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  1. Hello.


    For a while now my girlfriend and I have promised to buy ourselves a gecko when we get our own place. We've searched what we need to do to maintain one, what it feeds off, how to keep it etc - just need to visit some places to purchase one.


    Any recommended stores selling reptiles?


    Cheers x


  2. I think it's shambolic to offer him another identity (if indeed they do that).


    He needs to be jailed for life. I am sure the British public wouldn't mind contributing towards his jailing costs.


    Imagine him coming out, getting married, having children etc and then his identity being revealed - how many more lives does he have the potential to destroy?


    No new ID. Jail for life. Key. Throw away. Fertig.


  3. I'm still baffled as to how infrequent they check your ticket. I've been a regular on tram, bus, U- and S-Bahn since my arrival in Munich three weeks ago and still haven't been checked once. Of course I own a Isarcard monthly ticket so it's no problem, but it sucks knowing that people can just hop on for free while I'm paying 50 Euro a month for the privilege!


  4. Arrived in München on Wednesday, trying to find a permanent place to live before the 16th of this month, but having quite a few difficulties.


    Does the Sueddeutsche Zeitung only do a weekly (we got it on Wednesday and it had 2 pages of Immo) pullout? Are there any other papers to look in?


    Trying to find a flat big enough for two people without paying a provision is proving tough... Only got til 16th before our mate (staying in his room at the minute) is back from Hamburg and we'll be on the streets!


    Had a viewing today in Johanneskirchen, but there were another 4/5 'applicants' for the flat so doubtful we, as foreigners and no ability to provide current statements from work etc in Germany, will be offered it. Grr.


    Cheers for any help!


  5. Hello,


    My girlfriend and I will be arriving tonight into München to begin our new life there - mega exciting, and can't wait to get our bank accounts re-opened and everything done and dusted with finding a nice place to live in and begin our jobs.


    Don't think I have a real point to making this thread, other than to share our excitement at what is to come!


    Roll on the good times.. :)



    Umm, do you even know where Europa-Park is? I suggest you look at google maps. Its nowhere near Salzburg or Schwarzwald.

    If your looking to get there and actually enjoy the park, I'd suggest renting a car and driving.



    To be honest it is pretty close to the Schwarzwald. But nowhere near Bayern, you're right.


    lol at Salzburg or Schwarzwald btw.


  7. Hi all,


    Arriving in Munich at the end of June and looking to rent a van for 1/maximum 2 days to pick up some stuff like sofa and other non flat packed furniture.


    Can anybody recommend a decent (read: cheap) place to get a van from?





  8. Didn't know it was a bank holiday, but we did try ringing Thursday, too.


    Hopefully she'll re-appear soon and we can get through to her. I can imagine we'll eventually get through to her during this week and the flat will already be off the market.


  9. Grrr!


    Spotted a flat that looks - from what we've seen from the pictures on Zwischenmiete.de - to be absolutely perfect for us. Within our price range, sizeable room for 2 people, furnished, close to city centre. Only problem is, we can't get through to the Vermieterin! It's so frustrating.


    We've been trying to contact her since last Thursday via Skype (loaded some money on to call her landline) but have only managed to get an answer once, and our internet connection mysteriously dropped(!) - have tried afternoon and early evening Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as this morning and afternoon, and can only get through to her voicemail.


    Sent an email via the advertising website but no reply, and no reply to our voicemail that we left on Saturday.


    I know how competitive the rental market is in Munich and don't hold our much luck with being in Britain at the moment - somebody has probably gone round in person to see her by now :(




  10. Hi all.


    Apologies if something similar has been posted recently, I did do a quick search and found nothing.


    We're (me and my girlfriend) are arriving into Munich 30. June and are currently surveying our options for a room in a WG/small flat in the city. But how far out would you say is too far if you're working daily in the centre of town?


    We've a few options so far with flats etc and waiting on people to get back to us; one is in Obersendling and t'other is in Ludwigsfeld.

    - Firstly, which area is 'better' to live in? Does either have a particularly bad reputation?


    According to DB.de it'd take 13 mins on S-Bahn to Hbf from Obersendling, but from Ludwigsfeld would require Bus and Bahn and take up to 30. Would this seem right?


    I guess we're looking to live within 4 'rings' on the public transport map, otherwise it's going to get too expensive on the old Monatskarte...


    Any advice and recommendations gratefully received! Thanks a lot.


  11. Thanks for the two replies; really helpful :)


    I hadn't heard of zwischenmiete.de, and it looks really promising.


    I think the best way for us to do it is to fire off emails to people offering 1 room and say there's two of us interested in sharing the room and we'd happily pay more for the Nebenkosten. Seems fair.




  12. Hello.


    We're looking at moving over, but as of yet unsure as to whether or not it'll be long-term.


    I'm on a 3 month internship with a company in Munich, and if all goes well I am hopeful it'll lead to a permanent position. My girlfriend hasn't yet found a job, but is confident she will do shortly.


    Anyhoo - as we're not sure whether or not it'll be long term we'll be looking at sharing a small, cheap place for 3 months or so. Is it generally acceptable for landlords to accept 2 people in a 1 bedroom flat?


    Also - what about 2 people paying one lot of rent in a WG and sharing one room there? What's the likelihood that people would be willing to take us there?


    Money is going to be very tight for the first few months, so we can't afford to pay like 700/800 to live per month on rent, hence wanting to share a small place / one space in a WG..


    Cheers for any advice!



    If you are serious about a full-time job in most companies, their "Ausbilding" programme is what you need to be on (like full on-the-job training). That's your likely route (you can see info about it on DW's German site).Praktikums (internships) are 10 a penny. Not for nothing is the group you will be part of called "Generation Praktikum" (ie. doing low-paid work with no permanent contract).


    I've family in the media here (and round that way) and, like the UK, the kids of the well-connected and well-to-do tend to be first in line for the cherries.


    As to the rest. Well, you are the would-be journalist. So what's your research told you about Bonn, and sports media, told you? You already know the local TV and radio channels and so on, local sporting interests etc, right?


    Good luck.




    Well the work I will be doing is sort of low-paid, but it is 600 Euro a month; a lot more than most other general praktikums. That gives me a bit of hope that it isn't just going to be a one month and goodbye sort of thing.. We'll see.


    Still waiting for an email reply from them about the specifics, but my fingers are crossed.


  14. Hi folks.


    About me: Moving in September to do an internship with Deutsche Welle in Bonn. As of 03/03/2010 I don't know exactly how long it will be for/what the minimum time will be, as I am still waiting for an email reply. But I know my first day is 01/09/10. Exciting!


    Now, what does anybody know about Deutsche Welle? Do they just offer interns out willy-nilly or do they occasionally keep interns on for permanent positions?


    Also: Are there any English-speaking media outlets in NRW? Anything English-speaking to do with sports media?


    What are flat prices like in Bonn? Where is the farthest that one should consider living from Bonn? My girlfriend might find a job in Cologne, you see, and we'd like to live together..




  15. Hey all.


    Just trying to compose a list of English language newspapers/magazines/radio & tv channels.


    Do any of the 'big' newspapers have an English version?


    I am looking for work experience next year in March/April for a few weeks and need to send off a load of emails...


    Thanks a lot in advance if anybody can offer any sort of help/advice.


    - Dan