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  1. UK Election night watching?

    The exit poll is normally enough to indicate what the result will be.  So you will know this just after 10pm UK / 23:00 German time.   So no need to stay up the whole night.  I might force myself to stay awake until then, before trotting off to the land of slumber,     The indications I have seen suggest a clear Tory majority.  With a hung parliament the best possible outcome for remainers.  
  2. Jokes

      When my wife and I argue it is a bit like when a band goes on tour.   First we start with some new stuff. Then out comes all the greatest hits.  
  3. Jokes

      If the emperor has no clothes then it is his own fault for imposing the trade tariffs!  
  4. What made you laugh today?

        It's a typo.  It should say "Trafficker" !  
  5. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

  6. Doing Telegram admin work and getting paid in a cryptocurrency

    I'm not sure that many people on here have experience of being paid a salary in this way.   Cryto-currencies are not considered legal tender in the EU, so I suspect that you will have problems with the Finanzamt.  Most articles online refer to cryptocurrency investing, so this is also not of much help either.  But in then end I would suspect that the Finanzamt would consider this in a similar way as to if you were paid in a foreign currency.  This is because such currencies are subject to normal income tax.   If this is the case then you will have to pay tax on the Euro equivalent value of the currency at the time you are paid.     It is really no different if you are paid in USD, GBP, or another currency.  You have to pay tax on your earning at the time when you receive them.  You can't leave them in a foreign bank account/crypto-wallet and only pay tax when you spend them.   Make sure you keep lots of records of everything you do to avoid problems.  You might also want to look for a good tax advisor with expertise in this area.        
  7. Buy a Chromebook here or in the US?

    If you intend to keep your usage as you state, and mainly use the web and don't need to store much data locally then this will be fine.  Be aware that a chromebook is not a Windows PC or MAC this means that it only supports very specific applications.   This means "normal" apps such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Word, Excel etc. are not available in the same form as for a PC/MAC.  You might be able to get a Chromebook/Web enabled version  but it will not be the same and/or will have different features etc.
  8. Good news.   And also good that you reported back.  
  9. Renewal of Passport

    When you get your residence permit moved to the new passport, then this will be updated according.  You just have to keep hold of both passports until this is done.   Actually, having said that, I believe that many cities are now issuing separate permit cards.  So that you will no longer have this problem in the future.  But it means you have to carry around an extra card.
  10. Can an employer change your role within the company?

    There is no need to start a new thread on the same topic:    
  11. blitzed in a right hand drive car?

    Reminds me of a story I read.   A couple were driving their RHD UK car in France.  The husband who was driving had put the wheel down quite low and drove with his hands on the bottom of the wheel.   As they were approaching their destination, the wife who was in the front passenger seat took out her make-up, pulled down the vanity mirror and started to reapply it.   Drivers coming in the opposite direction didn't notice it was a UK car and were flashing their lights, shouting and screaming at the woman who they had false assumed was driving!
  12. Renewal of Passport

    The requirements on passport validity more than xxx months normally only apply to: New visa applications Tourists/business people entering visa free   As you already have a visa/permit which has its own validity not related to the passport then this will be OK for you to enter Germany with < 6 months validity.   Once you get your new passport, you need to arrange an appointment at the ABH to get your permit transferred from your old to your new passport.   In the meantime while you are waiting for this you will either have to just travel on your old passport to/from Schengen countries.  Or take both your new and old with you.      
  13. Justifying trading class for tax declaration

    Just to clarify a bit.    Any courses that are tax-deductible must be about professional development.  This does not necessarily have to directly relate to your current profession but could be as part of (re-)training for a new future profession.    But this is often a bit harder to justify towards the Finanzamt if you are still working in another role.  You can understand their point of view "you work as a bookkeeper, so why did you need to take a course in Italian cooking?".  Of course they don't know that you are following your dream and plan to open an Italian restaurant next year!   But you should never take a course you can't fully afford assuming that you will get some costs back in tax, just in case.  
  14.   I think that you need to change this. If you don't put the effort in, then why should she?   Maybe not the whole time, but you could maybe have English days/weekends.  Maybe plan it around watching a movie/Tv-Show in English as suggested by Jeffo and then discuss it afterwards and maybe even get her to write something about it as well so that she also works on her written english.      
  15. Where are the topics?

      I (en)crypted this answer for you, hopefully it helps!     WTFPQo36mZvIhVezkHTZpgko1e+N3GpeYUk3qZHLtZJNSbCVGMhLH+cEMK1a2YxO/uQGyQ4sCfhC5Vzn9o6RfZF+Sfu0/d/ol5ahKe1SSrHOigK45OhMrzgp5wOj6Y6IC2Jl5EXzik0d7daJEiwggA==