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  1. Hi Issa


    Unfortunately I won't be able to do one this week as I have too much on at work - but I should be able to do one the week after. If anyone wants to organise one for this week though then feel free, I'm happy to edit the title!x


  2. Hey all.


    So my mate and I are deffo deffo going to Garmisch next weekend, both days. We thought it'd be cool to stay over on the Saturday. Anybody be up for that? The Jugendherberge in Garmisch-Partenkirchen has vacancies and it's just 26 Euro for one night with breakfast thrown in.


    That'd get us out onto the slopes super early on the Sunday and would allow two great days on the snow. Who is up for it? Will fire a PM now to the usual suspects - sorry if I missed you out - the more the merrier obviously welcome!


  3. Hi.


    Any help or advice appreciated.


    Been offered a part time job of 20 hours a week. They said I can either work with them and it be a Festanstellung, or I can work freelance for them, they don't mind.


    I also do other freelance stuff that I will continue to do, which means I need to find out what the best decision will be.


    I won't be earning a load of money, but am obviously keen to make sure I choose the decision that saves me the most money. Anybody else in this position or can help - would love to hear from you!


    To me I think freelance will be better, because I don't really want to be paying into a pension scheme automatically from my wages as I don't plan to be in Germany in a few years anyway. So they would be paying me xx EUR plus 19% and from that I would have to pay tax plus Krankenversicherung which is required anyway.


    Are they any other hidden taxes or costs I would need to pay out for working freelance with them? I didn't earn enough in the last tax year to pay any out, but this year will be different - so I am trying to get my head around it all!




  4. I go to the place on Paul-Heyse-Strasse, called Friseur Villa Jasmin.


    It's 6.99 I think and you can get a good cut. They do a good short back and sides and will do it exactly how you ask then, allbeit auf Deutsch, but it's not hard to say: "ich hätte gerne 5mm hinter und die Hälfte/ein bisschen weg von oben bitte"


    I think they speak English too though, if you are worried. They always ask me where I am from and when I say England they come out with something like: "woah! How are you?!" :)


  5. Cheers for that.


    Christ, I had no idea the tax was so high. I haven't had a FT job since I have been here yet, you see..


    I'm expecting a phone call today with a yes/no re: this job. If 30k leaves me with just under 20k after tax that's a shocking amount for a FT job for my qualifications.


    Will have to see if I can negotiate up if I get the nod.