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  1. Our daughter has celebrated one birthday in Kita and one in Kindergarten.  Both times we took home made muffins in for the kids and teachers (don't forget them, so make a couple extra!). For Kita we knew that this was pretty common to take muffins or cupcakes, so that was OK.  For the Kindergarten she was new in there when it was her birthday so we weren't sure but just done the same and this was fine.   But I know that recently one of the children had more of a party and took much more in and this was basically a replacement meal, and also asked the kids to wear PJs (I think!), but I don't what exactly they took in.  And this is the first time this has happend in 6 months, so it is rare.   So check with the Kindergarten and do what you are comfortable with.
  2. Worst jokes ever

    I know a lot of jokes about scousers, but none of them work.
  3. How to use a DKB-Visa-Card

    A good place to compare credit cards is   They used to have a filter which allowed to to search for cards with "bonus" points or similar, but this seems to have disappeared.   These days any cards that offer any such benefits as cashback or bonus points to the customer are becoming rare.  Since the EU started restricting the fees the cards could charge to retailers, then the profits of the companies making the credit cards has taken a big hit, so they can't afford to offer so much any more.     I did find this, but I'm not sure how up to date it is;   And this;   but you need to check the conditions of each card.     I personally use Amazon, as I anyway do a lot of shopping on their site then it make sense for me.    
  4. Passport for a British baby born in Germany

    I am in the same situation as you.  British, with a German wife and Daughter.     We opted to only get the German passport for my daughter because it is so much cheaper than a UK one, easier to do, and because at the time it didn't really make much difference.  We plan to apply for her first UK passport before she is 18, as the first application is always a bit more difficult, and then when she is older she can choose what she wants to do.     But because of Brexit, I am now considering applying for a UK passport for her already now.
  5. Passport for a British baby born in Germany

        If I have understood it correctly then it means that your child cannot apply to be a British Citizen (other than by descent).  Which means that their children will not automatically be considered British citizens.  (anyway, to apply for British Citizenship in this way then the child has to have been resident in the UK for the past 3 years before applying).     See here for more details:  
  6. Thinking about leaving Germany

    When I started living and working abroad I always thought I would do it for a few years, then move back to the UK.  But after I went back I discovered that I hated it!  It was not that I yearned for where I was before, so much as to just be out of the UK.  I found that the people appeared different from me, they had different perspectives and ideas than I did.  Of course they had not changed, but I had.   And I realised that I did not want to be there anymore and sought to get out as soon as possible, which luckily I did within a few months. Of course it is strange because the UK will always be my home and I love going back to visit.  And of course being away from family is tough.  But I realised that I had changed and I would not settle back there unless I had to.   There are other stores on here of people who felt similar to you, left Germany and then wanted to or did come back.  Even some old colleagues of mine from other countries who moved back said that they regretted it and wished they didn't leave.   So basically I would say be careful as the grass is not always greener on the other side.  It sounds like you are not happy, but would you be happier back in Denmark?  Would your wife?  Consider what would you miss of Germany, consider what you like.  Then see what  you don't like and see if you can improve those aspects.   If you decide to go back I would suggest a trial.  Go for 6 - 12 months and see where you are happier.
  7. "Impressum" on websites in Germany

      In the end you are the customer and if you want it then just tell him to do it.  Sometimes a gentle reminder of who is paying the bill is enough to get push them in the right direction.  
  8. I don't know where you are based, but I have colleagues who are awaiting citizenship in Hessen and have been told this this could take up to 9 months due to backlogs!
  9. Olympic Games - 2018

      Well Christopher Dean did choreograph there routine!  
  10.     Most of the suggestions for other apps on here are fine as Photoshop alternatives for photos, but as @LeCheese says, Adobe Illustrator might be better for graphic design purposes.   I found this post on the Adobe forums which gives a good comparison between Photoshop and Illustrator:   The bad news is that as a subscription model, Illustrator actually costs more!  So better to try and get an older stand alone copy as suggested. But if you do this, you need to wait until you have replaced her laptop, otherwise you will have to buy it twice.  If you purchase the subscription model then you can actually install it on two machines which can even include one Mac and one Windows machine.   I use Adobe Creative Cloud for my photography.  And having resisted for years to pay so much money, I have to say that it's fantastic even in comparison to Adobe Photoshop elements which I used for 10+ years, and I will not go back.  But this is for Photography, not graphic design work.  
  11. Declaration of intention

    If you are worried, just purchase a cheap ticket out of Germany back to Ireland  for your boyfriend.  He has the right to live in Ireland right? A one-way ryanair flight would be OK.     Or, you could purchase a one-way single fully refundable ticket.  As it is fully refundable then you will get your money back if you don't use it.  Just be aware then there is still often an admin fee (so it will still cost 40 -100 euros) and you need to be careful to get the right ticket.  
  12. Bringing help to a meeting with the Jugendamt

      I agree with the others. Your girlfriend is not objective especially in the eyes of the JA, it does not matter if she fully understands the situation or not the JA will not believe her more than you and in fact might believe her less so!   If you don't want to get walked over by the JA then you need to take a lawyer with you.   They will ensure that the JA follow the process to the letter, and they will know that and will try extra hard to ensure fairness in front of a lawyer.  This will then you you more time and chance to express yourself and the facts.   The advice about staying calm is 100% correct.  You must stick to the facts and not get emotional.  Tell the JA that you "want what is best for your daughter.  if this is staying with her mother, then you are OK with that.  But clearly the situation between mother and daughter is not healthy and needs to be resolved." tell them "you will support them in doing what ever is right to improve the situation.  But that it needs to be improved and they need to do something quickly, before things get worse.".   also you can say to your daughter in front of them that "she (your daughter) needs to understand that IF she did live with you full time that it would be totally different than just staying with you.  And you would expect her to do chores around the house, to help with xxx, yyy.  That you have a routine and regime and that she will have to adapt to that and a different way of living.  And you have high expectations of her and expect her to contribute to the house and improve her school work."   or something similar, which makes it clear that your daughter is not going to walk all over you if she lives with you.  The JA will then see that you are serious and understand the impact such a change will have on you, your new family (girlfriend) and your daughter.  I'm not saying you don't realise this, just that you need to make sure that the JA know you realise this.   You also have to consider that the JA might (rightly or wrongly) think that you have been manipulating your daughter to think bad about her mother, create problems and then come and live with you.  People do this, so they have to be aware.    They will also not want to change the living conditions of a family unless it is really necessary.  It has worked up to now, so why should it suddenly be a problem.   Also remember, that all kids hate one or more of their parents at one time or another.  And during the teenage years this can be very problematic and cause big issues.  So you have to consider if this just the case, or is there really a bigger problem.  Maybe you have to tell your daughter "grow up" and act responsibly, and that learning to live together with somebody who has different ideas/views than you is part of becoming an adult.  And maybe a compromise between daughter and mother is possible.         BTW:  This tactic really works!    In shows you being calm and in control, and them being bitter and aggressive. And it immediately gets neutrals (such as JA) on your side.      
  13. Complete FAIL

      Should have gone to Specsavers!!  
  14. Teacher thinks my child should repeat grade 2.

      It doesn't always work.   I had a German colleague who moved to the US and had a son there with his american wife.  He spoke only German to the child (unless they were out or had friends round), but while his son understood everything he refused to speak German back.   They then moved back to Germany, but still the son refused to speak even a single German word.  It took something like 4 months before he spoke any German at all with his father.  But he said one day he just started talking German, and never looked back. But of course he was not on the same level as other kids his age.   (The family later moved back to the US, so I don't know how things would have worked out over a longer period).  
  15. Teacher thinks my child should repeat grade 2.

      I think what the OP is trying to say is that the child is having difficulty being able to express himself in German in all subject matters. Not just in German as a specific subject. He seems to be able to clearly understand the topic(s), and provides the right answers, but is not able to sufficiently explain the what's, where's, and why for's in the German language.   So that it is a communication problem (due to language skills) rather than a problem of not understanding any specific topic.   This is what makes the situation difficult, because as you say, if he repeats then as he understands then he might find it boring.  But if he can express himself better and clearer then he will feel more comfortable and confident.