionals?

        Yes I fully agree with that!   It also means that several times I have had quite successful job interviews only for either them or me to rule the job out when the topic turns to salary at a later stage.  If I knew the salary range before hand then I could have saved us all the effort and waste of time!    
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      Snap!!     Or maybe deja vu!    
  7. Change of tax class online

    Normally tax class 4 works best when you both have similar income levels.  Give the disparity then class 3 & 5 would probably still be the best situation for you. When my wife worked full time then our levels where similar to what you have stated (as percent difference) and we had 3/5.   But to be sure, why not use an online tax calculator and enter the amounts for the different scenarios for each of you and see the difference.   Of course even if you select the wrong tax class you should get the difference back when you do you tax return.
  8. Renting a car on a new licence?

    I can't answer your question directly, but one tip for you is to find the best prices for car rental you are best not to use the car rental company web site but an aggregation web site such as, etc.   If you know which companies will or won't accept you based on your lack of experience, then you can use filters to exclude other companies.
  9. telc Deutsch B1 Zertifikat - CHEAP??

    I'm afraid not.  The basic price is set by the examination agency (TELC), and the examination centre just adds a bit extra.  In fact I think the examination centre get very little money from this, so you might find that the price varies slightly between then but not much.   I also believe that TELC is slightly cheaper than Goethe (the other option for Einbürgerung language test). You could see if there is another city close by who have different fees (e.g.  VHS), but then you have the cost of getting there and back which might be more than the difference!     Often if you take part in a course at the same examination centre prior to taking the exam then you do get some money off, I think ~30 euros at VHS, ~70 at Goethe!  But of course if you are not taking such a course already then it does not make sense to sign up and pay extra for this. The tests also get more expensive the further you go!   PS.  Don't wait too long, the fees might go up next year!
  10.   No!   How it worked for me (also in Hessen) earlier this year is that approximately 3- 5 days after the documents were submitted by the responsible beamter in my local Rathaus (they scan and submit them electronically), I received an invoice from Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt (who done the processing of my application) to pay the 255 Euros via Bank transfer.   Given you are in Frankfurt then Darmstadt should also process your application.  So it should be similar.   But, you might also have the option to pay when you collect your certificate as @aries6 says.  I don't recall seeing this at the time, but when I received confirmation that my certificate was ready there was also a section which basically said "if you have not paid in full, then any remaining balance must be paid when you collect your certificate".        
  11. Brexit: The fallout

        You mean these guys?    
  12. Brexit: The fallout
  13. Brexit: The fallout

        I saw the same graphic (although not in a picture like this) a couple of weeks ago on facebook and it made me laugh!   Unfortunately it's not true!