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  1. Complete FAIL

    Taken from:        
  2. Of course you need to check your contract, but I would argue with them that this is an "implied term of the contract" because;   1)   You specifically asked if there was internet and told yes 2)   Internet has been provided for xxx month as part of the contract   Then state that as this benefit has been provided for a long period of time and because it was previously verbally communicated that it was included in the apartment agreement then it has become an implied term of the contract.     I'm however not sure if this would work!  You would need to talk to the local Mietverein and get their expert and legal opinion.   If however you signed a new contract where it was stated explicitly that it was not included then you probably won't have much luck.             
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      "..maybe not to live!".   Very good, you couldn't have made it up!  I think you could also post this on the Complete fail thread.  
  4. Delaying anmeldung for a couple of months

        You could also consider initially registering this as a "Zweitwohnsitz" initially.  I don't know if this really offers you an advantage, or just adds more admin work.  But it might be another option for you.    
  5. Can a company reduce my Geldwerter Vorteile?

    Do you have a works council?  If so then talk to them, there might be some agreements defined on who is entitled to what in this area.   And even if there isn't, then you could still get their advice, and tell them that you effectively see it as a pay cut.  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      I think the government knows that they need immigration, and big business certainly pushes for this.  But at the same time they know that main reason the pro-brexit voted as such is because of immigration. So this is why they only ever talk of "target immigration levels" and not a complete ban (although so far they always vastly exceed their targets!).   Of course they want more commonwealth trade, but this does not necessarily mean more commonwealth immigration.  For example that India has said that they would do more trade with the UK in return for visa free or reduced visa requirements for Indians coming to the UK, as they know that this will boast their IT sector.  But of course the UK isn't keen on this.          
  7. Marriage first in India or Germany?

      The Church will probably not care where or when you got married.  My Sister in Law is having her marriage ceremony in Church this year, even though she actually got married in the standesamt about 2.5 years previously!   They will probably care more about if one of you is paying church tax to them or not (or at least has been).  Or maybe just if your partners parents have/are paying church tax that might be enough.   But to know any of this you would have to talk to the church where you intend to have the ceremony.  It is effectively the decision of the local minister, who will probably follow regional/national guidelines.  Sometimes even if they are not totally happy they will still accept it, as it does generate additional revenue for them after all.    
  8. Marriage first in India or Germany?

    You can't get married twice, so you either get married in India or in Germany and then in the other state you have to get the marriage recognised.  Which will take time and cost some money.   This link provides more information:   In Germany you can only get married in a Standesamt.  So this means that if you wanted to do a marriage ceremony in a church in Germany then this is still possible, as technically you are not getting married again so this is OK.
  9. May I throw away old contract documents?

    In theory if all the matters relating to the contract are closed then there is no need to keep it, but sometimes you never know what might occur in the future so I always keep such documents for a while before deciding to get rid of them (actually, we probably keep them too long).  I would say 1 year after the end of the contract/last action should be the minimum.   It is also sometimes useful to have it as a reference in case you decide to go back to Vodafone, what to tell a friend about the prices/T&C you had etc.     You could always scan the documents, so if there is an issue later you at least have an electronic copy of it (including signatures etc).
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      It's only natural to want more and better for yourself and your family.  So people are drawn towards places where they think they can improve their way of life for themselves, or more likely their children.   So people more to richer countries, take low paying jobs, work hard, and watch as their children reap the benefits of a better quality of life, better education, longer life expectancy etc   This desire has nothing to do with race or religion, but is human nature.   And it benefits the countries them move to, because they have/had a shortage of people willing or able to do such jobs, so they can fill these and boost the economy.  So it is a win win situation.   So if you want to stop immigration, then you simply have to make your country less desirable!  Which appears to be the UK tactic with Brexit!  And the USA tactic with Trump!  
  11. Jobs for new arrivals in Germany

    I suggest also looking for smaller companies that have an international focus from Germany, and not just big companies.   Often you might find for example that a big international company has a German office, but this office is focused only on customers in the DACH region (Deutschland, Austria, Switzerland) so requires Germany speaking people.   Where as a smaller company might have some international customers and hence require English speaking people.  That was the case for me when I joined my currently company (or though we were since taken over by another), and in my previous company in Germany we dealt with the IT systems for 16 other European countries, so again everything had to be done in English.  Both were small -> medium sized companies.
  12. I can't answer your question directly, but offer some advise:   As a keen amateur I have been asked to do wedding photos for family members and friends when they have been on a limited budget.  I have done this, but very reluctantly as it is a large responsibility and a lot of work (processing the photos later takes 10 times longer than the day itself, and people do not realise this.  And if you think the photos don't need processing later, then sorry but you don't really understand.).     But, what I have suggested to people who want to keep the cost down is to have you official photos as a couple done with a professional.  This you can do before or after the wedding. One or more of these are the photos that you will treasure the most and put on display in your house!   You can then get friends and family to help with the rest.  Such "reportage" photos don't require as much technical skill, it is about capturing the moment (so just take lots!).       BTW:  I always say that saving money on a professional photographer is a false saving.  There is a reason why they are expensive, due to the time and equipment that they need to invest in.  But a professional will be able to capture the day a million times better than any keen amateur like I could! The photos will last a lifetime, where as other things might only be used once!  
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      Sorry, but I must disagree!