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  1. Receiving mail (and keeping Anmeldung) after leaving Germany

    Let's say that you do remain registered in Germany.  This also means that any income you make in another country will be taxed in Germany as Germany has a claim to your worldwide income if you are resident if Germany.  So this might not be a good option even if it is possible, and would also probably cause problem with any other country you earn money in during this time (worst case scenario, both will demand tax from you for the same time period!)   Also, the tax category 6 is applied but when you do your tax return next year for 2019 then the tax will be calculated according to what you actually earnt and owe for the whole year.  The tax class just determines how much you 'pre-pay', and at the end of the year it is calculated how much you actually owe and you are charged or refunded as appropriate.  So even if you do pay according to class 6 today, at the end of the year it would work out the same.   Can you not get your employer to pay all that they owe sooner rather than later?  This might also be better for them, as they might be able to avoid other costs.  
  2. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

      Assange had no diplomatic immunity, and the police were invited into the Embassy to remove him by the ambassador.    Not that they didn't try to get him this status!  
  3. Upper Respiratory Virus Attacks Ears

    I had a burst ear drum as a teenager and it was just a temporary problem (too much time in clubs in my 20s probably done more damage!).   I also had an ear infection last year, first one I have had since a child, so it can happen,  My wife, daughter and I were all ill but we were affected in slightly different ways.  In fact it was funny, I had an ear infection so could not hear properly and my wife had a throat infection and could not talk!   Everything now is fine and I can hear with no problems.  (Although my wife doesn't always agree with that statement).
  4. A good Kinderkrippe, ideally bilingual

    Can't you just ask them if it is possible to swap with somebody else?  I'm sure that other parents would be happy to start earlier.
  5. Are people with tattoos stupid?

        No not Henna tattoos.     I couldn't recall it early, but it is "Jaqua".
  6. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    I actually read an article yesterday about a new Tattoo ink that only lasts ~3 weeks!   I actually thought that this is a good idea, and could open up a new market for people who want to have some fun but don't want a permanent tattoo, and also for people who are not sure, they could do this first and "try before they buy".
  7. What made you laugh today?

        So how does the scam work? Asking for a friend!
  8. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

        Technically yes, but I think in reality it will be OK.  It is likely that you are failing on the most difficult ones, but the real exam is a mix question and levels of difficulty.   I suggest using this website to take dummy tests and practice:     Once your select your state, then you will see towards the top a small section which says "Modus" and gives you different options for the difficulty. If you can still get 90% on the "sehr schwer" level then you will ace the real exam!   I used this website to practice for my exam.  I started on the standard level and then later done the harder levels and if nothing else it builds up confidence!   BUT:  Before your exam I suggest going back to the "standard" level.  This is more realistic to the real exam, and hence you get a good range of the questions from all levels.  It is important to do this, as otherwise you might forget a really simple question.   Standard is a realistic test and all you really need to practice on to pass the exam, the other levels help you get better.   This is basically what I done, and I manged to get 100% on my test!  
  9. Finanzamt asks me to correct information on my tax return

      One can tell that you work in IT.   That is technically correct, but totally unhelpful information!
  10. Higher Elterngeld by switching tax classes

    You can change tax class multiple times per year.   But in the end, only 1 tax class is applied for the whole year when you do your tax return.   So the advantage you get by changing tax class during the year is in the end of month pay packet but at the end of the year when you do your declaration then the total yearly income will be calculated, the tax due on that based on your last tax class for the year, and then any difference compared to what you paid will be refunded or demanded.  So at the end of the year it will work out the same.
  11. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Some have posted on this thread that they have been successful in applying early, the beamter just puts the details on file and then submits them when the time comes, while others have said that they have been rejected.  So there is no simple answer to that and you might have to just try.  It might also depend on how early you are.   Of course you need to have also been in Germany for 3 years as well as married to a German for 2, and meet all the other conditions as well (B1 German, passed citizenship exam etc. etc.)    
  12. Future of Germany

    Interesting article.   Yes Germany is manufacturing based, but the level of manufacturing tends to be very specialized.  Excluding the car industry, then most products made are actually not made for consumers but as components for other companies to use in there products or high-tech/specialized products used in industry/construction etc.   A lot of these companies also are not subject to the whims of short term profits demanded from the stock market, as they are private owned.  Which means that when investment is needed and a shift of strategy then they can take a longer term approach, which sometimes means that change is slower, or they can take a quick approach which means change is faster but they made a short/medium term loss until the ROI of the investment pays off.   I don't think the article considers this.   Yes of course every company needs to guard against complacency, and this is always a threat even for the likes of Google, Facebook and Intel who have all lost there shine recently as they are not quite as successful as in the past (although still very successful!)      And that is the key.  Can these German companies do that?  Only time will tell.   A quick point about the car industry.  Yes new electric cars are a shift in a new direction, and some German companies are lagging behind in this area compare to some.  But I think I have read about at least 3 German startups in this area who have big ambitions so it is not as if "Germany" is doing nothing.  While these might not turn into anything themselves, I think it is very probably that they will be purchased by larger companies who will then use there technical know-how and technology in there own products.  And don't forget that the poster boy of the industry, Tesla, have had many problems themselves in the last year.  And they tend to very often make bold statements without being able to deliver on the level they claim.     The populism point made in the article I think will not be a big problem.  As even if you do want to buy from your own country, you need them to have a comparable product in terms of price and quality.  And most countries simple cannot produce everything they need, especially to such a standard and in the require volumes.  People are also not so aware where all the components/materials in the products come from, and are fickle are are often reluctant to go without something (but they will change if the alternative is viable).  And I also think that populism is a short/medium term trend.     Also.  Germany has gone through plenty of tough times before, the most recent of course being the financial crisis which affected the whole world, but don't forget that it also suffered after reunification and suffered recession at the end of the 90s and was even referred to as the "sick man of Europe" at this time.     So I think that while the economy is many manufacturing heavy, companies, people and the state will adapt as required.  They just don't do it as fast as some other countries, but when they do do it, then it tends to be done well.     Then again, maybe I am one of the complacent Germans the article refers to!  
  13. DriveNow: Obstruction of construction traffic

        The signs SHOULD be posted well in advance.  But I have seen it many times when they haven't   For example:  They closed the street I lived in and we got only about 3-4 calendar days notice via a letter in our mailbox, which was after it was posted on Facebook!.  The signs went up even later!   I actually complained to our Stadt about that, as if we had been away for a long weekend then our cars would have been in the way.  
  14. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

      Only if you have private insurance.   Public insurance participants are however able to download and use this skill for free**:   (German translation will be available soon)   **Alexa not included  
  15. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      You need B2 if you apply after just 6 years: